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Opening Day Survey: What People Are Riding at the Whistler Bike Park

May 29, 2019
by Mike Levy  

It wasn't exactly sunshine and hero dirt when the Whistler Bike Park flipped their chairlift on for the season, but a crew of over a hundred warmly-dressed park rats hit the mud to celebrate regardless. While that number is roughly a third as many that were out the previous year's (sunny) opening Friday, Saturday saw a blazing sun that quickly dried out the trails and brought out the crowds.

Asking around, it sounded like many were spending their first bike park day of the year by smashing out continuous A-Line laps, and there was a steady stream of riders coming in hot off the GLC jump to finish their runs.


After having someone much smarter than myself do the math, this year's opening day stats are in and similar to 2018, with a few interesting exceptions. First up, the Specialized Demo is still the most popular downhill bike in the park at 7.08%, but YT's Tues jumped from a measly 1.33% last year to 6.19% and second place in 2019. For some reference, the Demo was at its peak in 2015 when 17% of riders in the Whistler Bike Park were on one.

On the suspension front, the BoXXer is still far more common than the 40 (36.07% versus 15.57%), but it's a much more balanced story when there's only one crown: The 36 nets 14.75%, while the Pike and Lyrik account for 15.58% when added together.


And who doesn't like to talk about wheel sizes? Me, and probably most of you as well, but stay with me here. Last year, just 6% of riders were on 29" wheels, but that number has exploded to 26.42% in 2019. Mid-sized wheels have become much more common, too, jumping from 49.00% to 67.92%, which means one thing: Our old friend, the 26'' wheel, dropped from nearly half to just 5.66%. And I wonder where that guy with the 24" rear wheel from 2018 was this year?

The other big mover is tire inserts, more than doubling from just over 5% last year to 11.2% in 2019, although that figure is still lower than I would have guessed.

Frames Opening Day 2019

Specialized Demo 7.08%
YT Tues 6.19%
GT Fury 6.19%
Giant glory 5.31%
Santa Cruz V10 5.31%
Transition Patrol 3.54%
Trek Session 3.54%
Devinci Wilson 2.65%
Intense m16 2.65%
Norco Aurum 2.65%
Trek Slash 2.65%
Commencal Supreme 1.77%
Devinci Spartan 1.77%
Kona Operator 1.77%
Norco Range 1.77%
Pivot Phoenix 1.77%
Rocky Mountain Altitude 1.77%
Rocky Mountain Flatline 1.77%
Santa Cruz Nomad 1.77%
Scott Gambler 1.77%
Specialized Enduro 1.77%
Specialized Stumpjumper 1.77%
Transition Sentinel 1.77%
YT Capra 1.77%
Banshee Legend 0.88%
Cannondale Jekyl 0.88%
Comencal Furious 0.88%
Commencal Meta 0.88%
Commencal Meta AM 0.88%
Evil wreckoning 0.88%
Evolve Alpha 0.88%
Evolve Sky Pilot 0.88%
Giant Reign 0.88%
Giant Trance 0.88%
GT Force 0.88%
GT Sanction 0.88%
Knolly Podium 0.88%
Knolly Warden 0.88%
NS Define 0.88%
Pivot Firebird 0.88%
Rocky Mountain Slayer 0.88%
Santa Cruz Megatower 0.88%
Scott Ransom 0.88%
Transition tr 11 0.88%
Transition TR 450 0.88%
Transition TR 500 0.88%
Trek Remedy 0.88%
Yeti SB 130 0.88%
Yeti SB 150 0.88%
Zerode G2 0.88%

Frames Opening Day 2018

Specialized Demo 8.33%
Norco Aurum 8.00%
Devinci Wilson 7.67%
Santa Cruz V10 7.33%
Giant Glory 6.33%
Trek Session 6.00%
GT Fury 4.67%
Rocky Mountain Maiden 3.67%
Devinci Spartan 2.67%
Knolly Podium 2.67%
Julianna Strega 2.67%
Giant Reign 2.33%
Santa Cruz Nomad 2.33%
Specialized Stumpjumper 2.33%
Transition TR250 2.33%
Rocky Mountain Flatline 2.33%
Intense 951 2.00%
Scott Gambler 2.00%
Hardtail 2.00%
Commencal Supreme 2.00%
Trek Slash 1.67%
Norco Fluid 1.33%
YT Tues 1.33%
Norco Range 1.00%
Banshee Rune 1.00%
Ghost Riot 1.00%
Kona Operator 1.00%
Rocky Mountain Slayer 1.00%
Santa Cruz Bronson 1.00%
Banshee Legend 0.67%
Canfield Jedi 0.67%
Commencal Meta 0.67%
Evil Following 0.67%
Pivot Phoenix 0.67%
Polygon Collosus DH 0.67%
Transition TR450 0.67%
Yeti SB6 0.67%
Evil Undead 0.33%
Intense M16 0.33%
Intense M9 0.33%
Kona Process 0.33%
Norco Vixa 0.33%
Norco Sight 0.33%
NS Fuzz 0.33%
Rocky Mountain Altitude 0.33%
Trek Remedy 0.33%
Yeti 303 0.33%
Cove Shocker 0.33%
Cannondale Judge 0.33%
Cannondale Jekyl 0.33%
Specialized Big Hit 0.33%

