Qualifying Results - Vallnord DH World Cup 2016

Sep 2, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
EDITOR'S NOTE: Judging by the current standings and Gwin's 40 points today it looks as though Gwin may have won the overall. This is yet to be confirmed by UCI.


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 Rachel probably got 3rd because she was following her brother....
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 that comment is pure gold
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 Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner!!!
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flag scott-townes (Sep 2, 2016 at 8:31) (Below Threshold)
 Top comment being about Rachel following her brothers on Vallnord posts: perfect score so far! Keep it up PB! I believe in you!
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flag WAtrailmaker (Sep 2, 2016 at 9:39) (Below Threshold)
 Couldn't have, Gee didn't finish.
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 I hope Bryceland gets back in form next year. I miss having a total hooligan winning. Reminds me of why I started this sport.
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 I hope he hasn't burned out. Maybe he has an injury or something that he hasn't gone public with.
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 The drop off in form from 2014 is amazing
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 Hash brownies will do that to ya at the highest level of any sport.
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 I think he overdid it a bit with the fun and SC but pressure on him as the first few rounds were way bad for SC. the GOAT turned it around but the rat - i guess puttin preassure on a renegade as him has the effect that he just doesnt care at all anymore. I wouldnt be surprised if next season shaw would take his spot and the rat ends up at dirt zelvy or with his sam dale bromance in the GT pack...
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 I still think that Kerr should've been in the GB national team instead of ratboy
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 @Ziph: true that, was it warner that called him a DH pharmacy?
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 just a theory, but i reckon him and peaty are pissing around this season because its peaty's last season, so maybe next year he'll step his game up a notch?
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 I wonder if Peaty retiring this year is taking the wind out the rat's sails. Anyone can see that they have a great time riding together and Peaty is a huge part of why Josh is where he is today. Maybe it's just not quite feeling the same for Josh and he needs to find new inspiration to keep pushing.
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 @rockin-itis: I would hope that money, sponsors, and a career riding bikes for a living would be motivation enough to push these guys.
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 @petrospit: Results matter more than what you think should happen. Bryceland broke the top ten with a 7th, Kerr didn't; his best result was an 11th place.
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Yes, I agree. With Josh though, he definitely seems to thrive upon the "fun" element in a very big way, and maybe knowing that his buddy and mentor is going to hang it up soon is detracting from that important aspect of his motivation.
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 @Pauloquincer: SC will never drop him, they don't function as a team, it's the dynamic of the 3 riders that makes the Syndicate a unique team, practically a family.
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 All I think about is:

Jorba Prats Ferran, i dont know who you are (yet) but you killed it !!! Full gazz tomorrow!!

Go pompom

Finn is an animal

Hope gee is ok
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 Props Pompom And Tracey !!!!
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 finn put the hurt down. 9 seconds is a gnarly win
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 VigĂ© had a crash, expect big things from him tomorrow Wink
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 Ferran was on the intense factory team last year but he didn't have a great season. Glad to see he's turning it around.
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 Sir Steve of Peat 2nd fastest through the speed trap. The big dogs still got it
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 Which was a tie for 2nd fastest! Who the hell ties when it goes down to the 3rd decimal??! Guy truly is a legend!
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 Great to see Eliot Jackson up there in 14th.
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 Does anyone want to see a perfect season from Rachel? I almost always root for the underdog. What Rachel has done is amazing. But I'm ready to a different woman win, which also would be amazing. Go Tracey!!! @LittleTrace13
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 pretty sure she hasnt placed 1st in qualies for every race. perfect season is already tainted =p
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 Tracey has a brother riding so she could, in theory, be faster than Rachel. Too bad for Myriam Nicole...
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 I want to see Rachel win! She's a different kind of underdog- no one has ever had a clean sweep season and she is one race away from holding that record.
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 Don't worry, I'm sure Tahnee Seagrave will be inspired by looking up to her younger bro Wink Sure she'll love this comment too.....
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 I'm guessing Marc Beaumont went through the tape and around the outside of the speed-trap then.... easily done I guess.
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 So did Gwin just win the overall? Coming in he was +178 over Danny. He picked up another 22 today in qualifying which should put him at +200.
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 200 on the mark! If Danny wins the final and Gwin doesn't score a single point, who's golden coin do they flip?
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 @chrismac: tie goes to the final race win
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 @chrismac: in the event of a tie, the most recent higher placing rider wins.
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 which means it would be danny if gwin got 0 points
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 @jfkusa: "So you're saying there's a chance!" -Lloyd Christmas
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 83 riders will be on the start list for tomorrow. Aaron only needs to beat 3 to get at least 1 point. It will take one hell of a mechanical to stop him. That being said, I doubt he will play it safe. He rides to win.
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 This may not be the right place for this question, but can someone please explain to me the following:

