Video: Richie Rude vs. The OneUp Office

Aug 22, 2019
by OneUp Components  

OneUp challenged Richie to a race down their local track, Angry Midget in Squamish.

Starting at the back of the pack, could Richie pass and beat the whole office (6 riders)? It's a fast, narrow trail with almost no good passing spots.

Spoiler alert, he's RICHIE f*cking RUDE!

Richie Office Challenge

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 The best thing on the internet today. Henceforth, I shall start asking for passes with "OneUp you, bro"
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flag Tomac72 (Aug 22, 2019 at 9:52) (Below Threshold)
 The OneUp guys should have accidentally drank from someone else's water bottle if they wanted a chance at beating Richie.
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 @Tomac72: This comment unfolded like a slowmo endo.
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 Some of those passes were quite Rude... I will show myself out...
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 Yeti has the audacity to do them
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 I'm just glad everyone Richiend of the trail without a crash.
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 @Tamasz: and the Germans think they have a sense of humour....

I am married to one...
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 This basically sums up why I avoid group rides.
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 100% the reason I stopped racing expert XC. They think they go fast on a bike but on the DH they are regular Joes.
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 @Sycip69er: outta the way, forest roadies!
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 Yeah I hate getting passed by everyone too
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 @jpcars10s: This haha!
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 I don't get it. His front tire breaks traction like a hundred times but he falls exactly zero times? That just seems like he's cheating physics to me.
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 @wpplayer18 His muscle mass shakes the ground underneath him is all.
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 Seems like he is sliding both tires rather than just the front.
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 Richie Rude’s Tires don’t break traction, they grip the soil that is running away at his approach.
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 @Shartriloquist: Richie Rude = the Chuck Norris of MTB
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 Sam with the valiant midpack defence! Rubb’n is racin’
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 I was expecting/hoping for more Supercross style takeouts!
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 At least he has the decency to be breathing hard at the end, lol. Fun video!
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 The rock Richie is jumping next to Dennis in the picture you can see in the video at 2:30 - but he doesn't hit it in the video. Fake news!

I'm also pretty sure he killed some trees at 50 seconds in. Fists of steel!
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 Him being right doesn't deserve a downvote. Good eye.
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 They probably did the first run from the POV, then went back and set up the 3d person shots for the passes.
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 That is awesome!
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 Straaavaaa...Bahahaha!!! That was awesome.
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 Looks like a fun bunch of fellers.
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 Watching Rude mash the pedals to overtake is satisfying. I live vicariously through the pros, because I know my chicken legs would give out within 5 seconds.
  • 7 1
 Fraser would have kicked his ass while holding a chainsaw in his teeth.
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 Should we call him back for rematches as the OneUp team grows?
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 Are you hiring @OneUpComponents?!
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 You boys put up a good fight! It's pretty unreal how much ground Rude can make up in just a few moments tho. Geez
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 I Haate my Job!!!
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 And now let‘s talk about the bike Dennis is riding. ????
  • 2 1
 Looks like a Stumpy to me.
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 Looks like something a little bit spicy @Brookes @OneUpComponents...... if you know, you know.
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 That Banshee seems pretty fast!!! Sorry guys... haha

Now that everybody knows about it, can we please have some infos!?!?! Big Grin
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 Oops my bad!!

When are we gonna have infos about that new special edition ''stumpy''?! Wink
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 Video says KOM time is 2:28, but doesn’t mention if he beat it... I must know!!!
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 Not in the vid at least - check the raw POV time. It's about 3 minutes flat. I'm sure he could if it were a solo ride, if he cared.
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 The 2:28 KOM is also Richie from an earlier date. Doubt he beat his own time while battling it out with 6 people on the way down.
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 No way that he did a KOM with that traffic. He was on his brakes for 90% of the trail.
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 a whole office 6 people?
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 One out with a knee injury so 7 people. But yes, 7 is all of us.
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 @OneUpComponents: So you're OneDown?
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 @MtbSince84: Well played Sir.
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 @OneUpComponents: next time he has to grab a OneUp Component from each of your bikes as he passes?
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 @MtbSince84: damn that was good
  • 3 3
 @MtbSince84: *tips hat* nice one
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 @OneUpComponents: @MtbSince84 should get a free product of his choice for this comment #winning #wasntevenRUDEaboutit
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 @MtbSince84: best pun in Pinkbike history. well done
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 Thought I couldn’t be more of a fan of all OneUp’s stuff but this has iced the cake. Fantastic, innovative products and a good laugh team to boot Smile
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 @OneUpComponents that was sooo good, well done. I have been considering ordering an EDC fork tool kit for some time. . . . just put in my order
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 His closing speed on the POV video is impressive! Some of his passes were cheeky but he clearly is on another level of speed and that trail looks pretty hard to pass on.
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 Sweet idea.....the level of mental processing to ride at that speed and plan overtakes is nuts!
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 Even though his momentum was constantly slowed, the rate he could gain on other riders was insane!
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 Right?? Its like his tires have less rolling resistance or something, so crazy
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 He's a beast! So glad to see him riding and racing again
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 why was Owen riding his hardtail, seems like a foolish move,
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 I started making excuses when I left the house without rear suspension. Seems to have panned out. Like trying to outrun thunder...
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 @OneUpOwenF: The climb dialogue “airing of excuses” shows it’s a legit group ride.
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 @OneUpOwenF: this is why I love bringing my ht. Respect when I pull something off and respect when I walk down the crux.
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 Victory Royale
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 Should have hit them with an emote.
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 I can't help but wonder how fast can Richie ride the damn thing alone?
the KOM is 2:28 - hpw fast is he comparing to that???
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 How did you guys know where to stage the non-POV cameras? Just happen to know where he’d make passes?
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 We shot the full run via POV and repeated the pass segments as close as we could to the way they went down. #moviemagic
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 The accleration that man has is rediculous
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 pah, Dennis was a pussy and let him pass... shoulda elbowed out and held his ground mind you....
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 Uh, try elbowing a bull and see where that gets you. I doubt the results would be that different if you elbowed Ritchie...
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 Amazing, a bunch of industry people getting blitzed by a world champion.
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 Super rad looking trail and some fun content!
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 I guess One Up was in for a Rude awakening...
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 This is so fun to watch. Well played @OneUpComponents !!
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 Ritchie Rude SMASH puny One Up team!
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 Love all the fake angles of the overtakes!
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 Take that red bull fox hunt
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 Double dose of O!!
Nice to see you’re doing well
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 That was Rude!
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