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From The Top: Szymon Kobylinski, Founder of NS Bikes

Nov 7, 2018
by Paul Aston  

I first met Szymon 'Cowboylinski' Kobylinksi at a bike show a few years ago. We were chatting over a few beers in the evening as his story started to unfold. Starting with his youth in London, to his days as a chart-topping rock star in Poland, traveling the world on tour and racing against the tour bus on his bike instead of sleeping inside and letting the roadman do the work. After this, he became more involved with mountain biking as downhill started to boom in Poland. He started distributing parts he imported from America, which quickly grew into making his own parts, and then led to starting NS, which has become a successful bike company.

Szymon strikes me as a humble and intelligent guy, who never wants to rest on his laurels, become stale, or stuck. The growth of his business proves this, as it has evolved into a completely different animal from the one it was born. The same is true of his riding and racing: winning many downhill races in Poland, he moved on to dirt and pumptrack stuff. This turned into trail and enduro riding, then a stint racing triathlon.

I ran into him at Eurobike Media Days earlier this summer, where he said, "It feels like everything I have done in my riding career has been working towards this point, and now I have finally found it, the perfect mix of skill, fitness, and knowledge," about his new love for XC racing. Just after we met, he headed to Andorra to race the Masters World Championships where he finished 32nd in his category and accepts being well and truly beaten. There's no way he's going to stop moving forwards now, and I'm sure we will see a better result from him next year.

First things first, what's your name and where do you come from?

My name is Szymon Kobylinski, I come from Gdansk, Poland. I'm 47 years old, and a proud father of Max - 8, NS Bikes - 15, Creme - 9, and Rondo - 2.

Tell us about the rock star days, how big were you - did people recognize you walking down the streets?

We were huge in the late 90's and early 2000. We played around 700 shows over a period of over 10 years, which meant spending the greater part of our time on tour. We were a proper rock band, with an attitude, but just enough melody in the songs to actually get us into the charts. So we had fans that listened to punk rock, and fans that liked Michael Jackson. Our audience was wide. Many of our songs received cult followings, we hear them being sung by drunk soldiers on their leave and they are played at college parties to this day.

Live concerts were the main source of our income but album sales were great too - we got a gold album and achieved platinum sales figures. At the moment of peak popularity, people would indeed walk up to me on the streets and ask for autographs and stuff like that. Usually, I was cool with that (especially when trying to pick up a girl at a bar) but sometimes it was actually a bit uncomfortable.


Szymon was the front man for the Blenders punk rock group.

Szymon was the front man for the 'Blenders' punk rock group.

You said you used to cycle behind the tour bus to get between gigs?

Yes, I was just as much into MTB as I was into music, and one way to stay in touch with two wheels was to have my bike with me. So when my bandmates were dying from hangovers in the bus, I was pedaling away across the country to the next gig, that doesn't mean that I didn't party at all though! (laughs)

What were you doing before NS?

I spent my whole childhood in London, then moved to Poland when I was 13, and when I was 20 I went straight into showbiz. In the meantime, I somehow managed to graduate from the Technical University of Gdansk. I never actually had any 'real' jobs in my life! 7ANNA (the mother company of NS) was my first business...

One of Szymon s first bikes was a Raleigh Chopper
One of Szymon's first bikes was a Raleigh Chopper.
Lucas aka Erenes the is one of the key guys at NS. This guys still rips on BMX bikes and the whole design philosophy is influenced by his persona
Lucas (aka Erenes) the product manager, is one of the key guys at NS. This guys still rips on BMX bikes and the whole design philosophy is influenced by his persona. Here he is proudly presenting one of their best selling products of all time.

How did you first become involved with the MTB industry?

In the late 90's I really got involved in the growing DH scene in Poland. It was hard to get hold of any dedicated downhill parts, so I started importing stuff from the US. At first just for myself, then for a few friends, and then at one point it turned into a small business. We worked with exotic companies like Hanebrink, Risse, Stratos, and Karpiel.

Szymon s first distribution business 7ANNA imported exotic brands like Karpiel Risse and Hanebrink.
Szymon's first distribution business, 7ANNA, imported exotic brands like Karpiel, Risse, and Hanebrink. He had to sell his beloved Disco Volante to get funding to start the company...

