Rotor Launches Universal Tooth Pattern Chainrings

Sep 14, 2021
by Matt Beer  

Rotor Bike Components has been known to push drivetrain technologies, like their 13-speed, hydraulic shifting system, but their newest chainring development opens up chain compatibility via a "Universal Tooth Pattern".

These 7075 alloy chainrings are compatible with any 11- and 12-speed chains from KMC, Shimano, SRAM, and most other major manufacturers. The idea comes at a suitable time, since sourcing brand specific 12-speed chains could be tough due to supply constraints. A laser-etched logo on the back of the chainring identifies the Universal Tooth Pattern.


Universal Tooth Pattern Chainring Details

• Q RINGS Direct Mount: 38 | 36 | 34 | 32 | 30 | 28
• Q RINGS BCD 110 x 4: 38 | 36 | 34
• ROUND rings Direct Mount: 38 | 36 | 34 | 32 | 30 | 28
• ROUND rings BCD 110 x 4: 38 | 36 | 34

In regards to the specifications, the weights are nearly identical to the previous generation of narrow-wide offerings, at 55 g for the round, 32-tooth Direct Mount. The 110 BCD rings are compatible with Rotor's INspider power meter and pricing will start at $70 USD for the 32-tooth size.

The Universal Tooth Pattern chainrings will be available at the beginning of October in both round and oval shapes.

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 Now for a universal mounting method!
  • 43 0
 With a universal BB. Let's go full send.
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 We should all just go back to 10 speed.
Ask anyone about their shifting habits while riding. It’s always clunk clunk clunk – up 3 gears for a hill. Trails turns down? Clunk clunk clunk – down three gears to get speed. My hypothesis is that we’re all shifting way too much because we’ve got too many gears.
A 10 speed drivetrain is good enough for mountain biking. It’s lighter, MUCH cheaper, and there’s a lot more tolerances in a 10 speed system. Just keep the upper and lower range but get rid of the extra gears and unnecessary tight tolerances that come with those extra gears.
-An old man who got tired of ratcheting through his gears every time the grade changed.
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STHU with your common sense.
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 Ah yes now that just about everyone running 1x setups this is only like....*checks watch* 10 years too late.
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 @chubby5000: Box Prime 9 and Microshift Advent X
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 @chubby5000: 9 speed wide range FTW. I love my advent 9
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How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?

If I want anything, it's a CVT for bicycles. You can adjust the tension to match your optimum cadence, and it will expand and contract based on the wheel speed, so you can always maintain your cadence and it will adjust the speed as you need it.
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 @chubby5000: nuff said that’s it.
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 @chubby5000: still on 10 speed wide range after hearing nothing but dramas from anyone with 11 or 12 speed setups, just use a 10 speed shifter with an 11 speed mech to accommodate the dinner plate cassette, works flawlessly!
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 @chubby5000: bang on. So Roadie to have all these tightly spaced gears. Wide range 9 or 10 spd Garbaruk FTW
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 @chubby5000: I said this on a youtube video and got shot down by everyone. Nobody ever changes one gear at a time it's always two or three. I think 10 or even 9 speeds is enough. Nice strong chain... Shame the 10 speed mechs don't work so well with wide range cassettes (even with b adjustment mods).
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 @aidangilbert: if you have a sram 9sp shifter it has the same cable pull as an 11sp Shimano derailleur....just saying
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 For the love of god yes. Throw that in with the sram UDH and we're making some progress.
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 @chubby5000: exactly why I switched from 12 speed slx to 10 speed Advent X. I shift much less now and have almost the same range. 48 teeth is plenty. I love it
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 @nickfranko: it would be amazing if they could make it work and for a good price, but I doubt that will happen
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 @chubby5000: love my 10 speed deore.
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 @chubby5000: 12 speed is way less reliable. Even less for ebikes.
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 @mior: same here. Found some mini-group set (shifter, cassette, derailleur) for 100EUR rebranded by Decathlon.
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 @zoobab2: plus i can get chains anywhere
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 @chubby5000: I went from X01 12spd to a box prime 9 wide range 9 spd.

