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Video: The Making of a Trail Dog with Stevie Sticks & Andrew Taylor

Sep 22, 2022 at 9:25
by Andrew Taylor  

When the world slowed down and traveling came to a halt we decided it was the perfect time to add a member to the family. As our new puppy became of age I started taking her on rides with me and quickly realized I had myself a dog who loved exploring the trails just as much as I do. It's been a blast getting the opportunity to put this video together and I'm excited to introduce you all to Stevie Sticks!




Video Courtesy of Burst Media Creative

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 Unpopular opinion: Everyone loves their dog and thinks they're great on the trail, but as a rider who's been chased by dogs, had dogs run out in front of my bike on descents, ran over dog shit or see it left, inexplicably, bagged by the side of the trail I'd be totally fine if you just left Fido at home.
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 Good for you, I'd be totally fine with you riding where dogs aren't allowed off-leash
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 Glad you got that off your chest man! Now you can go back to being mayor of Awesomeville stress free!
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 @kingpine All the trails would be better if others stayed home. Let's not lump all dog owners under the umbrella of the few bad ones. Have fun responsibly with your dog. Personally, I love seeing dogs out on the trail. Always brings a smile to me face. They deserve to enjoy these beautiful places just like we do.
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flag MattP76 (Sep 22, 2022 at 12:59) (Below Threshold)
 Totally agree. Anyone with half a brain cell would do too!! But of course it not cool too in this website.
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 Despite the downvotes, i agree 100%. I’ve been out riding with my sons a few times and one time a dog darted out and startled my son, leading to him crashing. He thought it was trying to attack him. Another time a dog was running alongside and trying to nip him. I’m fine with dogs off leash if they can leave others alone but those experiences were enough to scare my one son into not riding the one forest where that happened, and it’s a shared multi-use forest.
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 @Domokeats09: I don't know how it is in Canada, but in the US most public parks require you have your dog on a lead. But everyone thinks their dog is the exception to the rule.
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 @misteraustin: Sadly, most dog owners, like most people, are a little dim and cocksure (I count myself in that camp). Mistakes happen when they need not.
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 Agree and disagree at the same time.
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 In addition, some riding areas risk closure because of dog owners flagrantly disregarding rules. I've seen a dog chasing cattle all over a pasture for long periods of time, because the owner apparently felt like they could not only ignore the rule banning dogs at the trail system on private land (which is a cow pasture), but that their dog could also be off leash on that land.
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flag Duderz7 (Sep 22, 2022 at 13:36) (Below Threshold)
 I personally would be totally fine leaving you at home. Your crap attitude deserves dog eggs!
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 @misteraustin: Part of the problem is that it doesn't take an egregiously bad dog owner to cause problems on a mountain biking trail. It only takes a brief moment of a dog getting surprised by something they didn't expect, or the owner losing control of their dog for 30 seconds out of a whole year of perfect control.
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flag johnnygolucky (Sep 22, 2022 at 13:42) (Below Threshold)
 I'd bet you're also a huge hit at parties.
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 @Domokeats09: I do, and yet here we are...
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 @Domokeats09: The majority of dogs that I see in areas that require leashes, are off-leash. Maybe we call that an enforcement or a local dog owner culture problem, but when you mix in mountain bikes the results can be the same.
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 @johnnygolucky: The hugest.
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 @astrofusion: Done and done!
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 You shouldn't be getting hate. I've ran over enough dog shit and have had dogs dart out in front of me on the trails. Everyone thinks their dog is a "good" dog, until it isn't.. people act like their dog isn't an animal, blows my mind. There are wild animals out there, other people hiking or ridings, sometimes horses, etc. It's not even the dog's fault either, it's the irresponsible dog owners who ruin it for everyone else.
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 For the record, I did preface with 'unpopular opinion'. Also, I've had dogs throughout my whole life. I think they're great but I don't expect that random people in the woods should have to deal with my dog, in any form, unless they want to.
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 Really comes down to one question: If I was riding responsibly, your dog runs out in front of me, I hit it and kill it after trying to avoid it at all costs, would you be OK with that? I know I wouldnt. Im sure you wouldnt. But that IS the risk.
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 @noplacelikeloam: that would entirely be the owner's fault.
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 I carry bear spray for the bad dogs…and bad owners.
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 @Lebmartin: But would the owner accept responsibility for the fact that they and their "fur baby" were at fault?
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flag nskerb (Sep 22, 2022 at 14:43) (Below Threshold)
 @Ryawesomerpm: Sounds like you need to teach your son how to toughen up some.
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 100% support on this opinion. Not a dog person. Dogs suck on the trail. I don't want to deal with your dog.
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 Leash ‘em up. Annoying and dumb hipster trend.
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flag Pinemtn (Sep 22, 2022 at 15:17) (Below Threshold)
 get a dog and you'll understand homie
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 I have a dog, I very much enjoy my dog. But dogs do not belong on busy bike trails. I can predict my dogs movements, but I wouldn’t expect anyone else to. I don’t want to bring a liability into an inherently dangerous sport, and I don’t appreciate being cut off by other dogs.
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flag Sweatypants FL (Sep 22, 2022 at 15:25) (Below Threshold)
 Your mom goes to college! Put her on a leash.
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flag Domokeats09 (Sep 22, 2022 at 15:47) (Below Threshold)
 @kingpine @Lebmartin: almost like the statement should be that irresponsible riders should stay at home. I fail to see how this has to do with dogs.

