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Video: Gwin on the Goat

Oct 23, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

Credit: YT Industries

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 No bottle mount - the reason Gwin leaving YT.
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 Fully agree
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 Comment of the day
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 @orastreet1: But it's still morning
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flag clunchpowers FL (Oct 23, 2018 at 9:23) (Below Threshold)
 plus randy ...
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 The no water bottle mount is a definite thumbs down...love my Capra, but hate wearing a pack and I am not a fanny pack kinda fella...currently using strap on mounts to hold the bottle on the top tube, but it is a pain...still love YT tho...
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 His new SB200 will have one.
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 Continues on from the rumours of him going from dh to ews
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 @retrogressionage: you like strap ons and you know it you sick son of...
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 Both Aaron Gwin and Martin Whiteley are mountain bike mercenaries…..they follow the money. As with most professional sports, an athlete’s career is relatively short, therefore, they must do what is best for them and their family. We might not like that fact, but it is the new reality of pro sports.

Personally, I would like Gwin to re-sign with YT, but if he doesn’t, I will not judge and continue to give him my support.
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 By definition, a pro athlete gets paid to ride. Imagine training all your life and getting signed by Fuji. At least Gwinn is able to pick his sponsors for the most part and control his destiny. He doesn't look unhappy to me in any of the videos or pictures while on YT. But...if he signed with Intense that could be a dream come true. An American riding an American brand...and winning would be amazing.
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 @orastreet1: Fuji has massive amounts of money, great distribution and low overhead. they could rebrand another DH frame (like everyone used to do with Intense) and build a pretty sick team.
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 @orastreet1: He was with Specialized (Headquarters: Morgan Hill, California, United States) before YT.
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 @orastreet1: I see no issue with getting signed by fuji m8... Support is support and Fuji is taking great care of their athletes right now. Everybody has to start somewhere and Fuji should by no means be the bottom of the barrel. I see the point you're trying to pose but I think you mishandled it with that example..... Imagine training your whole life AND doing this correctly to never get any help/recognition at all. Things could be a lot worse. Work to get better and have something to offer and the rest will come with it, Gwinn has earned every opportunity he has been gotten and he now gets the reap the benefits of his success. I think wherever he decides to go will be what is best for him and Neko regardless of what we say/ know. Things always go deeper than what we fans/consumers see and theres always stuff we don't know.
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 Well damn
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 The guy is an unbelievably good racer. Regardless of all else I can only give him respect because after all I’m down to watch some racing and he is undoubtedly making that better for me.
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 "An American riding an American brand...and winning would be amazing."

So like when he was with Trek?
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 @dingus: or spesh? Or yeti? Or everyone but YT
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 @kleinblake: don’t just throw sense into our eyes. It is irritating
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 @kleinblake: those are American brands. He meant ‘Murican brands, like Intense duh!
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 @cuban-b: or Ellsworth! The Truth!
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 @orastreet1: It's funny that a comment like this pops up as I see signing with a company like Fuji to be very consistent with previous decisions Gwin has made. Think of the move to TRP or Onza. Both were companies people pissed on but look at what he was able to do there? TRP has a wicked set of brakes and Onza became everyone's fave for a day following a certain race in the wet where Gwin and only Gwin seemed to hold it to the ground (before anyone says anything I am attributing most of that to Gwin and not the rubber but he sure made the tires look good that day). He said he wants to influence products- a company like Fuji would let him be the star and have a say in the bike he gets to ride more than a company with a more established pedigree in established elite performance frames. I wouldn't be shocked if he went a direction like that. However- Gwin rode well on a Trek, Martin has ties there, Trek would not shock me either and is another American company.
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 @orastreet1: "Imagine training all your life and getting signed by Haibike"

