Video: Official Highlights from the Finale Ligure EDR & E-EDR World Cup 2024

May 13, 2024
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesEnduro is back! The 2024 UCI Enduro World Cup season burst into life in the home of enduro, the Finale Outdoor Region.

The best in the world were all set for a five-stage test across 57km of trails, taking in 2570m of descending, deep into the mountains above the Ligurian sea in northern Italy.
WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series

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 Totally agree
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 But then no one would watch the ebikes and thats where the money is for the manufacturers
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 Although I also have a second bike as an emtb, I don't see any point in this race format. It's not the rider who decides, but how the engine is tuned and how long the battery lasts. Start your own series for e-MX and e-MTB bikes.
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 @mcharza: complete and utter nonsense. It’s ok not to be interested in e-mtb racing but making up random statements to lessen the effort these guys and girls put into racing is not
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flag lev3000 FL (May 13, 2024 at 3:41) (Below Threshold)
 @martin-stuflesser - such a boring thing to say.
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 @mcharza: the fastest riders won. If you put them on their competitors bikes they would still win. The overwhelming majority of the course is DH skills based riding. Even on the uphill stages skill and technique are going to be just as important as power. Battery size doesn't matter, they're going thru multiple batteries to knock out 40 miles.
Why would they need to start their own series they've already got one.
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 @psullivan65: Sam Hill entered one a few years ago where he won every downhill stage but lost the overall to somebody on a different motor.
I don't like the uphill stages as they are counter to the whole history of the format and funnel precious R&D resources to improving power delivery when what the consumer needs is reduced weight and better reliability
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 @psullivan65: They should change the rules so they are only allowed 1 battery so it’s a day out like anyone else could do
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 @catweasel: as much as we all love Sam Hill, is him being beaten up a hill a surprise (regardless of motors)?
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 @mashrv1: no its the fact that the 2 uphill losses canceled out all the downhill wins and it's not like a multiple enduro overall winner is lacking in fitness.
It's impossible from the armchair to separate rider and motor performance but there has been some historical correlation between motor manufacturer and rider results on the uphill stages.
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 Yes! I don't want to see them old fashioned things. I'll be skipping through till the ebikes are shown.
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 @stefkrger: If you look into the actual effort they put out, it is every bit as much or more than the acustic enduro racers.
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 @barrysbikes: 100% correct
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 At least they were totally separate parts of the video. They used to intersperse the E highlights throughout
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 To be fair they are only at the end so you can just turn off the video if you don't want to watch them.
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 Yep…just stopped watching as soon as the ebike came on lol. Of course if that’s your thing you have to skip ahead and find it…either way it’s not the same thing!
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 @ThatEbikeGuy: f*ck me you really own it.
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 Someone is always complaining here it‘s a shame. And everyone is living a dream life but still complaining. Sad.
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 It would be interesting to see the stats on how many people stopped watching after the EDR podiums when the announced E-EDR.
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 @ThatEbikeGuy: vintage bikes
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 @ThatEbikeGuy: ‘vintage’ bikes
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 as an italian: somebody go teach this man how to say LIGURIA..
" LaeGuArEiaN Coast" .. damn...
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 As an Italian, I personally wouldn't start the topic on correct pronounciation of foreign languages. Wink

Alltough I have to admit Josh didn't even try to bother a somewhat close to correct pronnounciation....
edit: good luck WBD next weekend lol
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 Mamma mia!
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 And Ligure doesn't rhyme with manure. I reckon there's such a thing as foreign language dislexia, i.e., if you look at a word with unfamiliar foreign spelling, it just looks like a jumble of letters and it's pronunciation seems impossible. Although someone could have just told the dude and he would have got it, it's not fucking Swahili.
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 as an italian-a: somebody go teach-a this man-a how-a to say-a LIGURIA..
" LaeGuArEiaN Coast" .. damn-a...

[Plus adequate hand gestures]

Sorry, couldn't resist Big Grin
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 but the guy is struggling also with his own language pronunciation...
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 Great highlights. Thanks. That course looks brutal, especially with the fast transitions.

