Video: Brandon Semenuk's Acid Drop from the Top - Red Bull Rampage 2022

Oct 20, 2022 at 15:29
by Sarah Moore  

We've seen several videos this week of Brandon Semenuk's entrance off the start platform at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah and today, Andrew Shandro from Trek captured this video of him nailing the acid drop entry to his run ahead of finals tomorrow.

Our team on the ground says that, as is usually the case with Rampage features, this clip absolutely does not to the drop justice. It is 15 feet straight down from the wood to the top of the landing with a heinously fast runout. Tom Van Steenbergen did the first caveman / acid drop entry into his Rampage line in 2017.

Pick your own adventure - extreme mode.
Straight down the gut.

Please note: due to projected wind in the afternoon, the new start time of Red Bull Rampage is 10:30 AM MDT, half an hour earlier than it was initially scheduled to be.

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 Oh so that's the only possible way to hit that drop. OK sure, why not. Its so scary how steep that is and unreal how easy and controlled he made that look. I cannot friggen wait.
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flag ajaxwalker (Oct 21, 2022 at 6:26) (Below Threshold)
 I was like "meh" when I saw the vid on insta. I think it's because these I expect them to do it and they make everything look so smooth, easy and like a video game. You only really appreciate how bonkers it is when they crash or think about how friggen big and steep the gaps are.
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 Dude is bonkers. Comes off a race, wins the ARA championship, heads to Utah, and then this. Heck ya. Send it!
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 I can't imagine being a top contender in multiple disciplines and trying to evaluate risk to reward.
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 @way2manyhobbies2keep: the risk is the reward.
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 Don't get me wrong, it's way sick and I love the move. But remember when Tom Van Steenburgen did it in 2017 without practice (to my knowledge) to start his run... With a cliff on one side... Not in a valley... And got like a .5 point improvement? But the world blows up when Semenuk does it...
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 TVS doing the caveman was epic. I watched that clip at least 20 times.
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 are you suggesting that the reward system be based on risk alone (like throwing yourself down a drop you havent tried yet) ? What's the obsession with needing freeride to be about untested risk? This isn't exactly snowboarding/skiing where you see a feature and you know you can feasibly send it and have a whole blanketed snow landing, there's considerably more risk involved in jumping off something you've never touched before on a bike or just acid dropping something for the first time not even being sure if you're going to land okay and have the frame of mind to do the rest of your run. For those with the balls to do it, it should certainly be celebrated but can't say we should index the success of rampage off stuff like that. Then we're just gonna sit back and watch our favorite riders get really shitty injuries. It happens every year, people get a little gung ho about needing to up the ante and start diving into doing things they didn't fully practice or just start riding more recklessly hoping it'll up their score and they get seriously injured.
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 @anchoricex: No. TVS did the same move in a higher risk area with minimal reward from the judges. Not even a best trick mention. But this blows up the world and I bet he wins because this move sets him apart from the others.
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 @anchoricex: More risk should definitely have more reward.
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 I think the difference is semenuk practicing the drop, people getting footage, and social media blowing it up. TVS's drop was super sick, but it didn't have the build up because no one knew he was doing it prior to the contest. The judging is historically poor at rampage, so it is what it is.
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 I don't recall anyone not freaking out about it, other than the judges.

Hard to compare the level of "world blows up" when one was done in practice with tons of people aware of it, vs out of no-where in the contest.

As for the .5 score improvement, I think that trick alone got him more of a point's improvement than that... He took a foot off and stalled his run before dropping into that chute. That hurt his score more than people would like to admit.
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 @anchoricex: no he's suggesting, as with all previous years certain Rampage regulars always score higher than other riders regardless of their run
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 @anchoricex: no he's suggesting the scoring is more related to what your name is than what your run is like.
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 I agree with you that TVS should have gotten more for his caveman back in the day but without having been there it seems kind of a reach to call one of those features more "dangerous". Look how steep that thing is, if he messes up, it might be the end of his rampage. not saying the one from tvs was chill by any means, but that is still a gnarly drop into a steep section that two other people backed out of for being too gnarly (at least I heard that in the latest video about line choice)
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 I think part of the hype is also just how gnarly the set up is and looks. you can't escape the 75-degree landing straight down the middle of the venue being in the middle of every shot of the top. It's a statement
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 You have to be called BS to get the extra marks.
BS has won it tonight already before it begins just for turning up, watch this space ...