When and why did you start NS Bikes?

Apart from the American brands that we imported, we also started pulling in no-name bars, stems, and pedals from Taiwan. At one point my friend told me that we should put a logo on it and sell it under our own brand. My first reaction was that he's crazy - I mean you have to be called Gary and live in California if you want to start a mountain bike brand, right? But when he showed me some ideas and sketches, I realized that we may be onto something. We teamed up with a few cool riders, made some photo shoots, videos and it just took off.

This full-sized pumptrack is in Szymon s backyard
This full-sized pumptrack is in Szymon's backyard!

Have you found that there were any particularly difficult markets to get into?

Not really. I see NS as a bit like a hardcore band that has passionate fans everywhere in the world. The popularity of these niche projects are not as country-specific as more mainstream brands or bands.

Was there a point where you felt the NS starting to take off? Did it snowball, or was it slow and steady?

As soon as we put “Northshore Extreme” onto the Taiwanese handlebars, the sales started to skyrocket. We could not keep up with the demand. The market was hungry for reasonable priced, 'extreme' products with a cool image. There were almost no alternatives at that time. That was the first supercharger in our career. After that, sales leveled out, and we realized we had to start making our own stuff to stay ahead.

At that point, we really focused on dirt jumping and launched some very refined steel frames. Again - it was exactly what the market needed and sales went through the roof. The Suburban, Capital and other models sold in thousands. Getting Martin Soderstrom on board was definitely another booster, and later offering complete bikes became the next milestone for us. The next big step forwards is not related directly to NS, but did affect us. It happened when my third company, Rondo (gravel bikes), got the Gold Award at Eurobike last year. This caused a huge increase in interest in all our products - not just Rondo but NS as well. I think people in the industry simply started treating our whole group more seriously.

NS Bikes sister company Rondo won a Eurobike Award in 2017 for their gravel bikes.
NS Bikes' sister company, Rondo, won a Eurobike Award in 2017 for their gravel bikes.

What's your most popular product to date, and are there any products you regret making?

Most of our products were pretty successful and luckily we never had any major problems. If I had to name a single product, it would be the Suburban frame. The only thing that I regret making is an over-complicated stem... Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it's just not in line with our philosophy.

The Streetlegal was the first frame that NS made. Over 4kg compatible with pegs.
Their first real product was around 4kg of steel, compatible with pegs! Streetlegal was the first NS Bikes frame.

A selection of parts used and abused by the team over the years.
Employee, Lukas, is famous for destroying stuff. This is from his R and D 'lab'

So what goes into designing NS products?

Whenever we are confronted with making a choice between 'exciting' or user-friendly, 'innovative' or reliable, lightweight or strong, we always choose the latter. Our product manager (aka Erenes) has a street BMX background and keeps me from drifting off into making these sales and marketing driven decisions. He is the one making sure we use big bolts that don't strip, parts that are easy to service or replace in a local bike shop and stuff you can repair at home or buy in a hardware store. Our main objective is to make the products work in the real world. And the real world ain't a lab! As riders, we just had too many situations where a great weekend of riding was ruined by a broken spoke that you could only buy in one place in the world. At the same time, I want to stress that we don't want to make primitive low-performance bikes; we are all into performance, we are racers, we wanna go fast.

Apart from that, we try to be honest about our products. I am an engineer, I understand how bikes and suspension work, and I don't want to make idiots out of our customers. So we are not throwing out acronyms or claims that our suspension is “the best in the world”. Come on - no mathematical models or scientific tests exist proving that less anti-squat is better than more, or that there is a perfect suspension curve. We actually have been trying to get a large government fund to scientifically prove how full of shit many of the claims and 'truths' out there are... kind of a 'suspension myth-busters' thing. No luck so far but maybe one day... For now, we are just testing the bikes against the clock and choosing the fastest solutions.

NS Factory
NS Factory
NS Factory
The NS office and factory keep expanding, all the design, painting, assembly, packaging, and shipping is done in-house.

Have you got any favorite business books or courses that helped you along the way? Anything that you'd recommend?

I love reading business books! Some of my favorites would be Small Giants by Bo Burlingham, The E-Myth by Michael Gerber, and Leaders Eat Last and Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

Looking back, is there anything you'd have done differently?