Take your dog off leash where they don’t belong? I’d rather you stay home too. Up here there are plenty of off leash allowed trail networks and dogs belong there as much as anyone else.
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flag Domokeats09 (Sep 22, 2022 at 15:49) (Below Threshold)
 @noplacelikeloam: I trained my dog to ride trails with me, so this isn’t really a question at all actually.

Also by this logic should young groms be considered a nuisance on trails? Seems more like the parents if they’re not teaching kids right.
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 @nskerb: my dog is 80lbs. if he came at me, and I didn’t know who he was, and couldn’t read his body language, I’d be scared as hell for sure. This is a child we’re talking about.
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 @ivemadeahugemistake: agreed, I love my dog and take him on walks daily but I couldn't imagine taking him out onto trails off leash. So many things that could go wrong. They may be perfect until they see a wild animal and run off. Couple months ago a lady who wasn't even riding had her dog take off around dusk. There were coyotes howling not too far off and I was frantically helping her try to find the dog. Luckily it was all good but I couldn't imagine doing that to my dog. Just too many things that could go wrong.
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 @dirt-mcgirt: Canadian dogs are more polite than American dogs.
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flag moroj82 (Sep 22, 2022 at 16:45) (Below Threshold)
 ok karen
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 @Domokeats09: congrats, you trained an animal to do achieve what most humans in cars fail to achieve every day. Or, maybe you didn’t.
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flag bok-CZ FL (Sep 22, 2022 at 23:36) (Below Threshold)
 I always wonder where are people like you riding their bikes?

We usually do it in nature. Which includes animals. They shit in woods and they can be pretty scary or aggressive sometime. Well, it´s just a fact.

Of course I´dont let the dog to annoy other people around. But the most time someone take a dog on trails is when the person is riding alone. And it´s a question of training to avoid these situations like dog running under wheels, grabbing other riders, shitting on trails etc.

Also for many people riding alone it could be the only chance to get help in anything goes wrong with the person.
Can´t thank enough to my previous dog, for taking off my fullface after a tree hit while I was out and my head was getting bigger and bigger and the strap was choking me. Can´t thank enough for finding the path back to challet while lost in shitty weather in Alps.
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 Its not an unpopular opinion. Dogs are a pain in the arse on trails. My mates ‘trail dog’ got seriously injured feet running with us. It also took him off his bike and put him out for a week. I have T-boned a dog square on at speed and have the OTB scars to prove it. The dog was lucky to not get put down. It ran out of a bush.
They are unpredictable as is the rabbit they suddenly go after. Leave them at home. Its cruel not cool
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 @noplacelikeloam: umm....okay...
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flag andrew8404 (Sep 23, 2022 at 1:06) (Below Threshold)
 Unpopular opinion. I hate riders that think they own the trail. Dumb riders just like there are dumb dog owners. Can't win them all can we? There are good riders and good trail dogs. As for the "dog shit" I don't see you complaining about the coyote shit or horse shit.
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 Totally on your side on that one!
One thing i have to mention though: it's usually not the dogs fault, it's just a dog after all. But the ignorant dog owners fault!

