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Video: Chain Reaction Cycles Bids Farewell in 'The Final Send'

Mar 7, 2024 at 8:49
by Ed Spratt  

Chain Reaction Cycles shares a final send-off following reports earlier this week that the brand was sold to the Frasers Group.

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 Nukeproof is the saddest part. Those folks rebuild a great brand & designed some damned fine products.
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 Cracking bikes ...
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 Nukeproof and Vitus bikes are truly brilliant. Me and my family have had 6 over the past few years. Fantastic brand. Special mention to the Megawatt - which is the best overall bike, of any type, I've ever ridden. As close to perfection as I've seen
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 @Endo79: Maybe not the best UK lingo to use in regards to bikes
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 Picked up some of their blackline pants in the going bust sale and I'm so impressed. Will probably grab another pair before they actually shut shop.
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 @curtiscycles: Me too. I actually got 2 pairs of the Blackline shorts in their first year of production (but Boxing Day sale), and they were awesome. I picked up some pants and more shorts this year on sale and they're also awesome.
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 @Endo79: literally……..
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 @curtiscycles: wanted to grab some sale prices, though they are not accepting international orders anymore. Bummer!
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 @mammal: nice! I paid like £45 I think for the pants, bargain considering most decent pants are atleast £100 these days.
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 @pedro46: yep, not sure people got my meaning. Never seen a brand of bike crack so much.
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 @mkul7r4: Haha you missed the British humour in that one. Meaning their bikes crack!
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 I really like the Nukeproof components and other items I bought from CRC (pedals, wheels, brake pads, rim tape, etc). Great gear at a good price.
I blame Amazon! I wonder what Amazon's share of the global online bike related sales would be.
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 @IllestT: earlier this winter I built up a NP Reactor frame that I bought from CR, with the kit off a Ragley, that I also bought from them. Both amazing bikes and good value. RIP
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 @mammal: Yep the Blackline shorts are the best. Always wanted to try the pants for winter rides. I think Ive missed out Frown
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 @wakeandwheel: Amazon was a small business. So are small businesses with good ideas not allowed to succeed?
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 @Endo79: Just like most brands - TBH the only bike brand i can think of i have NEVER witnessed crack is a Santa Cruz.
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 @michaelbevege: you must not have been around for the Super 8/Bullet days.
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 @michaelbevege: sorry, but nukeproof crack a lot. 4 people I know that have one, 3 have needed replacements frames. Seen a few in person cracked at dyfi bike park. They have a high failure rate.
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 @wakeandwheel: CR was hardly a small business
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 @curtiscycles: I have 2 pairs of the Blackline cargo bibs that are many years old now. My favorite kit when I’m out on the gravel bike. It’s a shame they went kaput.
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 I got pretty emotional watching this. CRC has been part of my mountain biking world since - from age 10/11 ish - I used to obsess over their two page adverts in MBUK Magazine (the ones with all the parts and prices listed). That was thirty years ago.
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 Me too mate, just daydreaming about what bits I’d have if I could… those were the days.
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 @trellis-opportunity-red Same. I worked in the N. Ireland office for 10 years, I was a customer for 25 years and what I loved about CRC compared to an LBS was that everything was in front of you to compare and price up, in an LBS you have a random fork here and there, or a choice of tires in anything but the size you needed