The e-bike race looked esp brutal, what 9 stages? I don’t care how much assist they get. Staying upright for 9 stages is hard enough. Hate to say it, but that is legit. Before spraying pig shit, go match their effort then report back.
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 Is it called enduro, coz to watch the highlights I have to endure e-bike coverage?
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 but you dont ... you can watch the EDR coverage then simply stop when Ebikes begin because those highlights come afte and are separate.
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 WBD is not even trying at this point. Two fixed camera positions on each stage, one commentator and one photographer, no drone footage and no onboard footage. There are fans doing a better job of covering the races than Warner Bros. Fair to say they have given up covering Enduro at this point.

It is pretty much guaranteed at this point that VERY few if any riders will be able to make a living racing this format in the next year or two. No coverage means no sponsor $$$
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 WB absolutely traitors... I tried to warn from the beginning... I was the crazy one... they know what they are doing... is not about money... is about deploying agendas/control...
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 Good video! That vibe on DH Mens must be something special for riders.
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 It's unsmokable this compress sandwich of highlights even for the ardeous fans like me... Sorry not improving the formula, getting worse. Drone shots where and are cool for this race and only milliseconds. Completely skipped into the last stage. Any revival of a live like streaming at least for one stage... jumping from shot to shot and interview to interview position over position with a nonsense... This sport has to imitate and get close as much as possible to a live event with drone shots and gopro sd cards upload after each stage there is time trough the whole day getting proper interviews and feedbacks in between Then it also focus too much over positions and not what each special brings specifically to de table... Sad we still are like this 10 years later not been able yet to beat what single Rick did...
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 They need to watch the WRC coverage and emulate that. Helmet cam footage from the top runners, buy and use "fancam" trackside footage for incidents not caught by broadcast cameras. Fixed cameras at a key zone to see line choice between the top riders.
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 @CamNeelyCantWheelie: it's obvious they don't care / want...
EWS has to come back being an independent organ like it was leaving this pricks aside... and everything will be fine/possible.... they more time passes the bigger the damage...
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 Compared to XC and DH this coverage is just about unwatchable.
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 @ESQDavidK: cause Enduro is the biggest enemy in case there is a hidden agenda as I exposed many times... enduro covers vasts areas in uncontroled wildernest areas... adding value to unsanctioned trails and giving you "the false right" you have to access private land...
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 I feel not mentioning what exactly happened in stage 4 that got it completely canceled is a bit awkward. Is it a case of not mentioning injury as to not ruin the good vibe of the race recap? Injuries are unfortunately part of sports, esp. at the highest level. I hope the rider is doing well.
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 It would be nice to have shown the u21 as well, since that had a bigger field than the e bikes. the embn coverage of the power stage out of town changed my opinion of e bike racing. As did Ryan Gilchrist winning despite shimano motor.
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 I think it's incredibly disrespectfull to misspronounce the place you're allowed to hold your event. Butchering names all the time is one thing and I get there are many, but the place? C'mon.
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 Misspronounce? Barely knew her.
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 @jay-me: Do you mean Lenzerhide?
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 If you think it was bad here, just wait until the DH race in Poland at the weekend.
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 @flag ottifant: Hey, come to Poland this week. We'll see how well you'll do with pronouncing the names of our towns Razz
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 Also, Josh still did WAY better than Rick, with pronouncing... everything, really.
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 That was a great highlights show. Told the story, had some good shots. Commentary was spot on, enough info without being droney. Only criticism is that the the results page never flicked over to top 20-30, it just held the top 10 for long enough that a pre-schooler could read it.
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 RIP to world level enduro
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 Carlson is WAY BETTER than Ric.
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 Absolutely YES!
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 Think so too! Carlson is bringing good vibes and inside knowledge. The format could be longer. Same as last year, it feels like a compressed clipshow. I think Carlson would have the talent to commentate a longer and more detailed highlight video.
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 Felt like the entire presentation of the race was rushed and crammed into a 20 minute video.
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 I thought that was really good, Josh did a great job, and should only get better with more experience. For me, someone who doesn't have hours to spend on watching racing but still wants to be able to follow, I thought it hit the spot with level of detail. I do worry that the exposure for the brands was pretty low. More mentions of the riders teams when summarising the results would be a way to at least get some names out there a bit more.
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 What Happened on Stage 4??
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 josh carlson best commentator this season by far. great work mate!
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 16 whole minutes!
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 great coverage. thanks
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 Don’t watch the highlights. The views count.

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