I often have a sense of 'wasted time' when I think about the decade spent playing music, which I could have spent on growing our company. But then again who knows, maybe I would never have started the business if it wasn't for the band. I should have drunk less booze and rode more when I was 20 - it would be easier to win races today! Apart from that, no regrets really... I can't imagine having a better job or a better life.

 just gonna sendit
"Just gonna send it" Szymon on his Kawasaki green Intense M1. He says this was the first Intense in Poland, which made him a god among the rest of the mountain bike community.

What trends do you see coming in the future?

I never considered myself a visionary, but... back in the 90's I started a little local 'movement' with my friends that we called “the new school of freeride”. The concept was to prove that you could have one bike and skill to really do it all. We believed that MTB is not just about going up in lycra or going down on an 8” bike with a beer in your hand. I was in love with the concept of quiver-killer bikes, but at that time there were not enough parts on the market to really build one up. I remember trying to prove our philosophy at a bike festival by riding a marathon on Saturday and getting a good position in the DH race on the same bike on the next day (the only thing I changed on the bike were the tires). Obviously, we were on to something, I mean this is where MTB has really been heading over the last few years.

Apart from that, I feel that XC will become much bigger. Maybe I'm biased, because it's what I love most personally, but it's really great as a spectator sport and it's much more relevant to most people than the more 'extreme' side of our sport. At the same time, XC continues becoming more 'extreme' itself, so it kind of merges into the 'new school of freeride' thing that we crusaded for 20 years ago. Of course, E-bikes are the future too, but I still don't know how to approach this mentally...

Celebrating the opening of their new office with a party.
Celebrating the opening of their new office with a party.
Celebrating the opening of their new office with a party.

You raced at the XC World Championships this year, how was that?

It was brutal. I came 32nd in my category (so about halfway in the field). I expected a better result, but I think that the thin air in Andorra did me in (I spent very little time at altitude before the race). The top guys were on another planet, in fact when we checked their times we think they could easily compete in the pro category. The course was really amazing, with jumps, rocks, and stuff so with my DH background I really loved it, but I was simply suffocating all along. I'm looking forward to getting a better result next year, this time hopefully on my own bike (we don't currently make XC bikes, so I use a competitor's model at the moment).

Szymon racing the 2018 Masters World Championships in Vallnord.
Szymon racing the 2018 Masters World Championships in Vallnord.
Szymon racing the 2018 Masters World Championships in Vallnord.

Anything else you would like to talk about?

First of all, I would like to thank all our customers (business partners and especially riders) for supporting us through the years. For me, and for the whole team, NS has really become a part of our lives. It's not just a job. We are throwing our whole hearts into this and it makes us so proud to see that people all around the globe dig our products. This is especially significant for us because we come from a small East European country and always felt a bit self-conscious about this.

Things move on and now Szymon mostly rides gravel and XC bikes.
Things move on and now Szymon mostly rides gravel and XC bikes.
Things move on, and now Szymon mostly rides gravel and XC bikes.

There were no LED’s back in the 90’s so Blenders had these 220V lightbulb costumes. When they sweated, electric shocks would be delivered. Szymon admits this was really stupid...

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 Would anyone else like to donate to his cause to prove how full of Shit other suspension claims and “truths” thee are out there? It’s just nice to see an honest guy/company for once.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Nov 7, 2018 at 5:07) (Below Threshold)
 Well since I have basic inside knowledge of Polish bike design world I find his words on that subject to be a bit off... it so happened that I bought Antidote Carbon Jack in 2015 and same year spent a quality day on Snabb. So i rode both bikes back to back. Both bike were very similar geometrically, had same forks and tyres. The only difference was that NS had Monarch+, I had coil Cane Creek on Anti. I setup the NS exactly how I wanted. yet suspension of both bikes was world's apart. Most of all NS was blowing through travel so much at 30% SAG that I had to ride it in closed mode. Sorry. There's a certain dosage of irony in the case of comparing Anti to NS... people who know, know. Government funded reasearch to prove somethign about bicycle suspension design... Jesus Christ... NS makes great bikes, the owner and his clients are all smiles. Let's stick to it.
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 The truth is many of the suspension designs out there work great, especially if they're worked in properly with the design of the frames. My old bike was a Specialized with an FSR, my new bike is a DW link. Both work great -- can't really say one suspension system works better than the other. I'd also ride whatever Yeti is selling with no problem, and VPP through SC or Intense. The truth in marketing is that these companies have designed great bikes to work great in conjunction with whatever suspension system they've chosen. There's also the truth that while there are so many great bikes out there, some companies incorporate design with their suspension better than others. That's not B.S. But I guess if there is any BS, it's that one suspension design is better than another. I'm not sure that's the case -- it's the overall design.

