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Scor Announces Significant Price Decrease on 2024 Models

Nov 7, 2023 at 11:42
by Mike Kazimer  
Atherton 130 review

When I reviewed the Scor 2030 a couple of months ago, the only real criticism I had was about the price - it simply didn't present the best value compared to other competitors, no matter how well it rode (and it rode very, very well). Scor's recent announcement helps to change that - they've dropped prices by up to $1,300 on some models. According to Scor, the price change was done "in response to market feedback and in consideration of the current market situation."

It's no secret that many bike companies have more bikes in stock than they'd like to at this time of year, and I'd be willing to bet we'll see other companies adjust their prices in the near future. The new prices for Scor's models are as follows:


More info: scor-mtb.com/

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 You mean $200 off $5200 didn't blow your socks off.
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 $6400 for GX is still bonkers. It's a nice gesture, but compared to the rest of the market, it's still greedy af.
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 Heck again the rest of the market please. Example : Trek Slash frame only: more than 5000€. Ok, shock (psychological ?) included.
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 @EnduroManiac: Trek is the same. Overpriced. Not a good comparison. Look at YT, Canyon, Airdrop, Propain, Commencal, etc. It's not even close.
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 How is it greedy? It's a free market. Nobody NEEDS one of these bikes. Besides, who know whether they are profitable at this price. It's a small company with low production rates.
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 @AndrewFleming: they are bmc.
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 @AndrewFleming: BMC is not a small company.
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 @danielfloyd: Very true, my bad, I didn't realize that Scor was a branch of BMC. But I'd still say that there are low production rates of these frames - compared to Specialized, Santa Cruz, etc. - which keeps the prices up.
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 @danielfloyd: these are all direct to consumer brands. Pears and apples.
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 @EnduroManiac: look, you can defend it all day. No brand, whether it's SCOR, Trek, Specialized, or anyone else, should even consider selling bikes equipped with NX for 5k USD. It's just ridiculous. The value is bad. period.
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 I went over to SCOR’s site to look at their GX build. It’s actually a really nice build - Ultimate Level suspension, Code RSC Brakes, Carbon Cranks and Bars… more in line with most other brands XO1 level.

Drivetrain components are one of the cheapest and most disposable parts of a factory build kit. I’d much rather have this build over an eagle transmission build with cheap wheels and suspension components. Just looks like a bike that was spec’s by folks who know their stuff.
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 @EnduroManiac: it is $3900 in our market which is about middle of the road. So given it was just released, not anything as ridiculous as the $5000 sb160 frame. I'm still seeing 3 year old models of some bikes "marked down" which really just brings their prices about par from 3-4 years ago. That said, there's tons of fantastic deals but not so much on Trek.
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 @danielfloyd: you're comparing direct to consumer brands to LBS brands.
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 @EnduroManiac: But I think it's a fair comparison from a consumer perspective. Either business model (sale via store or sale via D2C) results in a bike under my ass, I couldn't care less about the lifestyle experience. As far as warranties go, I've had generally better and more consistant results via D2C than through LBS.
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 @basic-ti-hardtail: Yeah, GX build is actually legit, but still not that great of a value for 6500 € (IMHO).
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 It is such a shame as when they announced the bike/brand their ebikes were really competitively priced, I tried to get one but no local dealers. Unfortunately, following some owners threads, people have had quite a few issues with the first batch at least...
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 @foggnm: agree 5k for a SB160 is nuts, but you are paying for the SI and name
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 @basic-ti-hardtail: agreed. Same goes for the NX build. Definitely nicer suspension, brakes, and (arguably) frame compared to most non-direct-brands’ options at $5k.
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 So let me get this right they would have left the price as is if everyone and their gran wasnt trying to shift stock
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 Supply and demand
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 In other words “so if customers are still willing to pay the original price for their product and they are moving off the shelves as planned, Scor wouldn’t just drop the price for no reason?”
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 @BrianColes: why is this so hard to believe???
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 Yeah, and what makes you assume they have not had to make cuts elsewhere to accommodate this price decrease?
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 @rzicc: @BrianColes didn't write what you think he wrote.
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 So the 4060 LT NX is 5K USD for an NX build with a Zeb Select vs. Rocky Mountain selling a Deore equipped Altitude A30 with a Zeb Select for $2799 (and people still saying it's too expensive)...Damn, no bike witjh NX and a select level fork should be selling for 5K.
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 I'd say no bike should be sold with NX period. But agreed on everything else you wrote.
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 Deore is also way nicer than NX. NX is so bad it should never be on anything but budget hardtails.
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 @Mac1987: I don't get this motion. I have NX two years on my bike, heavy use. Absolutely no problems. GX has a nicer shifter but there is no difference in feel otherwise. NX chain doesn't last that long, but GX chain prob survived twice longer for only 60% more of the cost.

