Video: Have A Better Ride With These Pieces Of Equipment | Pinkbike Weekly Show Ep. 14

Feb 13, 2024 at 18:15
by Pinkbike Originals  

This week on the Pinkbike Weekly Show we've got a special guest, Matt Beer! Christina, Henry and Matt chat about whether or not wet feet actually make a difference in our rides. Matt runs us through the bike he tested for 6 long months, we've got a fresh $25 challenge and round it off with a new segment called Devil's Avocado. You'll have to watch the episode to find out why.

01:31 - 2 Minutes of Tech
04:22 - $25 Challenge
07:04 - Podcast Recap
07:33 - Devil's Avocado

Let us know what you think is more than worth it's weight in gold, for under $25...preferably bike related.

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 The official word has come in, and it turns out the perfect bike for any trail is the one you have, ride bikes, keep smiling.
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 Absolutely. "N+1 culture", as I'm gonna call it, is absolute bullshit. That's one of the reasons I love enduro bikes so much.
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 no according to the latest trends it has to have a minimum of 2 batteries and bonus points if it has 3
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 Hmm…over 45, good job, family that just want u to not talk about bikes…need to buy more bikes
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 @henryquinney: Dear Henry, Your current livelihood is dependent on the n+1 culture. You might work yourself out of a living if you convince us to stop. To take it further imagine if I was happy with my "n"th comment and stopped!
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 @devinkalt: just ride and have fun. Enough with the jealousy already
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 @henryquinney: n+1 is only bullshit to a certain degree. You can't take your Enduro bike road riding or gravel riding. It also sucks for pedalling around all day on more mellow trails. Mid travel bikes can definitely cover all MTB ranges but modern enduro bikes are pretty useless for things outside of smashing gnarly trails. Even through they "pedal well for a 170mm, 38lb bike", they still pedal like shit overall.
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 @warmerdamj: my electric enduro bike does great on the road. Go on, respond
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 @pink505: haha!

@warmerdamj: have as many bikes as you like, but that’s not the same as the insatiable need to buy ever more bikes. Ride what you love and love the bike you ride.
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 @warmerdamj: exactly. some of us ride everyday and ride lots of different bikes and types of riding.

having the right tool for the job matters. yeah you can do a xc marathon race on a 38lb enduro bike, but there is a reason very few folks do that and most chose a 25lb bike that is purpose built.
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 @totaltoads: Agreed. The bike I use for commuting and carrying 50kg of groceries would suck on the pumptrack. Yet my BMX would suck when trying bring those 50kg of groceries home.
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 @warmerdamj: tell that to the kid who bike packed between ews events
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 @skiandmtbdirtbag: pretty sure he says pedalling that bike was brutal and he definitely put slicks on it for the travel days. Kinda like... a road bike.
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 @warmerdamj: Well yeah. Weird how everything on pinkbike has to turn into an argument.
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 @skiandmtbdirtbag: how's it an argument? It's just a conversation.
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 @warmerdamj: Why would you go road riding having an enduro bike in the first place? Wink But if you like road cycling then sure, you need a road bike. But for 10 years now I live only with enduro bike, it works for anything except 50km+ road trips. And remember this kid who was riding his Enduro bike between ews races? He just had to change tires. So I would say if you mainly do Enduro then having 1 bike is 100% OK. If you like 100km road trips then maybe not.
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 @henryquinney: are you using ‘bike’ as a euphemism for my wife again?
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 @pink505: I'd be ok with pinkbike focusing more on the culture and less the consumerism. Like @AC-Fabz said, the bike you have is probably pretty damn good now and for many better than you deserve. If people actaully like mtn biking they should try focusing on riding. This site is starting to feel like a sports car forum.
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 @rpdale: you’re asking teenagers and self proclaimed alpha males not to be insecure. These people can’t even get over the fact that e-bikes exist and people can afford them! OH THE HORROR!!!
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 @rpdale: PB very existence is driven by consumerism. No consumerism, no PB. Focusing on culture means working for free, unless you would pay them directly to read about culture, which you probably would not so...
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 Pinkbike has had a huge focus on new gear for as long as I can remember. Eskapee, Cranked, anything from Misspent Summers... they're primarily about the riding. Not all of them are online though. Sadly, Cranked has gone out of print too. There is a lot money to be made through advertisement and there is a lot of money to be lost through increasing costs of materials, logistics (and Brexit).
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 I think both presenters actually agree with this, but I hate the "overbiked/underbiked" debate. Most people don't have a quiver of bikes so they can always ride the perfect bike for the trail, but even if they did...who cares what they're riding? There's no such thing as the wrong bike if you're having a good time.