Frames Opening Day 2016:

Specialized Demo 14.5%
Norco Aurum 10.5%
Devinci Wilson 5.5%
Giant Glory 5%
Santa Cruz V10 4%
Trek Session 3.5%
Transition TR500 3%
Kona Operator 2.5%
YT Tues 2%
Giant Reign 2%
Commencal Supreme V3 2%
Giant Trance 1.5%
Rocky Mountain Maiden 1.5%
Knolly Podium 1.5%
Transition TR450 1.5%
Intense M16 1.5%
Intense M9 1.5%
Intense 951 1.5%
Norco Team DH 1.5%
Norco Aline 1.5%
Diamondback Mission 1.5%
Canfield Jedi 1.5%
Zerode 1.5%
Pivot Phoenix 1.5%
Rocky Mountain Flatline 1%
Specialized Enduro 1%
Banshee Legend 1%
Santa Cruz Nomad 1%
Turner DHR 1%
Mondraker Summum 1%
Polygon Collosus DH 1%
Norco Shore 1%
Transition Patrol 1%
Commencal Meta 1%
Scott Gambler 1%
Banshee Darkside .5%
Banshee Rune .5%
Banshee Spitfire .5%
Trek Remedy .5%
Trek Slash .5%
Devinci Fanatik .5%
Devinci Spartan .5%
Devinci Troy .5%
Norco Range .5%
Norco Sight .5%
Norco Fluid .5%
Norco Bline .5%
Specialized Status .5%
Specialized Stumpjumper .5%
Specialized SX Trail .5%
Rocky Mountain Altitude .5%
Rocky Mountain Slayer .5%
Transition Covert .5%
Transition TR250 .5%
Ghost Riot .5%
Ghost DH .5%
Saracen Myst .5%
Knolly Delirium .5%
Scott Voltage .5%
Santa Cruz Bronson .5%
NS Fuzz .5%
Evil Undead .5%
Morewood Makulu .5%
Ibis Mojo .5%
Cavalerie Anakin .5%

Frames Opening Day 2015:

Specialized Demo 17%
Devinci Wilson 13%
Norco Aurum 9%
Santa Cruz V10 7%
Giant Glory 5%
Giant Reign 5%
Rocky Mountain Flatline 5%
Transition TR500 4%
Transition TR450 3%
Trek Session 2%
Knolly Podium 2%
Lapierre DH 2%
Zerode 2%
Cove Shocker 2%
Kona Stab 2%
Evil Undead 2%
Intense M9 2%
Norco A-line 2%
Kona Operator 2%
Intense 951 1%
Specialized Enduro 1%
Cove Playmate 1%
Trek Slash 1%
Foes Hydro 1%
Norco Range 1%
Banshee Darkside 1%
Scott Voltage 1%
NS Fuzz 1%
Specialized Status 1%
Banshee Rune 1%
Morpheus DH 1%

Forks Opening Day 2019:

RockShox BoXXer 36.07%
Fox 40 15.57%
Fox 36 14.75%
RockShox Lyrik 12.30%
RockShox Pike 3.28%
RockShox BoXXer w/ Ohlins 0.82%
DVO Diamond 0.82%
DVO Onyx 0.82%
Fox 34 0.82%
Manitou Dorado 0.82%
Marzocchi 66 0.82%
Yari 0.82%

Forks Opening Day 2018:

RockShox Boxxer (all) 34.00%
Fox 40 (all) 28.33%
Fox 36 10.00%
RockShox Pike 9.00%
RockShox Lyrik 6.00%
Fox 34 3.00%
Marzocchi 888 2.33%
Ohlins 2.00%
Marzocchi 55/66 1.33%
X Fusion Sweep 1.33%
DVO Diamond 1.33%
DVO Emerald 1.00%
Cannondale Lefty 0.33%

Forks Opening Day 2016:

RockShox Boxxer (all) 34%
Fox 40 (all) 24%
RockShox Pike 12%
Fox 36 8%
Marzocchi 888 4%
Marzocchi 55/66 3%
RockShox Lyrik 2%
RockShox Sektor 2%
Fox 34 2%
BOS Idylle 2%
RockShox Domain 1%
RockShox Revelation 1%
Marzocchi EXR 1%
Marzocchi 380 1%
Manitou Travis 1%
BOS Deville 1%
X Fusion Sweep 1%

