Final Results from EWS Petzen-Jamnica 2022

Jun 19, 2022 at 1:12
by Ed Spratt  
Isabeau Courdurier on the very long and rough Stage 5

Round two of the 2022 EWS is in the books after some gruelling stages in very warm weather. In the Elite racing, Isabeau Courdurier and Jesse Melamed took big wins with both riders having gaps in the double figures to second place. Check out more results below.

Full results will be added shortly.


Elite Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 44:02.660
2nd. Morgane Charre: 44:23.090
3rd. Ella Conolly: 44:47.410
4th. Melanie Pugin: 45:41.480
5th. Bex Baraona: 46:13.740
Elite Men

1st. Jesse Melamed: 37:55.900
2nd. Richie Rude: 38:10.830
3rd. Jack Moir: 38:11.920
4th. Ed Masters: 38:17.750
5th. Slawomir Lukasik: 38:20.420

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 47:46.390
2nd. Tina Smrdel: 51:13.250
3rd. Lily Boucher: 51:48.070
U21 Men

1st. Luke Meier-Smith: 39:04.030
2nd. Johnathan Helly: 39:39.220
3rd. Seth Sherlock: 40:11.220
4th. Vojtech Klokocka: 40:42.320
5th. Jack Piercy: 41:00.230

Master Women

1st. Fejola Stepanka Nestlerova: 51:11:430
2nd. Sandra Bohn Thomsen: 53:43.180
3rd. Maxine Filby: 54:48.690
4th. Melissa Newell: 55:36.640
5th. Mary McConneloug: 1:03:38.510
Master Men

1st. Karim Amour: 42:08.660
2nd. Scott Edgworth: 42:43.630
3rd. Adrian Vesenbeckh: 43:14.540
4th. Jan Vaner: 43:24.600
5th. Bradley Lauder: 43:33.940

Full Results

Elite Women


Top 100 Elite Men


Stage Updates

What Happened on the Pro Stage?

EWS Petzen-Jamnica kicked off with one of the biggest EWS stages with over 1000m of descending across six kilometers. In the Elite racing, it was Isabeau Courdurier and Jesse Melamed who mastered this tough challenge taking big leads into today's race.

Elite Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 15:24.050
2nd. Morgane Charre: 15:34.010
3rd. Ella Conolly: 15:41.540
4th. Melanie Pugin: 16:07.960
5th. Bex Baraona: 16:11.850
Elite Men

1st. Jesse Melamed: 13:03.590
2nd. Jack Moir: 13:12.270
3rd. Richie Rude: 13:14.370
4th. Jack Menzies: 13:20.610
5th. Ed Masters: 13:22.810

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 16:38.280
2nd. Tina Smrdel: 17:32.640
3rd. Lily Boucher: 17:57.900
4th. Justine Henry: 19:50.570
U21 Men

1st. Luke Meier-Smith: 13:26.810
2nd. Johnathan Helly: 13:35.070
3rd. Miha Smrdel: 13:45.940
4th. Emmett Hancock: 13:58.250
5th. William Scheele: 13:59.450

Master Women

1st. Fejola Stepanka Nestlerova: 17:46.920
2nd. Sandra Bohn Thomsen: 18:31.310
3rd. Maxine Filby: 19:28.400
4th. Melissa Newell: 19:31.890
5th. Mary McConneloug: 23:05.290
Master Men

1st. Karim Amour: 14:36.120
2nd. Scott Edgworth: 14:50.040
3rd. Adrian Vesenbeckh: 15:06.100
4th. Jan Vaner: 15:16.960
5th. Bradley Lauder: 15:19.960

You can view more results here

Stage 2

Stage 2: 5:32-10:40

Millers Path: 2.58km / 359m descent / 29.9m climb

Stage Results

Elite Women

1st. Morgane Charre: 7:17.600
2nd. Isabeau Courdurier: 7:19.700
3rd. Ella Conolly: 7:25.220
4th. Raphaela Richter: 7:27.310
5th. Melanie Pugin: 7:28.400
Elite Men