There... fixed it for you. Smile
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 @onetrykid: considering he did Spec and Trek he doesn’t really need to give a shit. Santa Cruz is the last prestige brand in DH he hasn’t ridden for. And I cannot see how he could. I bet ebike company would pay him well...
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 @onetrykid: Yes,and winning Audi nine knights.That would be awesome.
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 Amen. I think AG will sign with KTM. It's Austrian brand, but so was governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger Wink
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 @martin737: no youre wrong he was the governator of "Cuhleefonia!"
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 @The-mnt-life365: I can't believe how much feedback my comment got. I said "Fuji" because, at least to me, sounds like a goofy name for a bike brand. They don't seem like they are a real innovator and there is nothing dynamic about the brand name. I'm sure the bikes are wonderful. For me, being a long time Intense owner would love to see Gwin win on an INTENSE...ues I know he rode for not Yeti, not-so Specialized and Trek. So..for me...would love to see him on Intense and winning. I stand by my statement though - no one trains their whole life to be a pro and dreams about being signed by Fuji or Fezzarri but would imagine that pretty much any up and coming DH rider would dream about being signed by Intense.
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 That video was Intense.
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 I see what you did there!
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 I know it's close to his home, but I'm surprised he made the Trek out to film there. He's a really Specialized kinda rider.
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 Gwin will resign YT i'm sure, he's happy there ! It's like when you found the woman of your life, the One, you stop looking elsewhere ! Life is beautiful guys i wish you a wonderful day if you read this!!!! Smile
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 If I was YT, I would give Gwin a stake in ownership (if they haven't already) to retain him for life.!! haha..

Gwin's worth in product testing and development alone is worth the money he's currently getting.

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 resign, re-sign.
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 Word is YT is having cash flow problems and can't afford Gwin or Neko. It's not a matter Gwin's choice anymore apparently. But you know, rumor mill and all.......who knows.
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flag suspended-flesh FL (Oct 23, 2018 at 8:33) (Below Threshold)
 @Lotusoperandi: Haha -fake news.
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 @endlessblockades: You know, eventually you folks are going to have to come up with something a little more complex than "fake news!" Maybe it will be when you realize everyone is laughing at you?
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 @Lotusoperandi: hey bud..? you have any proof? like an article or a posting..?

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 @Lotusoperandi: who you callin you folks? Joker
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 @peewho: Hey bud, I live in Cali just up the hill from YT's old haunt in Reno. I know guys who have a relationship with YT, are familiar with Cam's dealings with them and that whole fiasco, and they are just relating what they've heard. Like I said, just rumors. But local rumors from people "in the know." Take it for what it's worth, which ain't much, but I will go out on a limb and say this (which was my original response above to the first comment): Gwin ain't re-signing with YT. Okay?

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 @underhawk: "who you callin you folks?"

Any MAGA hat wearing looney toon who, when faced with anything that doesn't conform to their simplified, pre-formed, and regurgitated world views, lazily retorts, "Fake News!"
Hope that clears it up. Wink
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 @Lotusoperandi: ah yes the skis-in-jeans type.
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 @underhawk: You got it!
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 @Lotusoperandi: @Lotusoperandi: I agree with everything you say about Drumph.....but.....fake news is a real thing. Not in that its "fake" but in that they dont really tell the truth. I've been an eye witness to an event in the mid 90's and then watched CNN, BBC, ETC, report it A WEEK LATER as "LIVE" and proceed to tell a bunch of B.S that never happened and competely failed to report what really did happen. As much as I cant stand Trump, I am actually kind of glad someone is calling out western media's B.S. That said, I also cant stand his minions who repeat the same thing "fake news, fake news" and of course the you have the SAME mindless people on the left who will call you a rascist as a lazy retort. Glad I dont live in the U.S anymore and have to deal with that B.S. but it is starting to creep here in Europe too, media and all.
I'm sure if there were more than two parties it wouldnt be such a big deal because then you would have some middle ground but thats another story. "Cant we all just get along"- Rodney King
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That's more like it - a shred of context helps make your initial remark seem less likely to be from someone with an axe to grind and no facts.

Also, I can't use the term 'fake news' now without someone assuming I'm an idiot?

Fvck Donald Trump for that.