We have leash mandate in certain regions of Switzerland for certain times of the year. They are set to protect the young roe deer etc.
Every year i get some ignorant dog owner trying to tell me that he thinks that all the mountainbikers are rowdies and should not be allowed in the public forest while his dog is "just playing" with the young roe deers in the back...
So yes, dog owners f***ing piss me off 99% of the time i have to deal with them.
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flag Steventux (Sep 23, 2022 at 3:05) (Below Threshold)
 This could just as easily be said about people riding with their kids or kids riding in social media gangs.
Maybe substitute dogshit for sweet (candy) wrappers.
But that's going too far I know.
So lets start with a ban other species on our trails!
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 Reading through these comments. Just staggers me that people still think it's OK to take dogs on a Mountain Bike trail. They always use they reason 'I've trained it for trails' or 'what about kids on trails'. Fact is whether you are in denial or not Mountain Bike trails are no place for dogs. Keeps dogs off them!
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 You know, after reading a lot of these comments, I realize, I rarely do actually interact with off leash dogs while riding (usually trails with minimal hikers) and luckily the experiences I've had have been positive. But all it takes is one moment, and yes, dogs are animals with sometimes unpredictable behaviors. So let your dog enjoy the outdoors regularly! On a leash!
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 @andrew8404: there are good kids as well but I don't see many running loose on the freeway isn't it?
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 @Steventux: if a I see kid trying to get me on the trail I'll smack it and it's father, but never a dog, just the owner
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 I have rescued countless dogs, cats, ferret, and even horses (yes, I have a rescue horse right now too). I love dogs, but not on the trails. My trails are all leash required, but maybe 5% use them. And yes, I have been "chased" (barely a chase when I am just ignoring them, but the dog is totally out of owners control) plenty of times too.

Part of my peave with the off leash thing is, I have had an aggressive rescue before. In a controlled environment, she was wonderful. But every dumb ass who wants to go off leash in a leash required area always says "Oh, don't worry, my Fluffy is nice!"

"Except mine isn't!"

And then I am the a*shole for having my rescue dog on a leash, as she starts ripping your unleashed dogs face off. Funny enough, none of my pitbull rescues ever behaved like that.

And no, it isn't fun being chased by an off leash dog while riding your formerly abused rescue horse. But then again, mountain bikers hate horses so I am guessing people will like the fact that my rescue horse gets terrorized by off leash dogs.
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 I have a Newfoundland- problem solved. She would no more go mountain biking than she would fly.

Lovable rug, that one.

And yeah- getting attacked or crashing because an off-leash dog is just unacceptable- and I 100% blame the owner. I love dogs more than people, but god help you if your dog bites my tiny daughter out trying to enjoy some time in the woods.
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 @JSTootell: overall i guess i largely stand in the same position as you. The only thing i will disagree is regarding mountainbikers hating horses... I am no horse lover at all, but have no problem with horses. I have large respect from horses and therefore also just simply break down and choose a line so the horse can see me as early as possible. I also got horses scared just by simply standing under a shelter in heavy rain and it didn't see me until the last moment. But i try to avoid it as good as possible. It's a danger to the horse rider, to the horse and me.

The only point where i didn't like horses: where i lived before, is a short trail in the forest that was only like 30 s long, but very fun. It stayed wet for quite some time after the rain. So most people didn't go there until like a week after the rain. The exception were the horse riders. It ended up being a single mud hill and the forestry had to completely re-do this section. Now it's stable, but not fun to ride bikes nor horses and also unpleasent to walk...
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flag Pinemtn (Sep 23, 2022 at 10:24) (Below Threshold)
 @ilovedust: the npc ukraine flag says everything we need to know about you
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 @Lebmartin: You're right, yet someone downvoted you? WTH!
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 @wobblegoblin: idk if you've ever been personally bear sprayed. But I have. It's god awful. And I am hesitant to use it even on a bear. So I definitely wouldn't even think about spraying a dog or anyone else
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 @tristanward: that’s why I carry it.
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 @noplacelikeloam: did you have an aneurism writing this? I almost did reading it
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 @andrew8404: I think you mean you hate people who respect others around them and follow the trail rules. There are far more dogs on my local trails than coyotes, and no horses.. it's safe to assume it's dog shit. There are too few "good" trail dogs to justify allowing them all to not be leashed.
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 @noplacelikeloam: whoever downvoted me probably has a "good" dog at home lol.
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 @bok-CZ: you must not ride on populated trails then. I've only had bad experiences with too many dogs on trails, they're mountain bike trails, NOT dog running trails. Leave your dog at home, take it to a dog park, or leave it on a leash. It's the most responsible way to handle a dog and minimizes the chances of anything going wrong.
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 @Domokeats09: re-read the last sentence of my comment.
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 Agreed. Dogs and wheels don't mix well.
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 And honestly for most dogs it is not good for them. Running downhill is bad for their joints. My vet has begged me to stop before my dog has ACL surgery. Same goes for skiing with dog. Now I do take my dog on mellower winter fat bike rides where the snow provides a little cushion.
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 Very sound reasoning. This should definitely be upvoted. The dog’s health (both immediate and long term) should be the priority when considering what kinds of trails to ride / the trail profile / surface / air temp etc. Most breeds are not built for 1000m descents on shale stone at 35 km/ h in 30+ degrees Celsius heat. If your dog is keeping up with you it’s because he / she is not wanting to be left behind - and they will go to extremes to do this. Even harming themselves in the process. Dog’s health first - always. Stay safe on the trails & enjoy!
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 It really isn't. I biked and backcountry skied with my dog (a husky mix which is a pretty ideal breed for those activities) until he turned 9ish a few years back (and it became obvious he was in pain afterward).