1st. Richie Rude: 6:12.130
2nd. Jesse Melamed: 6:13.740
3rd. Slawomir Lukasik: 6:14.840
4th. Ed Masters: 6:16.740
5th. Jack Moir: 6:20.150

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 7:59.500
2nd. Lily Boucher: 8:08.450
3rd. Tina Smrdel: 8:24.380
U21 Men

1st. Luke Meier-Smith: 6:33.280
2nd. Emmett Hancock: 6:37.550
3rd. William Scheele: 6:38.880
4th. Johnathan Helly: 6:40.160
5th. Seth Sherlock: 6:44.850

Master Women

1st. Fejola Stepanka Nestlerova: 8:13.650
2nd. Maxine Filby: 9:02.090
3rd. Melissa Newell: 9:04.820
4th. Sandra Bohn Thomsen: 9:07.670
5th. Mary McConneloug: 9:38.370
Master Men

1st. Mads Weidemann: 6:56.450
2nd. Jan Vaner: 7:00.220
3rd. Scott Edgworth: 7:02.870
4th. Adrian Vesenbeckh: 7:07.390
5th. Frantisek Zilak: 7:09.880

Overall Results After Stage 2

Due to the way the live timing works we can't provide updates on the overall standings for the Elite racing, this is because lower-ranked riders are on later stages and this overwrites previous stage standings. We do currently believe that Isabeau Courdurier and Jesse Melamed are still leading.

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 24:37.780 (-)
2nd. Tina Smrdel: 25:57.020 (-)
3rd. Lily Boucher: 26:06.350 (-)
U21 Men

1st. Luke Meier-Smith: 20:00.090 (-)
2nd. Johnathan Helly: 20:15.230 (-)
3rd. Emmett Hancock: 20:35.800 (+1)
4th. William Scheele: 20:38.330 (+1)
5th. Seth Sherlock: 20:57.130 (+2)

Master Women

1st. Fejola Stepanka Nestlerova: 26:00.570 (-)
2nd. Sandra Bohn Thomsen: 27:38.980 (-)
3rd. Maxine Filby: 28:30.490 (-)
4th. Melissa Newell: 28:36.710 (-)
5th. Mary McConneloug: 32:43.660 (-)
Master Men

1st. Karim Amour: 21:51.640 (-)
2nd. Scott Edgworth: 21:52.910 (-)
3rd. Adrian Vesenbeckh: 22:13.490 (-)
4th. Jan Vaner: 22:17.180 (-)
5th. Bradley Lauder: 22:37.940 (-)

Live Stage Updates

1:15 am PDT Live updates will kick off when the top-ranked Elite Women begin the first stage of the day at 3 am PDT / 11 am BST / 12 pm CEST.

2:02 am PDT With the first group of Elite Women down the first stage of the day the current top five are:

1st. Barbora Prudkova: 7:31.740
2nd. Ines Thoma: 7:37.070
3rd. Nadina Ellecosta: 7:42.520
4th. Laura Battista: 7:52.480
5th. Amy Morrison: 7:54.700

Stay tuned for the rest of the Elite Women's field to drop in soon.

3:06 am PDT The top-ranked Elite Women are now on Stage 2, we should start getting results in very shortly.

3:08 am PDT Raphaela Richter goes fastest so far with a four-second gap back to Barbora Prudkova.

3:10 am PDT Melanie Pugin goes across the line in second, just over one second off the top time.

3:11 am PDT Bex Baraona starts the day with a fourth place at the moment, 6.320 back from Raphaela Richter.

3:14 am PDT A big update has come through all at once with Morgane charre winning the stage followed by Isabeau Courdurier and Ella Conolly.

3:19 am PDT As the top-ranked Elite Men take on Stage 2 the fastest five riders are:

1st. Alex Rudeau: 6:21.940
2nd. Louis Jeandel: 6:23.770
3rd. Patrick Luthi: 6:24.270
4th. Hugo Pigeon: 6:25.090
5th. Vid Persak: 6:31.500

Stay tuned for the rest of the Elite Men's field are about to take their runs.