Forks Opening Day 2015:

RockShox Boxxer (all) 35%
Fox 40 (all) 23%
Marzocchi 55/66 9%
Marzocchi 888 7%
Marzocchi 380 (all) 6%
Fox 36 4%
RockShox Pike 4%
RockShox Lyrik 4%
RockShox Domain 2%
BOS Idylle 2%
Manitou Dorado 1%
Suntour Rux 1%
Fox 34 1%
Marzocchi Junior T 1%

Shocks Opening Day 2019:

RockShox Vivid Coil 22.88%
Fox DH X2 Coil 9.32%
Fox DH X2 Coil 9.32%
RockShox Super Deluxe 8.47%
Fox X2 Float 6.78%
Fox DPX2 5.93%
RockShox Monarch Plus 5.93%
Fox Van Coil 4.24%
Ohlins Coil 3.39%
Fox / Trek Thru Shaft 3.39%
Fox Float X2 Air 1.69%
Fox X2 Coil 1.69%
RockShox Deluxe 0.85%
DVO Jade 0.85%
DVO Topaz 0.85%
Fox DH RC2 0.85%
Fox DH X2 0.85%
Fox DH X2 Air 0.85%
Fox DHX 0.85%
Fox DHX Coil 0.85%
Fox DHX RC4 0.85%
Fox DHX X2 Coil 0.85%
Fox DHX2 Air 0.85%
Fox DP X2 Air 0.85%
Fox Float CTD 0.85%
Fox Float X 0.85%
Fox Nude 0.85%
RockShox Lyrik Coil 0.85%
Marzocchi Coil 0.85%
Ohlins Air 0.85%
RockShox Super Deluxe Coil 0.85%
RockShox Vivid Air 0.85%

Shocks Opening Day 2018:

Fox DHX (inc X2) 21.33%
RockShox Vivid Coil 20.33%
Cane Creek DB Coil 9.33%
Rockshox Vivid Air 8.67%
Cane Creek DB Air 6.00%
Fox Float X (Inc X2) 5.33%
RockShox Monarch Plus 5.00%
Ohlins 5.00%
RockShox Monarch 4.00%
Fox Float 2.33%
Xfusion Vector 2.00%
Hard Tail 2.00%
Marzocchi Rocco 1.67%
DVO Jade Coil 1.67%
RockShox Kage 1.00%
Cane Creek Inline 1.00%
BOS Stoy 1.00%
Push 1.00%
Fox Van 0.67%
DVO Topaz 0.67%

Shocks Opening Day 2016:

Fox DHX (inc X2) 26%
Cane Creek DB Coil 12%
RockShox Vivid Coil 11%
Fox Float X (Inc X2) 7%
Fox Van 7%
RockShox Monarch Plus 5%
Fox Float 5%
Marzocchi C2R 5%
RockShox Kage 4%
Marzocchi Rocco 4%
DVO Jade Coil 3%
Xfusion Vector 3%
Rockshox Vivid Air 2%
RockShox Monarch 1%
Ohlins 1%
Cane Creek Inline 1%
Cane Creek DB Air 1%
BOS Stoy 1%
Marzocchi Rocco Air 1%

Shocks Opening Day 2015:

Fox DHX (all) 28%
Rockshox Monarch Plus 11%
RockShox Vivid Coil 11%
Cane Creek DB Coil 9%
Fox Van 7%
Fox Float X 7%
Fox Float RP23 6%
RockShox Kage 5%
RockShox Vivid Air 4%
Marzocchi Rocco 4%
Cane Creek DB Air 2%
BOS Stoy 2%
Marzocchi Moto C2R 1%
RockShox Monarch 1%
Ohlins 1%
Cane Creek Inline 1%

Brakes Opening Day 2019:

SRAM Code 42.06%
SRAM Guide 32.71%
Shimano Saint 12.15%
Shimano XT 4.67%
Shimano SLX 3.74%
SRAM GX 0.93%
Hope 0.93%
TRP G spec 0.93%
SRAM X01 0.93%
Shimano Zee 0.93%

Brakes Opening Day 2018:

SRAM Guide (all) 32.67%
Shimano Saint 17.67%
SRAM Code (all) 11.67%
Shimano Zee 10.33%
SRAM Elixir (all) 8.67%
Shimano XT 5.33%
Shimano Deore 2.67%
SRAM XO 2.33%
Shimano SLX 2.00%
SRAM Juicy 2.00%
Formula R0R 1.33%
Shimano XTR 1.00%
Hope 1.00%
Magura 0.67%
TRP 0.67%