Couldn't be happier.

On a side note.. still running an x0 type 2 10spd on my second bike with a oneup range extender. Again.. super reliable and just works unlike the 12spd stuff.
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 @nickfranko: Nuvinci N380X is your ticket. Boost and 142 axle options, 380% gear range, and you can get any gear range within the limits.
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 @chubby5000: ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!
It seems like I am always changing more than 1 gear at a time (11 speed). I like the wide range and I use both ends of the cassette but I seem to shift multiple gears all the time. I do notice the rare times I ride on the street (usually to/from the trails) I like the close ratios. It is nice to adjust the cadence on the street. But in the trails my cadence is changing all the time so it isn't so important. Less gears / more range!!
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 I'll be the odd one out. I love 12 speed and I have no interest in going back. XTR and X01 (XC and E29).
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 @chubby5000: I’m still on 2x10 and it’s solid. Next bike will be gearbox with gates belt. I’m sitting out this 1x pie platter madness.
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 @chubby5000: I agree, although, I like the top 4 gears to stay the same. Since this is where cadence matters the most and at least for me, where I am most likely to be switching during climbing. The lower gears is more for sprinting and keeping speed, so at the ratio on these gears isn’t as important for keeping the correct cadence.
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 @bikeryder85: I have tried various combinations of things and it never works quite right. I think my chain line is particularly bad. I'm using xt with the "goat link" thing, it's "fine". Those advent and box sets look interesting...
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 I run 12 speed whatever i can get on my sram drive; sram with raceface crank drive… sram with ab oval drive.

They work fine. If not. They will wear the f*ck in.
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 Absolutely. Mix and match 11/12 chains and chainrings. Already works. No need for a press release.
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 My KMC 12 speed chain on an Eagle ring goes round, but it still doesn’t sound too happy after 600km. It’s those Shimano style extended inner plates I reckon.
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 Almost all brands of chain will work with any drivetrain. Its the reason drivetrain aftermarket brands like kmc, miche, sunrace, hope, e13, garbaruk etc even exist.

It's obvious that matching brands is reccomeneded, as the parts have been designed together, but does it actually make a noticable difference?

I work in a very high end workshop and I down to using campag chains that never sell and heavy ebike chains on €10k+ bikes daily with dura ace, red, xo1 axs drivetrains because there is simply nothing else.
Want a genuine gx eagle chain? January.
Shimano road brake pads? May.
DUB BB? Forget about it.
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 What about using Shimano 12spd chains? I was under the impression these were narrower and not useable with 'standard' rings.
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 @justanotherusername: Na they work just grand. Mtb chains on sram 2x12 to brose and my companies ebike rings
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 @felimocl: In my experience, this is not true. I ran a 12spd shimano chain on a standard raceface narrow-wide ring and it was noticeably not good. This was before I knew that shimano chains were different and is what caused me to look into it and learn that they are narrower (so psychological effects of knowing it technically wasn't right can be ruled out). Switched to a shimano compatible raceface ring and it is noticeably better, showing less wear after over a year of riding than the standard ring showed in about 2 months worth.
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 The tooth profile is much narrower on shimano 12 speed specific rings - hence why many brands offer 12 speed shimano specific eg: absolute black
A shimano 12 speed chain does not work very well on a 12 speed sram ring.
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 @felimocl: I can confirm that running a Shimano 12spd chain on my steel Eagle ring makes a little bit of noise. Not enough to have made me change it yet, but it does make noise.
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 I too learned of the Shimano 12 sp. chain incompatibility with my Wolftooth type A ring (Sram style)

I am running an Eagle NX Cassette, SLX 12 speed shifter, XT 12 speed derailleur, and a XX1 chain (pretty much what I could find) the chain was purchased after trying the Shimano and finding no joy on the ring.