3:25 am PDT Matt Walker goes into the lead on Stage 2, he is just 1.6 seconds up.

3:32 am PDT Slawomir Lukasik takes the fastest time so far pushing Matt Walker back by almost five and a half seconds.

3:35 am PDT Ed Masters comes the closest so far to Slawomir with a gap of 1.9 seconds.

3:38 am PDT Richie Rude just pulls in front of Slawomir Lukasik by 2.710.

3:39 am PDT Richie Rude wins Stage 2 as Jesse Melamed goes second and Jack Moir fifth.

Stage 3 (Queen)

Stage 3: 11:24-15:16

Blueberry V2: 2.88km / 381m descent / 28.7m climb

Stage Results

Elite Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 4:36.570
2nd. Ella Conolly: 4:41.050
3rd. Morgane Charre: 4:43.700
4th. Bex Baraona: 4:44.270
5th. Andreane Lanthier Nadeau: 4:45.130
Elite Men

1st. Richie Rude: 4:03.450
2nd. Jesse Melamed: 4:03.650
3rd. Martin Maes: 4:05.230
4th. Slawomir Lukasik: 4:06.070
5th. Youn Deniaud: 4:07.020

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 5:00.150
2nd. Tina Smrdel: 5:06.330
3rd. Lily Boucher: 5:44.100
U21 Men

1st. Luke Meier-Smith: 4:13.030
2nd. Seth Sherlock: 4:17.300
3rd. Axel Vernhet: 4:17.900
4th. Emmett Hancock: 4:18.060
5th. William Scheele: 4:18.350

Master Women

1st. Fejola Stepanka Nestlerova: 5:06.650
2nd. Melissa Newell: 5:30.420
3rd. Sandra Bohn Thomsen: 5:32.280
4th. Maxine Filby: 5:40.180
5th. Mary McConneloug: 6:15.680
Master Men

1st. Jan Vaner: 4:30.450
2nd. Karim Amour: 4:30.720
3rd. Adrian Vesenbeckh: 4:33.920
4th. Scott Edgworth: 4:33.980
5th. Frantisek Zilak: 4:37.250

Overall Results After Stage 3

Due to the way the live timing works we can't provide updates on the overall standings for the Elite racing, this is because lower-ranked riders are on later stages and this overwrites previous stage standings. We think Isabeau Courdurier and Jesse Melamed are still leading but we don't know by how much at this point.

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 29:37.930
2nd. Tina Smrdel: 31:03.350
3rd. Lily Boucher: 31:50.450
U21 Men

1st. Luke Meier-Smith: 24:13.120 (-)
2nd. Johnathan Helly: 24:33.960 (-)
3rd. Emmett Hancock: 24:53.860 (-)
4th. William Scheele: 24:56.680 (-)
5th. Seth Sherlock: 25:14.430 (-)

Master Women

1st. Fejola Stepanka Nestlerova: 31:07.220 (-)
2nd. Sandra Bohn Thomsen: 33:11.260 (-)
3rd. Melissa Newell: 34:07.130 (+1)
4th. Maxine Filby: 34:10.670 (-1)
5th. Mary McConneloug: 38:59.340 (-)
Master Men

1st. Karim Amour: 26:22.360 (-)
2nd. Scott Edgworth: 26:26.890 (-)
3rd. Adrian Vesenbeckh: 26:47.410 (-)
4th. Jan Vaner: 26:47.630 (-)
5th. Bradley Lauder: 27:19.540 (-)

Live Stage Updates

3:43 am PDT We now move onto stage three where the current top five Elite Women are:

1st. Barbora Prudkova: 4:53.070
2nd. Ines Thoma: 4:53.990
3rd. Charlotte Rey: 4:59.130
4th. Nadina Ellecosta: 4:59.980
5th. Veronika Bruchle: 5:00.070

Stay tuned for the rest of the Elite Women's field to drop in soon.

3:47 am PDT Melanie Pugin goes fastest so far by a huge 7.23 seconds!

3:49 am PDT Bex Baraona now goes into the lead by only one and a half seconds.

3:49 am PDT Andreane Lanthier Nadeau slots in behind her, 0.8 off the pace.