I made lifelong friends within this company, they sponsored local talent, they paid prize money at the races they ran with 80% of people racing on board a Nukeproof or Vitus. Dale was a wizard behind suspension design on the House Brands, Enrique a creative genius drawing up frame concepts, all lead by passionate PMs that delivered bike after bike, that if they didnt win the award they got even hungrier to deliver the best.
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 Well if all The Nukeproof employed loose their company, they are still capable of making bikes (obviously it’s easier said than done) but they have all the connections, skills, contacts, knowledge… if they could keep it together and start a new brand… bulletproof or idiotproof or something… just so we know it’s the same group of people… (dunno if this is a good or a bad idea)
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 I’ve already put that to some of the hotlines guys. Bring back Ironhorse !
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 Super easy, just need a team of people, premises, new designs for bikes, testing of said bikes, branding, advertising etc etc oh and a spare million quid or so. Contact details for the old factory and memories of how it was done before is about all they have.
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 Suddenly I am very worried about my derailleur hanger on my Ragley.
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 Chances are north shore billet makes one for it
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 betd likely make 1 that fits
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 I wouldn't worry... they are now available from BETD, derailleurhanger.com, partsandprinting.com, plus a couple of other places, and there are of course people on ebay flipping original ones for a hefty markup.
I'm in the opposite situation, and trying to find a bent/broken one to completely remove the hanger part!
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 You just triggered me about my Mega! I've got a spare, but might buy another just in case...
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 Definitely the end of an era. I know they divided opinion in terms of their effect on LBS but they also provided great benefit to the consumer (at least initially) in offering better prices in a ridiculous market that was more a sellers market. They did a lot of other good along the way including sponsoring a race team as well as creating a great brand in nukeproof that offered good bikes at good value for money. I know they wont be missed by all but they certainly left their mark.
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 How many bike shops are running a full pro gravity team? Even wwc can’t do that
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 @MattQEkBp1: how many independent bike shops and small distributors got screwed over by CRC/Wiggle. Lot's!!!
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 @captainclunkz: they failed to adapt just like crc, that’s business
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 @MattQEkBp1: It wasn't just that. They violated dealer agreements in order to sell some parts, shimano specifically, at such low prices.
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 @grnmachine02: brave new world adapt or die
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 @MattQEkBp1: It's not a matter of adapting, it's a matter of agreeing to rules to be a dealer and then violating that contract.
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 It's so sad to see a Northern Irish international success story end so abruptly. A humble bike shop from ballynure turned into one of the biggest in the world.

Wiggle did a great job with Vitus/Nukeproof though. Glad I got one in their prime. They made the sport so much more accessible to many people, who didn't want to splash out on a Yt, Yeti or Specialized.

Mike Ashley is demonised but he is a major reason that we still have any high street shops at all. I wouldn't jump to conclusions.
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 You don't need to jump to conclusions - you can read all about it in great detail - and then demonise him.
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 If Mike Ashley just extracted all our purchase history for CRC and threatened to show our Wives/other halves unless we paid a ransom he could make the purchase price back in minutes
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 LOL. You're not far wrong
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 Such a sad end. I bought a lot of gear from CRC over the years, it was quality, convenient, great service and good value and just what I needed when I was raising a family and trying to fuel my passion for riding.
I rode the 2017 Megavalanche with Sam Hill and drank Whiskey with Nigel Page during the week and they’re bloody good blokes !
I wish the best of luck to all those involved.
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 Vitus and Nukeproof were good quality. Some of the DHB and Lifeline stuff was alright also. Part of the problem was they were trying to flog a lot of other stuff that other retailers couldn't sell of dubious quality under other brand names and they got too greedy during the COVID pandemic which created a big bubble. It's a shame though. Vitus and Nukeproof were fantastic.
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 The damage was done yesars ago when the were bought out/merged with Wiggle. I went from buying all my gear from CRC, to nothing, all the space of a few weeks.

Nothing was in stock, prices were higher, delivery was a mess to Europe. At that point the writing was on the wall.
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 RIP, I am afraid, it is also the end of the brand, as we know it.
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 No! Here’s the new Mega ibb.co/Z2jxMvS
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 @Devbrix: LOL saw an interesting take on a podcast that they will go the Decathalon way, make a sports direct super sports store with everything in house under one roof like Decathalon does with Van Rysel, Triban, Rock Rider etc.
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 @curtiscycles: Except Decathlon are a very ethical company.
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 Using my bike stand that I got for stupid cheap off there as we speak. Many a good deal was to be had. Best of luck to everyone there.
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 I live in the little village Ballynure where they started business all those years ago, been riding bikes for almost 30 years now and CRC was an incredible place to have on your doorstep when growing up interested in bikes. I remember the shop they had on Ballyclare main street had bulges in the ceiling because they had so much stock crammed into every available space upstairs. When they moved into the first industrial warehouse unit I always thought it was crazy how much stuff must be stacked up in there that I drool over in magazines and it's all just 2 miles away from my house. I have known some really great people that have worked there throughout the years and I'm am honestly so sad for those guys as for most of them working there was not just a job, more like a major part of their life. Very sad time to see CRC finally come to an end, a true Northern Ireland success story. I hope all the staff manage to find great new jobs elsewhere in the future. Cheers to all you guys for the help over the years, thanks for the good times Ben
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 I ordered a nukeproof mega on sale. So cheap I went with it rather than the hardtail I planned. A fine bike, rode very well in extremely rough terrain, full deore, yari, super deluxe, alloy frame 2400 shipped. The michelin tires super knobbies and sun ringle wheels with cassette weighed close to as much as a high end xc hardtail it seemed. A bear to get uphill with. They shipped it very fast in the largest box I have ever seen. 8 feet long 5 feet tall. Across the atlantic. No way they could make money doin that. The guy I sold it to loves it. I kind of miss it, till I head uphill, then not so much. Had to be close to 40lbs, and the yari was like riding a jackhammer.
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 There are three "phases" to a chain reaction, with the final state being the termination where the system reaches a stable state.