As for government funding... Don't we (or in this case, Poland) have bigger fish to fry?
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flag WAKIdesigns (Nov 7, 2018 at 8:30) (Below Threshold)
 @TheR: Well I can't agree. I have ridden all sorts of bikes and the difference is there. Even within the same system. Sometimes we perceive things that aren't there, sometimes we don't perceive difference that actually is there. And sometimes it has to do with our own ignorance. If one cannot feel the difference and it's influence on riding style between FSR and VPP he maybe should not speak out too loud about different systems. Now if you gave Loic Bruni Orange 224 he could possibly win as well. Does it mean anything though? Well just as much I don't lose a tiniest bit of respect to Szymon. Small companies have this tendency to call out others on big things with little consideration... I call it Leopole marketing.

Also suspension acronym hype was like 2008-2010 thing...
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 @WAKIdesigns: I get you. I think you can feel the difference between suspensions, but it doesn't mean the suspensions can't work great -- it's just that they work great in different ways based on the design of the bike around the suspension. I would agree that some companies do this better than others. Or that some riders might actually have a preference.

As for Szymon, I meant no disrespect to him. He's got a really good story here, and obviously a lot of drive to make things happen. Love people like this.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Also a little to my point -- and I think I've read some of your comments to this effect in the past -- there are just so many good, capable bikes out there. We've reached a point where you can pretty much pick anything these days, and you'll have a quality ride. It just comes down to preference and style. (With very few dogs out there as exceptions). All with different designs and suspension.
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You sound so foolish; to compare the rear suspension between two bikes, one of the very worst shocks to one of the very best shocks. Not at all scientific or representive.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Nov 7, 2018 at 10:01) (Below Threshold)
 @getsomesy: heh, ok. Keep dreaming. I also happened to have ridden Spec bikes with coil Öhlins and my CJ still comes out best for stability to plushness ratio. Monarch + RC3 is not the worst shock out there by any means. You obviously haven’t ridden Float CTD. Also. Should we find the guy who will tell us how little shock matters? He’s here. Many are.

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 Hi. Shock doesn’t matter. Nor does any trademarked suspension design. Ta ra
  • 11 1
 @WAKIdesigns: no one cares how many shocks you’ve ridden and no one believes your statements about “this,” being better than “that.”
Typical waki post, yeah I road that before and I know that it’s not really any good, you should totally believe me because I had both that shock and the other really good one.
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 @mkotowski1: give an idiot a long enough rope and he'll hang himself. This dbag ( wacky ) has died more times in comment section than anyone.
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 @WAKIdesigns: so what you're saying is a frame with an air shock that's notorious for having no mid stroke support and blowing travel isn't as good as a frame with a coil shock with tuneable high and low speed?
Gee that's totally a fair comparison.....
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flag WAKIdesigns (Nov 7, 2018 at 22:50) (Below Threshold)
 @MitchThompson89: so you’ve never ridden a frame that doesn’t fold into mid travel with air shock? Like... Trek? Or specialized? That is cute indeed. They are so rare. Oooh I know it is valving... yeah... Kinematics don’t play any role what so ever... no... you may think I am stupid but maybe you are just looking into the mirror.
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 I've always loved NS for their no frills attitude and making great, durable, well-priced products. Then I figured out who Szymon was (rockstar engineer bike enthusiast) and liked them even more. Psyched to see this interview, and I would definitely donate to a crowdsource fund to see him prove all the bullshit is, in fact, bullshit.

