Review: Leatt's New DBX 3.0 Flat Pedal Shoes

Mar 3, 2020
by Daniel Sapp  
DBX 3.0 Flat

For 2020, Leatt have expanded their product line to include shoes. According to Leatt, their goal has always been to be a complete "head-to-toe" MTB and moto brand so, of course, a shoe fits nicely in that progression. Leatt claim they saw a need for durable and comfortable shoes with superb bike control qualities and they believe their new products will fill that gap. There are both flat and clipless offerings but for the purpose of this review, we're going to focus on the DBX 3.0 Flat shoe.

The DBX 3.0 Flat is the more performance-oriented of the two flat-soled shoes available from Leatt. The shoe has a synthetic leather upper, toe and heel protection, a waterproof/breathable membrane on the inside, and Leatt's RideGrip rubber compound.
DBX 3.0 Flat Details

• Synthetic leather upper, suede toe box
• Abrasion-resistant toe cap, heel protection
• Lace closure
• Colors: Black/Grey, Green
• Sizes: US 6-12, UK 5.5-11.5, EU 38.5-47, CM 24-30
• Weight: 951g (as tested, size 44/10)
• MSRP: $99.99 USD

The shoe uses a lace closure with compression laces that are intended to keep the shoe tight on the rider's foot more than traditional laces would. It comes in dark green and grey/black color options, US sizes 6-12, and sells for $99 USD.

DBX 3.0 Flat
DBX 3.0 Flat
A reinforced toe and heel help keep riders safe and a tall inner cuff provides extra ankle protection.


According to Leatt, the DBX 3.0's sole compound is a "highly durable NBR rubber blend" that is said to be abrasion and puncture resistant. The tread is a waffle pattern that is made to interlock with pedal pins, forming a mechanical lock in addition to the traction achieved from the rubber itself. There are also "mud channels" that are intended to help clear mud and keep the shoe functional on and off the bike on wet weather rides. Finally, there is an internal shank, a plate that runs the length of the shoe and provides extra stiffness. The shank in the DBX 3.0 is a mid stiffness, stiffer than that of the DBX 2.0 yet not as stiff as the one in Leatt's clipless models which are more focused on pedaling efficiency.

DBX 3.0 Flat
DBX 3.0 Flat
Lace retention is always welcomed but I accidentally permanently disengaged one of the elastic straps. All of the good anti-odor, bacteria, etc. has kept things fresh thus far despite some wet conditions.


Out of the box, the DBX 3.0 shoes felt comfortable and fit true to size. The toe box feels as if it has a little more room than a similar size Five Ten. There is ample padding in the midsole of the shoe and there is extra ankle support in the upper. The laces did an excellent job of cinching things up and not letting the shoes slip during riding. The elastic lace holders are helpful, however, I did tear one off after a few rides...maybe it was my cold fingers not having a lot of dexterity but it still pulled out of the tongue. That's not a deal-breaker, but it's worth a mention.

The heel cup provides a good bit more support and tightness than many other flat shoes currently available and the DBX 3.0's seem to mold to your foot after an hour or two of riding. The lining and footbed of the shoe are smooth and feel as if they're well thought out, and not just a generic shoe upper and footbed. Plus, they have anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties to them, although I haven't spent enough time in the shoes to validate that.

The shoes aren't the best ventilated out there but they are very water-resistant to splashes and creek soakings that don't crest too high up. When they do get wet, they don't become water-logged and dry fairly quickly.

The rubber on the soles provides a lot of traction, but not quite as much as the benchmark Five-Ten compound. The tread pattern partially makes up for that by allowing pedal pins a little more purchase. They are also easier to reposition than shoes with an ultra-sticky compound while still providing plenty of traction. As far as stiffness is concerned, the shoes are amply stiff and fall somewhere between the Five Ten Freerider Pro and the Impact Pro. I think it's a good balance. While we're comparing, the rubber compound seems to wear a bit slower than the Five Ten in the short time I've had these on test, and it doesn't seem to pick apart quite as easily from pushing into the pedal pins.

DBX 3.0 Flat
Leatt's waffle tread pattern is designed to be durable underfoot and on the pedal while also clearing mud away from the toe and heel through wider mud channels.


