Trickstuff Offer (Ever So Slightly Less Expensive) Blacked Out 'Stealth' Brakes

May 21, 2021
by Henry Quinney  
Trickstuff, the German components manufacturer famed for their brakes bring a new line to their range - the blacked out Stealth line.

The Stealth brakes have come about because Trickstuff were being confronted by a familiar problem in manufacturing - what to do with technically perfect parts that have cosmetic flaws? A brake with less than perfect anodization will still work flawlessly. The demand on resources, both in terms of time and materials to make the brake, is the same whether the finished product is perfect or not.

However, Trickstuff wants to always deliver on the promise of quality and wouldn’t expect many customers to accept a brake with imperfections, even if only cosmetic. There would be the option of selling these brakes as they are to clear them from stock, but the brand doesn’t consider this a viable option.

Trickstuff also points out that the easiest thing to do would be to throw these parts away, but that this is not reconcilable with their ideas of sustainable and repairable products, and a record they take pride in. All parts are manufactured in Germany, their hose fittings are reusable and they’re in the process of switching all their packaging to paper and wood.

To have a part such as master cylinder housing made from aluminum that was extracted with processes that aren’t necessarily easy on nature, which is then CNC’d for 30 minutes and anodized to be just thrown away because of a small blemish is incompatible with what Trickstuff feel are their key values.

So the solution? Trickstuff’s Stealth brakes.

All Stealth parts are anodized a second time which results in the new matte black surface. This subtle and understated look is a way of providing functioning parts without the interference of aesthetic imperfections.

Range Details & Pricing

The Direttissima Stealth will have an RRP of €990 for both front and rear brakes. It uses a four-pot C41 caliper. A brake with a 90cm Goodridge hose weighs 278g, including pads.

The Piccola Stealth uses a C21 two-piston caliper and will have an RRP of €850 for a set. A brake with a 70cm hose and pads weighs a mere 158g.

There is also the Piccola HD Stealth. The HD combines the lever of the Piccola with the C41 caliper of the Direttissima. Again, a front and rear setup has an RRP of €850 and a brake with a 70cm hose weighs 193g, including pads.

Where & When are the Brakes Available?

By the nature of the Stealth line, these brakes will not be available for pre-order. Instead, customers who already have pre-orders will receive advanced notice when a batch is made. All brakes will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. So far there are no Maxima Stealth brakes available.

These brakes may well be cheaper but that doesn't mean they're cheap. They won't be for everyone and I don't think they aim to be. They're very premium.

For more information please visit


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 That's a relief, I was worried they'd be expensive
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 Ok chad...
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 To buy a set you need to set up a Direttissima Deposit from your bank account. Once the transaction is completed they will send you a plastic bag so you can Piccola your stuff up that got throw out by your significant other after the monthly bank statement comes in.
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 I bought a full set of Magura for under £200 and they are exceptional. Can't see myself ever spending this kind of money on brakes. Most of my mates don't even have bikes this expensive...
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 Sorry to all the chads that got offended by my comment
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 @danielfloyd: the hell are you on about you dingus
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 @velociraptor-clintthrust: he's just butt hurt no one cared about him
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 @landscapeben: yea but if you were loaded you would

Personally I can never see passed hope for the right balance of quality and price
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 @toad321: nah, i'd buy Magura every time. Love the feel and power of them so much.
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 @landscapeben: psshht I have the piccola with the power plus pads and the $90 intend/brakestuff rotors.

Its pretty much like dropping anchor if I need to.
Have a shout fork and rolling a 65 degree head angle.

Seated with my saddle dropped and leaning backwards the Piccola will still lift the back wheel and send me otb no problem.

And they are the lightest in the world give or take 10 grams.
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 Trickstuff are nice no doubt but can't see me ever needing more than my Shigura setup. If you can lock the front wheel at 20mph plus on asphalt in the dry then why would you ever need more power. Lock up is lock up, the max power you will ever need, Shiguras offer that at a 1/3 the cost and in some cases even less. HOPE meanwhile look fantastic, best looking brakes imo, but my V4's were utter crap power wise, like half the power of the Shiguras. Full Magura was an option but plastic levers no thanks, can build with Shimano alloy levers with better ergonomics for cheaper, more reliable and with more power.
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 @Danzzz88: ya I understand if you have something you are happy with no reason to change.