3:50 am PDT Ella Conolly goes fastest by three seconds with only a few riders left.

3:51 am PDT Isabeau Courdurier takes the stage win by 4.480 seconds.

3:55 am PDT As the top-ranked Elite Men now hits stage three the current fastest riders are:

1st. Louis Jeandel: 4:08.710
2nd. Hugo Pigeon: 4:09.000
3rd. Mathan Secondi: 4:09.450
4th. Oliwer Kangas: 4:09.620
5th. Alex Rudeau: 4:09.920

4:02 am PDT Jose Borges is the fastest so far with a 0.840-second advantage on Louis Jeandel.

4:06 am PDT Jose Borges' time is holding well with only Youn Deniaud being able to better it.

4:08 am PDT Slawomir Lukasik goes fastest by 0.950 seconds.

4:11 am PDT Martin Maes is the top rider so far on the Queen stage with a 0.8-second gap to Slawomir Lukasik.

4:13 am PDT Richie Rude goes fastest again but this time by just under two seconds, we do still have a few riders left.

4:15 am PDT Jesse Melamed goes second by only 0.2 seconds but Richie Rude takes another stage win.

Stage 4

Stage 4: 16:17-18:40

Postmans Path: 1.61km / 192m descent / 14m climb

Stage Results

Elite Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 2:41.830
2nd. Melanie Pugin: 2:44.000
3rd. Bex Baraona: 2:45.420
4th. Harriet Harnden: 2:45.450
5th. Morgane Charre: 2:46.500
Elite Men

1st. Jesse Melamed: 2:20.520
2nd. Jose Borges: 2:21.610
3rd. Louis Jeandel: 2:22.000
4th. Martin Maes: 2:23.010
5th. Kevin Miquel: 2:23.280

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 2:59.500
2nd. Lily Boucher: 3:08.400
3rd. Tina Smrdel: 3:12.170
U21 Men

1st. Alexis Icardo: 2:28.420
2nd. Seth Sherlock: 2:28.960
3rd. Axel Vernhet: 2:29.070
4th. William Scheele: 2:29.190
5th. Ryan Gilchrist: 2:29.650

Master Women

1st. Fejola Stepanka Nestlerova: 2:57.520
2nd. Melissa Newell: 3:11.290
3rd. Sandra Bohn Thomsen: 3:12.310
4th. Maxine Filby: 3:13.570
5th. Mary McConneloug: 3:32.830
Master Men

1st. Jan Vaner: 2:36.060
2nd. Scott Edgworth: 2:37.320
3rd. Adrian Vesenbeckh: 2:37.540
4th. Karim Amour: 2:37.630
5th. Frantisek Zilak: 2:38.250

Overall Results After Stage 4

Luckily with the big gap from stage four to five we have been able to get an update on the overall standings for the Elite racing, check them out below.

Elite Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 30:02.150
2nd. Morgane Charre: 30:21.810
3rd. Ella Conolly: 30:36.910
4th. Melanie Pugin: 31:06.200
5th. Bex Baraona: 31:15.170
Elite Men

1st. Jesse Melamed: 25:41.500
2nd. Richie Rude: 25:58.290
3rd. Jack Moir: 26:06.100
4th. Slawomir Lukasik: 26:07.540
5th. Ed Masters: 26:13.410

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 32:37.430
2nd. Tina Smrdel: 34:15.520
3rd. Lily Boucher: 34:58.850
U21 Men

1st. Luke Meier-Smith: 26:43.620 (-)
2nd. Johnathan Helly: 27:07.060 (-)
3rd. William Scheele: 27:25.870 (+1)
4th. Emmett Hancock: 27:28.160 (-1)
5th. Seth Sherlock: 27:43.390 (-)

Master Women

1st. Fejola Stepanka Nestlerova: 34:04.740 (-)
2nd. Sandra Bohn Thomsen: 36:23.570 (-)
3rd. Melissa Newell: 37:18.420 (+1)
4th. Maxine Filby: 37:24.240 (-1)
5th. Mary McConneloug: 42:32.170 (-)
Master Men

