First Look: A New 140mm Prototype from Vitus - Sea Otter 2022

Apr 10, 2022
by Alicia Leggett  

Sea Otter is one of the best places for spotting unreleased bikes, and this year is no exception. This one from Vitus isn't exactly sneaky - note the 'prototype' on the top tube - but it is something new from the British consumer-direct brand, so we stopped by to learn a bit more.

This raw aluminum bike is in its final stages of development and will be a 140mm trail bike that rolls on either 29" or 27.5" wheels - customer's choice. It looks noticeably different from Vitus's current 140mm bike, the Mythique, thanks to the now-straight top tube, but there are a few other key differences, too. For one thing, Vitus opted to use a metric trunnion shock and spec a UDH on this latest bike. It's also slacker than any trail bike Vitus has made in the past with a 65.5° head tube angle and a steeper (but unspecified) effective seat tube angle.

This prototype uses the same Horst Link suspension layout as the rest of the Vitus full suspension lineup.

Details are still scarce, but despite supply chain disruption, Vitus expects to release the new bike this fall. Stay tuned for more information.


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 Wow. A nice, simple, clean looking bike.
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 Right? The frame looks great, and it's aided by the relative lack of part logos
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 I love that it can be had in the wheel size of choice. Looking for a bike for my daughter and most 29ers are just too much.
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 It’s good to see aluminum frames are making a come back!
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flag likeittacky (Apr 9, 2022 at 18:58) (Below Threshold)
 Looks like 50 other bikes out there; nothing to get dazzeled over imo.
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 @likeittacky: apart from the price range. Vitus make bikes that yeah, look like a lot of other bikes out there but, cost a LOT lot less. One of the best entry level companies out there IMO
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flag likeittacky (Apr 9, 2022 at 21:51) (Below Threshold)
 @naptime: As a former Titus owner I hate the name Vitus it just makes me cringe!
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 Vitus has true history in our bike culture (that said as a Titus owner).
Sean “King” Kelly rode them through the 80’s. No rider more bad ass than him road or mountain. @likeittacky:
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flag danstonQ (Apr 9, 2022 at 23:20) (Below Threshold)
 Just have to get rid of that overrated Marzoshit Z2 and it'll be fine
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 @naptime: if they can keep the same competitive pricing then should sell tons of these. Looks great!
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 I also like the external routing, genuinely interested in one of these as a frameset
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 @wda1wustl: I have a 27.5 Remedy (435 reach) for sale if that would fit the bill!
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 @DG370: As a bike technician I find this design very refreshing (and aesthetically pleasing!). This really allows anybody to change cables and housing and not just the seasoned pros.
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Somebody piss in your Cheerios this morning?
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 @diamondback1x9: Me too I thought it was a good fork (PB's reviews and more give it 5 stars) until I bought (a brand new) one and found out the hidden issues it has: this horrible back and forwards play, as if the bushings were dead.
Check out the forums: you'll see this default everywhere, and it's a huge disappointment for me and for hundreds of "trustful" purchasers.
Actually, this is a common default, and there's no use changing the bushing 'cos you can't change them: they are cast in the lower legs!!! So this is a shitty disposable fork, and the only solution Fox proposes is to replace the lower legs for Fox 34's, nothing less, and they ask 200€ for that.
So yeah: Marzoshit
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 DEC 6th!
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 Not terribly interesting or unique but it's a nice looking bike and I hope it stays raw all the way. What would make it even better is if it will priced very reasonably. That would make it some nice tits.
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 "I hope it stays raw all the way"

