DH Bike Review: The Antidote Darkmatter Rides As Fast As It Looks

Mar 13, 2023
by Matt Beer  

Sharp lines and raw carbon make this bike look like it was designed by a supercar company. Anytime I rode this bike, heads twisted like they were on a swivel. So, what the heck is it?

This is the Darkmatter from Antidote Bikes - their downhill race machine with 190mm of rear wheel travel and a multi-link, high-pivot suspension design. Antidote are experts in building composite frames and have been doing so for nearly 20 years. The frame, and handlebar, are made in Poland using monocoque carbon and vectran fiber (a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP) - that sounds like something out of a Spiderman comic, so it’s no surprise that this bike makes you feel like a superhero. I felt so damn lucky to ride this bike because it’s so unique - this is lucky number 13. And yes, it performed as well as it looks.
Antidote Darkmatter Details

• Frame: carbon/Vectran composites
• Wheel sizes: 29" or Mixed wheels
• High-pivot suspension design
• Travel: 190mm (29") / 200mm (Mixed wheels)
• EXT Arma or Ohlins TTX coil shock options
• 63-degree head angle
• Reach: 450, 475, 500mm
• Chainstays: 449mm (29") / 442mm (Mixed wheels)
• Weight: 15.49 kg / 35.06 lb
• Price: €10,999 (€5,499 - frame only)

For 2022, Antidote totally revised the Darkmatter to accept dual 29" wheels, but the lower link can be swapped to change the rear wheel out for a 27.5" option. The Noster Kinematics make this high-pivot machine a capable race bike that rides just how it looks; stiff, light, and fast and hell.


bigquotes“Firm is fast. The combination of frame materials and suspension components create a one of a kind relationship for the Darkmatter that will challenge elite riders to push their limits.” Matt Beer

Antidote Darkmatter - photos Satchel Cronk

Frame Details

Antidote is a highly customizable machine and well crafted for the real world too. I’d even go as far to say that this is an artisan-built frame since they’ll need 14 weeks to create the carbon frame once you’ve placed an order. Besides the catalogue of paint schemes and colors to drool over, Antidote offers the choice of either a press fit or BSA bottom bracket and a 29er or MX wheel setup.

All of the hardware has a sharp, but finished, industrial look, like the forward shock mount and shield for the lower link that pivots around the BB shell. Similarly, a custom brake adaptor is mounted to the chainstay and there is a concentric pivot around the rear axle. The cable routing is mixed between internal and external, following the path with the least bends. As is passes in and out next to the high, main pivot, rubber grommets protect the paint.

Antidote provides a 10-year warranty and detaIled manual with torque values and frame specifications, like the 148mm Boost rear hub spacing.



The Darkmatter uses a high-pivot, multi-link suspension with something Antidote calls “Noster Kinetics”. An eccentric link that pivots around the bottom bracket can be swapped to give the 29er mode 190mm of travel or 200mm with a 27.5” rear wheel.

The suspension design relies on an idler pulley that is shielded by a tidy cover and has a very high anti-squat value starting at nearly 140%. That means that it should pedal extremely efficiently. It also has a linear progression that increases sharply towards the end. When combined with the hydraulic bottom out on the EXT Arma shock, the Darkmatter should shrug off the worst hucks to flat like a champ.

High pivots can have greater anti-rise values than most bikes, That means when you hit the brakes, the rear suspension can lift and pitch the rider forward slightly. The Anti-rise starts at 120% and lowers to 100% at sag. This is where the multi-link design lets Antidote tune the suspension characteristics more independently so the geometry shouldn’t change radically under braking.



Antidote builds the Darkmatter in three sizes where not much, other than the reach, changes. Those lengths are 445, 475, and 505mm with a moderate 637mm tall stack on the smaller frames. The XL frame gets a 1 cm more stack, but all of the seat tube heights and chainstay lengths remain the same.

Changing out the lower link to bring the 449mm rear center on the 29er into 442 on the MX setup, but under the rider’s sag, that number will grow with the rearward axle path. Other than that link, there are no auxiliary geometry or leverage rate settings.

The head tube sits at 63 degrees and is only 100mm long, which did prove to have some limitations.



Well get this out of the way quickly; there’s no budget version of the Darkmatter. Yes, it's expensive. But so are supercars. There’s passion and uniqueness in every frame which starts at €5,499 with the standard graphics over clear carbon, and that doesn’t include a shock.

