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Video: Friday Fails #179

Jul 16, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

It's Friday and that can only mean one thing.

Friday Fails is presented by ODI.


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 We here at Outside no longer believe that Friday Fails presents MTB in a positive image. Going forward we will be replacing it with as series on the Best Essential Oils to Improve Your Performance and The Best Shuttle Vehicles Over $100K. We hope you enjoy these exciting new projects.
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 The real Friday Fail is Outside
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 You had this one planned all week, didn't you?
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 @mikemartinson: I wish I planned that far ahead. My wife would confirm that I never think more than 6 seconds in the future.
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 This gave me a good laugh, thanks for that. Needed it today.
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 @salespunk: verbal diarrhea is the best kind of diarrhea
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 @salespunk name checks out
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 I'm not hating on PB for getting acquired, because it's too soon to know what will happen...., but that was funny mate! Wink
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 @salespunk: "My wife would confirm that I never think more than 6 seconds in the future."

Is that why she calls you "the 6 second punk?"
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 You’re blowing the sale.
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 @blowmyfuse: until u mess ur covid mask.
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 It's Friday and that can only mean one thing: Paywall
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 better than wonderwall. oasis sucks.
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 @savagelake: *found the Blur fan*
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 @SATN-XC: keyword is "the"
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 @savagelake: oasis did not suck. Blur were ok too though. Heresy i know!
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 @stumpymidget: I gotta say all those UK music videos from the late 90's videos really shaped (or f*cked with) the way I dream. Block Rockin' Beats, Song 2, Aphex Twin's 'Come to Daddy', NIN's 'Closer' (Not UK though...)
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 The days Oasis ruled the charts were the hardest of my life.
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 @IntoTheEverflow: it must be hard to open up about those difficult times
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 @IntoTheEverflow: search "Gallagher Brothers fights" and know they both pay for it daily.
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 @IntoTheEverflow: I'm with you. I'll take Creed over Oasis
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 the handlebar splitting in half at 0:45 is my nightmare, damn! Don't short yourself on cheap carbon bars.
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 Had it happen back in the day at a race. It is a really bizarre feeling of "Wait, there is nothing holding me up on that side". I can still go through the whole feeling/crash in slow motion mentally. Don't think I will ever forget that sensation.
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 Clean break, no splintering. Those bars were aluminum
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 @salespunk: its never happened to me **knock on wood** but I have to imagine the feeling of helplessness knowing you are about to eat it hard and there is nothing you can do (no brakes or control) is terrifying
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 @mojorisen: really?! I've never seen aluminum snap like that...bend, sure, but not a clean break. If true, that's some serious metal fatigue
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 disappointed they didn't keep a hold of the end that broke off
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 @salespunk: Last time I had that feeling of man why can't I keep my hand on the bars... my hand turned out to be shattered.
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 @mojorisen: yesir! good eyes. Dude's lucky he didn't have a massive core sample taken out.
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 @SATN-XC: I think that's PB sarcasm.
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 Did you notice his rh wrist? Looks like a clean brake as well
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 @SATN-XC: I had my aluminum bar snap like that back around 1998. Nice clean snap landing a small jump.
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 @mtb-scotland: Would have had to rip the brake hose off the bike for that to happen.
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 I had this happen whilst pulling up on some bars sprinting out of the saddle. Fixed it by putting a big stick through both halfs, moving the bars so the break was under the stem clamp and riding gingerly home
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 anything from a known brand not named RaceFace and you are good. did this exact thing, twice, with RF bars. fucking deathtraps
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 For the first time ever, I feel like not scrolling down to see comments. This negativity is exhausting. You all really live like this?
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 imagine working at PB and taking shit from all sides this week, that's got to be mentally exhausting.. I'm all for the Outside blowback but I feel bad for the comment moderators who had no say in the matter and have to take the blunt of it
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 But but but but what if the powers that be read my millionth variation on the same snarky comment and have a change of heart, then invent a time machine to undo a done deal and lose a bunch of money? You never know until you try!
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 FWIW, at :25 there's a save squeezed in......feel a bit more positive?
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 @SATN-XC: seriously!
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 @RayDolor: absolutely Smile
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 @ryetoast: the hope is inspiring haha
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 Friday Fails is the most negative thing on on the MTBweb, the F you talking about?
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 I think you should go Outside
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 @owl-X: you sir clearly haven't read any eBike articles on this site. Your filter must be doing its job, lol
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 @owl-X: The paywall comments. It already got very old.
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 We don't have Trump to kick around anymore - enter Donald Paywall.
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 @SATN-XC: It works so damn well. Total respect to PB for implementing that filter. I wonder what I'm missing sometimes, but ignorance is bliss.
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 @GotchaJimmy: hmm. Seems completely inline with the repeat-it-until-it's-funny-again comic stylings of PB commenters...that Family Guy style?