Brakes Opening Day 2016:

Shimano Saint 29%
SRAM Guide (all) 21%
Avid Code (all) 13%
Shimano Zee 11%
Avid Elixir (all) 9%
Avid XO 5%
Shimano SLX 4%
Shimano Deore 2%
Shimano XT 1%
Shimano XTR 1%
Avid Juicy 1%
Avid DB 1%
Formula T1 1%
Formula R0 1%

Brakes Opening Day 2015:

Shimano Saint 28%
Shimano Zee 14%
Avid Code (all) 14%
Avid Elixir (all) 13%
SRAM Guide 5%
Avid Juicy 5%
Avid XO 5%
Shimano XT 3%
Hope Tech 3 3%
Hayes 9 2%
Formula RX 2%
Shimano XTR 2%
Shimano SLX 2%
Shimano Deore 1%
Formula Oro 1%

Derailleurs Opening Day 2019:

SRAM GX 29.25%
SRAM XO 22.64%
SRAM XO1 14.15%
Shimano Zee 7.55%
Shimano Saint 6.60%
SRAM X9 4.72%
Shimano XTR 4.72%
Shimano XT 3.77%
SRAM NX 1.89%
SRAM G2 0.94%
SRAM X7 0.94%
SRAM XX 0.94%

Derailleurs Opening Day 2018:

SRAM XO 17.33%
SRAM GX 14.33%
Shimano Zee 14.00%
Shimano Saint 12.67%
SRAM X9 7.67%
SRAM X7 5.33%
Shimano SLX 4.67%
SRAM XO1 4.33%
SRAM NX 4.00%
Shimano Deore 3.67%
Shimano XT 3.33%
SRAM X5 2.33%
Shimano XTR 2.00%
SRAM X11 2.00%
Single Speed 1.33%
Shimano Altus 1.00%

Derailleurs Opening Day 2016:

Shimano Saint 20%
Shimano Zee 19%
SRAM XO1 11%
SRAM X7 10%
SRAM X9 7%
Shimano SLX 3%
Gearbox Bike 3%
Shimano XTR 2%
Shimano XT 2%
Shimano Deore 3%
SRAM X5 2%
Single Speed 2%
Shimano Altus 1%
Shimano Acera 1%
Chainless 1%

Derailleurs Opening Day 2015:

SRAM X9 17%
Shimano Saint 17%
Shimano Zee 13%
SRAM X5 7%
Shimano XT 6%
Shimano XTR 4%
SRAM X7 3%
Shimano Deore 2%

Rims Opening Day 2019:

DT Swiss 25.23%
Race Face 12.15%
e13 9.35%
Sun Ringle 9.35%
WTB 7.48%
Specialized Roval 6.54%
Spank 6.54%
Bontrager 4.67%
Mavic 3.74%
Easton 2.80%
Stans 2.80%
ENVE 1.87%
Santa Cruz 1.87%
Syncros 1.87%
Alex Rims 0.93%
Atomlab 0.93%
Hope 0.93%
SRAM 0.93%

Rims Opening Day 2018:

DT Swiss 22.67%
Sun Ringle 11.67%
E*thirteen 9.33%
Spank 7.33%
Stan's 7.00%
Mavic 6.00%
Specialized Roval 5.33%
Giant 4.67%
WTB 4.67%
Raceface 4.00%
NOBL 2.67%
Bontrager 2.33%
Alex Rims 2.00%
ENVE 1.83%
Easton 1.50%
Santa Cruz 1.33%
SRAM 1.33%
Hope 1.00%
Industry 9 0.67%
Shimano 0.67%
Syncros 0.67%
FSA 0.67%

Rims Opening Day 2016:

DT Swiss 21%
Mavic 13%
Sun Ringle 9%
Stan's 9%
Spank 9%
Easton 4%
Bontrager 3%
Nukeproof 3%
Raceface 3%
Specialized Roval 2%
E*thirteen 2%
Kore 2%
Industry 9 2%
Alex Rims 1%
Shimano 1%
Syncros 1%
Azonic 1%
Giant 1%
Enkei 1%
Diamondback 1%
Hope 1%
NS 1%

Rims Opening Day 2015:

Sun Ringle 21%
Mavic 18%
DT Swiss 13%
Easton 9%
Specialized Roval 8%
Alex Rims 6%
Stan's 4%
Spank 3%
Shimano 2%
Syncros 2%
Transition Revolution 2%
Novatec 2%
Bontrager 2%
WTB 1%
Azonic 1%
Spinergy 1%
Jalco 1%
Giant 1%
Crank Brothers 1%
E*thirteen 1%
Nukeproof 1%