+ Great fit, very comfortable
+ Highly water resistant, fast drying

- Lace retention system failed on one shoe
- Rubber could be tackier

Pinkbike's Take

bigquotesThe DBX 3.0 Flats are well thought out and one of the best flat pedal shoes I've ridden as far as comfort and water resistance goes. The anti-microbial and fast-drying liner is appealing, especially in climates where rides typically involve can involve rain, river crossings, or both. It's too early to comment on long term durability, but I'll update this review if any issues arise. Daniel Sapp


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 Who else just scrolls straight to the spot where they compare the rubber to five tens?
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 It is rare that there is one in MTB show reviews, despite being what everyone wants to know! Definitely adding these to my new shoes shortlist.
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 When is Five Ten going to make tires?
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 @ReformedRoadie: Hopefully never cuz they'd wear out in the blink of an eye
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 It no longer matters, 5.10 shoes are crap, who cares if the rubber is worthy unless you’re gonna find a cobbler who can glue it to your existing shoes.

RC Shoes for the win.
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 everyone... "but not quite as much as the benchmark Five-Ten compound.".. is all I read
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 @nurseben: I send my brand new Five Ten to the cobbler before first ride.
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 @ReformedRoadie: In a manner of speaking they did. Intense ITS tires were produced at the same time as their rebadged Five Ten Impact. But the more I think about it, probably not actual stealth rubber because that would sound uber expensive to me.
ITS tires wore out in a heartbeat, stuck like super glue, weighed as a much as motocross tire and yet got pinch flats on the regular. I seem to remember the side knobs peeling off the carcass like seeds from a sunflower.
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 People shit on five ten durability, but I haven’t had any problems. It took 3 years for the rubber to start peeling on my VKIs and I just glued it back and kept them as spares. Body of the shoe is perfect; wish I could have them resoled for $40 like climbing shoes. Freerider Pros have been as durable so far and while not quite as grippy, show basically no sole wear after a full season and are easier to adjust foot placement. I spend 300-400 hours/year on the bike and use T-Macs, btw.
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 @JohnnyVV: the stealths a few years ago had some savage issues with the souls falling off.
I’ve had your experience ever since.
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 @Ryanfitz81: “souls falling off.” Damn, these shoes are metal AF.
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flag me2menow (Mar 3, 2020 at 10:06) (Below Threshold)
 Who else doesn't care for tacky 5.10 rubber and likes being able to move their feet on their pedals
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 @halljam: Oh they are. They also had issues with the soles falling off.
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 @JohnnyVV: i echo this.. My freerider pros have been stellar.. Going into season 3
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 @blowmyfuse: mostly agree, mine never lost a knob though and i owned a bunch (on my wifes ht there is still an intense zero). Their feel was the best i ever had, i really liked the slow rebound and got my best results ever on the 909. I think they were made by vee tires.
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 @optimumnotmaximum: pretty sure they had a bad batch of one of their tread patterns that the side knobs spit off of. Want to say there was a batch of Maxxis did it too. Probably when all the tire companies were "trying" new technologies in the form of selling to the public rather than testing and then coming to market.

I had a set of revamped Michelin DH tires that spit the top of the knob off and left a round underlying nub very few rides in.

Can we get someone to confirm whether the Intense Tires were Stealth Rubber or something else? They were definitely way different than even the softest stuff out.
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 @JohnnyVV: I have a similar experience. My 'go-to' trail riding shoes are Impact pro and I have almost 4 seasons on them and a few thousand miles and they're still good.
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 I buy a new pair of Freeriders every 12-18 months and I ride 6 days a week. They cost as much as ONE moderately pricey dinner out for the wife and I. How can one complain?
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 @pdxkid: @JohnnyVV:
Completely agree with both of your comments regarding 5:10's. Impacts are also my main riding shoe with the VX1 for a more casual ride. Around the workshop I'm still wearing my Freerider White Tiger's, although after nearly 10 years the sole has just started to leak so they may soon have to be replaced.
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 Leatt CEO: “Leatt’s step into the shoe market.”

......showing myself out now.
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 But sir, is there a sole purpose of this?
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 @WAKIdesigns: to be fair it's a tough market toe crack
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 Tread lightly here with the puns, the PB keyboard commandos are likely to shoe... ah never mind
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flag WAKIdesigns (Mar 3, 2020 at 4:47) (Below Threshold)
 @hangdogr: what kind of a pun is this? Lace up!
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 @WAKIdesigns: I'm two tiered to read anymore of these puns.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Sorry, it's my last
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 @hangdogr: Took me a while to get a grip on that obscure pun!
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 All these puns are so tacky
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 @shami: They need to be given the boot!
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 @hangdogr: did you reboot?
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 I've not been a fan of Leatt's quality. The Helmet I bought directly from them was very expensive and had sharp edges all over the ratchet retaining system straps. I crashed, it dug into my head pretty good tearing the top layer of skin off and left me sore and bruised for a while.