But there is also the option to buy the Trickstuff levers only which us where the magic is.
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 @reverend27: my Magura have similar power to what you're describing and I weigh 210lb, I have no complaints and I spent a fraction of what you did so feel great about that too Beer
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 @landscapeben: I had maguras, didn’t find them a patch in hope, and when one broke before an uplift day the lbs couldn’t fix it but they could if it was shimano/sram/hope so that also influences my buying decisions mow
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 Look here’s some brakes that you can’t have either because you can’t afford them or because it takes 12-15 months to get a normal pair and if you are lucky you get invited to get a black pair
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 ...can bike publications stop reporting about stuff which is not available? ...but perhaps I am missing the point
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 Trickstuff brakes will be the thing mountain bikers pass down younger generations in the family.

In 69 years: These are my granddads Stealths, still have the original hoses. My dad only bled them once before he got married. See this scratch? He stopped so abruptly he flew into a cow!
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 -Cow? Those were dinosaurs, right?
-No. Mammals. But now they are extinct just like dinosaurier
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 So normal I roll my eyes when companies talk about sustainability and recycling. Most of the time its hypocritical nonsense. But these brakes really are built to last, and repurposing parts that have cosmetic issues is genius. Thats probably the best way to cut down on waste and pollution. In 30 years when all the kids are on electric-servo fly-by-wire brakes with traction control and AI-controlled fore-aft braking, the hipsters of that time will be on these.
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 @hamncheez: that is my main issue with vehicles. as a society we replace them so often for the sake of 'efficiency' completely ignoring the manufacturing and disposal impact.
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 @mobil1syn: always more environmentally friendly to keep driving what you have rather than replacing it
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 @mobil1syn: In fact it's more "eco friendly" to keep your old car until it's about 20 years old than buying a new, more efficient one. The amount of fuel that is used to manufacture a new car is way more than what you save by changing it in five years...even electric cars.
And with all that money that you save you can buy a new bike.
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 @juanmallorca: true but I think a lot of the arguments are for new cars to not produce pollution locally where it damages the population. Not sure about having all the damage done to the environment though probably just shit no matter what you drive so, get on yer bike
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 @hamncheez: or they can unofficially sell it in the black market without warranty. That's how I get a brand new, high end, locally made European branded tire for 20 USD. Just because the hot patch is slightly off axis.
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 @Peskycoots: good point, seems to be particularly beneficial to have less diesels in built up areas as they are very bad for children especially
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 @juanmallorca: Exactly and even if you sell your car to buy a new EV, your old car is still on the road creating emissions from the person who bought it from you driving it. The 'perfect' scenario would be if EV manufacturers took in your gas burning car on trade and destroyed it.
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 @Tmackstab: Actually what makes sense is to stop using the car for everything and stop making new cars, is a waste of resources, it would be nice to convert existing cars to EV. There are some companies that can do that but it's still marginal and a bit expensive.
The biggest problem, anyway, is the city model that we have, it creates a lot of mobility problems.
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 @Peskycoots: yes, as a society we tend to think that if we can't see the harm we do there is no harm at all. Every action has consecuences...but all this is a very big topic that falls out of the scope of pinkbike.
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 @juanmallorca: it’s very human to hide the problem rather than deal with it haha
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 @mobil1syn: this!!! I’ve been saying this for years! If people had the cars they owned from the 70’s about 5 times less cars would exist. Manufacturing is a heavier cost than running them, moreso now with the batteries and each car having 2 miles of cable run through it, also less recyclable than ever, being plastic and carbon etc... as opposed to steel!