Also spent about ~$4k to replace his ACL this year after he blew it running down some stairs at my house (undoubtedly weakened from earlier activity). You should budget for this if you're gonna have a trail dog. I'm also sure the surgery sucked for him (I also had major knee surgery this year) but he gets around just fine now on walks and short jogs. Pretty good for a 70 lb 12-year-old dog!

Point being is that it can be super rewarding if your dog can handle it and you are in a position to take care of the guys (or gal) long term. And while I can't ask him, I'm pretty sure he isn't mad at me for all those trails and peaks we shared.
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 @isilverman: sounds like YOU damaged your dogs joints. Good job making the point.
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 My wife works in a vet office and has seen multiple cases of owners running their dogs to death by taking them mtn biking. Everyone thinks their dog can handle it, until they can't. he dog will literally kill itself to keep up with you.
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 yeah i biked with my dog for a month then one day my friend let me put his gopro facing backwards on my bike so i could see her follow and i had no idea she was scrubbing jumps behind me and doing some crazy stuff, i stopped bringing her on rides to avoid dog acl surgery and opted to take her out swimming post ride instead
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flag isilverman (Sep 22, 2022 at 15:48) (Below Threshold)
 @wobblegoblin: I'm sure you know a lot more about this particular situation than I do. I now feel terrible about how cruel I've been to my dog and will spend the rest of my life atoning for my sins.
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 @snowFFFFFF: man that's just so sad. I get it, the idea of my dog coming mountain biking with me sounds amazing. But we do it out of our own self interest. The dog doesn't care about mtb, they just want to be out exercising with you. Lots of safer ways to do that. For some dogs and situations it can be perfect. But there's so many things that could potentially go wrong and the dogs health and safety should be the number 1 priority.
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 @DylanH93: Well said, couldn’t agree more. I love my doggo to the moon and back, I’d like him to live a long healthy life and unfortunately following me on dh trails would make that challenging.
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 I feel it comes down to trail choice and keeping your trail bud's health in mind. Slow, North Shore jank is great as they are pretty much walking down behind me. If we are in a group and head down a fast, flow trail I will go to the back of the pack and ride at a slow pace so that she is not sprinting to keep up.
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 If you start them too early that is definitely a possibility. I didn't start riding with my pup til she was 2 years old. Her joints developed fully and I was able to properly off leash train her. When riding with a group, I always brought up the caboose with the pups in tow. She knew to stay on my tire and it worked out great. My dog was extra motivation to get out on the bike everyday so that I could finally keep up with her pace in her young and energetic self. We spent a good 8 years tearing up the trails together however these days shes a trailhead dog now, perfectly happy to be chilling in my truck with portable fan waiting for me to return to sniff the diverse trailhead sniffs. This thread is very anti dog but when I was riding alone for all those years there was no better partner than my pup dog Emma.
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 @rogue28: anti dog would be if we liked to run them over, we don't, that's why we don't need dogs off leash in the trails, same with kids, they aren't aware of the dangers and don't react accordingly in most hazardous situations. It is quite simple
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 @adespotoskyli: again, comes down to training. Ensuring the pups are on the tail with a caboose rider owning they are on his/her heel. My dog learned real quick to get out of the way the first time and only time she’s ever been hit.
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 @rogue28: no matter the training dogs can still be caught out of guard, confused or chase something unexpectedly, that's what most people don't understand, then you have the dicks that don't want to cooperate with any sort of animals appart from their kind, it's a dangerous mix.
I own a jrt terrier most of the time does great, but it’s in their blood....
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 Mountain bike trails are no places for dogs. Sorry but it's a disaster waiting to happen. Everyone thinks it cool and it's fine until the dog goes under the wheels. Thanks to someone's 'trail dog' I nearly had a massive crash a few years back. Keep dogs off the trails!!
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 I agree 100% - I love dogs, and have two - I say this with peace and love! Take them for walks not rides, you are are only asking for trouble!
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 @Flatlanderic: Agree. I love dogs too. I definitely don't want to see them injured or worse. Loads think trails dogs are cool. Until it goes wrong and leads to a big accident injuring both dog and rider.
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 Cool, but at least were I live, we don't have "Mountain Bike Trails" unless we go to a bike park. We have Multi-Use Trails which means we have to be good with sharing with others.
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 Last year I almost had a massive crash avoiding some kid who was camped out under a jump. Mtb trails are no place for kids.
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 @Domokeats09: This...I'd be totally fine if you left your kids at home when riding non-sanctioned trails. Deadly little buggers.
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 Couldn't imagine running a dog over. I've seen plenty of people say stuff like "well I'll hit them if I have to, I'm not taking a crash". I'm a huge dog lover, I'd end up taking the crash to save the dog everytime, unless it's something crazy like edge of a cliff. Definitely praying I'm never in that situation.
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 @DylanH93: I’ve decided not to and taught my wife and kids not to risk their lives
and other humans lives to avoid hitting an animal.