I don't give a lot of chances when it comes to safety equipment, but I figured if they had crash replacement I'd grab another one, maybe it was a fluke. I contacted Leatt and gave them all info, pretty sure I sent pictures, and offered to send the helmet back, they replied nearly a month later saying their form is to make their product better and they don't offer crash replacement discounts. The Helmet was used as intended and caused injury and they didn't stand behind their product, or even acknowledge the issues with it's construction. It took 3 weeks get a response from one department.

When this crash happened, late August to early September 2019(forget exact date), I emailed Leatt South Africa because the region I was in was not responding, in January 2020 Leatt South Africa replied, again telling me there's no crash replacement discount and again not addressing the injury caused by the helmet... approx. 4.5 months after the email was sent.

So with that said I don't have a lot of faith in their shoes being any freaking good.
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 I’ve also crashed while wearing a Leatt helmet and the sharp gasket inside cut my forehead.

Leatts shorts and pants and not made for thick bodies. I swear my butt does not fit inside even though the waist is loose. And they crush my homies between the thighs.
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 @vtbert: So your butt doesn't fit into shorts that you bought anyway???
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 @vtbert: if you don't mind me asking, which model helmet were you in? I'm curious now...
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 I've had very good experience with their customer service (in USA). I've done crash replacement on 2 helmets thus far and have found their response really quick and easy. I also haven't noticed any sharp edges (I only have their helmets), but I'm also on their higher end DBX 3.0 convertible and 4.0 full face, so maybe that helps? Bummed you had a bad experience! I love their helmets, but honestly that's mostly because it's the best fitting helmet I've found to date, which is obviously very personal preference.
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 @tgent: Huh, that's something. I'm in Canada, you'd think they would have the same policy to cover all of NA.

I was also on a DBX 3.0 Enduro Convertible I had the chin bar off at the time of the crash. It was the plastic straps around the sides of the head above the ears that felt really sharp, I didn't really notice how sharp they were until I had crashed.

Glad yours are working out, they are expensive helmets.
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 @rrolly: yes. I bought clothes that don’t fit.
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 Glad I caught this in time. I was hunting the various places to purchase these shoes (only UK sites have it from what I can tell and in Canada, the 2 distributors really have crappy sites and Nelson of all places..... Anyhow, I will give these a skip after reading these reviews and stick with my 5-10s' for now.
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 @vtbert: Looks like you are Seattle based, so check out Abit Gear. They offer shorts with an athletic fit option (big posterior). I gave away all my size 32 TLD and Leatt shorts to a local high school team once I tried on Abit's stuff. The owner brings samples to dig days if you want to try before you buy and will exchange if you aren't happy with your size.
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 Do companies think about having a wider range of shoe sizes? For those unfortunate people like myself with us 14/15 size feet, it’s becoming very hard to find ones which fit. I couldn’t find any five tens anywhere in a 14 or larger, and have had to get some northwave clans, which were a 14 and are pretty squishy. Kinda sucks cos five tens the best
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 yeah I read up to size US12 and thought "o they are only making kids shoes, that is odd"
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 I'm only a 13, but still disappointed. It's even hard to find 5.10 in stock in larger sizes.
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 US / UK shoe sizing is totally misleading, size 14 should be twice as big as 7. that way it would be way harder to footbrag
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 Totally agree. I'm a UK 14 and the only clipless shoes I've managed to get are FiveTen Hellcats, and even then I had to buy/import a pair from the US as the distributor said they couldn't order that size in!?! To only make these up to a 11.5 tho is completely ridiculous. 11.5 isn't even that big.
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 Same with the clothes or protection gear. Try to buy 3XL. Nearlly mission impossible.
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flag ricochetrabbit (Mar 3, 2020 at 4:10) (Below Threshold)
 You could just lose weight. @UncleSpec:
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 @ricochetrabbit: how do you lose weight without the right riding clothes?
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 @Freakyjon: Yeah. The only ones I could find were free riders (and I was wanting impacts) from use with a very hefty shipping fee. Hoping these north waves will do the job
  • 2 0
 I've had good luck ordering the larger 5.10 sizes directly form FiveTen since no one seems to carry the 13/14. I'm a true 13, but in 5.10 depending on the model my toe touches the tip and I could never find 14s and the one time I did it felt like a 15, so I just keep buying the same old shoe that just barely fits.
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 @unrooted: You lose weight in the kitchen. You get FIT in the gym/on the bike.
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 Fair enough. @unrooted:
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 I wear size 14 in every brand I've ever used. With the exception of shimano's gr7 shoes. For some reason they size really big and I have a size 12.
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 I've heard some of the new five tens run large, and maybe a 13 would fit my size 14 feet. Any experience with anything other than those Northwaves? I am in a similar dilemma right now, trying to replace my Freerider Pros.
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 Size 14 here and I usually dont have problems getting size 14 FiveTen Freerider Pros straight from FiveTen. Looks like they are out of stock right now though :/
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 @provin1327: Yeah they're out of stock and a bike shop told me they basically aren't producing any shoes this year as they transition their manufacturing to the Adidas factories.
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 W I D E widths too! Or at least a large toe-box like Altra does.
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 Ride Concepts has 14 and 15 now in the Livewire
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 @Austin014: Ive had freeriders a few times as I grew up but now that my feet have stopped growing I got impacts in a 14 and they were pretty small. both shoes have holes in the end where my big toes kinda pop out haha. but oh the grip Is just perfect. yet to try the north waves for a ride yet.
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There are kickers and then there are linebackers.
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 Everyone says, no buy if it doesn’t grip like a five ten. Everyone also says, five ten is junk since adidas bought them and they fall apart in 4/5/6 months.