People buy new cars and say it’s “for the environment”, why don’t they stop lying and say it’s because they want more luxury and to make Geoff next door’s wife fancy you more, which is the truth.
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 @cunning-linguist: If you really want to do something for the environment...stop buying s**t!
Every new thing we buy that we don't need is a waste of resources.
If we worry about what world are we leaving for the next generations we have to start demanding reparability and longer life span of products to manufacturers..."but the economy?..." There is no economy without a place to live.
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 @juanmallorca: Exactly brother! my point hit on the head! Smile
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 If I’ve paid that much, I want everyone to know about it.
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 Not me! I'm married. I try to keep my bikes looking as inexpensive as possible.
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 @kungfupanda: I feel you
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 @kungfupanda: This guy gets it
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 Oh no! Brian Park's 10 year* RAAW Madonna project could have cost ever so slightly less? He'll be gutted.
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 I am gutted mainly because basic black is my favourite.
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 @brianpark: imagine how good these brakes would look on the black madonna. You should just start over and sell me your frame and brakes
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 I could’ve been convinced to pay extra for black... missed opportunity
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 Want v Need I WANT but I also NEED the wife not to non-surgically remove my nuts!
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 So you want your nuts to be removed surgically?
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 Ooh, too fancy for having your nuts removed non-surgically? Well la-di-da Mr. Frenchman.
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 @Nygaard: he’ll be left with nothing but a car hole.
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 No offense, but if you're afraid of your wife if you buy a pair of brakes for your bike, she did already.
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 Thank you pinkbike comment section for once again making me laugh out loud
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 The Direttissima and Piccola HD sold out in 2 mins. I was poised to buy, but they'd sold out by the time I'd got to checkout...
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 Me too! Navigating a German website on my phone, and gone.... Kinda put all the people complaining about price on here in perspective.
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 Same! Brian Park bought them and is building another madonna in black secretly.
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 @kylar: no not really...
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 Many comments from those that don't own or have never ridden these brakes. I've been running a set of dirressitima (sp) for 2 years... Hard to describe in text how good they are... Except to say the xtr 9100 on my xc race bike are garbage in comparison. Everytime I ride something else I think it's crap.... Name your high end brake they are still crap. On the waiting list for the piccolas for my other bike.
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 This. I have 3 sets of piccolas and everything else feels like shit in comparison.
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 Yep and completely rebuidable and no need for olive and barbs ever again.
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 @EdSawyer: I have a set of the orange and yes everything else feels like crap.

I think people pass over the Piccola and go straight for the DRT and Maxima.

But the Piccola are a bad ass brake and have plenty of power needed to send you otb but the modulation to make sure it doesn't happen.
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 @EdSawyer: will say not the easiest to bleed though the Piccola can be a tricky beast to get all the air out first try.
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 @reverend27: this is true, I had to bleed all Mine more than once, but eventually
It worked out perfectly.
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 Hayes Dominion A4s...

Put them against trickstuff any day (except on a scale).
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 Take any modern enduro/dh brakeset and put them on a bike. Start riding. Squeeze the rear brake hard and lock up the rear tire. Squeeze the front brake hard and either lock up the front or go OTB. That is the limit of what the brakes can do in terms of stopping.

The expensive brakes don't make you stop any harder, because they get you to the limit just like a mid range good brake set. Once the wheels are locked up, there is nothing more that the brakes can do. Even 2 piston brakes with 200mm rotors can do this.

The less-than-full-force braking part in between is all control and personal preference. Shimanos are more on-off with less lever travel and more force modulation, SRAMS are the opposite, others I have no experience with. There is also heat dissipation design, but then again this is really not an issue as much as people think, considering a good portion of heat gets dumped into rotors. There aren't really reports of any modern brakes losing all power due to fluid boiling.

And if Shimanos and SRAMS are good enough for pros to win titles, then its probably safe to say that Trickstuff are not above the rest. They definitely feel high quality with smooth operation, but to call everything else garbage when you are FAR below the skill of riding that benefits from top of the line brakes is kinda pretentious.