I think any pet owner would agree.
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 At the World Champs in Les Gets a dog got loose in front of everyone at the fan zone by the reservoir. It was early in the men's final, and it wandered in track just as one of the riders came down. The dog noticed the rider about a second before the bike was level with him and curled up into a ball, fortunately they missed missed other. I dread to think of the mess if they'd collided as the bike was absolutely hauling.
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flag sanchofula (Sep 22, 2022 at 22:27) (Below Threshold)
 @HankHank: interesting comment, I seem to remember a few instances where bystanders took out riders while trying to take a picture.

I also remember a few instances where livestock and wild animals took your riders.

Maybe bystanders, livestock, and wildlife should banned too?
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 @HankHank: besides the risk of this happening, i would also argue that it's too loud for a dog. No wonder it gets panicked with all the chainsaws etc.
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 @Domokeats09: last year i had a crash avoiding a rock last year. rocks should not be allowed on the trail.
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 Yesterday I was riding down Expresso (blue flow trail) and there was Mr. Trail Dog just chilling the middle of a corner while his owner (on a bike) tried to recall him. I was in the groove and didn’t want to stop so steered around him but I did brake a bit.

Could have ended badly for both of us.

Nope to dogs on trail.
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 Same here. And then the dog owner shouts at you even though the trailhead sign reads "dogs on leash only" or "NO dogs".
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flag sanchofula (Sep 22, 2022 at 22:24) (Below Threshold)
 … and if that had been a person hiking or perhaps a rider who was down, you would have hit them?

Where I come from, blue trails are intermediate riding, often multi purpose trails, and nearly always bi directional.

