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Hubless eBikes, AI Integration, & More - The MTB-Adjacent Tech From the CES Show is... Interesting?

Jan 15, 2024 at 8:47
by Ed Spratt  
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is back for 2024 and with it comes the usual mix of wacky and wonderful tech. With the rise of electric vehicles, we've started to see mountain bikes represented at the Las Vegas event in recent years, so we normally check-in for interesting stuff.

Topsecret hubless e-bike

Topsecret's eBike uses a very unique design with hubless wheels to deliver a max torque of 140Nm with a 750w MID-drive motor. The futuristic-looking eBike doesn't save any weight by not having hubs with it hitting the scales at a claimed 26kg/58lb.

The hubless design isn't the only futuristic choice on the bike as Topsecret has opted for airless tires which the company claims have "characteristics such as non-inflating, non-rupturing, bulletproof, explosion-proof, flame retardant, anti-slip, reduced heat generation, easy handling, and exchangeability."

bigquotesA Hubless E-Bikes are built with a futuristic, sophisticated design, high-quality materials, and stability. In particular, it is an urban E-Bike designed and manufactured with a high-strength, ultra-light aircraft aluminum frame and titanium material components, including innovative and stable parts with a spoke-less structure inside the E-bike wheel.Topsecret

Vanpowers eMTB


Vanpowers unveiled its eMTB built with a 130Nm motor with a range claimed to be 110 miles (when fitted with an extra power pack alongside the 692Wh battery). The model featured was equipped with a 120mm suspension fork and is rated to carry a load of 180kg.

The new range of eBikes from Vanpowers also features a range of integrated safety features with hub motor locks, vibration detection, GPS tracking and more.

bigquotesThis smart system sets a new benchmark in anti-theft protection, significantly mitigating the risk of bike theft while enhancing the likelihood of successful recovery in the event of theft,” says Vanpowers. Vanpowers

Sennheiser's Momentum Sport Heartrate Tracking Earbuds


While not directly cycling-related Sennheiser has announced a new set of earbuds containing a photoplethysmography heart rate sensor. Sennheiser claims the earbuds have a six-hour battery life with the case being able to recharge the device up to three times. The earbuds will be available soon for $300.

bigquotesMomentum Sport’s heart rate data connects and integrates seamlessly with many popular sport devices and apps, such as Apple Watch/Health, Garmin Watch/Connect, Strava, Peloton and more.

For the first time ever in a non-Polar product, users will be able to enjoy full access to Polar’s elite biosensing capabilities and data analytics—including Body Temperature—offering real-time insights during training and deeper offline analysis via the Polar Flow app ecosystem.

LifeSpan's Ampera Under Desk Bike

Under desk bikes seem to be a big thing for CES as following Acer's take last year LifeSpan has revealed their version that can power your laptop and phone by generating 60wh of electricity if you're pedalling a cadence of 60rpm.

NuraLogix's Anura MagicMirror

Another not-quite-cycling product shown off at this year's CES was the Anura Magic Mirror by AI company Nuralogix.

The tabletop smart mirror uses the company's cloud-based Affective AI to analyse facial blood flow information to conduct physical and mental health assessments. It is claimed that the device can track:

Blood Pressure
Cardiac Workload
Pulse Rate
Breathing Rate
Irregular Heart Rate
Heart Rate Variability
Body Shape Index
Waist-to-Height Ratio
Facial Skin Age
T2 Diabetes Risk Assessment
Cardiovascular Disease Risk (10 yr)
Heart Attack Risk (10 yr)
Stroke Risk (10 yr)
Hypertension Risk
Fatty Liver Disease
Morning Fasting Blood Glucose
Hemoglobin A1C
Mental Stress
Depression Health Risk
Anxiety Health Risk

Urtopia's ChatGPT eBike


Urtopia's Fusion eBike has been revealed to be fully integrated with ChatGPT AI allowing it to help riders “explore new routes, get real-time information, and even engage in entertaining conversations.”

Aside from its AI integration, the Fusion uses two hub-drive motors to power both wheels with two onboard batteries allowing for a range of 120km or 200km if an additional 360W battery is used.

All this tech doesn't come cheap with a base model price of €3,999.

