Video: Course Preview for the Loudenvielle DH World Cup 2023

Sep 1, 2023 at 1:48
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThis track is steeper than it looks! After a few days of bad weather it was looking like it was going to be greasy so was pretty stoked when I dropped in for the first lap and the whole track was a fresh loamer! Unreal stuff! Preston Williams

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 Loving the chill commentary. Great job!
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 Yeah, he's fit! Hardly puffed! :O
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 Yeah! That was probably the best preview I’ve ever seen. Super chill (commentary) and clearly spoken. Great job!
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 @ThomDawley: agree. This guy is my new favorite.
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 Gee quality preview, good job! This guy needs to do more of these. Cheers.
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 Dude says "sory if this is a slow lap" while talking calmly and going faster than 95% of us, yeah rito Preston.
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 **99.99% of us
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 Great preview. There were so many people calling this track a “blue trail”, and that they could ride it on their xc bike. I would love to actually watch them try it on a downhill bike. 80% wouldn’t make the steep parts…!
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 I think the initial previews (before it was cut in) were pretty misleading. Track's looking much more legit now that its getting fast and blown out, even if its largely just a visual thing
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 Have to admit the first preview I watched did make this track look a little tame…at the end of day all that flat out stuff at the top is not the most exciting to watch, although I’m sure there will be sketchy parts.
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 So pinned with calm commentary!! Awesome.
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 Well chilled mate. Love it. Really enjoyed your track run for the European Champs as well. Best of luck with your race runs
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 Preston's course reviews are awesome.
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 Rad stuff mate, thanks for the ride.
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 Great commentary and preview. The course seems a little "un-polished" compared to the other WC courses.
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 Great preview. Thanks and good luck!!
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 Why does he sound exactly like Noel Fielding
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 What I was really hoping for in this preview was some heavy breathing effects
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 great preview!
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 Nicely done dude!
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 I like the old school look of this track. If it gets wet those grassy turns up top will be good watching
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 This is only 30s off the fastest time in Quali, definitely not hanging around.
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 Are Preston and Jordan related? Their voices sound a lot alike.
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 Not even remotely.
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 @jiimmm4: is it like a British thing to be so rude?
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 1. Motorway Section 2. Steep bit 3. Finish Line berm
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 "This thing" so that's what it's called.
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 Great course preview from Preston, what a natural!
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 Can you cute 1 second of this video please!!
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 This track looks extremely boring, which is unfortunate. Still gonna watch but it’s gonna be “who can brake the latest going into the corner with only one line choice all the way down the mountain”.
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 hire this dude.
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