Perhaps riding in control on a blue trail is in order?
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 @sanchofula: we’ll you definitely don’t come from the north shore then, where expresso is. It’s marked as a black so this kind of thing shouldn’t happen. Depending on the corner, that could be extremely dangerous to have a dog that doesn’t have good recall. And considering it’s literally one of the most ridden trails in the world, the dog owner should definitely have been training their dog somewhere else. It’s not like Vancouver has any shortage of trails.
Im all for riding with dogs but it better be at a low use trail network. And for the love of god stop bringing your dog on group rides
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 Just remember as your furry running buddy gets old and stiff legged you will still have to look after him/her.
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 I’m more of a cat person.
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 Trail cats FTW.
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 Swerved to avoid an off leash dog that shot of the brush in front of me on narrow single track. Went into a tree and had a broken branch jam into my face right below my eye, lots of blood and cussing. I was there for a while trying to figure out damage to my face. Nobody ever stepped up and said 'that was my dog how can I help?' Park is not an off leash park, but people who have let go of all concern don't care. I am a big time dog fan, but I follow the rules and only let my dog off leash where it's allowed, out of respect and safety for others
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 There are a few great trail dogs who can run with us off leash. Stay out of the way, come when called, don't crap in the middle of the trail. The rest are not good trail dogs and the only people happy to have them on the ride are the owners of said not great trail dogs. They don't seem to appreciate it when you ( or some other rider/walker/dog owner) points that out in my experience, they also don't appreciate when you put in the ride email tittle " dog and girlfriend free ride".
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 Living in Alaska, a trail dog is almost a necessity if you do any riding alone. My pup barks on command on the way up to alert any potential bears and moose. He was trained to shit off trail. carrys a pack with his own water and food and mine too. He's a little slower on the descents but I dont mind taking breaks and waiting for him every little bit.
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 You should get his buddies together and lash them to a sled and they can carry all your provisions for you .
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 "I dont mind taking breaks and waiting for him every little bit"
This is key.
When you're riding with dog, the pace needs to be dialed back and water/rest breaks increased, among other considerations.
100% agree about riding solo though, my ~2.5y/o Aussie-Lab mutt has alerted me to bears, elk, and potentially other critters I couldn't detect but she could on a couple rides. She loves the activity and the extra protein and fat in her post ride meal.
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 No one loves your dog as much as you do. Your dog is a pain in the ass on the trail. Leave ya fucking dog at home clown.
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 fruitcake, the irony of your name is priceless.
  • 3 1
 now now fruitcake...you usually dont start commenting before thanksgiving you tart pastry.
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 I'll ride with my heeler at times with a waist leash but its always on double track and not on busy single track. I never let him off leash when we ride, mostly due to the fact he will chase just about every living thing as most heelers do.
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 This was filmed in Boise is anyone is wondering.
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 Public land?
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 @kingbike2: these are public trails. The land ownership is mixed but the city has agreements with private landowners
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 What’s the first thing a dog owner who has their dog off leash always says when approaching others? “He /She is cool / friendly and won’t bite”. No bad dogs just bad owners.
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 I like "sorry, it's a heeler, and they're genetically wired to chase anything they think is cow or sheep. That's why it bit your tire."

Me: Yeah, you said that last week. Is that leash around your neck just for show or do you actually want the dog to bite someone?
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 Lot of fun when my ON leash dog WILL bite.
  • 6 0
 I love my dog and my bike but the two don’t mesh especially on a public trail network.
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 Funny story, riding a trail at Silverstar bike park that had a series of big berms and I could see a few berms ahead, there was the biggest brown shaggy dog on the berm. Well turns out it was a BEAR walking up the trail.
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 Keep your bears on a leash too on public trails.
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 We take our pup occasionally on rides but there's only about 5 trails we'll take her too. They're all relatively quiet, relatively flat and have good visibility and we always pull well off if another rider is coming up or down and we ride with her in the middle of us to keep her in control. I've seen people riding before and there dog will be 100 feet behind them and/or all over the trail. We've had someone elses ill behaved off leash dog try to attack ours. Be respectful, be responsible and be considerate, dogs are fun to ride with but know they shouldn't be on every trail. My $.02
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 Many years ago I ran over a dog going very high speed on a double track. I tried to avoid it but at the last minute the dog cut back unexpectedly and right in front of my wheel.

Dog was OK but every time I do ayahuasca I go back to the moment right before I hit that poor dog.

So if you have a dog and you take it on trails, just know that it might get run over. And the person that runs it over is going to have flashbacks... you want that on you?
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 This has been a good thread. Has made me reconsider my trail dog aspirations.
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 And, please, leave more poop bags trailside.
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 Please hang them on trail side tree branches.
  • 2 0
 Plastic wrapped trail gnome gifts.
  • 9 5
 also, i’m sure we can all agree that ebikers need to stay on leash at all times.
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 The double whammy is trailhead sign with "no ebikers" and "no dogs". Yet there they are.
  • 6 1

Loads of ebikers that can't read here. Riding trails that they aren't meant to be on.

My new rule, if I'm going downhill and you're on an ebike and climbing on a trail you aren't meant to be on - YOU ARE INVISIBLE TO ME. I will not give way to you.
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 As someone who views his dog as his best friend (I know I'm not alone in this), I'm seeing him move a lot slower, and with less balance (he falls several times a day) than when he was younger.

