Video: Caroline Buchanan Lands World's First Female MTB Front Flip

Aug 27, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Caroline Buchanan just made history at Audi Nines by becoming the first woman to throw a front flip on a mountain bike.

bigquotesI've had some successes in my BMX and mountain-bike career, riding in the Olympics, winning world championship titles, but to personally do a trick for yourself and to claim a world's first, it's really rewarding.Caroline Buchanan


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 I'm going to start offering my services as a competition hype man.
In scope:
- Lots of yelling, running while yelling, and yelling while running
- Yipping during roll in and from a far away
- Offering technical advice like "you just have to send it" and "you got this for sure"
- High fives
- Hugs while tackling the rider to the ground may be considered on a case-by-case basis
- "bro," "bra," and "stoked" will be charged on a per/use basis with bulk discounts available

Out of scope:
- Actual digging or moving of dirt
- Pushing other people's bikes
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 Don't forget chest bumps and "Yeah, boi"
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 You sound like you'd be perfect for the commentary team
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 You joke but this is literally my job. So, for the record - diploma in sports massage, advanced diploma in sports therapy, degree in sports science, masters in S&C plus a couple of coaching qualifications.
20 years experience ranging from rehab clinics to Paralympic Games to pro rugby teams and currently pro cyclists.
As well as the fist bumps you see on videos there’s also a lot of work behind the scenes. For example as I speak three languages fluently (plus bits of a few others) duties on the road also extend to tasks such as being the person who tries to figure out the Air b’n’b’s dishwasher.
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 This is SICK. You go girl..!!
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 Amazing! Especially after the life threating injuries she sustained a few years ago.
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 An athlete of her calibre turning her racing focus to freestyle... I've a feeling this won't be her last "first". Amazing to see!
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 So sick to see how the female riders send Audi Nines! However, I don’t think there is a trick called a "female front flip". The right expression should be "worlds first female doing a front flip on MTB".
An awesome achievement, but this whole "worlds first" hysteria kind of cringes me out and takes away from the actual accomplishment.
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 That looked so good! So rad
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 Rad, congrats Caroline!
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 so good, even rides out of it like nbd cruise mode. nines is awesome, even more so now with the lady crew coming in and blowing up world firsts.
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 Huck yeah!
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 CBR represent!!! Oi you could stack the female firsts ay - web series?!
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 Just great! Well done CB! Nit-pickers complaining about BMX firsts or Audi Nines marketing when you are all getting freakin' awesome free content... get a life!
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 Full support and big congrats. Stoked to see the ladies of MTB drive forward.
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 So sick to see how the female riders send Audi Nines. However, I don’t get the differences between a female frontflip and a male frontflip.
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 But what type of bike is it on?
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 If you subscribe to Outside+ you get to see a video of her doing it on the Grim Donut
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 hard to tell but....Trek Ticket?
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 @SATN-XC: More of a reference to the fact that Audi Nines loves touting stuff like "WORLDS FIRST ON A DH BIKE" or "WORLDS FIRST DOUBLE FLIP AT 3:39PM ON A SUNDAY ON AN ENDURO BIKE"
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 have a feeling this is a clever poke at charlottes first female front flip (in competition?) on bmx at the olympics.

fun to see so many talented BMXers go over to MTB and kill it.
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 @leon-forfar: you mean like worlds first front flip heel clicker on a dh bike… where the heels didn’t touch and they blew a hand off on landing. At least this was landed clean, congrats to CB
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 PURE STOKE! I love it!
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 Flippin' awesome!
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 I've been watching her practice this for son long. Grats on landing it!
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 This is awesome! 9’s and Progression go hand in hand.
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 This is really the first? Can’t believe that lol

First in competition maybe?
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 Yeh should of done it years ago(;
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 It’s not a competition
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 @ctd07: good point
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 Done 1000 times in the foam pit or bag first......
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 @suspended-flesh: Or straight to dirt / tree / rocks etc.
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 First on a mountain bike. Been done on bmx - see the gold medal run from Tokyo Olympics
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 I don’t think there is a trick called a "female front flip". The right expression should be "worlds first female doing a front flip on MTB".
An awesome achievement, but this whole "worlds first" hysteria kind of cringes me out
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 @herded: Well, technically, I don't believe the World's First Female is still alive and if she was, no way she gonna stick the landing like Caroline did.
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 first ever monster truck front flip
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 Now that was really sick!
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 For a while, I swore she was more into being a model than a rider. And time and time again, she proves me wrong... And, to do this after the injuries she's gone through... She's a super bad ass!
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 So sick to see her back.
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 She’s one step closer to doing a twister.
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 Cool to add an NBD to the list of accomplishments. Now a FFF will forever be ABD!
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 I have no idea what you are saying here?
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 @themouse77: Cool to add a “New Bike Day” to the list of accomplishments. Now a “Fan Fiction Forum” will forever be “American Bull Dog!”

Not sure what he’s on about either ????
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 new bike, new comp, new trick. cloud 9
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 Great milestone after that car accident a few years ago.
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 Insane skills!
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 Hell yeah! Go get it!
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 absolutely sick!!
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 Stomped it!
First try??
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 That's what I was wondering. She looked super composed from take off through rotation. If that was the first attempt, that is just silly....
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 She’s done it on bags in her videos.
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 @bikebike69: I believe there's a video on her IG of her sticking one to dirt...
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 So cool
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 Caroline Buchanan has way bigger balls than I do!!! DANNY HART watch out she's gunning for ya. SO RAD!!!
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 This is rad! Go Caro!
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