If you are on a bike, you've made a good decision. If you are on a bike on the trails, you've made an EXCELLENT decision – doesn't matter what kind of bike it is.
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 I care when they are a*sholes. ebikes and 180mm travel bikes tend to give folks a sense of entitlement and superiority. At least that I've see a lot of in the past few years.

I've never seen someone on a 100mm hardtail acting like a total asshat to other trail-users or start a pissing contest with another MTBer. I've seen lots of folk lately doing that on their ebikes or their 10K Pivots while on green/blue multi use trails. Especially during the pandemic.
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 @totaltoads: I've seen the 100mm crowd be just as aggressive, but they're doing it on the up, silently elbowing their way past people just trying to have a nice day on the trail.
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 @totaltoads: I own both bikes. I see more resentment and animosity from people who own older bikes, which of course are not e-bikes. I just laugh and smile, because I know I’m having a good time, whilst someone else’s day is ruined because of some random guy riding a bike. I don’t even k is these people. But I’m happy to ruin their day just by virtue of being seen by them. I LOVE IT Big Grin
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 @totaltoads: your post proves my point, a*shole lol
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 @totaltoads: My Q&A on the Eebs is that ppl are mostly upset they're getting passed at speed "on yr left" - and thats about it. But try going to a DH park w/ Bro Squads thinking they're Mobb Deep, brake-jacking types, the "on yr left" x3 speed demons and lift-shouting bros... its a small but notable % and in my 3 decades of riding: far worse than anything Ive seen on Eebs anywhere in the last 5. I love park riding: this aint a bust, just an obs. Riders can be douchey on any bike.
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: people are upset they’re getting passed because they’re insecure and can’t stand that others have more money.
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 @totaltoads: you only see that dude for a moment anyway before you can't see him anymore
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 @cuban-b: you really get to know someone in the 2.5 seconds it takes for you to pass them dont you? Do you meet at the trailhead for your psychological evaluation of them, is it a long conversation you start when you start closing the gap or is it all in your imagination?
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 @RonSauce: I’m not the one who has a problem with others. I enter with an open heart until one of you douchebags open your mouth about someone else’s business. Look at this thread. Y’all are so concerned about others. The original post already calls out PERCEIVED slights. I’m just contributing to this shitty conversation and you don’t like what I have to say. Boo hoo
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 @Rickadams243: but it hurts his feelings Frown
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 More fun to drive a slow car fast then it is to drive a fast car slow...
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 I dunno. Driving any car fast is fun. And driving any car slow is boring. For better or worse, it’s all a matter of perspective.
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 MX5 for the win.
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 I disagree, its more fun to drive a fast car slow. What is less fun is driving an off-road, purpose built 4x4 on the road.
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 @kingbike2: Miata Is Always The Answer!
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 If you're not racing (and maybe even if you are), run what you brung.
Some of my favorite riding memories are on bikes considered by many to be insufficient for the trail at hand.
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 A better choice for filtering water, super small and you don't have to bend over the stream to get the water into your mouth. Sawyer Mini
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 Yeah I have one of these, it's great.
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 Thanks for that suggestion! Great option, especially for filling up water bladders and pots for cooking.
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 @totaltoads: Little more expensive than either of those options, but great if you use a hydration bladder on those longer rides, is an in-line filter. Just fill your bladder from the stream and go. Requires a bit more suction than just drinking from the bladder, but it's not too bad.
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 @SoCalTrev: That looks pretty rad for the bladder option. I have an MSR handheld one I use mostly and love it. Never had any issues. Thanks for the share!
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 @christinachappetta: befree filters are above it all for me. Fairly inexpensive can function as a bottle in their own right and refill bike bottle super fast. High alpine setting is perfect
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 Well now I really have to make time to listen to the podcast with Yoann Barelli. I want to hear the story about the Grim Donut and how it pissed off Max Commencal. Watching that video where Yoann races the Grim Donut and his Commencal Meta back to back and the Donut ends up on top, I always imagined that this wouldn't sit right with Commencal.
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 @henryquinney I absolutely agree that most people are over biked. I ride/live in Utah, and have been lucky enough to ride all over…(includng Squamish/whistler. I have found that a 130rear-150front bike with proper suspension can be just as capable as a 160-180 bike. Especially for your average rider. MOTO bros gotta have that big time sus to feel cool but it is overkill.
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 Overbiked used to mean so much more when the difference in bike weight was much more substantial between the genres. The 3 lbs weight savings over a trail bike over a smaller enduro bike don't warrant me to feel scared on gnarlier terrain or the occasional bike park day.
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 Christina-Do you not experience more Fatigue from climbing on a big bike rather than descending on a little bike?

