Tech Tuesday - Cane Creek AngleSet Install

Nov 29, 2011
by Mike Levy  
Cane Creek's AngleSet headset allows riders to fine tune their bike's geometry to better suit their terrain and riding style, but its bearing and gimbal design necessitates a very exacting installation process in order for it to function properly. While many riders are familiar with the steps involved with installing a standard sealed bearing headset, assembling the AngleSet in the same manner will often result in a curious noise emitting from the front of your bike, or even a loose feeling from the headset that only seems to be cured when it's overtightened. If that sounds like your bike, or if you are unsure of how to properly install the AngleSet, watch the video below directly from Cane Creek to learn how to do the job correctly so that your AngleSet performs at its best.

What's needed:
Headset press
Hex keys
Repair stand

Some helpful pointers before you begin:
• Watch this preliminary AngleSet installation video first to see how to install the cups into the frame and some of the basics of the process before proceeding to the detailed gimbal installation video below.
• Proper gimbal installation is key to a successful AngleSet installation. Take extra care to ensure that both upper and lower gimbals are aligned correctly before tightening the headset.
• Grease is your friend. Use it thoroughly on the cups, gimbals and bearings in order to both ease installation and keep the headset quiet.
• While a repair stand is not required for many repairs, this is one job where it makes a lot of sense. Your bike needs to be held perfectly still for the gimbals to have the best chance of seating properly within the headset cups.

AngleSet Installation

Do you have any AngleSet pointers to add? Share them below!

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  • + 24
 After you're done, repeat the process twice and again after every time you ride. Then try anti-seize. Then try overtightening it. Then give up and sell it and buy a Works headset. Creak/click free installation complete!

From a former owner of an angleset....
  • + 5
 You need 2 bikes and 2 forks to get it right.
  • + 3
 Jeez, seems like you need an enormous amount of patience and an engineering degree to install the dang thing!
  • + 2
 My only experience of angle change headsets is fitting a Works Components one and it was as you say Sandwich - waaaaaay simpler than this nonsense. Totally fool-proof, I pitty those who buy the Cane Creek version instead, it looks like a right pain in the a$$
  • + 1
 or, take it to a shop and have them. simple enough and not too expensive
  • + 3
 you shouldnt need a shop to install a headset (besides to maybe press the cups in.)
  • - 1
 even if you give it to a shop there is still a high possiblity it will still make a shit ton of noise and work like shit, the whole design is retarded
  • + 1
 well idk what you guys are on about but ive been running my angleset for almost 2 months now and no noises or loosening at all. i just apply antiseize everytime i take the fork off, even though thats only been once
  • + 1
 well, if you have a reliable shop, they probs won't fuck it up, thus, problem solved. just keep going to the same shop for a long time and you will have people who are nice and rush stuff for you if you need it done quick.
  • + 1
 well i did it by myself haha
  • + 1
 @deadatbirth: that's what installing a headset is dude. Or was this /s?
  • + 24
 All you people who used to rage about no videos...


  • + 5
  • + 1
 yes, i am very happy!
  • + 2
 YEAAAAAAA I am happy thanks for listing to me bitch about having to read Wink
  • + 2
 ....maybe i just won't buy an angleset...
  • + 1
 I agree diebel, I'm just going to go with a new fork and framest instead lmao. (plus its more exciting that way Smile )
  • + 17
 I think the point is, If it clicks, then you're doing it wrong. this video is meant to prevent people from having the clicking issues. also, the music and voice of the guy talking made me feel like i was watching a forklift safety video from the 80's.
  • + 4
 Their still showing those particular forklift vids, only difference here is the guy setting up the angleset didnt seem to have a mullet
  • + 6
 That looks like a task for someone more patient than me...