Front Tires Opening Day 2019:

Maxxis Minion DHF 38.61%
Maxxis Assegai 9.90%
Schwalbe Magic Mary 8.91%
Specialized Butcher 6.93%
Maxxis High Roller 2 5.94%
Onza Aquilla 4.95%
Maxxis DHF 3.96%
Specialized 2.97%
Bontrager G5 2.97%
e13 LG1 2.97%
Schwalbe Hans Dampf 2.97%
Maxxis HighRoller 1.98%
WTB 1.98%
Bontrager G4 0.99%
Bontrager SE4 0.99%
Continental Der Kaiser 0.99%
Schwalbe Nobby Nic 0.99%

Rear Tires Opening Day 2019:

Maxxis Minion DHR II 29.41%
Maxxis Minion DHF 11.76%
Specialized Butcher 6.86%
Schwalbe Magic Mary 5.88%
Maxxis High Roller 2 4.90%
Schwalbe Hans Dampf 4.90%
Maxxis Aggressor 3.92%
Maxxis High Roller 3.92%
Onza Aquilla 3.92%
Bontrager G5 2.94%
Maxxis DHR II 2.94%
Maxxis DHR II 2.94%
E 13 LG1 1.96%
Maxxis Assegai 1.96%
WTB 1.96%
Bontrager 0.98%
Bontrager G4 0.98%
Bontrager SE4 0.98%
Continental Baron 0.98%
Maxxis DHR 0.98%
Maxxis Minion DHR 0.98%
Schwalbe Muddy Mary 0.98%
Schwalbe Nobby Nic 0.98%
Specialized 0.98%
Specialized Slaughter 0.98%

Tires Opening Day 2018:

Maxxis Minion DHF 34.33%
Maxxis Minion DHR 16.67%
Schwalbe Magic Mary 15.00%
Maxxis High Roller 2 7.33%
Maxxis Minion DHR 2 4.17%
Bontrager G4 4.00%
Schwalbe Hans Dampf 2.67%
Specialized Butcher 2.50%
Maxxis High Roller 2.50%
Continental Baron 1.33%
Schwalbe Muddy Marry 1.17%
Specialized Slaughter 1.00%
Schwalbe Nobby Nick 1.00%
Continental Trail King 1.00%
Kenda Nevegal 0.83%
Maxxis Ardent 0.67%
Maxxis Shorty 0.67%
Bontrager XR3 0.67%
Kenda Honey Badger 0.67%
Schwalbe Wickid Will 0.67%
Maxxis Icon 0.67%
WTB Vigilante 0.17%
Continental Mountain King 0.17%
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 0.17%

Tires Opening Day 2016:

Maxxis Minion DHF 25%
Schwalbe Magic Mary 21%
Specialized Butcher 10.5%
Maxxis High Roller 2 9.5%
Maxxis High Roller 6%
Bontrager G4 5.5%
Maxxis Minion DHR 4%
Maxxis Minion DHR 2 2.5%
Maxxis Ardent 2%
Specialized Slaughter 2%
Schwalbe Hans Dampf 1.5%
Schwalbe Nobby Nick 1.5%
Maxxis Shorty 1.5%
Continental Kaiser 1%
Kenda Nevegal 1%
Hutchinson Toro 1%
Bontrager XR3 1%
WTB Vigilante 1%
Kenda El Moco .5%
Kenda Honey Badger .5%
Continental Trail King .5%
Maxxis Minion SS .5%
WTB Prowler .5%

Tires Opening Day 2015:

Maxxis Minion DHF 33%
Schwalbe Magic Mary 25%
Maxxis High Roller 2 16%
Specialized Butcher 7%
Maxxis High Roller 6%
Maxxis Minion DHR 3%
Continental Kaiser 3%
Schwalbe Hans Dampf 2%
Bontrager G4 2%
Maxxis Ardent 2%
Kenda Nevagal 1%

DH Wheel Size Opening Day 2019:

27.5 inch 67.92%
29 inch 26.42%
26 inch 5.66%

DH Wheel Size Opening Day 2018:

29 inch 6.00%
27.5 inch 49.00%
26 inch 44.83%
24 inch 0.17%

DH Wheel Size Opening Day 2016:

27.5 inch 50%
26 inch 49%
24 inch 1%

DH Wheel Size Opening Weekend 2015:

26 inch 90%
27.5 inch 10%

Tire Setup Opening Day 2019:

Tubeless 50.93%
Tubes 49.07%


No 88.79%
Cushcore 6.54%
FTD 1.87%
Procore 1.87%
Huck Norris 0.93%

Tire Setup Opening Day 2018:

Tube 55.00%
Tubeless 39.67%
Insert 5.33%

DMR Lacondeguy
Flats 78.5%
HT X2 prototypes
Clipless 21.5%

Opening Day 2019:

Clipless 21.5%
Flats 78.5%

Opening Day 2018:

Clipless 23%
Flats 77%

Opening Day 2016:

Clipless 27%
Flats 73%

Opening Day 2015:

Clipless 16%
Flats 84%

79.44% Male
20.56% Female

Opening Day 2019:

Male 79.44%
Female 20.56%

Opening Day 2018:

Male 79%
Female 21%

Opening Day 2016:

Male 78%
Female 22%

Opening Day 2015:

Male 84%
Female 16%

Helmets Opening Day 2019:

TLD 28.04%
Fox 19.63%
Bell 13.08%
IXS 13.08%
Giro 5.61%
POC 4.67%
661 2.80%
Kali 2.80%
Specialized 2.80%
Leatt 1.87%
6D 0.93%
Lazer 0.93%
MET 0.93%
ONE 0.93%
Shoei 0.93%
Urge 0.93%

Helmets Opening Day 2018:

Troy Lee Designs 26.33%
Fox 22.33%
Bell 10.33%
Giro 9.00%
IXS 5.33%
661 5.33%
Kali 4.33%
Other 4.33%
POC 3.67%
Specialized 3.00%
100% 2.67%
urge 1.33%
One 0.67%
O'Neil 0.67%
MET 0.33%
6D 0.33%

Helmets Opening Day 2016:

Troy Lee Designs 33%
Fox 19%
IXS 16%
Giro 11%
Bell 8%
POC 4%
661 3%
Specialized 3%
100% 1%
Kali 1%
Suomy 1%

Helmets Opening Day 2012:

Troy Lee Designs 38%
661 11%
Giro 9%
Protec 7%
Urge 7%
Fox 7%
Bell 7%
THE 4%
POC 2%
Fly 2%
Specialized 1%
Mace 1%
MET 1%
Bluegrass 1%
Kali 1%
Suomy 1%

Neck Braces Opening Day 2019

No 89.72%
Yes 10.28%

Neck Braces Opening Day 2018

No Brace 82.33%
Yes 17.67%

Neck Braces Opening Day 2016:

No Brace 77%
Brace 23%

Neck Braces Opening Day 2012:

No Brace 77%
Brace 23%

Pads and protections Opening Day 2019:

TLD 20.00%
Fox 16.67%
IXS 14.44%
Race Face 12.22%
Dakine 8.89%
POC 7.78%
661 5.56%
Dainese 3.33%
G Form 2.22%
Leatt 2.22%
O'neal 2.22%
Fly 1.11%
ION 1.11%
None 1.11%
TSG 1.11%

Pads and protections Opening Day 2018:

TLD 19.00%
Fox 14.00%
Race Face 14.00%
N/A 13.00%
IXS 10.67%
POC 10.33%
661 4.67%
Dakine 2.67%
Dainese 2.33%
Alpine Stars 1.33%
GForm 1.33%
Fly 1.00%
Kali 1.00%
O/Neal 1.00%
Seven 1.00%
AsterISK 0.67%
Leatt 0.67%
Nukeproof 0.67%
Lizard Skins 0.33%
TSG 0.33%


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 With that much SRAM product out there, there must have been zero Pinkbike users riding that day.
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 They have done a really good job getting the oem market and although many believe them to be sub par to Shimano they still work well enough for many to not bother swapping out.
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 This is on Whistler opening day. Wait, the Golovec opening day is approaching...
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flag m1dg3t (May 29, 2019 at 14:27) (Below Threshold)
 With all the money SRAM spends on marketing it doesn't surprise me. I never liked anything SRAM and don't ever plan to. I avoid their products as much as possible.
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 Yeah I expected to see some more brands of brakes eg. Magura, Formula, etc

The other odd one was no 100% helmets
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 @vtracer: that's a hell of an accomplishment! being not quite shitty enough to bin everything and spend $1300 on new shit! GOSH! Sram is really nailing it!
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 @sambobcat: 0% 100%. That joke writes itself!
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 @sambobcat: Whistler: ground zero for the mountain biking world yet not a single shop in the village that can service TRP brakes! What kind of alien technology do I posess?
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flag m1dg3t (May 29, 2019 at 18:35) (Below Threshold)
 @conoat: True that!