Somehow people are surprised that new shoes err on the side of not going to the landfill in 3 months?
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 The funny thing is that people have been complaining about 5.10s falling apart quickly since long, long before Addidas got involved.
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 Bottom line is that flat pedal shoes are destined to shred apart in a short amount of time. If they grip great and you ride alot, the abuse they take is second to none. On par with motocross boots, but NOBODY wants the sturdiness of those on their feet.
At the same time, we all want them to feel like Vans, soft, comfy, cruise the coffee shop in them.

The current Sam Hill's and Freerider Pro's are worlds better than my other generation's of Impacts. Lighter, dry faster, more durable. But in the end...I'm shoving these plush little fellas onto a meat grinder of a pedal, stuffing them into unknown rocks, sharpies & coal berms and can't expect mother earth (who is undefeated thus far) to not bite back.
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 @blowmyfuse: Agreed, flat pedal shoes are a wear part. I'll happily replace my five tens every couple years if it means those years are full of confident footing. I strayed away and bought some Tevas once and was so disappointed with the grip.
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 @blowmyfuse: I would agree with you if it was the sole of my 5.10 Freerider Elements that were showing the signs of heavy use. Instead the instep of one up the uppers has split parallel with the seam, and where the tongue joins the toe box is coming apart on both feet.
I've got a pair of Ride Concepts on order as replacements, so I'll see how they fare in comparison.
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 @ROOTminus1: I've had a few different Five Ten models (freerider pro, impact VXI etc), and was given a pair of RC Powerline to test from a sales rep. I must say, I'm impressed with the RC. I was always thinking the classic "does it grip like Five Ten? No? Next." The RC are about 85-90% as grippy as the Freerider Pro they replaced, but the comfort and durability BLOWS Five Ten out of the water. Five Tens, I would generally wear for only riding trail and DH riding, and I would get maybe 6-10 months before they were starting to wear and fall apart. I've had these RC shoes for about 10 months, and I wear them trail, DH, dirt jumping, and every day as normal shoes, and they are only just starting to show wear and tear. I never thought I would consider actually buying a shoe that wasn't Five Ten, but the RC are definitely what I will buy next if I can finally get them to wear out.
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 @leon-forfar: have them resoled with stealth rubber and then you'll know for sure
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 "Rubber could be tackier" -sad for all the effort (considering shoe and article)
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 That seems to be the verdict on Every Single Shoe that is not a 5.10.
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 I`ll buy another fiveten with these infos.
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 Me too
Shame cause 510’s are made of spit lately. But I am a gripaholic
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 are the Ride Concepts any good? they are on my short list.
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I m on a quest for a decent five ten replacement!
Not great according to this Aussie
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 @Pyres: Well that sucks, seems like they are decent shoes, just not as fit for purpose as the 5.10's.