Its the same old story with suspension. People go on and on about how spending x amount of money on suspension is worth it because its so smooth and supple over bumps, but what they don't realize is that the fastest bike setups out there all run very firm suspension for the much faster riding speeds and harder hits that the pros experience, and consequently have the fitness to deal with. Riding a pro bike will make you feel like the suspension is just set up too firm and not good, but in fact that is the setup if you wanna go fast.
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 @TwoHumanPower: I say this to everyone I talk to who goes on about how their “SRAM guides just aren’t powerful enough”. If they can lock the wheels for your amateur level riding on steep, grippy dirt, then they are powerful enough. Never quite understood the need to seek out the “most powerful” brake in the world. Get a good bleed, maybe up rotor size if 180mm or below, and be done with it.

MTB is really just a way to show off how wealthy you are these days to most anyway, so whatever makes y’all happy I suppose. But having $3k in brake sets for your various bicycles is nothing more than a flex on the guys with just XTs, who are probably riding faster and don’t care about your fancy brakes anyway.
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 @komodo1: it's not about the power, it's about modulation and consistency. You can break faster with more control by not locking up a wheel.
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 @Bloodshot0: this. plus less hand fatigue more control in the case of Piccola you can run them on a xc race bike because they are the lightest and then throw them on a enduro bike and have world class power and modulation.

completely rebuildable and the cost and beauty will pretty much ensure they dont end up in a land fill. Like my xt/slx brakes have.

ALSO and a major factor to me these are built by people paid a good wage. These brakes don't come from a sweat shop.
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 @TwoHumanPower: Bet you all those pros would rasther be on the trickstuff.

Also are we talking about the same pros who run gear other then their sponsors and then black out the label?
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 @komodo1: lol what do you think I was running that pissed me off so much I was willing to throw money at the problem so I never have to deal with it again. I was the xt guy now I'm the trickstuff guy I've had both if you ask me would I do it again and buy more? in a heartbeat.

Go to the brake forums and look at ALL the problems people have with those brakes you say are just as good.

5 years from now Ill still be using the same brakes can you say the same?
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 I just want their hydraulic gyro. Is that really too much to ask for?
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 thank god, glad im not paying 1k for brakes now *whew*
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flag yetiyot (May 21, 2021 at 10:08) (Below Threshold)
 If I'm not mistaken, they usually go for the price mentioned above, but per side and not for a set. So you can say it's cheaper..
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 @yetiyot: Direttissimas are currently listed at €450 per end, so these for a pair cost,… more? Maybe there’s some VAT nonsense going on, but those are the prices the site lists for me right now. :shrug:
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 @azureblue: The stealth option Direttissima include a Goodridge hose upgrade that isn't as standard on the normal ones i think.
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 If these had a 600 dollar upgrade kit that shaved 4.7 grams they would be perfect for that Ghost Lector build.
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 Just buy the levers thats where the magic is anyway Trickstuff actually recommend it. You can mate them to any caliper be it mineral oil or a dot brake Trickstuff make a version for both.
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 @reverend27: still more expensive than any other brake
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 This would brake my bank account but I don't mind. Is there a trick to get this stuff this year ?
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 Why is it so expensive to make good brakes???????????????
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 lots of tiny, machined parts - and these guys really machined everything to death. Plus in this case, they're machined in a developed country with higher wage standards.
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flag bunjiman82 (May 21, 2021 at 11:50) (Below Threshold)
 It isn't...
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 maguras are good, most people just have trouble bleeding them
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 @big-red: and they like earn some money too, living the outdoor hipster life in Germany around Freiburg is not cheap.

TS Brakes are great but they don't deserve all that praise they manage to get via clever media/marketing campaigns and shortened supply.

I own Shimano, Hope, Formula and Magura brakes and riding buddies have Trickstuff, AvidSram and Hayes brakes.

With proper maintenance and careful setup and brake pad / disc selection you can make every mediocre brake great and without it every great brake can perform like utter crap. Looking at you, shimano.

With the saved money if non TS brakes you can buy sooooo maaaaany discs and pads to last for lifetimes.