We are an outdoor family and I can't help but wonder if I helped contribute to his lack of mobility. We've never taken him mountain biking (too short, and too old when we started), but it hurts every time I see him.

There is sometimes a price to pay for high levels of activity. I'm not going to tell anyone not to bring their dog, but knowing what I know now, I am definitely never going to get a dog to go mountain biking with (at least not shredding rides). Take care of your buds.
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 I’ve seen some strange shit on the trails, French bulldogs , shitzus and other short legged doggies on the trails. To be fair they all looked like they were having a great time.
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 My dog had the time of his life riding with me for a few years, but it def effed him up. He mostly recovered without surgery, but it took a year or so. He also did piss people off on the trail. Have to be mindful not to hillbomb with them because they will torch their bodies trying to follow you
  • 4 2
 "look at my dog, so cool, van life, trucker hat, look at my dog." Another one here for no dogs on trails. Don't care how great you think your dog is. They're a nuisance to everyone else.
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 Another funny story, just riding along a shared bike path on our waterfront when I ran over a Canada Goose. Of course totally my fault due to brain fade . Canada geese waddle slowly and travel in clusters, groups, bunches, gangs , covens, packs, so are easy to spot and avoid. Mr. Goose was ok but I was so embarrassed as there were witnesses.
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 None of us are OK with people walking or running on MTB specific trails. (Especially descents)
Why would we make an exception for dogs?

I've seen plenty of dogs here take off after kangaroos, koalas, echidnas and even snakes. Not a distraction anyone needs on a trail, including the owner, plus it's terrible for the natural inhabitants.

It's a no from me.
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 Its about consideration for other riders and your dog imo. Taking your dog to a trail centre is different to taking it with you to trails in the local woods, and is very different to taking it to the bike park etc. If you are riding in a public area where dogs are allowed off-lead, one could easily run across a trail at any point and that's something you have to keep in mid - the same vein as running into clueless walkers coming up trails. You can be angry but if we don't have right of way/they are illegal trails then it's a matter of staying in your box or risking making things worse with other users of the land, and we are always the first group to lose access.