From One less enduro Tacoma brotha.
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 I guess if I'm too fatigued while climbing, I'll just push the bike haha nearly similar speed at that point. But on the descents, while it is fun to have a little fear with slick tires and minimal travel, my low back and hands start to hurt, making them a liiiiiitle too sketchy for my liking. Have I taken my 120mm bike in territory it has no business, definitely! Would I do it again? Also definitely.
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 Matt's name is seriously not helping my love of alcohol.
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 When does he open his brewery? @mattbeer ...?
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 @gossman: Poor guy can only have gluten free beer so hopefully not any time too soon
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 no credit to Tracy Morgan for Devil's avocado?
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 links to things already posted and a short video of it? PB, what is the point of this?, honest question..
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 at 58 years of age there are not many "easy" trails - 150 mm and up are just GREAT
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 Wet shoes (flats) and merino-blend socks. Works for me, anyway.
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 Henry, I'm here with you, I always drink directly from streams and I have never had any problems Smile
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 I'm the same! It's so refreshing and in the alps it's the best water you'll probably get ever
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 @asapyohanes: errrr, there is a distinct difference between river water and spring water. Spring water in the alps is likely the best water you will ever get, but river water... all bets are off. Don't get me wrong, I've drunk from rivers many times, but you are absolutely running the risk of there being a dead sheep (or similar) just round the next corner upstream. Or all sorts of other contaminants. River water is 100% not reliably safe
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 If you know the source of the stream then sure it's safe but most of the time it's pretty sketchy to drink from a stream
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 Prob not worth it. One of my forestry colleagues has some long term health impacts from getting Giardia from drinking river water. He has an extremely sensitive stomach, can't drink beer or eat red meat.
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 @theconorcons: “can’t drink beer” enough said
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 There is a bunch of stories on internet "I always drink directly from streams and I have never had any problems"... the lack of opposite opinions is because those less lucky are foken dead lol Big Grin

If you live in Glacier fed areas, pay attention to very noticeable "pink snow", if you see pink snow, that is an algae but together with that a lot of other nasty stuff growing there. While I personally never got sick, since about 6 or 7 years ago I always filter. Some stuff you can get from water in wilderness will not just make you sick, but can easily kill ya. Taking chances or not is up to you offcource
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 @theconorcons: that's the nightmare that keeps me awake at night. I'll stick to my water filters haha
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