Hopefully they improve.
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 @Cheddar420: Recently got some RC Wildcats, less outright grip than 5.10s, but generally I'm liking them. I also have 5.10 freerider and impact hi, the Wildcats are somewhere in the middle in terms of stiffness, but a key win for them is the weight, about half the weight of my impact hi and still lighter than freeriders, they hold less water too stay lighter in this current swamp we call the UK.
Wasn't sure of them on the first outing, have grown on my a lot, nice being able to reposition feet to some degree and it just feels having lighter shoes.
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 @Pyres: In the last year the quality has gone way back up from when adidas first acquired them. My free rider pro isn’t completely torn up after one season anymore.
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 I've had the RCs about a month now and concur with @Liamcrook - stiffer, better ventilated and lighter than my old freeriders but less outright grip. I've got a shredded shin at the moment cuz my foot came off the pedals last weekend and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have happened with the 5.10s. I still think I like the RCs more but if I grate my shin again I might change my mind lol. The RCs have better ankle protection too. Also (and I've heard from a few others about this) my 5.10s were constantly getting twigs and pebbles and shit in them. Not a problem with the RCs.
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 @Pyres: The only shoes to come anywhere close seem to be those with Vibram soles. Not too surprising because both companies have a strong rock climbing background.
  • 2 0
 @Cheddar420: I've heard good things about Unparellel but am yet to try them myself, finding a distributor with them in stock has been the main problem.
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Just bought the freeriders pro from probikeshop. Great price, hope it lasts longer than my previous impact vxi
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 @Cheddar420: It's not designed specifically for riding, but I've been intrigued by this shoe:

Light weight canyoneering shoe. Vibram rubber with a FiveTen dot-like pattern. Wet weather performance and crash durability would be my main concern.
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 Everyone else just skip to “is it as grippy as a FiveTen” too?
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 These are really nice. Good Job LEATT...
but what I REALLY WANT is a replacement soles for the 5-10 impacts. Like they used to make, but discontinued when bought out by Adidas... Talk about creating needless landfill. Here is a call out to all flat pedal biking shoes manufacturers : Shoes designed with replaceable soles in mind. its not the shoes that wear out. IT'S THE SOLES. having that approach would allow them to go for stickier compounds without the need to replace your shoes every year. Manufacturers out there: Please do it.
  • 5 3
 Leatt CEO “We need to take a step in right direction and make a product that is a shoe in for best product of 2020 you will have to pour you sole into it. Our target market will include South Africa so try to keep it under 100 Rand. Reckon they will be head over heels for it. Try to sign up that bmxer bloke Dan Lacey I think it is to endorse it. Make sure any advertising is a little tounge in cheek please. We really need to make sure we are instep with what our customers want. Any questions please walk on up to my office”
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 i just wished vans made the gravel again, they were super soft but with my super small feet ( 7.5) almost all other shoes are too stiff for my liking. the rubber on those vans was at least as good as the stealth.
  • 4 0
 I keep saying it. Vans needs to make a new flat pedal mtb shoe.-
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 Five Ten Sleuth, Sleuth DLX or District Flats
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 @SvenNorske: Those have no s1 stealth rubber though; i bought fiveten access (leather) shoes which are pretty sweet. S1 stealth and thin / flexible at the front but with a hard toecap. for bigger feet the problem could be that the shoe is pretty wide at the heel and it might rub. for my 7.5 feet the shoes are great. also very comfy and light, great for walking or pushing the bike ( its a climbing access shoe after all)
  • 1 0
 @SvenNorske: nice the old ones got the marathon (or phantom )sole. will consider in the future
  • 1 0
 @SvenNorske: i looked further and found pressreleases and the chainreaction site wich say it has the non marking " stealth s1 marathon sole". mtb news even said (concerning the release last September) that the new sleuth will have less grip than the dirtbag it replaces. seems its not the real deal.
  • 1 0
 @optimumnotmaximum: I'm particular as well, but why not just get Freeriders? S1 rubber, flexible sole, casual looking.
  • 1 0
 @SvenNorske: i heared they are relatively stiff these days too, but it was a close call between those and the access. my favourite kind of riding is pushing my bike up a lokal hill and drifting one corner for an hour, so i got the lighter more breathable and more allroundish shoe, but could have gone either way.
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 Lace covers please!!
  • 1 0
 First thing I look at whenever I see an article about new flats.

Why does every shoe company provide nice lace retention for clip in flats but but not standard flats? It's like they think that people who run flat pedals can't understand the complexity of clipless pedals, so a velcro strap to hold laces down would also be to complex for us to operate...
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 @Shift92: their thinking is that lace straps also help stiffen the shoe for when you pull up. But f*ck that, I only ride flats and I want my shoe as stiff as possible, frankly I don’t get how some flat riders have their shoes loose like skate shoes. Blows my mind to not have any support for your foot.