@WAKIdesigns: I do agree with you that government funded research for bike designs is f*cking stupid though
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flag WAKIdesigns (Nov 9, 2018 at 1:16) (Below Threshold)
 @trialsracer: I am pretty sure he was exaggerating to prove a point which would be fair enough if he was very close to be right. If he was to put the money where his mouth is he'd use Soda Slope suspension everywhere.
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 @WAKIdesigns: only here to downvote Waky
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flag WAKIdesigns (Nov 9, 2018 at 6:57) (Below Threshold)
 @stinkbikelies: some people come to this world as a result of their mothers using their boyfriends socks as tampons. I wish Pinkbike would be a site that would ban people saying things like that...
  • 6 4
 @WAKIdesigns: we all wish pinkbike banned you but alas
  • 8 6
 @mkotowski1: Meh. Speak for yourself. I find Waki amusing because I have a sense of humor. Sometimes, he's even downright insightful. Wouldn't be the same here without him.
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 @WAKIdesigns: if you’re still riding like your videos show you really have no business judging bikes everything is good enough for that
level just saying
  • 3 5
 @satansdog: I love those videos. They gave me so much freedom. Whichever idiot looks at my profile thinks I am a piece of shit that can’t ride. Unlike you, I have nothing to prove... you know what, before you finish a World Cup race in top 20 I won’t respect your opinion. Sorry.
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 @satansdog: I'm only here to upvote
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 @WAKIdesigns: So you're saying you don't respect a guy who finishes 21. lol? anyone who qualifies for a world cup can do circles arond you and most pb crowd so don't be so high
  • 3 0
 @satansdog: any CAT 1 expert would ride circles around that clown. What a baffoon!
  • 3 3
 @Beez177, @satansdog: I cannot stop you from interpreting my words in the way that will suit your narrative. It was about setting a point of reference and making dumb assumptions, also about judging people by how they ride their bikes. Respect? Really? Well then, enjoy the confinement of your intelligence...
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 @WAKIdesigns: I always finish in the top 20 thanks for the respect buddy
  • 2 3
 @stinkbikelies: sorry, I read your profile description and captions under your rides... no... you get no troll respect points. The very fact what your description stands for and that you comment here means you are a moron. As I said on few occasions, I respect the cleaning lady at our office more than 90% of pro athletes. Her sacrifice to improve quality of life of mine and of my colleagues means more to me than some pseudo-insipiring bloke. You may finish in top 20 WC DH I don't care. It is impressive but you are too stupid to have positive impact on my life. No care. Also you are anonymous pfff... coward.
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 Who remembers their booth on Bike Festival in Szklarska Poręba? They came there with a table, two handlebars and you could propose the name for their new handlebarSmile Not to mention two beautiful models wearing full latex costumes;D
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 Well, my first downhill forks was STRATOS S9 Superstar 230mm travel and I get that from Szymon about 17/18 years ago. Flexi as F... but you could fly of the roof . Then I had NS Bitch frame and all my neighbours was bitching while I was demolishing my area ( their front steps , rails and fence walls etc) learning street Smile Old good times. 12 years ago I moved to Wales and brought my DH bike with NorthShore Extreme kit like flat pedals with razor sharp pins, NS stem,bars etc. All kids (riders) ask me WTF is NS - two years later most of them had at least DJ frame or bars and stem if not full NS bike. Nearly 20 years later and I'm still with some NS parts on my bikes, that mean something. Good to see article like that and glad to see Szymon growing his passion and business in good direction, following customers and his as cyclist needs! Truly from riders for riders.
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 "So we are not throwing out acronyms or claims that our suspension is “the best in the world”. Come on - no mathematical models or scientific tests exist proving that less anti-squat is better than more, or that there is a perfect suspension curve. "