The one thing I will never pay money to SRAM for, is brakes, all my bikes now are on XT and I love it, especially easy of bleeding and always getting it done right from a first try
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 Isn't the 4060 a carbon frame and the A30 alloy? A carbon frame alone is $2500+ so expecting a $2800 complete build is pretty absurd. And anyone saying a $2800 complete bike in 2023 is too expensive is simply incorrect.

Also I'd agree with valrock, NX is much more usable than you guys seem to think.
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 @venturavin: You are correct (I realized after that the 4060 is carbon). That being said, given the option, I'd take the Rocky hands down, 25 hours a day, eight days a week, 53 weeks a year.
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 @woofer2609: I do not know any single person who owned Rocky and bought it again Big Grin
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 @valrock: You do now. Nice to meet you!
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 Hold fast boys, there's where this came from!
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 So not significant at all. And sometimes, not at all.
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 It’s amazing that ‘omg, they’re trying to be nefarious’ is the pat reaction to a small company responding to market pressures and choosing to do the right thing in the face of it. My god people, not everyone is out to f*ck you. Settle down.
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 Pretty sure "do the right thing" has nothing to do with this...
They were not selling as anticipated, and they are adjusting the price to sell more bikes. Simples.
There is nothing altruistic about it.
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 all Scor's at my LBS are on sale. Also Scor is not a small company
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 BMC was smart to create a totally new brand for their mountain bikes, and this comment is proof.
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 GX is on sale everywhere. And that’s reflected in these price adjustments. Did SRAM over produce the series? Is it getting discontinued and they are dumping off all the stock? It was mentioned that comparing companies to consumer direct companies is apples to pears. They are both selling bikes. And those bikes have the same stuff on them and the same intended use. So it’s an apples to apples comparison. That being said I’m a supporter of lbs but the last couple years they have not had anything I need in stock and I end up ordering it. Even taking bikes in for work has become impractical. Any time I go they tell me it’s some insane turnaround time. I don’t mind the prices I’ll pay what it costs but I don’t want to wait days. Maybe I’m an a*shole but the bike industry is changing and YouTube means I can perform my own maintenance now. On the day I don’t ride. These companies need to get on board or the consumer direct is going to dominate. Which I’m cool with.
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 Nailed it. Time for LBS to realize that service is where their future is, and step it up, because I can buy the same bike online for less while the LBS is drowning under debt from minimum stock requirements they can't sell, and their service sucks because they can't afford to pay good mechanics. Just give in to the DTC model that literally every brand is moving towards and focus on quality maintenance and service.
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 Rode the Scor 2030 at a demo day and thought it was a lot of fun and fairly unique bike… but, then I rode a Stumpjumper directly after and couldn’t even remotely understand how Scor could justify the nearly $2k in additional cost of an equivalent Stumpy. Scor is not a boutique brand… just overpriced.
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 What a scor
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 By Grabthar's hammer, what a savings.
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 The Margins are huge!! Such overpriced! Soon they have to drop another 1000 of that pricetag
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 How do you know what the margin is? You have to know the production price and overhead rates.
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 @AndrewFleming: Rocky mountain is selling similarly equipped bikes for almost half the cost, so either Rocky has a very slim margin, or Scor has a very high margin (or have absolute crap business acumen and/or very poor supply chains and contracts with parts suppliers). I'd argue they're greedy.
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 @woofer2609: Rocky Mountain has a huge production rate compared to Scor. The cost per Socr frame is much higher than RM. And, yea, Scor probably has a higher margin per sale, but that doesn't mean they are more profitable by any means.
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 @AndrewFleming: they arent that profitable because the bikes are miles too expensive and they cant sell them, and havent for 12 months+ . which is why they are now touting their NEW bikes will also be on sale.

and why do you keep answering all the comments on here with the same shit?