But, I am running this setup on a HG freehub (and 26" wheels to boot).
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 @insertfunusername: +1 same here. It’s audibly suboptimal. Does work though.
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 @justanotherusername: they work just fine. Using them with an old RF and Garbaruk chainrings,
Never had any issues.
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 @sd351: that is a very unexpected mashup
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 Me, who bangs on any old chainring because everything is compatible after a good bit of bedding in
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 Never had an issue running SRAM/Shimano/3rd party manufacture chainrings with Shimano/SRAM/KMC chains, even if it has 0.0001 mm intolerance, after some miles it will be perfectly bedded
  • 4 2
 Does that include using 12spd Shimano chains on any old ring, or just SRAM stuff?

Shimano 12spd stuff is internally narrower.
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 @justanotherusername: sram/kms 12 speed chains garbaruk 11 speed sprocket, i was not able to purchase 12 speed Shimano chain within my region for last 6 month
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 @justanotherusername: I have a brand new shimano 12s chain running on a (lightly used) sram 11s chainring. No issues with chain suck or chain retention or even noise as others have mentioned.
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 Universal high prices on chainrings from all manufacturers.
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 They'd make so much money if they actually had parts available to sell.
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 A Shimano 12spd chain is a fair bit thinner internally than SRAM 12spd or Shimano / SRAM 11spd chains.

For this reason brands like Wolf Tooth, Absolute Black, Unite, etc etc make Shimano 12spd specific rings as the teeth are about 0.5mm thinner.

So the only way these work with a Shimano 12spd chain is if they are thin enough for the chain to fit onto them - a good idea?

Surely there is a reason the other brands didnt go this route? - I imagine they would like to have saved the effort and inventory making completely new tooth pattern chainrings after all.
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 No it isn't. It's only their chainlink
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 @LDG: Ah OK - Do the inner chamfered links not cause issues with non 12spd rings though?

Why do the brands bother making special 12spd versions if they could just advise removing the quick link.
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 @justanotherusername: I don't understand the no it's not comment. My 12s Shimano chain doesn't fit my eagle stuff. I mean it does but I have to force it onto the chainring.

I don't do that with chainrings made for Shimano 12s.
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 @Ososmash: seems to be mixed opinions on here about it - maybe some people are happy ‘bedding’ it / destroying the ring to get it working?
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 I’d like to see some more technical spec on how it works considering that chain retention is a pretty integral part of a 1X MTB drivetrain. Just telling me it somehow holds two different internal width chains doesn’t give me much confidence.
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 Wait, what chainrings teeth aren't universal?!?!
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 Were... until the Shimano 12Sp

Scroll down to "Chains and Cassettes" Section for a visual. Shimano has beveled the inner shoulders of the wide profile teeth which could conflict with Wide teeth that have squarer profiles.

I believe that all Shimano 12sp chainrings would work with all chains, but not all narrow-wide chainrings will work with Shimano 12sp chains - depending on the tooth profile. I very well may be completely wrong - that was my recollection, but chain tooth profile info doesn't sit top of mind!
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 @tkrug: try to buy shimano chain this days
  • 2 0
 @nickmalysh: bought 2 last week, rack was full, SLX to XTR, for me Sram is the white whale these days.
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 Damn, we have 13 different standards. Lets make something that fits them all. Oh. Oh boy. We now, apparently have 14 standards.
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 There's a difference??? I was better off not knowing.
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 These chainrings are available for sram and shimano, and were compatible with 11/12speed Sram/shimano before they lasered the logo on.
  • 1 0
 Thanks for still making that great standard that stayed the same for many years. 104 bcd. Or there is another standard I'm not familiar with. Smile
I'm not replacing my Saint cranks any time soon.
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 Lost me at not having a universal direct mounting system smh
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 Nice! I’ve been using a shimano 12s steel chainring with fsa/sram/kmc chains with no issue though, should this not work?
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 The ring will be slightly thinner as its designed for 12spd Shimano chains.
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 Isn't everything universal if everyone else adopts your standard...?
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 All chainrings and all chains have always worked together.

Source: I've been mixing them for many years.
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