1st. Karim Amour: 28:59.990 (-)
2nd. Scott Edgworth: 29:04.210 (-)
3rd. Jan Vaner: 29:23.690 (+1)
4th. Adrian Vesenbeckh: 29:24.950 (-1)
5th. Bradley Lauder: 30:00.840 (-)

Live Stage Updates

4:21 am PDT Onto stage four where the current top five Elite Women are:

1st. Ines Thoma: 2:51.530
2nd. Barbora Prudkova: 2:52.840
3rd. Camille Rast: 2:53.020
4th. Laura Battista: 2:53.540
5th. Nadine Ellecosta: 2:53.650

Stay tuned for the rest of the Elite Women's field to drop in soon.

4:23 am PDT Becky Cook goes into the lead by 1.630 seconds.

4:24 am PDT Noga Korem comes across the line just 0.2 back.

4:24 am PDT Melanie Pugin now jumps ahead by almost six seconds.

4:27 am PDT Bex Baraona is the closest so far but still over a second back.

4:29 am PDT Isabeau Courdurier goes fastest by over two seconds and takes the stage win.

4:33 am PDT Next up is the Elite Men with the top five being:

1st. Louis Jeandel: 2:22.000
2nd. Vid Persak: 2:23.900
3rd. Nathan Secondi: 2:24.000
4th. Alex Rudeau: 2:24.260
5th. Hugo Pigeon: 2:25.350

4:39 am PDT Once again it is Jose Borges who takes an early stage lead, he is only 0.390 up.

4:50 am PDT Jose Borges still leads with not many riders left.

4:53 am PDT The timing system has really started to slow down for us but it looks like Jesse Melamed has won the fourth stage. It looks like Richie Rude is back in 30th.

Stage 5

Stage 5: 22:20-33:10

EWS Trail: 5.68km / 1088m descent / 3m climb

Stage Results

Elite Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 14:00.510
2nd. Morgane Charre: 14:01.280
3rd. Ella Conolly: 14:10.500
4th. Harriet Harnden: 14:15.030
5th. Noga Korem: 14:27.480
Elite Men

1st. Ed Masters: 12:04.340
2nd. Jack Moir: 12:05.820
3rd. Hugo Pigeon: 12:11.000
4th. Richie Rude: 12:12.540
5th. Slawomir Lukasik: 12:12.880

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 15:08.960
2nd. Lily Boucher: 16:49.220
3rd. Tina Smrdel: 16:57.730
U21 Men

1st. Luke Meier-Smith: 12:20.410
2nd. Seth Sherlock: 12:27.830
3rd. Johnathan Helly: 12:32.160
4th. Ryan Kenneth Pinkerton: 12:46.980
5th. Vojtech Klokocka: 12:51.160

Master Women

1st. Fejola Stepanka Nestlerova: 17:06.690
2nd. Sandra Bohn Thomsen: 17:19.610
3rd. Maxine Filby: 17:24.450
4th. Melissa Newell: 18:18.220
5th. Mary McConneloug: 21:05.340
Master Men

1st. Karim Amour: 13:08.670
2nd. Mads Weidemann: 13:19.990
3rd. Bradley Lauder: 13:33.100
4th. Scott Edgworth: 13:39.420
5th. Adrian Vesenbeckh: 13:49.590

Live Stage Updates

4:19 am PDT The Master Men are finally on the last stage of the day after over two hours, which has been a massive gap between stages. We could see some different results on this stage with riders coping with a long break between stages four and five.

5:27 am PDT We are now at the last stage of the day for another massive run, here are the top five Elite Women so far:

1st. Ines Thoma: 14:47.970
2nd. Laura Battista: 15:08.900
3rd. Barbora Prudkova: 15:14.070
4th. Camille Rast: 15:26.810
5th. Amy Morrison: 15:30.770

Stay tuned for the rest of the Elite Women's field to drop in soon.

6:46 am PDT Noga Korem goes fastest so far by over 20 seconds!

6:46 am PDT Melanie Pugin can't match Noga and finishes the stage nearly eight seconds off the pace.