and old isn't negative. You said negative. Friday Fails is negative infinity times a million, at its core.
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 Glad to see others have open minds.
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 @owl-X: you don't get it
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 Dude gets leg ripped off and eaten by an alligator whilst being spat in the eyes by a cobra, his friend says “you ok?”
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 Better than the friend laughing, I guess.
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 “I’m great, are you guys doing good?” - That’s a win lol
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 lol @ 2:06....nothing to see here, just inspecting this log, move along move along
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 The crash over the "Send It" sign made me stop and scroll straight to the comments.
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 That sign may have been the best part of this week's fails.
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 honestly needs to be the new FF intro
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 I did the same but for the guy at around the 20 second mark that hits the jump sitting down, amazed no one else commented on it.
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 *Outside buys Pinkbike*

"You OK bro?"

*Chewbacca breathing noises*
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 This week’s fails brought to you by the new Schwalbe Justin Case. The perfect tire for your transition missing needs.
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 1 2 B E S T F A I L S E V E R Y M O U N T A I N B I K E R N E E D S T O S E E T H I S W E E K
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 Click *here* for one weird trick that will keep you from casing your next jump
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 Friday Fails presented by: Outside. Our sleazy hands stay on PB, even if you don't.
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 Hey @brianpark, did you guys at PB take bets on how much shit you would receive over the Outside news? I want to know who is currently in the lead to take the pot Smile
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 Levy has been silent the whole time. WhAt dOeS hE kNoW?!
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 @trainboy17: the truth is out there.
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 Get Outside and ride your ebike. Sellouts.
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 best. comment.
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 How not to ride wood features edition.
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 Yeah,guy at 3:30 just choose to jump idirectly into the rocks instead of riding the bridge,clever guy
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 Posted late today, I blame .....
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 You know what else is a fail? Selling out
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 Voluntarily uploading free content after Trailforks?
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 2021 trend... high pivots 2022 trend... two-piece handlebars
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 Grim donut 2 is going to have that weird $600 Flexxbar
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 @sjma: my buddy is running that bar on one of his ebikes and says its awesome. it's not pretty to look at but if weight isn't an issue and aesthetics can be ignored, i guess it is rad.
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 These should be called Free Friday Fails….. For now…..
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 Hopefully Pinkbike will not be stained...
I felt really Outside without Friday Fails...