Truth be told, their own discs and pads perform great and are adequately priced, and work well on my bikes.
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 @Korbi777: the newer ones are fine it was the old ones from 3+yrs ago that were problematic.
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 @Korbi777: the only trick to getting a good bleed on Magura brakes is understanding gravity. lol
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 @Korbi777: well I would say maguras are great if you don't scratch them.
Magura is prone to lever and housing damage. I would never place them on an Enduro. Some get along but I don't want a plastic brake. I am actually not far from their mt7 plant but naa man , Trickstuff all day. I actually replaced 4 mt7s with a set of Direttissima. Since 3 year's no defects but I smacked rocks with it. Even the bars did fail but not the brakes..
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 @Korbi777: Maguras are actually not that bad to bleed, the problem is that Magura's bleeding tutorials are terrible. I ended up watching multiple videos on the subject in English and German, and the two tricks for bleeding them ends up being the use of the syringe with the vent hole at the master cylinder/lever side and not securing the caliper end to the frame/fork.

If you start from a fresh, empty set: fill the hose up like normal with the syringes on both ends, pressing the fluid back and forth (really making sure to get that suction on each end to pull through any air), then at the end orient the bleeder port on the caliper so it's pointed up and insert the plug.

Then, move to the master cylinder and start pressing down on the plunger and pull the plunger up to get vacuum on the system to get the air out. Repeat this a couple times. Finally, and this is the trick to prevent fluid from spraying everywhere: equalize the system by pulling up on the plunger until it passes the drilled hole. Once you've done this, slowly start pulling the syringe out of the bleeder hole. Just prior to the syringe tip coming out, put your finger over the hole to prevent the fluid from coming out. Put the syringe to the side and place the plug into the hole on the master.

Now you're done. I can get a perfect bleed on it every time, and while it's not as easy as SRAM's proprietary bleeder setup, it's no longer the monster as the first time I tried using their instructions.
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 @nickfranko: way more complicated then it actually is, but I am happy you figured out a way to make it work for you.
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I agree that most brakes can be grate.
But not Magura because of the plastic weakness they have.
Change the housing to some basic Shimano SLX or Zee body. Then you have a fantastic brake in my opinion. They are strong as the Direttissima it self and their bitepoint is crazy.

I also agree about the hipster life around Freiburg. Haha, I pay 1100€ for 80qm. A friend pay 2000 for 100qm because he is near the city center.
It's f*cking joke the rent around here..
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I earn 300eur less than your rent costs, and pay 1/5th of earnings as rents, while getting groceries is roughly the same pricewise. Speaking of jokes...
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 @conoat: not for everyone
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 @nickfranko: what i mean. nobody really knows how to bleed unless you found a way. mine work perfect. if i bleed them like in the video tutorial, they dont.
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 @Serpentras: sure pay more get more. but still maguras are really good. i own both mt7 and direttissimas. sure trickstuff is awesome, but if i want good working brake maguras can do it easily. also not everybody likes the trickstuff lever feel. for some its too much power on the point
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 @Korbi777: well like I said befor they are not good because of the weak housing. My mt7 was dead after a blown seal because I hit my leaver to hard on a crash, not the housing. Only the lever, no twisting. Just totally against the grips.
Magura told me, no warranty if the internal seal is blown without leaking. 90 bugs to fix it. I bought instead two Zee housings for 21€ each with new hose and hardware..
Spend 50 in total because the other was also converted and had way better brakes. The stock mt7 leavers suck compared to mostly anything. The bitepoint of the Shigura is insanely good. Damage to leaver or housing? Pff, Zee's are way stronger then the plastic MT whatever. Seriously who the fuq thought its good to go with that?
You even screw your screws into plastic. For a brake housing worth 100€.
Sorry that's not quality that is just a lot of mark-up.
I am the quality controller here for 250 dudes and dudets. Shit like that would get send back to the drawing boards if I see the price tag.
If you want to use plastic for your high-end brakes, at least make the thread's out of threaded rivets instead of self cutting plastic screw's.
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 @moferenc: Hungary? In Bulgaria I earn 300 eur less than you and groceries are the same price and even more expensive than in Germany. Yep. Don’t want to speak about bills like electricity and other stuff.
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 I hate a wasteful world where a flaw is any big deal on something that should be ridden and scratched right away anyway.
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 If only Hayes could slim down their master cylinders into the works of art TrickStuff is turning out, we might have a good value alternative to these, but alas, I’ll keep on rocking Shimano with wandering eyes.
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 I know that this is Gauche. I find a lot of value in buying things made in places that support the same standard of living I enjoy. I would buy these. I would also buy saints as they are made in Japan. the price difference would have to be justified in a performance increase.
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 What was even the point of making this article? They usually have only one or two sets available, and they were sold out before this article hit the Interwebs. this is something that happens every so not so often, so you need to be hovering that website every hour to get hold of a set.
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 Braking power is nothing without good traction/friction.