Prob best not to take your pup out on a saturday morning. Same as taking your young kids out to learn, avoid the busy times as you have less chance of coming across intolerant d!ckheads who will ruin the experience for everyone. And as useful as it is to have your dog run behind you, that's when they are most likely to hurt themselves. If they run ahead, they can dictate the speed they are comfortable at - but it means you have to trust your dog and have it well trained, unfortunately something a lot people don't do. They are more focused on looking like a cool dog owner than being a responsible one.
  • 3 2
 my Lab in her prime was a great trail dog. I didn't ride fast enough for her to blow her hips out and she was always Infront leading the trails constantly looking back to make sure I was still there .
  • 4 3
 About time Stevie had the spotlight! Nice job, all. This was the highlight of my day. Great music, incredible drone work, adorable dog, and that sneaky trail-flip... damn. Winning combo.
  • 6 4
 Yep leave the kook doggy home.. guaranteed likes from the hipster dipster beany wearing captain stoker 5 $ for a cup of lame coffee crowd that's forsure though eehaww
  • 3 0
 The best is ebikers with off leash dogs who make the uphill rider stop for them.
  • 1 1
 Dogs are like people. Some are aware of others' feelings. Some are not. Some breeds are a lot better than others for this trail dog thing. My Springer Spaniel is only interested in racing me. She's completely oblivious to others on the trail, including my mates, and gives everyone and everything a wide berth. Collies are the same. I've been nipped by 2 dogs out on a walk whilst I've been cycling, and never been attacked by a trail dog ever.
  • 1 1
 Dogs are like people. some are idiots, some are not. Personally, I find those who are trail dogs are (who'd have guessed!) more sensitive to other cyclists than dogs that aren't. I've been nipped on my bike by 2 dogs that were being walked. My Springer Spaniel is only interested in me, and trying to beat me on the trail inches from my wheel only. She gives everyone else a wide berth including my mates. It's in her instinct, and she's well trained, having walked all the trails I cycle regularly on and off the lead whilst she was puppy before hand. It's not rocket science. She's up to about 50 words she knows including 'stop, left, right, and straight on.' Smart dog. Oh, and she knows that the cat is the boss!
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 strange, thought one of my posts had disappeared.
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 Our dog, an aussie/lab mix, comes with us almost all the time. He's well loved in the community, and we mostly ride in the National Forests where things are chill. He's also mastered the art of anticipating switchbacks, so he gets a good rest by taking the shortcuts. Stevie Sticks needs to learn that trick. Great video.
  • 1 1
 As a Trail Dog owner I have a couple tips that I've learned that really help with my German Pointer on the trail. eCollars are great for keeping your dog close on bike rides. Dog is always behind you. Be careful stringing him out on decent, mine tried to keep up with bike speed and ended up needing a 6k double knee surgery after 5 or so years. Keep your dog on smooth trails I have friends who have had their dogs ankle area's fused because of "pothole" type injury. Keep a harness on their back that you can easily grab on your bike if you see another dog or person. I keep my pointer harnessed to my belt side with a small chain and carabeaner and I can body English my hips a bit to keep him slightly behind me. Go slow and take easy / smooth descents with your dog like AT does and he or she will have a more pain free and long lasting trail career. Dogs are great if the human is trained enough. hahah
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 I can't imagine spending 6k on a medical procedure for a pet. I've had my share of dogs and cats (and horses and cows and chickens and goats and alpacas) over the years, but that just seems crazy to me.
  • 18 14
 Long live trail dogs
  • 4 1
 .... Well this escalated quickly.
  • 5 1
 What a pretty dog.
  • 1 0
 I've also had people cut me off on other bikes and people hanging out in jump lines. My point being that everyone messes up and we (dogs included) are out trying to have fun
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 Everyone and their dog rides a norco these days.
  • 1 0
 My dog runs right by my front tire and could care less about you. He wants to shred as much as me. And all the other trial users admire him.
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 Do they though? I think the comments here are a reasonable barometer of what most bikers are thinking when you are out there, even though they may not say anything to you on the trail. Just because they don’t say anything, doesn’t mean they admire your dog, or appreciate him/her being on the trail.
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 @mtnbkrmike: Yes they do Mike. Post ride festivites and they all come over and pet him and say hi. Most wish their dog was as cool. And I don`t care about what others think. And he does look like a Session Wink
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 Love this @andrewtaylor pick your poison is one of my all time faves in the R2R system.
  • 1 0
 Is it just me or does anyone else love getting someone else’s dog to chase me down hills too steep to walk down?
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 Get trail dogs to fuck
  • 2 0
 Free the dogs chain the humans.
  • 1 0
 Great video, couldn’t help but smile.
  • 2 5
 Andrew... you suck.... just go home and put peanut butter on your balls. You and Fido can be happy and safe together. I love dogs... let them run free, if they are well trained and super friendly I love you too A.T. Keep making your dreams a reality
  • 1 2
 In a media environment full of bad news stories - thanks for posting a good feeling story - a rider and their best friend out for a ride - something we all love to do.
  • 2 1
 PB Dog video comments sections are all a carbon copy of each other
  • 2 2
 While we're at it, I don't agree with other trail users sharing the trail. They make me feel unsafe and they might leave messes on the trail which are an affront to my delicate sensibilities. I wish all of Pinkbike to know my feelings on this matter.
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 Based on the title I thought this would be a 'birds and the bees' article
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 Ebikes or trail dogs: pick your poison.
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 I'd rather ride the trails with my dog than some of the anti dog clowns on here! What next supposedly 'fast' boys, going to complain about slower riders spoiling your flow, elks and moose and bears daring to cross the trail, snakes sticking their tongues out at you? coyotes glaring at you? boulders in the way? rain? sun? try and remember that this video was made by someone who put effort in to it. If you don't like it, just move on instead of getting your keyboard warrior hat on. As for vans? why am I to have 'van life' to ride my bike with my dog? but hey, am sure they make clown cars that would be right up your street!
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 I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs. Try not to take yourself (and your Strava times) so seriously, and be thankful for every creature finding joy in the woods with bikes.
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 It's because we like dogs that we don't like running them over, the irresponsible dog owners though, not so much...
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 @adespotoskyli: in those cases i whish for a 500kW e-bike with reverse gear :-P
  • 3 0
 I love dogs enough that I have volunteered many, many hours working at low cost/free spay/neuter clinics.

And I don't like running them over.
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 Great video Andrew!!! One for the SnoochesSmile
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