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 I came here for the paywall jokes.
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 First FF post after the acquisition and its late......mmmmmmm you almost ruin my Friday Pinkbike.
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 @FarGar. I thought Friday Fails was behind a paywall. I think Outside saw all those comments and decided to f*ck with us. Well Done Outside you had me looking for Friday Fails in mtbr……..
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 @rivercitycycles: Unfortunately, pretty much every day of the week is a fail on mtbr.
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 If you want a lot of air, go fast and pop hard. If you don't want a lot of air, go slow and pop hard. Always pop hard.
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 If you are always planning to pull your hardest, it doesn't leave a lot of error room if it turns out you are coming in too slow?
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 @L0rdTom: I mostly wrote that as a joke. It's a quote from an old instructional ski video. Maybe it doesn't always apply to jumping a bike, but some of those guys at the beginning could have used a little pop.
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 Lots of dead sailors
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 Oh man. I feel like 2:43 must have been like a cheese grater on that wall ride with the metal mesh. Yikes!
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 was the clip from a warmup/race run from last month or is that stuff setup for the entire season for normal riders?
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 @SATN-XC: that trail is definitely open to the public. Not everyone can ride like the Bulldog!!
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 ngl i feel bad for @brianpark he’s the only PB staff actually addressing anything in the comments and taking all the blame. Woth that said, *paywall joke*
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 OK, crashes happen, but I can see how unprepared and unskilled some of these poor bastards are and trust me, getting injured so you can show off like an idiot could result in a life-altering injury. Want a serious concusion so your brains are permantly scrambled? How about walking around for a year with a cage around your head because you broke your neck running into a tree? Of course you could fracture your femur in two places so the bones are shattered, always good for a luagh. Get some skill and some protective gear for f*ck's sake.
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 opening clip was legit
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 bike exploded on impact
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haha most this was at dome
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 @gladstone-s-mtb: yeah thought this was the “NZ” edition
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 The jumping edition? I'm likely wrong but I feel learning on a good hardtail would have kept a lot of these riders from making such beginner jumping mistakes...
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 There won't be Friday Fails in the future because all the crashes happen to be "Outside".
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 No podcast epidsode out this week, must be subscription based now
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 Nope, we were just busy at Field Test and being yelled at on the internet. Podcast will be back next week. Smile
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 @brianpark: LOUD NOISES
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 @brianpark: don’t sweat it Brian. Just think, next week at your meetings with the new corporate overlords you can tell them how great the acquisition has gone. Key metrics such as # of comments and user interactions has skyrocketed since the announcement!
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 @Savagm: the funny thing is that it actually works like that, corporate loves statistics
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 @Savagm: the announcement had one of the most upvoted comments of all time! What great news for Pocket Media's shareholders.
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 @brianpark: When the sailors STOP bitchin', it's mutiny time...
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 @RayDolor: This is powerful bit of wisdom.

When these animals stop friggin in the riggin - watch out!
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I’ll give corporate Pinkbike a chance, but their souls are sold the week Friday Fails aren’t posted.
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 Several of this week's Friday Fails were totally nuts.
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 There’s a few ball bags getting punished this week
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 Many testicles were hurt in the making of this video....
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 Should rename to "FREE Friday Fails"
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Someone actually took the time to actually write down the instructions, just take the time to...I give up.
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 3:28 & 3:32 - not what they mean when they say bike-body separation...
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 I was hoping they'd edit in a bit of the Gee Atherton crash in between the kids casing the landings and wobbly old guys falling off the wooden features.
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 Feels like April Fools in the PB world, unfortunately its the middle of July and the cruel news is actually true. #OUTSOUTSIDE
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 Moving from a 20-year free community to a paying membership structure sucks. Articles are no longer fun. Keep trying.
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 It killed the fun
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 I have yet to experience this paywall. Is it because I use comcast/xfinity? Am I just lucky? Actually, I don't believe in luck.
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 @snomaster: Same, I havn't come across any of that yet. Am I missing somthing?
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 At least we’ll now have fails Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! Progress!!
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 3:39 reminds me of mini golf when your putt doesn't quite clear a hill and then rolls back into some pit, never to be seen again.
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 Some of these people should really just stick to playing video games.
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 There's no way that dude in the second to last one didn't separate his shoulder or snap a collar bone.
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 Almost backed it up to try to identify the crunching/snapping sound. Decided against it. Will just go with initial assumption that it was indeed the sound of a collarbone becoming collarbones.
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 I think you can actually see some bone poking out through the shirt.

Honestly, do not go for a peek : ignorance is bliss on this one.
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 video opens up with a repeat fail from a couple months back. is this the kind of content we have to look forward to if we don't pay for the uber premium outside+?
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 imagine if most of those covid noobs didn’t get into MTB how much parts/bikes would be available.
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 Cool to see the Hydrocut trails at Adam's run at 3:15, that drop is a good one, just need the right speed.
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 Sack of potatoes edition. Lots of immediate surrender to gravity. Gonna go have some fries.
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 2:45 someone's been watching the World Cups and been thinking: If the bulldog can do that, I reckon I can
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 Not enough LUNGZUM at 1:39
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 The sound of the yeti rider hitting the wooden skinny thingy...ouchy.....
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 Langsam langsam, jawoll!
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 Friday Face Smashers.
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 0.40 belongs in Faces of Death, not Friday Fails.
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 Man that was especially brutal
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 Nosedive Fridays.

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