Always make sure you pair your brake pads with a high quality rotor. Cheaper rotors are made of alloys that like to glaze. Make sure your rotors are sized for your weight (larger diameter for heavier riders). Use tires that have compounds and tread that are matched for your trails.

Without those key ingredients, having the most powerful brakes is absolutely useless. To quote Pirelli "Power is Nothing Without Control."
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 So question for all the Hope connoisseurs out there. Consensus is that Hope brakes are good and reliable but lacking on power compared to the Saints an Codes out there. Why can’t Hope improve their design to increase the power ala Trick Stuff and pretty much take over the world as the reliable, powerful, and priced right brake of choice?
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 because just like shimano they won´t admit that there is an issue.
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 The problem is that people don't understand brake power.

If a brake can lock up a wheel, that is the max power that the brake can supply. Many brakes do this, even 2 piston ones with 200mm rotors. The main thing that varies from brake to brake is the percieved power based on the hydraulic leverage ratio.

If the leverage ratio is lower, that means that the brake lever requires less travel, more finger force for the same braking. Shimanos are like this.

If the leverage ratio is higher, that means that more lever travel is required to get the same braking force, but the force on the finger is lower. SRAMs are like this.

The difference between the two is all personal preference. Some people coming from moto background, especially with track riding on sport bikes, prefer Shimanos because on a sport bike, the brakes are usually very stiff once engaged, and force feedback on your fingers is much more accurate (which is needed for trail braking into a corner and not washing out the front end). On the other hand, people who started on bikes and are used to the higher lever travel of mechanical disk brakes prefer SRAMS since it "feels" like they are more powerfull due to lower finger force.
  • 2 0
 I’m holding out for the oil slick version!
I’m also going to need a trickstuff bumper sticker for my truck. How else will everyone know that I’m a cool guy?!?
  • 1 0
 if you buy something directly from them, anything really, you get a sticker. then you send it back anyway.
  • 4 4
 If the anodizing has a flaw you send it back to the vendor to strip & re-anodize their mistake at their cost. Is something different in Germany? I don't understand. Even if Trickstuff damaged the finish during assembly they can still send it back for a re-do. What am I missing here? I work at a fab shop and if parts come in with bad plating/anodizing they go right back to the vendor to get fixed. Does stripping & re-anodizing screw-up tight tolerances?

Black Sharpie markers "fix" scratches in black anodizing all day long too lol
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 Maybe the anodise in house, like Hope do.
  • 1 0
 Urgh...maybe *they* anodise in house.
  • 1 0
 I was under the impression that when aluminium is anodized a few microns of the surface layer are eaten away. How is it possible to anodize lever and calliper bores a number of times without them going out of spec?
  • 2 0
 @jclnv: they probably plug the bores mate otherwise they would also have trouble with the anodised coating breaking down within the mechanism.
  • 1 0
 @landscapeben: Yeah I thought about dummy pistons etc but could see the plugs leaking under the horrible process. I guess you’re right though, makes the most sense.
  • 2 1
 Ok, so I bought the eeWing's cranks, those were $1,000, and I run XX1 AXS....But for some strange reason I just don't see myself spending $1,200 on brakes. My Code RSC's are fantastic for less than half the cost !
  • 25 0
 Pfff! Peasant!
  • 9 0
 It's just a thought experiment for me as Code RSC's are already at the upper end of what I could reasonably spend, but if I'm ever looking at eeWings I'm also looking at Trickstuff for a more tangible effect on performance and the same kind of "lifetime product" quality. If I'm ever looking at really high end drivetrains it will mean my brakes have already been upgraded to the best available. It's a way higher priority IMO.
  • 2 0
 Seems like you have your priorities backwards but to each their own when it comes to expensive bike toys
  • 2 0
 Try the trick stuff power pads. They don’t last very long but there’s a noticeable increase in performance over stock sram pads.
  • 1 0
 @thenotoriousmic: good recommendation. I'll add a disclaimer that for me they only lasted about 12 hours (muddy conditions). And I found wet performance was quite awful. They're very good dry weather pads if you go in with a mindset that they'll need to be replaced in a month or two, instead of the 6 months I had assumed people meant by "fast wear."
  • 2 0