Look how many SRAMboys downvoted my last post LoLoLoLoLoLoLosers.
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 i am Sram All the way for Drivetrain shimano will never get that part of my bike again ! for the Brakes i am all in with shimano
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Sorry but I like drivetrain that works! Shimano might be great if you weight 150 LB but above 220lb it shifts like a 1980 ford truck
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 @vtracer: Solid point. I wonder if the depth of their Eagle drivetrain (down to NX) gives them an edge over Shimano. Shimano only has 1x12 at XTR, right? Gives them a foot in the door. Then, they can pitch a spec for the rest of the bike. For example, doesn’t hurt when you can throw RockShox and Truvativ parts in the mix either. Sort of a smart play from a business perspective to be able to offer a one stop shop. Personally always run a Shimano drivetrain and brakes and build custom from the frame up, but most people buy complete bikes like you said.
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 @dutflip: i am 220lb and my xt drivetrain shifts flawlessly
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 @vtracer: A small vocal minority of pinkbikers blindly run shimano because that’s all they know. The rest of the world are on sram not scrambling for an awkward plastic shifter or having their lever randomly pull back to the bar as your attempting to brake late for a corner.
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 I have a GX Eagle on my Nomad and I didn't even have to adjust it once in almost 6 months! I'm generally very positivly surprised of its capability - especially with all the negativ talk about it.
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 @dutflip: Same, Sram for drivetrain shimano for brakes every time.
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 Noone riding a DHR2 up front really?
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 @Mbarsoski: had the same problem last year in Whistler. I used to run di2 shifting on my meta and the rear derailleur broke. After asking at 12 different shops, if they had a di2 derailleur on stock i ended up buying mechanical xt stuff. Nevertheless the mechanical setup has been flawless ever since, i was disappointed that shops in the mekka of mtb hadn't the top stuff on stock.
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 @m1dg3t: l avoid shimano. So there.
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 Only because Shimano makes the best stuff on Earth.
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 @dutflip: Next time you pull something out of your ass do us a favour and post a picture.
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Man did someone wake up on the wrong side of bed? Too many Kokanee’s last night?
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 @sunringlerider: Bed? I sleep on a pallet, in a box, under the overpass. How else do you think I can afford a cycling hobby?

Well, Kokanee is better than drinking your own urine. At least it's not Corona. Right?
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 Sram is not sub par to Shimano. Quite the opposite really @vtracer:
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 @funkzander: i use to have xt derailler and use to be scared to stand up to pedal! Not anymore
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 What you point ? xt derailler are shit?
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 @sunringlerider: is from Ontario there are all like that
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 @mbray14: their oem market comes mostly due to RockShox. The ability to make a great deal for both suspension and drivetrain, one of the most expensive parts of a bike gives them a big advantage. Also the agresive marketing and pushing new products (too) quickly helps.
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 Missing the drunk/stoned category
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 100% for both.
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 @unrooted: drunk no, high yes
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 "What substances are in your system today?"
- "Yes"
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 Hahaha, the 24" wheel guy is my son, and he was there. How did you miss his bright yellow mini Commencal? Big Grin
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 Almost 50% riding tubes?!?!
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 ^^^This! The most mind-blowing statistic on this survey. Who the hell rides tubes on a DH bike anymore?? Big Grin
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 @bman33: Really nothing surprising at all. Your gunna get flats, tears and possibly burps riding whistler and tubes are just faster and easier to deal with. Also its a DH bike the so people don't care as much about the extra weight.
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 @bman33: Tubes for life!
At least on the dh rig and the dirt jumper.
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 @nismo325: I am at Whistler yearly (not as much as you I suspect), Moab few times and year, and ride locally here in Colorado at Winter Park and few other parks on a season pass. Running tubeless has greatly reduced downtown due to flat tires. Small pinch or puncture, seals right up. Too many rocks and hard hits for me to deal with tubes. Yes, tubeless is a bit messy when you do actually have to change things out, but vastly less issues with flats that tubes for my areas.
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 @nismo325: fair call, didn’t think of it that way but that does make sense.
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 I have to run 30 psi in rear so I dont pinch flat ALL the time with tubes. Tubeless at 20psi, more grip, smoother ride, less arm pump, never burp. Once a tyres slashed its fooked anyway, buy better tyres
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 @bman33: me, after I slash a tire on Goat's Gully!
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 @yeti-monster: pinch flat all the time? something isn't right with your set up then, are you bottoming out the shock all the time too?
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 There's a mix of bikes in there, not all triple clamp DH specific bikes, so I don't think it is just the DH rigs. I'm still surprised 1/2 the folks are on tubes... and I'm one of them, on my trail bike... 20psi F/22psi R.
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 Can anyone say rentals?