...but also options for color anno. That thing in forest green anno would be spectacular.
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 Vitus hage really good pricing, this looks like it will replace the Mythique which is their cheapest FS bike
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 Nice tits
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 @thomasjkenney1024: you can't colour anodise a bike (other than dark grey/black. All the welds and braze one
S come out different. It looks ropey.
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 @benpinnick: I'm not expert but you used to be able to buy V10s anodised, sure plenty of other bikes have been available anodised as well. supposedly you saved a bit of weight of not having the frame painted, and it looked pretty cool.
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 @melonhead1145: The old GT, Ellsworth and Dagger bikes were anodized and looked great!
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 @melonhead1145: I had a 2008 Giant Reign anodised bronze, with a nice even colour.
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 @benpinnick: thats 6061 aluminum- mainly the welds. 7xxx series anodizes fine.
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 PLEASE keep the external routing on the production version.
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 Weird article, this is going to be the ultimate successor to the Mythique clearly. Full aluminum and priced just under the Escarpe. But they needed to get rid of the dumb ass seat tube that couldn't fit a dropper. Surprised they're not sorting out internal cables as well but that's fine with me, I think their solution isn't very elegant but at those prices I'm not really complaining. The 2022 price bumps have been brutal from the CRC warehouse, but Vitus deserves all the credit in the world for keeping a full range of 27.5 and 29 bikes, regardless of prices and design nitpicks. Now if only I could somehow influence them to ditch X-Fusion and just use basic Rockshox on the low end bikes.
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 Honestly put a Fox 36 performance on this, some DT Swiss wheels, and full Deore group and 99% of the people on this site will have all the bike they’d ever need. It’s good to have fancy options but when it comes time to spend my hard earned money I keep coming back to bikes like this.
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 Norco Optic but from the UK
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 The Optic came after the nukeproof/Vitus models...but yeah all the same.
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 Is this ever going to be in stock? Have they actually produced and sold any bikes from their current range? Other than that bike looks sweet, tried and true design. For the right price it should be a hit.
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The Mythique came and went just a few days ago.
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 No complaints, this baby with 27.5 wheels would make me smile everyday.
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 Looks awesome! I've got a vitus mythique in green and it's been such a sick bike. Climbs very well too. Been slowly upgrading it and I plan on sticking with it for a long time. Also have a friend who got the nucleus and they love theirs as well. Vitus really has some great deals for solid bikes.
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 I mean they haven't had a sommet or escarpe in stock for 6+ months this is a great idea. New bike while not being able to stock your existing ones!
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 Then you aren't paying attention to stock drops.
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 having 2 bikes in a stock drop and them selling out in 3 min doesn't count as 'in stock'.
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 @wilsonians: it does nowadays, get with the program.
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 Being salty because you missed the stock is different to the stock not existing
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 looks identical to the norco sight
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 It's a Kona with a Horst Link and a sane price tag.
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 Meaning it’s likely manufactured by Caribou Pro Bike
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 @boozed: I'm fine with the TBH
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 This might compete well with the Polygon T8 as the one of the best value bikes out there.

Curious to see how it’s reviewed, and the price point it actually hits.
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 T8 has sparkly paint AND oil slick on the bottom of the frame. It's hard to beat value like that.
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 Looks like the original vitus escarpe that I owned almost 10 years ago but a lot slacker. It was a good bike until I snapped it.
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 Norco Optic 3yrs Too late
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 Looks like a privateer 141. And thats no bad thing!
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 It looks like an alu cheaper Escarpe with a lil less travel. Would make sense to keep the Escarpe carbon amd more race-friendly and then move the Sommet and Dominer to a highish-pivot design. Wink
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 my son has a 2021 Mythtique 29. 140mm front and rear. i've ridden it quite a few times and it really is a great all around bike.
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 That kinked top tube mold needs to die. They got so much freaking mileage from it, KHS had been using it since at least 2011. This bike looks miles better
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 It makes sense on the smaller sizes for more stand over - especially on 29ers. Anything bigger than a size small is silly though.
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 I like the look of this.
Please say:
threaded BB
ISCG05 tabs
boost rear
Mullet options
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 Decent geometry, decent suspension design. If they get the details (and price) right this looks like a winner.
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 It looks a lot like a 2020 Opitc in 27.5
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 Prototype would imply innovation and tinkering not a free sample frame your taipey bike show manufacturer of choice provided to you. Nothing wrong with that and I am all for cheap trickle down copies of last years bikes of the year.
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 All great but post brexit with customs and tax they are not as price competitive.
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 Move to Ch Wink
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Vitus prices went up even in Switzerland after the brexit. I was close to get one Escarpe but the price bump was not negligible…
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 Be great if they had literally any of the escarpe models in stock. Like this one too.
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 It looks very much like a Norco Site from about 2016 ~ I'm not a hater, I guess what was old is new again Smile
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 A nice clean line with no frills, I would suggest polished aluminum finish.
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 Finally, an updated Mythique. That Escarpe is amazing on paper but the spec of money on the Mythique is unreal.
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 Absolutely incredible, I've never seen a bike design like this in my life. I wonder if other companies will soon follow suit.
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 Looks like it might make a decent tittle DS rig
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 Would rag the life out of a 26/27 geared play/trail version of this
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 I prefer privateer or airdrop
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 Let me know when the 170mm version with the 63deg head angle is ready, ta.
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 +1 for externally routed cables! "Mechanics everywhere thank you"
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 A cheaper and more aggressive Version of the escarpe?yeah,thanks
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 The Escarpe, not the Mythique
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 Oops no the Escarpe is carbon. You right, my bad.
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 Nice Transition
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 Sure, but some of us just want and need the base-model Toyota Corolla of bikes.
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