Why are the UCI World Championships technically a different event and title than the World Cup series? If an overall winner of the UCI World Cup has already been determined (thus technically titling that rider as the best rider in the world that year in that race series) why have the World Championships at all? Particulalry when it's a different course each year, thus making it harder to compare to previous and subsequent "champs".

Hasn't the World Cup overall winner already proven they are, in effect, the World champion?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for more racing, I just actually don't understand. It's not like Major League Baseball has the World Series, and THEN has a World Championship immediately after. The PGA doesn't do The Masters, and then have The Master's Master's.
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 I would really like to see Danny win, but I would say there's about a 0% chance of Gwin scoring no points tomorrow. I bet he rides a little conservative to finish in the top 10. There are a lot of people putting it all on the line for a result tomorrow and I really think Gwin is more concerned with walking away with the overall at the end of his first season on the new team, and staying healthy for Champs.
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 @MasterSlater: I doubt this is a complete answer, but there are also different qualification rules to race. This allows more racers from around the world to enter World Champs. The national champion from a country where DH isn't as popular, for example, might not have enough UCI points to enter a World Cup, but will qualify for World Champs to represent their country.
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 @CJSelig: that makes sense. I had assumed that there might be some kind of alternate qualification for getting into World Champs.
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 @shankes3: I would think Gwinn really wants to go for the win. I never understand this "worldchampionship". Like last year, Gwinn was the clear overall winner of the worldcups, but because of this Andorra race Bruni has been called "world champion" the whole year... Good for Bruni, but I find it a bit strange.
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 @MasterSlater: Not sure, but I think that the World Championships are more about National teams and riding for your country, rather than riding for a manufacturer or race team. Its about every nation sending their best riders to compete.
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 @MTB-Colada: this is exactly what prompted the question from me. Nothing against Loic Bruni, he's obviously phenomenal. But to have World Champs so close to the World Cup schedule, it seems like it only undercuts the achievements of whoever wins the World Cup overall.

I think that out of respect for the athletes themselves they should at least move World Championships down in the schedule, or at least call it something different.

It all has to do with tradition from what I understand, something UCI isn't fond of changing. But it just seems odd, and I'm happy to see that I'm apparently not the only one who thinks that.
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 Fuck yes Charlie harrison!!! Full gas!!!!
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 Atta boy, Chuck. Get it!!
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 Come on Atwill, avenge the rotten decision at the BDS and slide into the top ten!!
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 Nice to see 3 USA riders in top 11.
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 Whos Charlie Harrison?
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 3 USA riders, and 3 of them are TLD riders!
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 just sucks to see neko that far down the list
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 # 14 as well
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 @hamncheez: a kid that should be on a factory squad next year.
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 Pompon is back!
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 Go on two privateers in the top 11! And Steve still consistently matching his age with positions. Not bad.
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 I'm hoping those two guys won't be privateers anymore next year. Teams/Sponsors should be checking them out!
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 Finn Iles posting a qualifying time that would put him in the Top 30 of the elite! Go on, son.
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 With a crash that he said cost him about 4-5 seconds ...
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 Anyone know what happened to Tahnee Seagrave?
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 And Gee...
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 She crashed on the upper part of the track. She couldn't get back on the bike. Hopefully she's ok.
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 @sourmix: In the video posted on their site it said Gee crashed in practice yesterday and re-injured his shoulder. He is protected so he probably just rolled out of the gate so he can race tomorrow.
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 Her Instagram shows a photo of what looks like a cracked helmet.. :-/
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 I know it's been said many times on Pinkbike, but SOMEONE give Miranda Miller a factory gig!!!! Consistent performances on the WC and EWS circuit (when she can afford to get to the races).
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 Josh Rogers! 8th in junior qualifying! Billy Goat Bikes! USA! I don't know Josh, nor have I ever shopped at Billy Goat Bikes, but I love seeing the Southeast represent! Good luck tomorrow Josh!
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 Pivot fellas making a charge! Stoked for Eliot!
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 Wicked close with Troy and Aaron, can't wait for the race tomorrow!
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 Gwin was up on Brosnan by a second and a half at the 3rd split. Wonder if he just shut it down after that?
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 That was my interpretation. This type of course suits him very well.
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 @onemanarmy: I remember after his crash at Worlds last year, he absolutely destroyed the lower part of the track.
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 Ya Peaty! 2nd through the speed trap!
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Hart was 178points down on Gwin. Now gwin has 40points for quali and Hart has 18.
So if Hart wins the cup, and Gwin lands no points (lets say he crashes but hopefully not as I have bet on him).. They end up EVEN on the overall points...how does that work??????
It's 200 points for the win right???
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 I've read that it's winner of the most recent event.