(BS is super cool, made some amazing edits back in the day, Emil has taken the sport 2 notches higher in the last few years though)
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 Let's go Brandon!
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flag CamLamson (Oct 20, 2022 at 17:27) (Below Threshold)
 not the place for it bro
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 Okay to be fair that did make me chortle.
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 Dunno. I say it all the time, just because it's funny, not because I'm making a statement...
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 @CamLamson: I can't cheer for my favorite rider on a post specifically about how rad he is? If there is any place for me to be rooting for him, this is the place.
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 @mountainjunkie10: What am I missing here?
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 @CamLamson: He's Canadian you should button up and listen.
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 @logandiamond: MAGA fans in the States were chanting "f*ck Joe Biden" in the background of an announcer interviewing a Nascar driver named Brandon. The announced claimed he heard "Let's go Brandon" but it didn't sound anything like that. Then it became a thing.
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 @snomaster: I don't know how many people were trying to figure out that little conflict but the explanation is really hysterical. I believe wars have been started over that sort of misunderstanding. Thanks for sorting out those of us who aren't up on the latest trolling code phrases.
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 @CamLamson: more like cam lameson
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 His style and skill is very reminiscent of mine, Said nobody.
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 Damn, pretty impressive that Brandon could hit that feature after dropping acid... Guess after four Rampage wins he wants to play on hard mode?
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 Doing it on shrooms was getting boring.
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 finally someone remembered its called an acid drop
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 it's a caveman.
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 @Dent: Not if you're playing Tony Hawk's Underground.
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 Acid drop is what they call this trick ……on a skateboard, lol. On a bike it’s called a “ninja drop”
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 As an engineer with a certified BMX background, I can confirm @SirWonky's statement - it's a ninja drop. - now study up on the master of the ninja drop and the half backflip -
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 Surfers call this an acid drop, and I think bmx always did also. I only heard “caveman” for the first time a few years ago, I guess from rampage.
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 ....Would be even cooler if he did it out of a hovering Red Bull Heli - Chopper acid drop for the win \m/? Danny Way styles into the DC Mega Ramp
  • 1 0 wallride.
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 @threesixtykickflip: I think Storch tried to do that last year and broke his collarbone (not at rampage but some random stunt backfire)
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 @SirWonky: Just like this scenario, plenty of people call this trick incorrectly on a skateboard as well.

Jumping onto your board in a drop is called a caveman, not an acid drop. Acid drops are are simply riding off a ledge or something similar and going off without any jump/ollie/trick/etc.

But it's most definitely called a ninja drop when done on a bike.
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 @threesixtykickflip: look up mike basich heli drop
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 This would be a bomb drop in skateboarding- A acid drop is just a straight line roll in off a ledge or vert ramp/bowl deck. I would think you would use a BMX term here - so Ninja drop I believe because he holds the seat.
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 @Dent: it is a ninja drop. A caveman is running in, not stationary.
Source: Scotty Cranmer (don't have the time or patience to find the video now)
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 I still call them bomb drops. Maybe a UK thing?
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 @iiman: it's annoying the entire mtb industry gets this wrong. Mike Escamilla takes everybody to school on an IG post.
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 @threesixtykickflip: didn't Danny Way acid drop from a helicopter into a 1/2 pipe at the Hard Rock Hotel or something way back before Mega Ramp existed?
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 @Neechy: there goes Tony Hawk explaining acid drop vs bomb drop.
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 @Neechy: what's a skateboard game fit to do with bikes?
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 @ppp9911: Yes that was out of a helicopter though.
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 @GorgeousBeauGaston: That dude needs a helmet, a mouth guard, and a cup. Oh yeah, I forgot the lifetime supply of vicodin...
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 Just going to walk up to the start of rampage, point the bike away from the landing, jump off this ledge annnnd he's gone. Poof! All gone.
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 Holy shit. Literally yelled that out loud at my work. Acquired an audience rather quickly
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 Bingo, Bango, Bongo.
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 HAMMER!!!!! Eek
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 40 years of riders doing Ninja drops, including Hoffman, and suddenly it's an acid drop? Not a caveman either... PinkBike be on point as per usual....
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 So fucking bonkers
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 hes not human
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 That’s insanity
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 Plot twist: Hits it with a bar-spin on game day
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 Yeahhh!!! Fucken Helll!!!!!
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 God. Damn. That is STEEEEEEEEP
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 Just a walk in the (Jurassic) park.
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 Win it for T O’Neil B. He’s had a shitty year…
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 Your 2022 ARA Champion and 2022 Rampage Champion.
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 There is far better shots than this one sram picked...
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 Nah, that's got flat drop backflip written all over it for the finals.
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 Ninja drop
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 Next thing is a frontflip acid drop.
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 the pal with the water in front is apparently not amazed yet. :-)
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 Rally background.
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 come one send a foot dab' 360 on that start!
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 DOPE! Trip out Man
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 So safe
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 Go watch bubble boy.
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 This is weenie hut general, I think you're looking for weenie hut juniors
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