From there, you can add your choice of paint schemes and EXT Arma or Ohlins TTX coil shocks. Two complete bikes begin at 10,999€ with either of those rear shocks and a Fox 40 or the complementing Swedish fork. The rest of the components include SRAM Code RSC brakes, XO1 DH drivetrain, Industry Nine wheels with aluminum, straight-pull spokes, and Antidote’s own Candy Bar carbon handlebar.

Our size large test bike weighed an impressive 15.49 kg in the 29er setting that didn’t skimp on durability.

Test Bike Setup

Again, I found myself in between sizes, but opted for the large frameset due to the low weight and option to run a smaller rear wheel/shorter chainstay. I started out on the Darkmatter in the mixed-wheeled setup, but surprisingly, preferred the 29" setting.

I trimmed the bars to 770mm, rolled them back slightly more than usual, and kept in mind the position of my grips relative to the steering axis. Too far back feels cramped, while pushing down on the bars throughout the turning radius can vary too much for my liking. The bars themselves have a 34mm rise, the fork had 220mm between the lower crown and fork seals, and a 10mm spacer under the crown. Due to the short 48mm fork offset, there isn’t much room to lower crowns before the top of the stanchions come in contact with the handlebar. That may raise some concerns for riders who like a lower bar height.

Antidote prescribed a 425-lb spring which felt like it sat high in the travel in the parking lot. After a few test rides, that proved to sit nicely on the trail. 89 PSI in the fork balanced well with the firm rear shock settings.

Matt Beer
Location: Squamish, BC, Canada
Age: 36
Height: 5'10" / 178 cm
Weight: 170 lb / 77 kg
Industry affiliations / sponsors: None
Instagram: @mattb33r
I ran the low-speed compression about three quarters of the way open and would be interested to try a slightly more compliant tune. Going to a softer spring might also be an option for steeper or slow, slippery track conditions. For fast bike park trails and hard G-outs, this was the ticket. Hell, is it fast and controlled when you do grab the bull by the horns.

Antidote Darkmatter - photos Satchel Cronk


Curious riders would often ask, “How does it ride?” Well, it rides just how it looks; light, stiff, and fast as hell! Basically, the harder you push, the more you get out of the bike. I’d imagine it’s kind of like driving a supercar. I’ve never driven such a machine, but they have a specific purpose; to go around a race track rapidly. You definitely have to be switched on to make the most of it.

You’ll find the most traction when you start pushing into corners opposed to just rolling around them. Whipping the bike through consecutive turns and changing direction isn’t a chore, even in the 29er setting. Plus, that 45mm stem/48mm fork offset combo kept the steering evenly controlled for my taste compared to longer options.

I’m usually a fan of mullet bikes, and although I did appreciate the smaller rear wheel on steeper sections for extra butt clearance, I found the overall bike was more evenly balanced with the longer chainstay and bigger rear wheel. There was a slight disconnect in the mullet configuration that made the front center feel too long in comparison to the rear half. I could see the MX option playing nicely on the next frame size down though where the front and rear centers are closer in numbers.

Generating speed, whether sprinting or pumping the ground is exceptionally rewarding. The latter isn’t a characteristic that most high-pivots are praised for, but there was something special about how the Darkmatter produced speed. The idler position transmits all the power to the rear wheel with high anti-squat values (greater than 140%) and the axle path is primarily rearward, but does revert directions towards the very end of the travel.

At lower speeds, the suspension is firm off the top but offers great support and predictability through repeated steps. Towards the end of the leverage curve, the progression ramps quickly and works well with the EXT Arma’s hydraulic bottom out to never feel a mechanic stop at full travel. There’s no massive weight shift forward when you get on the brakes either. The suspension remains active with an anti-rise value around 110%, which is lower than most single high-pivot designs, but higher than some Horst-link bikes.

We did have a little hiccup with the brake mount hardware. Two bolts feed into the machined adaptor from the bottom of the chainstay and use set screws to further increase the range of the post mount bracket. Those small grubs screws wandered loose on the first few rides, but a splash of loctite quickly solved that.

Other than that, the Darkmatter did well mechanically, however, that small disk that protects the bottom out bumper on the shock did produce the odd rattle on the otherwise silent Darkmatter. It’s also worth noting how transparent Antidote is with their suspension kinematics and readily available technical documents.