6:48 am PDT Harriet Harnden goes into the lead with a big gap of 12 seconds to Noga Korem.

6:50 am PDT Morgane Charre and Ella Conolly take the top two spots with Morgane taking a nine-second lead.

6:50 am PDT Isabeau Courdurier takes another stage win with just 0.770 back to Morgane Charre.

6:56 am PDT It's now the turn of the Elite Men to take on the final stage, the top five are:

1st. Hugo Pigeon: 12:11.000
2nd. Brady Stone: 12:21.490
3rd. Guillaume Larbeyou: 12:26.850
4th. Mathew Stuttard: 12:28.080
5th. Vid Persak: 12:29.120

Stay tuned for the rest of the Elite Men's field to drop in soon.

7:05 am PDT Hugo Pigeon stills leads with Slawomir Lukasik 1.88 seconds back in 2nd place.

7:09 am PDT Ed Masters goes fastest by over six seconds!

7:12 am PDT Richie Rude goes third, eight seconds back.

7:12 am PDT Jack Moir ends the last stage only 1.48 seconds off the pace, what can Jesse Melamed do?

7:13 am PDT Jesse Melamed finishes in seventh, 10 seconds back, he should still win the overall.

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 @roxy8326: EWS is going there too
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 Becky Cook and Jess Stone both inside the top ten as privateers! And after missing practice thanks to their hire car being broken into and Jess’s passport being stolen! Madness
  • 2 0
 Pure guts
  • 12 1
 Nie da ci ojciec,
nie da ci matka,
tego co da ci
  • 2 0
 hahahah that's beautiful 3
  • 2 0
 Hahaha. Go Slawek!
  • 9 0
 We Are One Arrival makes it on the U21 mens podium ! Well done Helly!
  • 1 0
  • 9 0
 Go kiwis! 4 in the top 10
  • 4 0
 Give em a taste...
  • 7 0
 Edward M-F’ing Masters! Right on!
  • 5 0
 Looks like Sam can't really match the pace of the top riders. Hope he'll get some speed back over the next couple races
  • 7 10
 As much as I am a Hill fan, seems like he is destined for E Bike racing with his boy Sik Mik. He has not had the speed for a few years now....unlikely to magically come back.
  • 15 0
 Age catches up with everyone eventually (except Minaar, obvs)
  • 3 1
 @bikebasher: his experience might help him win races. I would count him out entirely
  • 2 0
 @bikebasher: with sik mik going 2nd at crankworx dh…
  • 16 0
 For his first race in ages, and for having recently recovered from Covid and it’s side effects that were bad enough to prevent him from traveling and racing in tweed…

I think he actually did pretty well.

I’m hopeful we’ll see him get more competitive as the season goes on.

Also, Congrats to Jesse. Looks like we may have a great series this year Smile .
  • 11 0
 He hasn’t ridden his bike for 6 weeks leading up to the event and still a top 30…
  • 2 0
 @vandenr2: yea people need to give him a break, 6 weeks off the bike and I can barely operate it
  • 3 0
 @ocnlogan: I mean he's suffering from covid related asthma which isn't optimal for an enduro race. Minnaar had a much longer time to recover from it.
  • 1 0
 @Saucycheese: People have written him off before, then he came back and won a DH WC and the EWS overall.
  • 6 0
 Congrats Jesse that was awesome!
  • 3 0
 Great to see PB alumni up there. Say what you will about the show but the top riders are having a solid start and glad PBA gave them an opportunity to go after it. Go Evan and Emmett!
  • 2 0
 Not sure what happened to Emmett in the last stage. Looking at the EWS website it looks like he dropped to 6th for the event, but I can't find the stage breakdowns for the U21. He was chasing a podium finish for a bit there.
  • 3 0
 Hellova weekend for the kiwis but I'd be lying if I said the main reason I checked these was to see where Matt came after riding 1500km to get here...
  • 4 0
 Always a comforting thought, knowing that Sherlock is in the hunt.
  • 2 0
 I headed out for my morning ride after stage 4 hoping Jesse could hang onto his lead. So glad to come home and see that he did! A very well deserved win.
  • 1 0
 And I've got to say: it's not *only* because Jesse and Isabeau were the heavy lifters on my fantasy team
  • 3 0
 Yeah Jesse!!! The peoples champs !!! So stocked for you, congratulations !!
  • 1 0
 oof - Rude having a shocker on stage 4 losing 8 seconds on a short stage to Jesse. Even Moir lost 3.5s Wish I could see how that affects the overall!
  • 4 0
 With the big gap between stages four and five we can luckily see the overall before it gets overwritten. Jesse leads by 16.790 seconds over Richie at the moment. Jack is 24.6 behind.
  • 3 0
 Actually the Overall on the live timing is now useful as nobody has ridden stage 5 yet.
MELAMED Jesse (3)
Rocky Mountain Race Face

