F1 Team Principal Toto Wolff Breaks Arm Mountain Biking

Aug 7, 2023 at 10:11
by Jake  
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Photos: Susie Wolff

Managing Director of F1 Academy Susie Wolff broadcast to the world that her husband and Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff broke his arm while downhill mountain biking on summer vacation in Austria.

Susie’s Instagram post made the family summer vacation seem thoroughly delightful. The post included a healthy mix of mountain-scapes, kids-doing-stuff-snapshots, go kart pics, and then ends with a pic of Toto with his left arm clad in a blue cast, his despondent chamois-suspenders hanging low, escorting a child who might be wondering what is for dinner.

Toto was wearing baggy mountain bike shorts over his chamois, leaving the world at large to wonder if his crash occurred while downhill mountain biking, or merely mountain biking downhill. PB Staff will post updates as they appear on social media.


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 Fake news... everyone knows he broke it slamming his headphones on the desk.
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 No no Michael! That was so not right!
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 @pierceklinke: hahaha I can hear it like it was yesterday… I mean, whatever day it was that Netflix stopped me from “borrowing” my parents account at a different address.
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 How did it happen Toto, could you not Hold The Line?
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 @commental brilliant comment!

I wonder how many people will get this?
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 @robbie19: God Bless the Rains...
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 No, no, no !!! That is so not right !
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 I guess he figured that he could go MTBing when Dave's Gone Skiing.
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 I think Toto just missed the Turning Point?
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 @JudyYellow: If you haven't already heard it, check out the metal cover of it from Frog Leap Studios on the 'tube.

I thought it was quite good!
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 Breaking News: Christian Horner refuses to sign cast...
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 Now that the first LOL for me..!
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 "Change your f*cking arm!"
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 If this story doesn’t get Levy back nothing will
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 Levy is gone?
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 Jesus guys, he's around and doing fine. Just taking a break. We all take holidays, why can't he?
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 @nofear259: I didn't realize taking a break from work involves a pink slip from your owner company.
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 'PB Staff will post updates as they appear on social media.' - please don't bother
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 In other very important news, I woke up with a tummy ache today. C’mon PB. Really?!
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 thanks for expressing what I was thinking. it's ridiculous
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 In related news, Christian Horner's tea got cold before he could finish it.
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 I love the articles that are basically just a text description of what the photo looks like
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 Is your feed really so crowded that you'd miss one of the other 5-10 posts from today?
Bummed that the Peaty's Tool Wrap announcement was pushed 1 post further down?
Is scrolling becoming so expensive that you cant justify looking at more than the top few posts?
I don't see the harm in it, it's fun to see when non-bike focused parts of my life/hobbies cross over with the bike parts. Especially when its as high profile of an individual riding mtb. Like I'd find it interesting if I found out Lebron James was a cyclist via a post about an injury.
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 Oh no! I hope your tummy feels better soon.
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 Braking News: Toto was taking tryouts for PB all star DH team aboard GDv3. Word from the trail he was trying to keep up with ML
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 This coverage is worthy of Yahoo News, nothing better. "Famous person breaks arm, happens to have done it mountain biking, therefore it's worthy news on the world's premier mountain biking publication". lol
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 Believe it or not, some of us who have been into mountain bike racing forever are interested in other types of racing as well... like F1. I follow a ton of F1 news and hadn't seen this reported anywhere yet, so I'm glad I saw it on PB.
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 @scottrallye: I'm with you there, I'm a huge F1 fan myself (heck, I think I watch just as many F1 videos as I do MTB ones). Just seems a bit silly to report that here. Would've been similarly silly to report president Biden falling off his bike on here ONLY because the incident involved a bike.
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Maybe you have to be in the billionaire’s club to get your Mtn bike related injuries posted on Pb?
If Elon eats it on a Mtn bike, I assume I’d see it here first!
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 @scottrallye: maybe that is because it is totally unimportant even for F1 fans. I mean he is not a racer and as a manager can still totally work with an arm in a cast.
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 As he is not one of my favorite F1 figures, I will say I like him a little more now that I see he is into MTB. I don't want to see anyone get hurt but not really Pinkbike news.
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 "After Abu Dhabi 2021, Toto's declining mental health lead him to an obsession with downhill mountain biking, a dangerous recreational activity usually associated with people who no longer have any regard for their own safety" - Toto's Biographer, probably
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 In other news, Toto Wolff starts legal action against a mountain for stealing his working arm.
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 Less of this and more calling out the uci and discovery for crap
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 Mike Levy bait
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 "We are checking." - Ferrari
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 Did Christian throw a stick through his spokes ?
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 who gave green light to post this in the front page??
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 outside the tape
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 God Bless, Toto.

P.S. Make your car (much) faster.
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 This is like one of those ' Simon Powell DIED on an eBike' Facebook scams. Ave a word with yoself pb
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 Next podcast topic: Downhill mountain biking, or merely mountain biking downhill?
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 This is mountain bike news nowadays! Dang!
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 Pls Mickey that is so not cool
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 Did he say that on the way to the ground, or after he hit?
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 Maybe the bike didn't like the chamois touch
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 What the FK is this shit
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 Toto got a boo-boo!
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 Will he be featured in the next friday fails?
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 I tell ya Mercedes just can't catch a break this year... oops
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 My money is on the Yellow Brick Road what done him in, and Dorfee was involved.
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 I’m going to start caring about F1 now that PB is putting it on my media feed. that’s how this works right?
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 Erm okay…..
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 Looks like he is fond of a wife beater vest
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 "Chamois suspenders"
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 Exactly, I wonder what kind of mountain biking he did, I bet on XC Smile
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 What's his bike?
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 Sir LuLu is gonna be real mad he didn't get teh rainbow cast
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 Breaking news..donkey's all over the country chock from swallow ing to much ebike cock
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 Why wasn't this on Friday Fails? Video, or it didn't happen!
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 Which trail? Looks like he is near Leogang. My guess is St Johann iT.
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 Must have been the " Balance " of the GNAR...
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 That contrail did it. He left his tin foil helmet at home.
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 Slow news day?
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 In case anyone is interested, I had a long breakfast this morning and then shit well afterwards
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 =\ #HealSoon
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 I’m sorry but I’ve never seen an article written by jake28 before, new hire?
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 just too bad he didn't injure his tongue or vocal chords......
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 Speed and Power.
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 Ummmm. What's a principal?
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 Principal: the person with the highest authority or most important position in an organization, institution, or group.

Example. Toto Wolff, Mercedes F1 team principal, broke his arm.
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 Gezzuzz who cares..
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 As an avid F1 fan AND mountain biker, I absolutely do.
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Me too!
IDK why, but I do seem to like my Mtn bike coverage sprinkled with some F1 news.
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 Shame it couldn't be Horner, or anyone at RedBull really
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 U mad bro?
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 “I heard that..”
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