The way i see it, I usually swap frames every year. The cranks and wireless drivetrain make that task a hell of a lot easier.

Having to source proprietary brake line and components in a pinch is not ideal, especially when they are coming from another continent. SRAM Code parts are stateside and readily available both locally and nationally.
  • 1 0
 @Simann: that's a good argument, and as you said, Codes really are good brakes.
  • 3 0
 @OldDert: I would not consider throwing Code RSC's on my bike as "backwards priorities" when my entire build is top shelf....
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 @Simann: well I guess you must use the brakes to really judge them.
I bought the levers first and combined them with the mt7 calipers. Callipers going bad and I decided to buy the rest of it. I never had a brake that trouble free. After 3 year's of riding..

There are other expensive parts like the disc's I just ordered. 130€ or 158usd
For each disc. Thicc boy's 223mm X 2,2mm.
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 Put these on the new Specialized Levo Ebike and it could hit $20,000.
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 These look amazing in black, but I just can't quite justify the price. I'll keep looking at them though, it'll help convince me that it's okay to buy a Magura MT8 for my dj bike.
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Ok,I'll PM you my adress.
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 Love Trickstuff. Beautiful engineering
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 Do they make rim brakes ?
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 These are supposed to be cheaper ????? Eek They’re still over $1250 Canadian WTF
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 How did you get the emoji in? Emojis should be part of PB. An emoji is worth a thousand words.
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 Is there ant advantage to ano? I mean for brakes couldnt they jist release a raw version, skip the ano and pass the savings on? I mean Raw would look rad on these brakes.
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 @yetiyot: oh yes im sure, but... how good are they really for €990 brakes? im sure they are very good, but really, how good are they?
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 People that have ridden the 4-pot brakes say they're stronger than Saints and have better modulation. They're also about the same weight as XTR 4-pot brakes. They may not be necessary given how good those other brakes are already, but I think it's fair to say that price comes with real performance improvements. In other words, if money was no object, these are the brakes I would spec on my bike because they really are the best. That's not always the case for the comically expensive stuff.
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 Not quite as good as the €1100 Maxima...
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 That's a relief, I was worrying they were so cheap so that I won't help buying one. Now I won't lose my money.
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 I am sure they are awesome, but I could buy nearly four sets of my current brakes for that price.
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 This isn’t new.
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 At first I thought they were low end shimano brakes with OG saint levers. doh lol
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I quit MTB that is too mutch!
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 See you on the trails tomorrow
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 I order a set of HD Piccolas last August. Sigh...
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 I have to wonder how many of these they end up making on purpose.
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 Looks cool. WANT!
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 waiting time 2 years
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 They were available for immediate dispatch, hence the rush to order them.
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 Saint.magura mt7 all under the 400 mark this is just silly money
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 Yeah, I've have had mt7 , saint, code rsc. MT7s were best of those for DH and my riding style. After exhaustive bleeding sessions it was possible to have the handle also very close to bar, which in my experience is great to reduce arm pump. Now I've had Direttissimas for 2 years. They are just from different planet. The amount of power with very little squeeze. Bleed once and forget. Yes, they are expensive .
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 How does trickstuff compare to shimano for those that have used both?
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 Different league. More power, better modulation, fully serviceable. (Used pretty much everything shimano, now running Maximas)
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 Hahaha what? Is this a troll?
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 @thenotoriousmic: because I have not used trickstuff?

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