I'll forgive the You Folks remark this time Smile
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 @Lotusoperandi: what exactly were the details on cams situation anyway?
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 @Jordanh604: He's still riding a YT, and after overseeing the very successful US launch of the brand with his brother Howie (I miss dealing with him), he's probably stoked to get out of the business end and focus on family, riding, and Sensus. Too bad I have to pay sales tax now, but that's life.
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 @Boardlife69: Thank you....very well laid out. So many people in my sphere of friends and co-works feel precisely as you have described here. Too many folks mindlessly on one of the binary sides, 'us vs. them', and cannot look at any event or issue with any level of subjective perspective.
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 @Lotusoperandi: A fine response from a muh fee fees soy boy from the peoples republik of californistan. Hope that clears that up. And yes, "fake news" most certainly exists.
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 @Arzeripper: Was that an attempt at English? Is this really your best effort? Sad.
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flag Lotusoperandi FL (Oct 23, 2018 at 14:30) (Below Threshold)
 @Jordanh604: "what exactly were the details on cams situation anyway?"

I don't think I want to comment any further on this. I've said too much as it is. Probably best for me to go ride my bike and keep my mouth shut.
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 @Lotusoperandi: Calling it what it is. And everyone is laughing at YOU.
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 @Lotusoperandi: That's just about the best synopsis of the current political discourse I've heard lately.
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flag Lotusoperandi FL (Oct 23, 2018 at 16:14) (Below Threshold)
 @code26: Doesn't seem like it dude. But you know, you have your own special reality and shit.
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 I think it is likely he is staying with YT after they just released this video. Unless they wanted to squeeze one more marketing video out of him. Lol.
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 They already made the video, by the looks of it in the same location as literally every other video Gwinner has ever been in, and wanted to get their money's worth!
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if losingArgument == true,
then run orangeManBad.exe
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 @endlessblockades: Try 'inaccurate reporting.' Fake President
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 @Lotusoperandi: I am not in the know or have insider information, but it is kinda hard to believe that YT would have cash problems when they are selling a ton of bikes. They are the probably the only bike company that can't keep up with demand right now. But who knows, they could just be poor at managing the books.
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 @Lotusoperandi: YT sure had a lot of bikes at Rampage.
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 NO GLOVES!!!!!!