Changing the lower link is straightforward and the shock is very accessible. Almost too accessible. The 90-degree lower mount positions the reservoir outside of the downtube. One on-looker raised concerns of damaging the shiny cylinder in the event of a crash, but it’s tucked behind the crank and never impeded my feet while pedalling.

Antidote Darkmatter - photos Satchel Cronk
Antidote Darkmatter - photos Satchel Cronk

Technical Report

Antidote Candy Ray Handlebar: The Candy Ray handlebars are left an exclusive offering for customers who purchase an Antidote frame and are backed by a 5-year warranty. The 34mm rise, 810mm wide carbon bar is finished with a color-matching logo and weigh 238 grams. They use a 4-degree upsweep and 6-degree backsweep, both of which are straighter than more commonly 5x8 or 5x9 angles. That may explain why I preferred the specific roll. Even with the firm Ergon grips and a 770mm width, they never felt too stiff and matched the nature of the frame.

Industry Nine Grade 300 Wheels: It's been a while since I've tortured some aluminum wheels on a downhill bike and these ones survived well with only one dent in the rear wheel from a poor line choice through the tress in some spotty sunlight. The aluminum spokes are an interesting addition. I can't say how the wheels compare to a steel-spoked version, since I haven't tested those, but there was nothing to dislike about the ride or mechanical qualities. All of the spokes turned freely when asked too.

Galfer Rotors: Now that I've had the opportunity to try these back to back against other rotors, like SRAM's older Centerline model, I'm confident to say that the Galfer rotors have advantage or two. They weigh close to 50g less in the 200mm option and have a crispier initial bite too.

Antidote Darkmatter - photos Satchel Cronk
Antidote Darkmatter
Orange 279 - photo Satchel Cronk
Orange 279

How Does It Compare?

Side by side, the Antidote Darkmatter and Orange 279 are starkly different in terms of shape, materials, and suspension. Oddly enough, they're similar in ride characteristics. They're both on the firmer side, in terms of feedback through the chassis and suspension. Their suspension designs both work incredibly well when you get up to downhill race speeds and bomb through square hits on blow up trails. Antidote's Noster Kinetics help the Darkmatter carry a little more speed through those sections and does so with barely a whisper.

In terms of stance, the Orange is splayed out with a slacker 62-degree head tube angle and longer chainstay. That body position over the long wheelbase is unreal when you get into wide-open, Kamakaze-style turns. You're standing in the Orange, but on a smaller platform. The Darkmatter BB sits at 346mm off the ground, whereas the Orange is 11mm lower. The reach is 15mm shorter and 7mm less on stack height. On the Darkmatter, you're positioned in a strong, attack position to accelerate the bike when you throw some body language into it.

Antidote have done well to keep the Darkmatter quick on its feet in the tight turns, composed in the bombed-out straight lines, and jump consistently for a high-pivot. If you're willing to cough up the cash, there's little to contest about the Darkmatter.

Antidote Darkmatter - photos Satchel Cronk


+ Generates speed unlike most other high-pivot bikes
+ Composed suspension controls repeated compressions predictably
+ Well crafted, boutique construction doesn't cut corners


- Suspension may not be supple enough off the top for some riders
- Limited range of adjustment in fork crowns due to stanchion contact with handlbar

Pinkbike's Take

bigquotesI freaking love this bike. From the appearance and finish, to the suspension and handling - it has it all. Those special Noster Kinetics and EXT Arma allow you to perceive how the Darkmatter will react to large impacts and give you time to adjust your body position without upsetting the balance. There's no sense of sapped speed from the high-pivot when pumping the trail to generate momentum either.

Potentially, it could be a little more forgiving off the top at lower speeds, but that disappears when you engage "race mode". The Darkmatter will beg you to ride faster. 
Matt Beer

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*puts an Antidote bike next to an Orange bike*
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 Image selected by chatGPT for similarity.
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 Kudos to Antidote for creating a bike that seems to be as fast as Orange's DH machine.
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I do want(and will get, soon enough!) to ride this bike though.
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I also find the newest generation Unno's pretty hideous.
But what do I know ? I think Atherton's look super good.
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Antidote kink: Well executed
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 Is agree it's a slightly weird looking thing - strange combo of slim and normal tubes, angles and kinks. Wouldn't be enough to stop me seriously considering one if my wallet and local hills could afford this!
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 Why read the article or watch the review when you can skip straight to commenting about autoplay?
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 @mininhi: get a Honda Civic instead of a Porsche. both have wheels, drive at 70mph.