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 ChatGPT please direct me to the Jah Drop so I can throw myself off it.
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 Brian's evolution into a PB Sh*tposter has been a welcome 2024 surprise.
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 Dibs on his review samples.
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 @mrbrighteyes: I'm glad he's picked up the baton from the illustrious Levy, may his spicy wit never be forgotten.
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 Chat-bike better be a guest on a 2024 pb podcast.
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 At the shop I work at we had the "pleasure" of building two of those Reevo hubless bikes. I had never seen such a bad bike before. They were super noisy, rough to ride and the brakes were non existent. Components cracked out of the box. Any $1000 department store ebike would've been better. I remember feeling bad for the customer who probably dropped around 7 or 8k on those 2 bikes.
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 Some compromises have to be made to include the bulletproof and explosion-proof tires. Who needs brakes as long as your rubber can survive a gunfight?
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 I can't help but think anyone who would choose to spend that kind of wedge on that monstrosity (twice) kind of had it coming.
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 It’s worth it to be forever free of the threat of the old stick-in-the-spokes trick
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 There's room for a water bottle in the middle of each wheel!
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 @anotherbikerguy: finally a warranty that fully covers blowing up wheels.
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 Chat GPT bike. Wow. Guess they'll name this stuff and try to incorporate the latest trends. I'm holding out for the bitcoin bike, which will generate bitcoins the more you ride it (doesn't exist yet, but it should!)
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 A bitcoin bike would be amazing. It could climb at startling speed, but also be great for massive drops.
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 @commental: But will the tires endure the inevitable rug pull?
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 Bitcoin Bike, gets harder and harder to pedal the more you ride it.
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 180kg limit seems light for ebike riders
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 So if I would have a stationary bike with a generator and then use that power to charge my e bike, no one could hate me! Makes more sense than buying carbon offsets to feel good about your extravagant lifestyle.
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 That mirror measures when you die
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 Ha, my thoughts exactly, it's bad enough looking at my ugly mug in the morning without my mirror letting me know I'm probably gonna have a heart attack over breakfast!
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 The same reason I don’t own a scale, but 100 times worse
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 Dorian Gray.......
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 Ah yes, hubless ebikes, because that hasn't gone shockingly bad in the past...
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 Tell me your product is never coming to market in one easy step!
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 now please would some one hack to flat that hubless thing
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 Under Desk Bike
not sure if i can buy into this - the Q factor looks like crap...the crank lengths are WAYYYYY TOO short messing up my cadence and torque... and where the's wireless shifting? adjustable drop outs?
everything on this bike is proprietary.. how is a home mechanic suppose to grease the bearings?!
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 Something is seriously wrong with that Vanpowers front hub and brake disc assembly!!!
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 And the fact that everyone *needs more efatbikes
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 Are the spokes going through the discs? Weird rendering!
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 It’s a shitty photoshop job.
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 They need to keep that s**t top secret
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 I think it will mostly be sold through classified ads.
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 I’m certain those tires aren’t bullet proof, maybe something like a .22 would damage them and they’d still be rideable, but anything larger than that shreds the tire to bits.
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 I'm thinking Desert Eagle.....
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 So that Fusion ebike has two hub-drive motors, presumably therefore with a hand-operated throttle. Has anyone done a front hub drive connected to a regular pedal actuated motor for pedal two-wheel drive?
  • 1 0
 If you are asking about 2wd ebikes, yes, there are quite a few and would be easy enough to make one yourself with hub drive kits.

If you are talking about human powered bikes (aka "bikes"), the answer is still yes! Christini has made 2WD bikes for years.

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 Urtopia's ChatGPT eBike - Had to get my readers, thought is was "Urethra's" ...
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 Please don’t post an article like this again.
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 Riveting, upbeat, informative, engaging, thought-provoking and awe-inspiring....all things that describe the movie Con-Air, NOT this article.
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 I just got back from CES, for work. I ride my manual powered bike in the woods to get away from it all. To each their own, but the last thing I want on a bike ride is ChatGPT
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 Make that Top Secret Carbon, place a Specialized Levo label on it, double the price, tell me how much I need it because hubless is the future and I'll buy that son of bitch!!!
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 Give me a REEB Steelz or something like that and fuck off with these gadgets. Looks like a LIDL catalogue.
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 I need an excessive amount of drugs now, thanks.
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 Heart rate earbuds. Can't hear the car or large critter that is about to hit/maul you, but at least your heart rate was good.
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 ChatGTP, engage the brakes.

ChatGTP: Going to ludicrous speed.
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 Bit of a let down after the TopSecret gold Supra
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 Why the actual f*ck can they not just record their OWN f*ckING VOICE...!!!! Is it just accepted now the these Hawking-esque computer voices are ok...?
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 That hubless ebike was already made - google reevo. Absolute trash and scam in one big package.
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 Call me when we bikes like those in Akira.
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 I can usually hear my heart pounding in my ears anyway...
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 This Topsecret ebike should have stayed, well.... top secret.
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 I think these pictures are just designed to annoy me
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 Does the SmartMirror check for ugliness? I didn't see that in the list.
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 Chatgpt: turn left.
Me: left is a lake.
Chatgpt: According to reddit--
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 Oh wow, incredible AI applications so far... No thanks, I'll just go to get lost in the mountains
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 i like the concept but you cant have 75 pound magnetic rims
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 Measuring A1C from facial blood flow from 12" away? No effing way

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