I talked to some lady on here who works for five ten and they said their isn’t a market for it. How the hell would they even know if they haven’t even tried it. The ELC is the only model that had something and it was overengineered and a heater of a shoe.
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 You could try learning how to tie your shoes better?
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 Unparallel Sports, Dust Up model has the strap. Rode them all last year and they did fine, held up and good grip. For me they seem a little more narrow then my 5.10s so if you have a wide foot might want to look at Ride Concepts....

***Why do shoes make such bad politicians?
Because they have soles.
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 Look at unparallel west ridge shoes.
  • 5 0
 Many have tried and all have failed. I’ve tried a ton of different shoes and FIVE TEN owns them all.
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 Despise the fact that the lace retention differs between flat and clipless.... Because folks who ride flats are way less concerned about laces.....Right. If anything cats riding flats are dangling their feet more, leg out in turns, much easier to grab a stick when your feet can actually move OFF the pedal. LAWD
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 *sigh* Forever to be cursed by my goddam wide feet.

So many shoes to choose from. All normal/narrow sized...
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 ever tried swimming ?
  • 3 0
 I have EEE wide and the RC powerlines fit my feet very well.
  • 2 0
 @Arcadyus: Thanks for the tip. I'll try a pair
  • 1 0
 @ryan77777: of course it’s sucks having to buy shoes too big just to fit how wide my feet are. I will say grip isn’t amazing but it’s sufficient.
  • 1 0
 I've had a good experience with the Shimano GR-7. Fit wider than any of the 5.10 models.
  • 2 1
 I’m not replacing my 5-10 Impact Pro in any other shoe! Such a great shoe! super grippy, very comfy, more protective than the Freerider and Freerider Pro but less bulky and less heavy than the 5-10 Sam Hill.
  • 2 0
 Water proof low top? I like when my feet can dry fast. And they're kind of ugly, almost in a cool way, but not. No thanks Leatt.
  • 1 1
 Why do these need to be waterproof?

"Oh hey guys, want your feet to be soaked regardless of trail conditions? WE'VE GOT THE SHOE FOR YOU!!!!"

Make them fast drying, leave waterproof/not breathable stuff for cold riding conditions.
  • 1 0
 I take it you don't live in the PNW. I benefit from water resistant shoes all year round. It could be the middle of July and I'll be riding in mud and puddles.
  • 1 1
 @ThunderChunk: I do not, but the time I've spent time in wet environments (albeit hiking) you need gaiters to avoid water ingress through the tops of your shoe and moisture wicking down the calf/ankle of your sock.

Regardless, a lot of us also live places where things like a higher ankle cuff are appreciated, but so are breathable shoes. Options across the range would be nice.
  • 2 0
 @texag: It's amazing to me how long my feet stay dry in my Free Rider pros (e.g., several hours) during a consistent pacific northwest drizzle.
  • 1 0
 @pmhobson: Do you have any sort of DWR treatment on them?
  • 2 0
 @texag: None that I applied myself. Revisiting their website, it's unclear to me if there's anything applied at the factory.

I will say, that given the beating my first pair has taken over the past 4 years (they're now resoled and serve as my commuter shoes), DWR isn't nearly durable enough to last along as their water resistance seems to have lasted.

That said, once the rainfall intensity exceeds what they can handle, boy oh boy do they soak up that water and stay wet.
  • 5 2
 how does anyone come into the shoe market and not use 5.10s grip level as the BARE MINIMUM that they should achieve.
  • 3 0
 ....Into the wormhole we go for the next attempt at flat pedal shoes.
  • 5 0
 Also known as shoes....
  • 2 1
 For only 99 quid I would settle for a little less tacky. Leatt make legit stuff and it’s affordable to us weekend worriers.
  • 2 0
 We want lace covers on our flat pedal shoes.
  • 1 0
 being the one that always cries about water resistance.......i have to try them.... definitely my next pair of shoes.
  • 1 0
 My last pair of five ten freeride last me 6 weAr out there is a hole in the sole
  • 2 0
 What no size 13 wtf leatt
  • 1 0
 Shimano gr5 size 48 euro. Jensen has them on sale frequently. I wear 12.5 5tens and 47 euro is the sweet spot
  • 2 1
 Great design! Would even wear these off the bike.
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 Not even made in my size...
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 Specialized 2FO 2.0.Beats everything hands down in terms of grip, drying time, weight, comfort.
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