Tech Tuesday - Reverb Refurbish

Jul 24, 2012
by Mike Levy  
RockShox recently released a four part video series on how to rebuild their Reverb telescoping seat post, giving Reverb owners the ability to completely service the post. While the process is one of the more complicated jobs that you can do on your bike, the how-to videos make it doable by any competent home mechanic who also possesses the correct tools for the job. Do you enjoy performing your own fork rebuilds and brake bleeds? If so, you should be able to handle this repair as well. Be sure to watch the videos below before jumping into it to see if this one is over your head, or risk walking into your local shop with your Reverb in pieces and your head hung low.

What's needed:

• Grooved soft jaws
• Reverb bleed tool
• Reverb oil height tool
• Reverb IFP height tool
• Reverb bleed kit
• Reverb seal kit
• Bench mounted vise
• Long tire lever
• Slick honey grease
• T25 torx and assorted hex keys
• Valve core tool
• Adjustable wrench
• Pliers, C-clip and standard
• Zip-ties
• Safety glasses
• Isopropyl alcohol
• Nitrile gloves
Some helpful pointers:

• While the video instructions below detail every step, the process can still be tricky. This likely isn't the best job to jump into if your repair experience stops at repairing flat tires.
• One of the most important tools for this job are the grooved soft jaws that grip the inner shaft. You're are pretty much guaranteed to damage the shaft if you clamp it in the unprotected jaws of the vise.
• The post uses 2.5wt hydraulic fluid. Use only this when bleeding your Reverb.
• Is there a substantial amount of rocking front to back when the post is fully extended? If so, it is time for a new topcap and bushing assembly. The bushings come pre-installed and are not available on their own.
• Remember to release the post's air pressure BEFORE disassembling.
• You'll be using a pick to remove the oil o-ring seals. Do this by gently poking the o-ring with the pick and lifting it out of the groove. Trying to pry the o-rings out can result in a scratched sealing surface.
• Just as with your brakes, air is the enemy during bleeding and reassembly.
• Have you completed the rebuild and reinstalled it into your bike only to find that your post doesn't return to full height? Start by checking the most obvious causes first - is your seat post clamp too tight? While it sounds silly, this is often the reason for a misbehaving dropper post. The over-tightened clamp can actually prevent the bushing on the post's inner tube from being able to move up and down freely. Back off the clamp to 6.7Nm, or until the post moves smoothly but also doesn't rotate in your frame. A thin coating of an anti-slip compound can help here.

Reverb Service - Part 1 - Disassembly

Reverb Service - Part 2 - Seal Replacement
Reverb Service - Part 3 - Bleed Procedure
Reverb Service - Part 4 - Assembly

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 Why do you all have to bitch so much about everything. If you don't like the tech article, or it's just to much to handle, then take your sorry asses to the LBS and pay the money. You all buy this high tech equipment and expect it to be simple to service. Jezzzzzz, ya'll sound like a bunch of cry babies. If spent the money on the post, you should be able to afford a 40 dollar rebuild kit.
  • 10 4
 Way to phone it on pink bike. Literally just embedding someone else's video. These articles are such a great resource yet lately they seem quite lacking. Anyone can google what you posted today. Talk about things people are asking not what people are dreaming.
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 Never found anywhere that will sell spares though (except the bleed kit).
Always have to go down the warranty route.

Makes spares more available (especially the thumb trigger) and this will be a useful article.
  • 1 0
 check with Tf tuned for spares
  • 1 0
 yep, all they have is the bleed kit... like everyone else. Frown
  • 2 0

Mtb-direct have decent range of spares, I just got the lever/remote kit from there.

on that note none of these video's mention how to service the remote Frown and thats what I need to sort Frown
  • 1 0
 '.com' doesn't like delivering to '' addresses. Thanks though Smile

MTB-direct have more on offer, but cost way more than I was expecting. £38 for just the remote button kit... the whole remote kit (incl clamp) should cost that much?!
  • 1 0
 I know right, The full remote kit is £100. it takes the piss Frown

~You can change the the .com on the amazon link to and it works Wink
  • 2 0
 Just went through the remote button replacement last week. Ordered the part off Amazon because the LBS wanted well over $100 for the whole unit and couldn't just order the button. Still a rip-off at $40 for tiny piece of metal and few washers. Have to be more careful not to hook my shorts on the button next time.
  • 1 0
 I only need one of the plastic washers, but its the one that fits the shape of the rod so i have to buy the kit

How was it doing the replacement ?

and did you have to bleed the system afterwards ?
  • 1 0
 Wasn't too bad, followed the SRAM online instructions/video on the bleed. The syringes work well. Thankful I didn't have to mess around with the post. That bit looks out of the wheelhouse.
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 Just done this. The hardest part was getting the various bits undone. I did have one really annoing hitch. When inserting the shaft piston it says just past the oring but its critical you insert it a bit more than just past the oring (look at the video carefully for the correct depth). I didn't the first time and having finished the job the post wasn't fully out so I had to go back and start from that stage again. If it's not fully extended when you fill it with air, go back and redo the bleed before going any further.
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 boy, it looks more complicated than servicing an aircraft Frown
  • 2 0
 When they started shoving zip ties into it i started questioning.
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 Be extremely careful putting any hollow pieces of aluminum into the vice as it is very easy to crush or distort it and then your seals wont work and you will have problems with getting everything to slide properly. Also it is wise to never use a crescent wrench as the potential for rounding off is very high, use a proper wrench.
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 I found a workbench (Black & Decker Wokmate type thing) worked better than a small vice. I used the notches. However I could only just grip the parts tight enough with it even having degreased them with isopropyl alcohol and wrapping them with bits of inner tube. It did work though; I was just surprised how tightly they needed to be gripped. I probably didn't tighten them back up as tight as specified but tight enough (a set of the spanner heads to fit my torque wrench was too expensive).
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  • 1 0
 my reverb has been the least shit of the three dropper posts I have had but it still broke within weeks of purchase, who makes a good dropper post that doesnt break? thanks
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 For all those tools, the cost wouldn't be worth it. I'd take it to a shop...
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 pretty much what I do. I do the bleeds myself, but the major work is done by someone more skilled than me.
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  • 2 1
 jesus didnt know i had to have a degree to Refurbish a reverb so i guess ill stick with my KS :-)
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 Do a tech Tuesday on trail building. Seems you've reached the bottom of the barrel.
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 could you do a for rc4 service? that would help me out a lot. also maybe a boxxer damper overhaul?
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 refurb revervish
  • 1 0
 This female voice reminds me Hal-Life Smile
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 That's a nice trick with the zip-ties!
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 It's reverbished!
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 this wouldve been a top comment if you wrote it a bit earlier..
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 I know Frown
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 Can we get more Marzocchi Tech tuesdays??

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