Video: All the Gnarly Lines from Red Bull Rampage 2021

Oct 13, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Want to know how your favourite riders are getting along at Red Bull Rampage 2021? Brett Tippie heads out on the mountain to check out the progress they're making on their lines and get the inside scoop on what's planned for finals.

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 Semenek being all serious and boring during the interview, then bam, a cracking dad joke.
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 "Oh yeah, I definitely helped them build it. Yeah all 3 of us. No I wasn't up in my hot air balloon yacht, I don't know what that is up there."
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 He follows the same instagram page as me, called @dadsaysjokes. It's full of extremely low quality content to make even the worst dad jokes cringe. Half the posts I get suggested from them show him liking them.
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 …while wearing boxers no less….
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 @sngltrkmnd: At least it wasn't skinny jeans....
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 @danielfloyd: this is some next level MTB trivia.
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 I think this is the first time I've seen him smile and most definitely the first time I've heard him making a joke Big Grin
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 can someone write it here for us non english speakers?
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Q: "What's worse than when it rains cats and dogs?" (=really heavy rain)
A: "Hailing taxis" (hail is ice rain, hailing a taxi is when you wave to the driver to stop so you can get a ride)
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 @ThrillPhil46: Watch Semenuk and Smith's part from "Follow me".
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 @WishIWazFaster: thank you kind sir
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 Oi where's vad der poels line
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 Semenuk also likes a lot of those "LookatthisRussian" instagram posts, which used to be very funny.
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 So good to see Tippie back on Pinkbike!!! Send it Everyone Smile
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 I'm glad Pinkbike got him a hat that fits hit head, half way through the edit
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 Holy f yaaaaaaa!! So stoked to see Tippie!! Huge fave!

“I bought some shoes the other day from a drug dealer. I dunno what they’re laced with but damn I’ve been trippin’”
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 Brage is doing it guys...
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 Yeah Tippie! Now I feel like iRampage is finally happening!!!
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 Love seeing Tippie back out there doing his thing. No one knows these guys like he does and can speak from experience the way he does. Stoked to watch the insanity go down!!!!
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 "I'll handle the dad jokes around here, Semenuk"
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 So Tippie's head is THAT big?!
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 its the bush, like a cushion
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 Tippie is burly everywhere, even his head! Probably how he survived the freeirde pioneer years. He was always the rider leaking blood and going back up for more.
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 I have no sense whether Brage's line is gonna be mind-blowing or a disappointing meander down the mountain. I hope he at least makes top 10 so he can come again. Lots of potential in that guy.
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 I just hope he has a full run, but judging from his x games edit i fear his more of a one feature at a time kind of freerider. slopestyle guys are more accustomed to doing full runs.
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 I agree. If he can channel a little Geoff Gulevich I think he will be a rampage legend. But he definitely has a "a Bender + tricks" style about him.
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 @Zuman: I don't know about that, the way he attacked the hardline course was pretty rad. It might be different with tricks, but there's no doubt he rides at 110% on gnarly terrain
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 Showing the build and practice as prelude to the event is so much better when it’s mixed in with the banter between Tippie and the riders. It’s good to hear them speak to someone they respect and they’ll give genuine replies to. A regular talking head couldn’t get that from them.
The long lens shots of Brett tripping out on the scale of the site was really cool too… good to see some creativity on the directors part.
Great content.
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 Finally Tippie is back!!! About time! Makes all the content better! Thanks Pinkbike and Tippie!
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 Brett Tippie = Rampage vibe
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 Tippie is a national treasure. Love his interview style.
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 I am stoked for this. But....Someone in my office scheduled a Laboratory Information Systems planning meeting on Friday at 11am. I think it's time we office-based mountain enthusiasts stage a BIG DATA RAMPAGE on Friday morning. "Uh, yeah Carl, I've been thinking about sending the scanned barcode data off the the big server, flipping it to anonymize, then running a "whole health integrated prediction" (WHIP) algorithm. Then we merge with VCH's downstream workflow where we do a huge "drop to flat file" but then split off before it goes to Sunquest and instead finish by sharing Fraser Health's front end where the data will do an opposite flip and "barcode spin" for the end user. Yes I know it's complicated but I think the team, who are digging really hard, can accomplish it with a lot of style"
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 I'm adrenalized!
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 I vote Tippie rides... #legend
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 Add to cart
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 The more I see all these lines the more I love Brendog's line.
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 So good
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 Love seeing Tippie bringing us all this Rampage content!
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 About time you lot at Pinkbike realised that us mere mortals like to see gods like Tippie at events and showing us stuff.
Rampage wouldnt be the same without that crazy old guy roaming round cracking dad jokes.
And the sooner you realise that he should be back doing "just the Tip" at Crankworx the better.
Christina is good but no one can replace Tippie!
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 Yeah Tippie is back!!! Good to see. Well done Pinkbike!! Tippie for Crankwork!
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 Yes, Tippie back on the mic... Stoked for this! Can't wait to see Brage ride his line!
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 TippiEEEEEE so good to see you bringing the stoke to the event!
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 Awesome to have Brett Tippie back on the Mic for pinkbike,such a great presenter!
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 Brage will ride the gnarliest line for sure.
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 Let’s go Brandon!
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 Awesome! Ha Ha Ha
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 Loving this rider line up! Too bad about Brett Rheeder thou. And congrats to Kyle Strait for hitting 20 Straight!
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 Not seeing them on Trailforks Razz
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 Brage is gona Slay these foos.
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 Ya!!!! TIPPPIE!!!!
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 I live vicariously through yall!!! Thanks for all the content!!!
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 Brage Best-a-Bike
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 Uncage the B Rage
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 I shall be slaughtering my enemies in praise that the All Father smiles upon his warrior son this sunday
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 It would be crazy to see a rider just drop in on a totally raw line, no build outs, nothing, and make it down to the bottom in one piece- that would be sick.
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 Good to see Tippie back on PB!
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 Semenuk has to wear those pool shorts for finals
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 So nice to have Tippie back as presenter, PB please keep him he is RAD.
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 Kyle strait is a unit
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 It's good to see Tippie back! More Tippie!
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 Love this type of content! Keep it coming
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 Sooo good to have Tippie back ! Can’t wait for his next video !
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 Professional as all ways Brett.
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 Anyone else think altering a natural landscape on public lands for a 1-day event, to build features the general public will never ride, is wrong? Or, cash is king, bulldoze it…
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 I feel ya absolutely, but you know after walking the course and looking at the landscape, it seemed like it's all just going to melt back into it's natural form over time
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 These are fantastic
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 Tires OFF the ground
Fixed it 4ya
mR tiPpiE
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 Hearing Vestavik's an Nell's interviews an then considering that PB Opinion article...........
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