related: Devinci's build quality leaves almost everything to be desired. I used to sell them. The number of times I had to have replacement hardware sent out on brand new bikes still in the box, because shit was cross threaded or stripped, is not low. Also, sanding paint overspray from bearing surfaces or dropouts. just all around amateur hour shit...
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 I feel like a Dorado Pro on the front should be mandatory. Full exposed carbon legs with inverted layout would make this thing look absolutely bonkers. Maybe an Avalanche rear shock with remote resi? How MotoGP can we make it?!
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flag Glory831Guy (Mar 13, 2023 at 13:58) (Below Threshold)
 A rear shock with a reservoir should be mandatory too. Can you even run one on this bike? That would be a huge oversight if you couldn't.
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 @Glory831Guy: Hope you are just being sarcastic...
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 @Glory831Guy: it does have a piggy back shock, but the reservoir is turned 90 pointing to the non drive side.
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 @SleepingAwake: Thanks. I was wondering if they had it rotated that way based on the mounting hardware but there's not a single non-drive side photo in the article to confirm.

I should've just watched the video. Damn you, autoplay!
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 @Glory831Guy: @Glory831Guy: The Avalanche DHS comes with a reservoir that is separate from the main shock body via a braided hose that's available in different lengths. It allows you to mount the resi in the optimal spot on the frame. This is common practice on road and track motorcycles, as well as many supercar/racecars. See here: www.avalanchedownhillracing.com/dhs.html
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 @hypermoto: The thought of taking that beautiful carbon frame and throwing some out dated avalanche shock on it makes me cringe haha having used avalanche products in the past i can tell you they are mediocre at best and look straight out of the 90’s which kinda makes sense because I’m pretty sure their site was made on Microsoft paint haha
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 @nismo325: To be honest nothing really changed in suspension damping since a very long time ... Still a properly tuned monotube is plenty for everyone, twintube is a nice touch if you like turning knobs and that's it. What really evolved is air springs, but they (avalanche) do damping on coil shock so ... Never used avalanche, but the fact they are from 90s does not mean they cannot perform.
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 Great review as always Matt!

We are now the Antidote dealer for western Canada, if you’re looking to build up a Darkmatter for this summer, drop us a message and let’s build your dream bike.
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 "as is passes in and out"
"stiff, light, and fast and hell"
"bomb through square hits on blow up trails"
Supercar engineering, go kart sub-editing.
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 It's sexy! Buuuuut it sounds like a $15,000 shopping cart over rough stuff....that shock noise would dampen the enthusiasm quite a bit I think.
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 I’m pretty sure they’ve fixed the issue of these rattling plastic bits on the shocks now (atleast this is the case after my last service on Storia v3).
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 It's only 35 lb.s Lighter that most enduro bikes. And it's a good peddler. Sounds to me like it could do a double duty on the off-DH days.
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 Incredible peddling, and the rewarded axle path is peerly antidotal
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 I cant speak for the new generation, but I know that I had issues getting a standard 10 speed cassette to work on the gen 1 darkmatter without interference with the seat stay and alignment with the idler. The 46T would be a non starter for sure. BUT I did run a 46T on my old lifeline for a while with no issues, and can confirm that was a fun bike to pull DD on, and that was ultimately the trigger that sold me on the Carbonjack.
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 Before now I thought I understood my sexuality but it turns out I'm attracted to Antidotes.
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 Prime a couple of days, now this, holy shit Polish bike companies are on a roll right now!
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 Wow, that is a good looking bike!!
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 " The aluminum spokes are an interesting addition". Tell me that you don't know the I9 business model without..... ahhh, you know the rest......
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 This review has me even more excited to get mine soon!
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 My new dark matter frame just shipped to me yesterday. Now I just need wheels and tires to start building. Be prepared to pay $250 for taxes and $350 for customs
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 @kroozctrl: thank you for the heads up on this!
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 @kroozctrl: Demoworx.com is a US seller of Antidote. based in CA bay area and CO. no customs, just your local area sales tax. if you pick it up in CO, that's only 5%!
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 @Mtbdialed: I deal with Antidote directly. I used fluid focus, the first USA dealer of Antidote for my Dark Matter 27.5 and Carbon jack 29.