25:41.500 0
RUDE JR Richard (2)
Yeti / Fox Factory Team

25:58.290 0
MOIR Jack (1)
Canyon Collective

26:06.100 0
LUKASIK Slawomir (11)
Canyon CLLTV Dainese

26:07.540 0
MASTERS Edward (23)
Pivot Factory Racing

26:13.410 0
MENZIES Jack (31)

26:20.510 0
LUCAS Cole (24)
Ibis Enduro Team

26:23.510 1
WALKER Matthew (10)
Pivot Factory Racing

26:24.120 -1
DENIAUD Youn (14)
Giant Factory Off-Road

26:38.240 1
VERNER Rhys (25)
Forbidden Synthesis

26:38.600 -1
  • 2 1
 That is not a shocker, one mistake and 8s are gone. A shocker would be something like a flat and 30s down
  • 5 0
 Good showing from the kiwi lads! Well done so far guys!
  • 2 0
 Richie and Jesse now tied for points in the series. Very exciting!
  • 1 0
 How do you select stage 5 on the ews site? All i see is overall, pro stage, stage 2, 3, 4. Maybe its my phone w the small screen?
  • 2 0
 I was on same situation. They didn't add the 5th stage until riders started dropping in. The new live timing site sucks.
  • 1 0
 @elyari: ya that was strange. Worjed ok after they added that icon. Surprised they didnt have the 5th stage icon initially. One IT guy on staff throwing it together for left over red bulls and cliff bars?
  • 3 0
 That are some tight times in the top five!
  • 2 0
 Academy's Emmett in the mix after pro/1/2 - how come he's not on Shimano?
  • 3 0
 He got a full bike sponsorship from WeAreOne for this summer, and is using Sram components as part of that I believe
  • 4 0
 Eddy bleeping masters!
  • 2 0
 About fucking time Jesse! Nice win !
  • 1 0
 Anyone know what happened to ALN? Did she crash/have a mechanical on stage 4?
  • 2 0
 Jesse on fire, but Winton either unfit or that GT tank don’t suit her?
  • 1 0
 Maybe she needs another frame sponsor.
  • 4 1
 The women's field appears to have got substantially more competitive in the last few years. Wouldn't want to pass judgement on Katy's abilities or training regime, but the others have not been standing still.
  • 1 0
 @chakaping: since she was up there only last year I don't think that is the problem, fingers crossed she will get back up the speed and starts doing top5!
  • 2 0
 Becky Cook and Jess Stone right up there as Privateers. Mint to see....
  • 2 0
 Good to see Jack back in the podium!
  • 1 0
 @edspratt vali and blenki are signed up for next weekends race. Any chance at getting them in the fantasy roster?
  • 2 0
  • 1 0
 Go Slawek!
  • 1 0
 Awesome win for Jesse! He really put the hurt on the bois!
  • 1 0
 YES Jesse congrats on the win!
  • 1 0
 Well done Matt stuttard, fastest Brit out there today!
  • 1 0
 Canadians racking up the podiums!
  • 1 0
 Anyone know what happened to Chloe Taylor + 1hr ?
  • 1 0
 slawek kurva yes!
  • 1 0
 Let's go Jesse!
  • 1 0
 Where is Miranda Miller?

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