F'n a right there bud! Blame marketing.
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 I fucks with any NS hardtail I've ever ridden, they're great. Got a capital 24 that I beat the absolute shit out of, and its a beast. Had a hard time getting ahold of someone at the company to get replacement brake mounts, but once I finally did, they were mad cool and sent me a replacement pair for free.99, so I'm not mad. Fun interview, sounds like a guy I'd want to hang and ride with.
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 He sold his disco volante? an alfa disco volante?
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 follow up!
  • 4 0
 Well, that actually makes more sense that what my brain suggested, which was a Mr. Bungle reference.
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 I had the pleasure to meet him and his friend, who is doing RONDO at a dealer venue in UK last year. Hands down, Szymon is one cool down-to-earth guy. Big props to him and the funny presentation they held. Guys like him are way cooler than those big-mouthed guys telling you they know everything.
  • 6 0
 Anyone notice him mentioning he wants to Race XC on his own bike? NS XC bike soon?
  • 3 0
 I love my NS Djambo hardtail and NS Soda EVO that even made the Vital Bike of the Day last year so I got them some free press. I have had zero issues with the bikes but I have a hard time getting questions answered. I enquired about the Nerd HD a few times and got no reply. Sadly, I may have to move on from NS in order to get another 170-180mm "enduro/mini-DH" bike. The 2019 Nerd HD, from what I can see, is 29 front and 27.5 rear with 160mm in front and 180mm in rear. That does not interest me, I want matching travel and wheel size front and back and 170mm minimum. He mentions how he likes the "quiver killer" idea of raging down a bike park trail then able to go ride trails and to me, nothing says that more than a 170-180mm bike.
  • 1 0
 I built up a Djambo with 140mm dvo diamond. My favorite hardtail yet. I also built a surge evo single speed with a 130mm circus pro for tooling around and pump track/ jump line fun. Tried to purchase a soda evo but they sold out and discontinued so I just built a Vitus sommet instead since I got a killer deal. I did have an issue getting info about axle thread size and pitch for the djambo as the threads were a little uncut near the outer edge and had a bit of paint in threads. Found the right tap on my own at the hardware store and just cleaned it out. Then no issues. Not sure about that nerd though. Kinda fugly.
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 Fkin love NS but, I wish they still made the Soda EVO Frown
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 Am i the only one noticing the new frame in the pic with his son?
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Looks like the Nerd from their catalog, though I never saw this frame/bike actually come up for sale
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 @JDugan: Complete radio silence for the Nerd HD...so weird.
  • 2 0
 Love my Fuzz. I had a 26” for a few years, now riding a 27.5” version for the last 2 years. Never had an issue with either bike. (Of course now it will explode this weekend) Such a fun DH bike. Love these articles too. Great job PB.
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 I, for one, am looking forward to seeing NS release the most down-country bike ever in 2020.
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 I freakin' love NS bikes. Rode a Suburban then a Majesty over the last 10 years regularly. Tried many other DJ bikes during this period, and nothing compares. Pretty light, durable, no frills, great price, look sweet, and fast as hell. Go NS!
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 such an amazing story to read ! i think i'm the only one in morocco who own and still trust in Nsbikes Parts ! i ride mostly street and park ! my only wish is please don't stop making Ns District and Cro-mo Frames !!! Still Dreaming to Test The Capital 26" ,While i'm Digging another Polish Bike Company now (Dartmoor Bikes) for almost 1 year and really i love the Freaky 2015 frame ! Big up Guys you are who makes mtb (street and park and DJ ) Scene to grow !
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 Nice story but he and his company should focus a bit more on customer support in the future
  • 4 2
 I agree, had a nightmare with CRC and NS Bikes to get a crash replacement rear seat stay for my snabb, and they only have spares in black not the neon yellow needed... great bikes though and cool story, but yes.. spares and customer service needs to be looked at for sure.
  • 4 1
 @hanstock21: is this not down to CRC not NS.. at least, that would tie in with the CS i hear about from CRC
  • 3 0
 I think the problems may be on your national distributor's side. I'm very happy with their customer service
  • 4 1
 @ryanme: Well.. Hotlines are the main importers for NS, and my only gripe was the fact that I now have a black seat stay not the original colour. Also in NS defence they were happy to deal with me direct rather than me go through CRC, then CRC to Hotlines etc... All got sorted in the end, bike just looks a bit strange now, but got used to it. they did give me a free goody bag with some cool stuff too, so not all bad.
  • 5 0
 @hanstock21: Well, when I got my Fuzz from CRC the rear axle was missing. CRC very promptly sent me a replacement. Never had an issue with CRC. I have an Octane 1 Void DJ build that kicks ass in the park. Love the direction NS has been going (except Pilgrim leaving, that was stoopid).
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 @hanstock21: hey, do you know how much the seat stay cost you? my derailleur hanger bolt is stripped on my snabb and i need to get a new one.
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 NS BITCH that was a thing! Time when HC HARDTAILS rules. Creazy timesSmile
All the best NS!
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 "No LED’s back in the 90’s so Blenders had these 220V lightbulb costumes. When they sweated, electric shocks would be delivered. Szymon admits this was really stupid..."