and 1 degree steeper than usual? - heretic!!! a not cool heretic! burn him alive! what's next? - WARNING! following text includes disturbing content that trend followers might find unacceptable, potentially disastrous, here it comes: he might want to higher up the bottom bracket! ( I say it with dr.Evil style finger by the corner of the lips) Oh no the center of gravity will go up, it is terrible! What a psycho would that nooo, I can't feel my fingers, 911, 911! bleh khee kheee
  • + 10
 im going to make a new series, called bodging mondays....
  • + 4
 Look at the geometry! The numbers! the holy numbers are going in the wrong direction! aaa!
  • + 1
 love the bodging mondays idea. week 1. how to install a headset using a hammer and a block of wood. Week 2. chain device not compatable with the type of mounts on your frame? we solved that! with zip ties..
  • + 4
 The clicking is actually the gnarndicator. The more gnar your trail is, the more it clicks. Tightening the top cap increases the gnar threshold of the gnarndicator. Mine works fine, had to bump up the threshold a couple of times, but it's been good since June.
  • + 2
 i think you forgot the word gnar in there
  • + 5
 What? No way, I swear it's... awww, you were just messin' with me...
  • + 3
 I have two bikes equipped with Anglesets. My trail bike has been flawless for me, but the downhill bike wasn't so easy. I had lots of "clunking" problems, to the point I removed the Angleset for a couple months and used a standard reducer. I didn't feel like giving up on it, so I reinstalled it using anti-seize on the gimbals instead of grease. I'm happy to say it's perfect now...
  • + 1
 my advice on the Angleset is to not get one. headsets like the K9 or Works work 1000x better. i tried for 5 months to get the knocking to stop on my DH bike before i sold it. good riddance. i originally thought it was the gimbals knocking around but its actually the bearings moving in them. thick or thin grease didnt work, nor did anti-seize
  • + 1
 funny watching this vid, I had no idea on how to install my Angleset, I winged it, and it worked great, no issues. I guess all those years of common sense paid off. Easiest headset to date. I run C.Kings on all my bikes, this is far easier. Crazy !!!
  • + 1
 Ive just fitted the new FSA ORBIT OPTION to my Rotec to slacken it by 1.5 degrees, but have found that it seems to make the same anoying deep knock when things get hectic. It runs the same GIMBAL type set up as the CC ANGLESET. I will try re-instaling it using this vid and see if it makes a difference? If not I mite be looking at WORKS COMPONENTS.......alot of you seem to reckon they are the bees knees?
  • + 2
 I overtighten mine hold the front brake and push down while rocking back and forth, then check the tightness again. Cranks it down a smidge and repeat.then back it off to avoid bearing tension and got rid of the clicks.
  • + 4
 I prefer my K9 industries (2 Degree Offset) Headset with a normal bearing installation. No stupid ass Gimbals.
  • + 2
 i'm scared...i did not even regard the angleset as having any potential for issues...i literally and intuitively slammed it in(hahaha) and it worked all summer on my dh....i don't get it....
  • + 1
 So if I placed a 1.5 deg backwards on the top cup and another 1.5 deg forwards on the bottom cup, would I slacken the bike 3 degrees? Can you us two angled cups simultaneously?
  • + 1
 It seems that you can make it work with a tapered fork and a 1.5'' steer tube.

I wonder if it can work with a tapered fork AND a tapered head tube (Trek e2 on a Trek Remedy).

Does anyone know?
  • + 1
 I happen to have an E2 compatible AngleSet in my dirty paws that I have used with a tapered steerer. Keep in mind that Trek's E2 head tube uses different dimensions than a standard tapered head tube (CC has AngleSets to fit those as well)
  • + 1
 whats the difference between the trek headtube and everyone elses tapered headtube??
  • + 3
 +1 for the Works Components headset. I have a 1-1/8 setup and it works perfecty
  • + 3
 Missed the most important thingץץץץ
Centralization שמג Assembly of the headset into the head tube...
  • + 1
 That's actually included in the first movie that is linked in under "Some helpful pointers before you begin: "
  • + 0
 I purchased a K9 Industries headset for my last bike and was blown away with the difference. I recently sold the bike and now on a standard 1-1/8 headtube, but I kept the headset because I don't want to hassle with ordering another K9 in the future and I won't settle for the jimmy-rigged Cane Creek setup. Thumbs up recommendation for a REAL quality product.
  • + 1
 Just curious, but how are you sure the next bike you get will have the same length head tube as your last one?
  • + 3
 Good point, Cliffy. The AngleSet might have some installation trickiness to it, but it is independent of head tube length, unlike all of the fixed cup versions out there. One more thing to consider...
  • + 1
 Well I decided to keep it for a couple reasons. First and most important the bike I had fit right into the middle average of headtube lengths on current 1.5" HT bikes at ~4.7" making it one of the most common angled headset sizes they sell. Secondly, if some day down the road I do decide to get a bike with a 1.5" headtube again and it just happens to be a different size that doesn't work properly with the K9 headset I already have, I would easily be able to sell it and purchase another of the appropriate size. K9 now has a bit better distribution rather than just emailing the company direct like I had to 2 years ago, so purchasing another headset from them in the future will be easier. Sorry if you thought my recommendation for K9 was a bit of a harsh reflection on Cane Creek's product, but I would never trust a design with too many unnecessary parts in it.
  • - 1
 Or, just buy a Works Components one for less than £70.00 delivered to Canada with the UK VAT gone..... No popping issues or overtightening headsets just to get the thing to work without feeling loose - that would do my friggin head in.

Isnt it over $200 US now for a CC one??!
  • + 1
 just thinking out loud here but if one wants a longer travel fork they say it changes your head-angle to much so by using angle-set cups that would be solved ???
  • + 2
 MMM I must be lucky cuz mine has been no probs. Weird.
  • + 1
 Cane creek rules headtubes. chris king can go back to sleep
  • + 1
 most complikated headset i had ever seen in my hole life looool
  • - 1
 Gimball! Seems like a lot of hassle really. Surprised you don't need a headset press.
  • + 1
 u still need a headset press to press the cups in.
  • + 1
 YEs, just watched the 1st video

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