But the state of my stable is not complete!
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 It was a good run. All the best to all employees,thank you for many good stuff they sold me through the years.
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 My first ever online purchase was a dual ring chain guide from CRC in 2005. I had to use my dad's credit card and he said, "I don't like this online shopping thing, it's instant gratification." The two weeks it took to get that package sure didn't feel instant as a teenager.
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 That old photo at the start brings back memories, shop only 10 miles from me, then the warehouse shop in Dough that lot of good lads worked in and still was like a local bike shop but with a massive stock room lol. Never was a fan of the big shop in Belfast and the merger with wiggle closed the Northern Ireland warehouse n shop. Went downhill after that and I started going to German shops. To me it was lost to wiggle already....
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 I'm sad to see CRC go.
What felt much closer to heart was watching the storm of events with uncertainity in Enduro racing, CRC going down and Sam Hill, the man who inspired me to get into downhill bikes losing interest in the sport. I'm grateful for being inspired to move to BC and start a new life surrounded by bikes and the people I'd never meet without them.
Well I hope he keeps having fun bikes or not, while I try to ride down mountains at a fraction of his pace Smile
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 ...so excited to hear where Sam is going!
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 @TheBearDen: I’d second that. Doesn’t look like he has any intention to ride bikes this year
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 anyone know where i can find a derailleur hanger for a Nuke proof cub scout ? Smile i wasn't smart enough to source a spare when this thing starter and now it appears I'm s.o.l
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 BETD & Wheels Manufacturing are making them. Same hanger as the Ragley MTB frames from 2019 > current year.
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 When is a group of rider going to come together to but the Nukeproof brand from the new owner?
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 He won't sell, he never sells.
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 You know a group of riders who can raise a huge sum of money to fund a bike company and employ people to run it?

A million odd and some extra cash flow should get things started eh?
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 RIP Pricepoint.com. Where the price….is the point!
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 The current Megawatt, Mega, and Giga are such incredible machines. Hard to believe they wont keep making them.
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flag justanotherusername (Mar 7, 2024 at 15:05) (Below Threshold)
 They don’t exist to make them anymore.
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 Don't forget the Scout!
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 Sad day for sure. That first black and white photo is from the era when I started buying from their bricks and mortar store, early '90s
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 RIP CRC. When I first started mountain biking, you made it affordable with your sales and offers.
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 What was the budget for this?
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 Everybody involved in the production of this video was paid in Haribo Goldbears.
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 @warmerdamj: I still have a few packs in a basket from previous orders. I think they are good for like 500 years. lol
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 @bman33: it must be a euro thing, I got some in a box from either r2 or bikes direct a month ago too
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 Expect to see "Nukeproof" and "Vitus" slapped on the BSOs in your local Sports Direct store soon.
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 What’s a bso? Is that like an ARI
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 very sad. hoping all the workforce make it to bigger and better things.
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 Looks like Chain Reaction wasn't Nukeproof
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 Such a bummer!!!
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 Bummer now local MTB communities around the world will not have all the money going to Ireland. Never saw CRC at my local trail-building events.
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 Don't be dragging Ireland into this. All the money was going into the pockets of corporate owners. Any money spent here was money they didn't have... Hence closure
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