Not 100% sure of that
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 higher placed rider on last race wins it
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 @Ride12: This makes it so much more exciting to watch tomorrow, no doubt Gwin or his people have worked this out and he'll be aware if he bins it or flats it's over. Will he still ride flat out to win or end up riding stiff and slow thinking about it?

I suppose the exact same goes for Danny too.
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 Danny has to win it. Gwin has to ride steady. That means he'll only come in 4th. I'm sad to say I can't see Danny winning it. Miracles happen. I hope he does!
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 under red bull tv's standards of showing top 20 will sure give us all a chance to see some of the "other" athletes this weekend...
no macdonald, no bryceland, no wallace, no simmonds...
but finally some more americans...
jackson and harrison have a chance to shine along side gwin and shaw
good luck to all
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 Holy hell, Finn! Scorcher. And Gwin, well, it's Gwin. His first three splits...
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 Whaaat Troy is on fire, no stress for him I guess makes him ride like a maniac!!! Not looking good for Danny !!!
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 Those top three woman's times...!
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 Yes, looks like this will be another incredible amazing tight close race, prob by mil'sec. If gwin has won thee overall, than fu, awesome, he indeed is the best, i think! But still win that shit , USA!
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 Luca is finishing this year strong!!
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 "EDITOR'S NOTE: Judging by the current standings and Gwin's 40 points today it looks as though Gwin may have won the overall. This is yet to be confirmed by UCI."

'Oh ok, whatever'...

...scrolls straight past everything else to make sure Peaty qualified...
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 LoL got to love all the pink bike babys giving neg marks for a great joke. +1 for you @flaminx0r (little do they know, I dont care about bitchboy games.)
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 Damn... if Gwin locked up the overall that means my fantasy list is probably bunk. Hopefully he tries to drive the hammer home with a win. Had I read that I probably would have put Hart or Bruni on top.
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 I guess Gwin will know just how hard to hammer after Hart's run.
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 Troy and Gwin 4 seconds up on the rest? But this is a long track so I suppose anything can happen.
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 Bring it home Troy!
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 hello nr. 102!!
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 Vaea Verbeeck was the fastest female through the speed trap- she was also faster than all except one of the men who qualified top ten. It is so awesome to see the ladies get on the gas and off the brakes!
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 I just want a Commencal Vallnord hat.
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 Gwin keeping it safe.
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 wow...you can see where Gwinn just lost a bit of time in the 4th split...he must of had a minor bobble. but that's all it takes.
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 So is aron already the gwinner?
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 Yeah Charlie! Getting after it. So stoked for ya.
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 Finns time would have him as a top 30 elite!
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 Yeah Kirk!
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 Loic my man...with the 4:20
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 Americans we have our CHAMPION!
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 Yes Matt Stuttard, fastest speed on track today!!!
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 Luca shaw! Is the real..... future rider to watch
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 Men 1. Aron Gwin 2. Greg Minar 3. Loic Bruni Women 1.Racheal Atherton 2. Tracey Hannah 3. Manon Carpenter

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