Secret revealed: He will join Blenkinsop on Norco!
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 Who is this Aaron Gwin chap? He's so fast I feel he needs a sponsor or something.
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 maybe randy can hook him up?
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 @flipoffthemonkeys: Please Randy, if you read us, help this guy to get sponsorship!
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 When I see riders race I see just that. Bikes don't win races. These people do. I dont care what he rides or what Greg Minaar rides or what Amaury Pierron rides. Who cares if he's asking for more cash and resigning from the Chinese factory team portraying a front of German engineering and tattoo bro culture. Doesn't really suit him anyway... Gwin is an incredible athlete just like any of the rest of the DH world cup racers. Putting it all on the line is what matters!!
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 Yeah too many tattoos. Arnold never had any tattoos.
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 YT getting all the mileage out of these last fees monthly. Can’t say I blame them. The GOAT for sure
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 Geez autocorrect “last few months”
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 @preach: who??
Nicholas Vouilloz?
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 Gwinner isn't the Goat yet, but he will be
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 Although it's unlikely, it would be a big coup if he signs with Santa Cruz. The prestige US brand finally represented by the most decorated US rider ever. Imagine an internal rivalry pitting the SC Syndicate vs the SC Mob. Minnar and Gwin sharing line choice advice. Jason Marsh and John Hall in the same pits. A g-spec V10 and Hightower LT. If you thought the trails were already littered with Hightowers and Bronsons, you ain't seen nothing yet.
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 Would he really be putting out Capra adds and just have gotten a new 29er Tues if they were planning on changing bike brands?
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 “Contractual obligations” are a funny thing.
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 Rat released the new Bronson and turned around and left the next day
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 He fell off the 29er and decided to quit YT?
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 @iqbal-achieve: True. Good point. Rat must feel used like a old toilet paper.
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 Sorry, but the Goat is something (I mean, someone) else !
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 If you look at the number of years raced vs the number of races won then he is/will be the GOAT. As much as I like Minnaar these facts cant be overlooked.
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 @Boardlife69: I am sure he meant the real goat (lol) which is french.
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 @Boardlife69: greatest of ALL times and not of a certain period.....
I mean Minnaar is racing in top form like almost the hole mtb racing history.....
No disrespect to Aaron (huge fan!)
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 Capra means Goat. That's why he's on the goat. They didn't say he's the goat he's just riding the goat. I said goat too many times in my head and now it has no meaning.
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 who then? Nicholas Vouilloz?
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 Capra in means goat but also dummy.
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 Candide Thovex is the French GOAT. Oh wait, wrong sport.
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 @RedRedRe: Goat on Goat action cabrón!
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 @SupraKZ: that comment made my morning thanks!!!
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 Can't wait to trek out Gwins new bike
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 Not to many mortals could follow this guy...who gives a shit who he rides for...this guy rips!
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 love seeing WC racers on their home trails in prime condition...unreal. Need a series.
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 I hear Santa will make the Trek and Cruz on down to Gwins in his Specialised Sleigh with some Intense new frames. Hopefully he doesnt crash into a Canyon in those Rocky Mountains and get molested by a Yeti along the way.
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 I would rather see 3 minutes of Gwin driving his McLaren around a winding road.
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 Yeah me too since I feel like I've already seen this video about eleventeen times
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 howling bawls
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 All that with no water bottle. Dang.
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 "Live uncaged" = live without bottle cage
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 Looks like YT is squeezing out all that remains of the contract while they can. Even when it's just work Gwin makes it look fun.
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 This dude should sign where someone will pay him to win UCI DH and EWS events. He'd probably do ok and i want to see him race on other bikes.
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 I saw a video where Gwin said he was under a 3 year contract. So, his contract is ending in beginning of 2019. Guess we will know in a few months if the rumor is true.
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 And what’s a “Y...T”? Is it some kind of ailment?
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 Ahhh yes I believe it is "Yodelers Testicles". Occasionally, after continuously being blue balled at races, the testicles become so full that it begins releasing enzymes into the body. These enzymes latch on to the larynx and interfere with sound production. As a result the sound produced rapidly alters between the normal voice and falsetto, also known as yodeling. You may sometimes notice that when a young chap is expressing their displeasure in the form of repeated swear words their voice suddenly squeaks, this is a early sign of yodelers testicles. While this illness is not physically fatal it may lead to wearing lederhosen which causes a social fatality in the form of everyone laughing at you.
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 @Kywhite96: this made my morning LMAO, brilliant!!!!
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 @vonroder77: Brilliant?
He just copy pasted from wikipedia.
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 @IntoTheEverflow: theres a Wikipedia for that? That's badass! Got a link?
  • 1 2
 @Kywhite96: Don't be lazy.
Google has a link for you.
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 @IntoTheEverflow: Ha!.... F@ckin Americans
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 loved the choice of music
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 Gwin on the GOAT... came here expecting AG talking about Minnaar. But I'll take a riding video, thank you. :-)
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 me too,
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 LOL @ there being moisture in the dirt. What kind of sorcery... ?
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 Just a poorer version of the jeffsy video imo
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 Never realized capra was goat in romanian.
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 Awesome vid! I wonder where Gwin will be going next season? It’s a shame he could be leaving YT Frown
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 Saw riding a GOAT - came here to see a vid of Gwin getting a piggy back from Minnaar
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 Dude is FLYING
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 This guy has a real future...
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 My buddy Noah once beat him in a race.
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 Gwin for president
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 Anyone else read the hedline and thought: "What is Gwin doing on Minaar?"
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 He's on the Capra, get it right. He's not the GOAT yet.
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 he has a bell sticker on his helmet instead of tld? #teamroomaz
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 He switched to bell last year
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 Goat on a Goat?
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 Really nice !
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 dude can float.
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 Is Gwin riding flats???
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 This didn't suck.
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