Pinkbike Podcast Episode 55 - Big Dumb Rides & Staying Motivated

Apr 2, 2021
by Mike Kazimer  
Pinkbike Podcast
Art by Taj Mihelich

Everyone has different motivations for getting out on a ride. Some riders use spreadsheets and cycling computers to chase goals, whether that's a certain number of vertical feet each ride, or a larger, season-long target. Other are happy leaving the screens behind, motivated instead by progression. Trying a new move, working on those cornering and manual skills - sometimes mixing it up is all it takes to regain any motivation that may have waned.

Many of us here at Pinkbike have an affinity for big dumb rides, but Henry Quinney, a recent addition to the tech team, might take the crown for doing the biggest and dumbest rides out of everyone. He joins in on this episode along with Christina Chappetta, Sarah Moore, and myself, for a broad conversation that covers everything from falling asleep on the bike to the benefits of trying out flat pedals. Enjoy!

April 2nd, 2021

Are you going to try and crack one million vert this year? Or would being able to wheelie for more than a few feet be just as satisfying?

Featuring a rotating cast of the editorial team and other guests, the Pinkbike podcast is a weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between.

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 Everesting or 1,000,000 vert in a year? How about climb equivalent of Everest in a year?

Per Strava, in 2020, I climbed 6,667ft. My one ride I purposely targeted 1,000ft I got 978ft. Fortunately that was only the 12 rides I recorded but I do wonder if I even climbed 30,000ft in the year. Not only did 2020 suck, I sucked in 2020.

No where to go but up,
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flag HB208 (Apr 2, 2021 at 7:28) (Below Threshold)
 I'm on your back. Three days of riding this year (trails just started opening in my area) and I have nearly beat your 2020 climbing.
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 Dude I can so relate to this. 2020 was a dump for me and I’ve already ridden more this year than last. I was basically in a terrible funk from May-October and barely rode. Good luck this year!
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 @extratalldirtrider: Yeah. I thought no commute was going to mean more riding time but then I wasn't getting in shape from my commute and I got injured two minutes into my first ride of the season on my new bike.

I slipped on some roots - my bike flew into the woods and I landed shin first on a chunk of concrete that is used as a lip - I finished the ride but couldn't walk for about two weeks after. That pretty much defined my year. Punctuated with a bonkfest in February that I arrogantly brought my single speed to after a month off the bike.
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 All we ever hear about is people ‘Everesting’

Tell me more about people Mariana Trenching
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 Someone should buy the new guy a mic! Sounded like he was using the built in mic on a 12 year old laptop while in the bathroom
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 @mikekazimer once I’m done listening to you guys it’s RATM time. Still waiting for the music episode. Super interesting remark by Henry about the using that famous image for motivation. Will have to think about that a bit as I try to stay motivated at work today.
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 When is new Value Bike Field Test going to drop?!?! Really looking forward to it!
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 Soon... the final video edits are currently underway.
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 It will be really neat since instead of reviewing bikes so we can make informed purchases now, we will be seeing bikes from the future that don’t exist currently
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 @mikekazimer: Pinkbike's soon vary so much. Grim donut's part 2 "soon" was like 6 months....
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 @brandaneisma: terrible point, but I guess you're right
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 I've been skating park lately. Its been keeping body awareness high, its different exercise, and it makes me appreciate the speed I can hit on a bike. I didn't start skating again to help my riding, but I feel like it has. It also lets me set separate athletic goals that make my MTB goals seem less dire.
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 Henry's weird. I like him.
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 Loved Henry on GMBN and i'm glad he's on the PB team now!
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 For the people asking about regen on an e bike, this one does exactly that: also the comment about it being heavy; generally this isnt the case. you already have a motor on and e-bike and that can be used as a generator. the fact that you are regenerating means that you can have a smaller battery. The thing that wants developing is to have this system regen from your front wheel and interact with your brakes, rather than being a drag brake that slows you when you stop pedaling
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 If you got to choose a frame/bike company and a secondary component company (drive train, wheels, suspension, water bottle cage, etc.) to be sponsored by, which two would they be?
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 We want @mikelevy back!
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 Yeah... I haven't seen a Levy blog in a while too...
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 Another episode without Levy and the description now references a rotating cast instead if mentioning him.....
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 Henry definitely needs a better mic
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 Yep, he sure does. We're working on getting him one so it won't sound like he's broadcasting from underwater anymore.
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 What do you mean? The can in a string (filled with pennies) that he's using now is great!
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 Poor fellow sounds like he's in a drain pipe.
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 Hey Christina what do you mean when you say stomp the landing?? Like hitting the sweet spot?
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 Happy Anniversary!
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 Best motivation.......Build New Trails!!!
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 I like big dumb rides. Haven't done any this year due to a car accident, need to fix that soon.
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 turn down the gain on your mic!
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 The giggles go down when Levy is not around
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 Just got around to listening to this. @mikekazimer well said mate. Huge props for not mincing words.
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 Thanks, @DirkMcClerkin.
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 When is Levy Back?
  • 1 0
 Five episodes later, still no Budget Bike shoot out.
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 Anybody else think CC sounds like Mila Kunis? Are they sisters?
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 I want to see Kaz and Henry Everest the pump track with no chain!

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