100% there is customs. I know how it works as I am still in contact with Fluid Focus. You get a special deal for being the dealer, this offsets the customs and tax. Not driving 2000 miles to pick up a frame when I can deal with Antidote directly, and they ship the frame directly to my house. Not down to deal with a middle man. Easier to pay Antidote directly. Mind you this is my 3rd frame from them. And the wood sprite would be my 4th. I got a custom paint job working directly with Wiktor. No reason to introduce a 3rd party in the mix.

Now if the plan is for me to ship the Demo DM MX to you (there is a TLBig Grin R that goes with that frame) then I’ll let Wiktor tell me the go forward.
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 @kroozctrl: easy fella.....lol

Was simply trying to tell you the current lay of the land. have good one!
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 That's Alien Porn
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 Have you had a battle for making this review in PB office and where is the rest of them buried?
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 I feel like not specing it with 220mm rotors was a big miss. That thing looks fast and could totally benefit from added braking performance.
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 What was the axle path rewarded with?
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 I'd like to see it head to head against a Canfield Jedi and see how it holds up to an actual similar bike at half the price.
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 They said in the nukeproof review that none of the bikes came close to the Canfield jedi's bump absorption
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 I believe higher anti-rise values actually decrease the amount the rider is pitched forward, not increase, and instead cause the suspension to squat under braking
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 Nice review:
Old 29/29 technology, Expensive, noisy, harsh off the top, not the easiest bike to pick up off the ground, doesn't like going slow, and its not the best looking bike!

oh, get me one now....
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 ....Looks Epic - ordering one now, oh hang on wait... its $20'000.00 NZ Dollars - how is that possible?
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 it's insane. has the performance of a supercar with a matching price tag! I hope you get what you pay for!!!!
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 This has been my dream DH bike for a couple years now but that price tag and my first responder salary only allow to keep it in my dreams..
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 So its a much more elegant last-gen Commencal without the frame cracking? Not bad, not bad at all.

Serious contender for the best looking bike of all time.
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 Kudos to Antidote for creating a bike that seems to be as fast as Orange's DH machine.
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 I think I missed the part where they explain why the axle path is rewarded. Was in in the auto-playing video that I paused immediately? Or in the article which I skipped reading?
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 I want that in my life !!! Problem is I ordered a stark varg which is about the same money but goes faster …
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 There's an e-bike that I'd ride...
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 bike porn, I want one of these!
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 >Travel: 190mm (29") / 200mm (Mixed wheels)

Is it really that hard to add 10 mm of travel for a 29 setup?
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 Are you spending 13k on a DH bike?
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 @fruitsd79: Less about what I would buy, more about the design of the frame.
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 Satchel Cronk is a great name
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 Wrong lever Cronk!
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 These were exactly my thoughts Big Grin
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 190mm of travel and doesnt feel plush? Damn.
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 I think this is the look car makers go after when they make their own bicycles, but run out of skill the second they pick up a pencil That bike looks just stunning
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 nice bike! but wtf that CON: handlebar contact to stanction? just put there longer stem if its problem for you (to push inners of fork in googles 2mm down??)
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 R/whoosh you know he purchased a stock kit from Antidote. So his complaints are perfectly valid. that guy assemble what he needed out box. He did not order a frame and spec out all the parts himself.
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 Sex on wheels-makn $ on a corner near u!
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 Now that's a gorgeous bike! The suspension looks pretty sweet, RC is kinda long, but that's high pivot for ya.
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 Hideous bottom tube. And for 10k, no thanks. Will take tr11 for half of that.
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 @mattb33r Did you try it with a 27.5” rear wheel with linkage in the 29” position?
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 Nearly £6k for a frame with non size specific chain stays?
It's fugly to boot.
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 If money were not an issue I would have one of these. Such a looker and everything I have heard about them says they rip.
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 Hell I'd have two...
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 Great review, surprised to hear about the responsiveness. This feels like my new favorite DH bike.
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 cleanest execution of an idler pulley, at least that i've ever seen.
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 I liked all the extra stats, info and graphs in this review, nice.
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 The price man. The price.
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 This whole dh review series could have been named “dh bikes that less than 1000 people buy a year reviews”.
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 I wouldn't seek this bike, and it might look good vs the Orange.
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 Can someone please teach Matt how to pronounce the word composite? Emphasis on the second syllable.
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 Depends where you're from. Here everyone says it like Matt and "comPOSite" is weird af.
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 Perfect spot for a bottle
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 "and fast and hell." ???

Seems dark to me.
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 Holy sexyama bike.... btw 3:24- how did running those grips oppo feel?
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 Still cheaper than a Trinity
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