you clearly work for Scor right?
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 @WkDayWarrior: Haha, no, just killing time on a work trip. I never heard of Scor before this Pinkbike article.
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 I hope they're reimbursing their LBS dealer's, I know a few shops who paid a pretty penny to bring these in before the price drips. It's a dick move on them to make shops take the hit.
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 Another brand that cheap out on size-specific chainstays! Who are they trying to fool, if you are giving 3000Euro for a frameset you want the bike's balance to be consistent between sizes. I'm not a hatter but all of those marketing decisions that brands are making just so that they can increase the profit per unit need to be stopped and I hope that for the next year, no company will remain in business with that attitude.
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 I had the chance to put a leg over a 2030 and ride it on the street. It is a big big short travel bike, and i’m not sure if it’ll sell well at all.
The rear end is extremely active and the bike is extremely long. It is truly a mini enduro bike. It just does not make sense to me.

I went in fully expecting to purchase the bike, but it was a let down for me to be honest.
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 Well we milked the cow at it’s limit now it’s time to give it a bit of slack.
At some point they found that the customer is the one that makes those a living.
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 "in response to market feedback and in consideration of the current market situation." - Which just makes it clear that bikes are overpriced because people are willing to pay that much. To be able to correct the prices, just like that, yeah.....They could cost a lot less.
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 They didn't even pretend with lines like "we optimized here and shaved off there".
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 Tons of comments about the (fair or unfair) price of the SCOR's bikes, but I dont see any comments on their frames quality. An it makes all the difference! I don't mind to pay more to get a higher paint quality and a stronger frame..
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 Lots of consolidation coming.
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 Dentist market to hygienist market? All kidding aside - still way overpriced for a given spec, even compared to Ibis, SC, etc....
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 Man after getting gouged so hard during COVID it doesn't bother me that these greedy companies are taking a hit.
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 So they tried launching an extra expensive bike then days later are trying this? Is this some kind of public market testing experiment?
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 Do the peoplw who just paid the higher price get a refund of the difference?
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 My guess is there haven’t been many/any people paying the higher price lately…I’ve certainly never seen one in the wild.
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 @wobblegoblin: my wife rides one and they are rad bikes!
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 @stormracing: so did you get your discount back or?
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 @mariomtblt: no, she bought it back when it costed $4500
Back when their pricing made sense
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Riders wont get money back, if the prices are decreasing the company need to make more sales for good profit margins, therefore they wont have the extra capital to pay a couple thousand costumers the price difference they would've gotten if they were in a right place right time scenario. I would be nice though if instead of fox spending 500 mil on a company if they had given part of it to me, but that not the way this works
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 Saw one in the wild in Italy. Looked beaut!
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 6500 for a bike without a real drivetrain? What a deal.
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 finally a company willing to not jack the fuck out of the little guy when it comes to getting money for their bikes...
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 This is a well-known brand? Never seen one in the PNW before.
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 Check out Strava worldwide heat maps and you'll see where the actual center of the cycling universe is.
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 @Tmackstab: Obviously it is Bentonville, Arkansas
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 It's the BMC brand for people who wouldn't be seen dead on a BMC. BMC/Scor are Swiss and even over here we rarely see one...
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 @sudochuckwalla: Bentonville is such a strong kook magnet lol
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 @Tmackstab: North Shore obviously.
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Only dummies sträva their local goods.
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 @Tmackstab: I make sure that, whatever I do, I never check Strava. Same with my 20+ person riding crew. Not a criticism, just a reminder that Strava is not the world.
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 Oh God this isn't a Strava virtue signaling issue, I'm just saying check global heat maps for an easily accessed metric of cycling activity on a global scale. There's clearly more cycling happening in Europe than the PNW.
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 @FUbob: only dummies Strava. Fixed it for you.
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Thanks. True.
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 @FUbob: Downvoted by "Local Legend" guy making 8th attempt to steal KOM on his $12K, 23# XC whip.
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 @ReformedRoadie: The true Strava gods are the local legend on a trail, but in the bottom quarter of the leaderboards...
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 @korev: It's equivalent to a participation trophy for adults.
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 @ReformedRoadie: I got a new one the other day, I'd ridden it thrice in three months Big Grin
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 Daggum seat angle is too slack.
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 Right then, I'll take 2 lol
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 chasing cashflow, next update closure?
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 People still won't buy 'em.
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 One commercial a day keeps the doctor away ...
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 If money can fix it, it's not a problem...........
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 Trying to get rich off cheap Chinese crap
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 still absurd
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