Best part of this entire article. Crazy dudes!
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 I mean if he was a pro snowboarder at any point he has basically had my dream life. What a guy!
  • 6 2
 That's a great story! Keep it up!
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 NS please do HT frame with 470 reach.
  • 5 0
 500 reach, 63 HA, 77SA, 1300 WB Smile and 4130
  • 3 2
 @Dryb1as: płatne z 500+ Big Grin
  • 3 7
flag WAKIdesigns (Nov 7, 2018 at 11:18) (Below Threshold)
 @EnduroriderPL: how about you take the Liar... it can ride in most bike parks in Poland and Europe. NS team riders used to take DJ frames and send stuff crazier than anything Perini can build.
  • 4 0
 @Dryb1as: You pretty much exactly described an XL Sick Wulf:
63 HA, 510 Reach, 4130, WB isn't listed but I'd reckon it's in that range.
I really want to try one of their bikes!
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 Remember kids, once and for all ... polar bears are not running on Polish streets! :]

A typical day looks like this ... www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP5wNDeGqLk
  • 7 5
 Yep, after years of sending it, he can now retire on a road bike and not be uncool.
  • 4 2
 He’s been road biking this whole time as well if you read the article
  • 1 0
 I wish that NS bikes offered a bike in XL rather then small, medium and large, they make really affordable frames but I am just afraid that it won't fit my 6' 5" frame.
  • 3 0
 Nice bikes, but their customer service sucks!
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 I would like a frame like the one Syzmon & son are on. LMK when available.
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 Blenders - Ciągnik Official Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqQHWRsGJCg Wink
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 In this vintage picture on the left, where Szymon flies in DH race. Do I see boy with trumpet? Really?! I need to see this live so much in my next race!!!
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 Polish means better remember guys Razz
Just kidding
Nice one Szymon..keep it up.
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 super story
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 Bring the Majesty back to the US! I need a tapered head tube majesty!!
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I'd love the forks with the flip chip to be available separately.
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 Great article! I'll have to listen to the band. So, does NS definitively stand for "North Shore" or anything at all?
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 Got 2 NS bikes! (well one is my sons)... They make me happy????
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 ???? = smiley... Suppose emoticons dont work...
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 I got a Surge and a Snabb, I alternate between the tow every day
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 I learned so much on my Surge, that bike gave me some great memories!
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 Hey NS, any Black Friday deals coming our way on the website? I’ve been waiting to pull the trigger...
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 No mention of Sam Pilgrim? The bikes do ride great.
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 I swear I read this same interview last year some where.
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 Such a good read! Szymon is the man!
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 If a NS fuzz showed up in the town I live in, I would definitely buy it
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 We'd be happy to help get you setup!
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 @LamaCycles: don't worry it's just another internet show boat
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 @LamaCycles: you need more advertising or exposure I was lucky enough to find you. An awesome place for ns parts and Others. Thanks for the great service.
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 @LOLWTF: you’re literally a pinkbike shitposter lol
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 @LamaCycles: lama cycles is the best retail shop for NS products in North America. great service!
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 Just come here to say Lama Cycles is the best in customer service. Well I go out for riding with Soda 2014 which has been going for years with no issues!
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 @BCtrailrider: so which one did you buy?

Yeah, thought so.
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 @LOLWTF: did you even read my original comment? “If a NS fuzz showed up in my town, I would buy it” key word is IF
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 @BCtrailrider: Lama cycles told you they will make it appear at your doorstep... I guess I was right Smile
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 majesty! best dj frame ever.
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 Start with Why is a great read, BTW.
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 love my FUZZ... i
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 Looking for a frontman for the new band, just bring attitude and NS stuff.
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 Oh geez....I bumped into him couple years ago in Taipei Bike Show.
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 220V... not so hard :]
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 zniknąłeś z ET i FR
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 @nagan: Wziałem bezpłatny urlop ;] A co? Tęskinicie? XD
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 Maybe they can help turner bikes produce the new sultan?
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