Video: Red Bull Hardline Tasmania Course Testing with Bernard Kerr

Feb 15, 2024 at 2:08
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWell sports fans it's almost time... Redbull Hardline Tasmania is almost here and a few of us went out early to check out the course and test the features!

Come along and see the cool jungle track that gets hammered in less than a weeks time... can't wait!!!
Bernard Kerr

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 Public service announcement: It is possible to easily skip through a YouTube video to find your preferred section, rather than bitch about how the creator didn't edit it for your particular preferences.

Unless BK also releases his Vlogs on VHS as well?
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 I would add that you may also contact the content creator to request a refund for giving you too much stuff.
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 @BenPea: I am writing a letter to management now!
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 So much negativity. It's a long video, it's the first year of a completely new part of hard-line. I find it really interesting to see the process of walking through it and adjusting the course. You only get this with a completely new course. I really enjoyed the vid
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 I'd rather see a hard technical run in to get up speed to clear a 20 ft gap with technical run out, than dirt roads to clear a 100 ft gap. Shit just becomes smoother/faster/bigger. I guess that's what the viewer wants. But that's just me.
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 -technical 20 footers dont look like technical 20 footers on camera; gotta use massive gaps with long camera sight lines.
-what do you do when you want something that looks like a 100ft gap?
-usually just tape a bunch of cats together
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 there are some technical 20 ft gaps in the course for sure. there are also very spectacular 60-90 ft. gaps. seems weird to complain that hardline is too big..?
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 Yeah, this looks more like Darkfest than hardline.
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 Some people just like to find anything to bitch about. Unreal.
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 @scott-townes: and here you are bitching about someone having an opinion. Unreal.
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 @scott-townes: just like you being a know it all, even though you definitely don't.
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 @AyJayDoubleyou: my eyes! the goggles do nothing!
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 I'd rather see natural trail riding also. Parks are boring.
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 @RBalicious: lol no idea who you are. Time to take a step off the internet, weirdo.
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 @scott-townes: you’re a troll on PB that thinks they know everything, similar to Waki. With the exception that he had some intelligence to offer up.
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 I love the 1hr vids. Crazy how tik tok and Insta reels killed off a lot of people’s attention span. Same who gets I’m sure would be surprised when they see they waste 4hrs on social media everyday. Complaining about having to skip/move the time donut on a vid is insane.
Keep ‘em coming BK.
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 Awesome video! I love the details. The mtb audience is broad and there is FREE content for everyone. Life is good.
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 Hard fest !?
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 I was skeptical after that first clip came out thinking it would just be another dark fest but it actually looks pretty good up top.
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 Hard berm
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 Is missing some poles slalom the new thing in mtbiking...
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 where's the snow? what even is this?
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 This place looks for bikes like Japan does for snow, from way over here in western Canada. Could stand to do a southern hemisphere year
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 That foliage gap looks HUGE!
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 Looks great up until the container road gap. Camera placement is going to make or break it though. So it'll probably look crap.
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 What we've all been waiting for
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 Im more interested in a technical track rather than one which is jump focused
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 This looks epic for a brand new course. It's going to redefine the term Speed!
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 Keep doing this!
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 @41 minutes i found some riding
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 wow, you weren't kidding!
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 Let's start slopehill.
Or am I wrong? Or there is something wrong with the definition of "hard".
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