Seriously though, I wonder how much of an impact rentals made on all these numbers
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 All rentals with tubes, also in Rocky areas people tend to run tubes more ( Andorra - all locals on tubes)
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 @imho4ep: I'm a big lad. Could have 2 pinch flats in one ride back in the day.
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 @bman33: Tubeless in the front, tube in the rear on the DH bike.
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 @bman33: Some tube´s junks...they can´t ride without them and even take my emergency unused one from time to time...very bad people...They want you to loose time at every occasion !
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 @nismo325: tubeless....if you don’t care about the weight, add Cush core.
I ride with a co2 and inflator in my pocket, as well as some plugs on the bike. Sticking a plug in a hole and re inflating with co2 is still faster and easier than a tube change....costs less than tubes now a days also.
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 @bman33: i nearly always have one wheel with a tube in it as i am too lazy to patch tubeless.
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 I have tubes in my current bike, because I don't feel like having sealant leak out of my non-tr tires. Will go tubeless on my new bike though!
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 @nickmalysh: I live in the Rockies, I would venture to say 90% or more of serious riders run tubeless to mitigate pinch flats/snake bites from sharp rocks. Not many tubes around here unless you are a newbie or riding road/urban bikes.
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 @bman33: Just put a tube in my rear tire for the first time in a decade (excluding emergencies) because I'm trying out a Tannus. I also live and ride in the Rockies. So far so good!
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 @nismo325: You can run lower pressure tubeless.
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 @bman33: every single rampage pro will say other wise. Tubeless cannot sustain 45 psi. Read the Kyle strait interview on this sites. It’s about his set up on his furious and first year with commencal.
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 @Happypanda1337: and 99.999% of us folks on Pinkbike are NOT Rebull Rampage athletes so three is that....
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 @Happypanda1337: Kyle Strait is running Tannus inserts now too, which require a tube.
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Ummmm, but they won’t. Can definitely tell you first hand, there are numerous rampage riders running tubeless....
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And WTF are you talking about not handling 45psi?? We set road tubeless up all the time and run 90+ psi. If you’re worried about your tape, add another wrap. Your rim won’t magically fail at that pressure, even with the volume of a 2.8 or bigger pushing against it.
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 @mountainyj: you did read your response right? "road tubeless."

I'm not worried about my tape. I run at 30 psi with no insert just fine and my carbon rims on both my bikes haven't snapped and tubeless. Its not about the rims failing, nor did i ever say that. You just pulled that shit out of your ass. I also have a friend who runs tubes because hes too lazy to set up sealant.

Literally the original post was about why tubes still exist. And I just pointed that out. Rampage pros exist that is why tube still exist in our market. You totally f*cking ignored the original premise of the OP's argument. "50% of the riders rides with tubes." No shit sherlock, you aren't a Rampage pro. I straight up used them as an example. Yes people still use tubes.
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 @mountainyj: no Shit sherlock, nearly all of them run tubeless when they go to a bike park. f*ck there's even a video about Darren Berrecloth set up for bike parks versus Utah. And he definitely switch from tubes to tubeless (Rampage to bike park). its a recent video too.

its this shit flew right over your f*cking head. read the original post again.
"Almost 50% riding tubes?!?!"

I was simply pointing out why tubes are still relevant.
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 @mountainyj: also again did you not check what you typed out. "We set road tubeless up all the time and run 90+ psi." ROAD f*ckING BIKES. This is about MOUNTAIN f*ckING BIKES. There is a different compound between the two; different fiber structure. There is only a f*cking handful of Cyclocross riders that went down A line A line with a cross bike. And I'm f*cking sure you aren't one of them.
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 You guys need to work on your data visualization game. Even a table format would be more helpful. Collaboration with FiveThirtyEight?
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 Do appreciate the data, though. Cheers to the dude watching everyone ride while jotting notes on his laptop.
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 there was an attempt... with the post thumbnail image lol
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 Or hire Eliott Jackson, his Worldcup visualisations are amazing
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 Norco should definitely sort their coffee game. They used to have to second most popular frame in the park but they've now dropped all the way to tenth.
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 Those new high pivot frames are sexy, I see a roaring comeback in next bit of time.
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 So maybe shops in the area rented out and sold rental Aurums. I feel like that's why there are so many. I don't think the new HP bikes will bring the numbers back up due to how much they cost.
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 Their new high-pivot espresso machine will soon be released too. The idler pulley really makes a big difference in the smoothness!
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 100% Mountainbiking
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 - the way the SB150 is over-represented in media I would assume they'd be more common, but I guess that was just my subjective perception
- it seems there was a guy wearing what I assume is a Shoei MX helmet? I wish I'm wrong and it was a road Shoei, just for the cringe
- we are well over peak neck brace
- tyre inserts all over the place on the internet, yet they are not that common?
- flat pedals are not going anywhere
- lots of RF rims, maybe local phenomenon?
- female participation seems to be stalled or even slightly declining for some time (unfortunately)? My media induced perception would be that the girl scene was expanding in the last couple of years
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 RF rims are common as OE spec on GX-level bikes, with Formula or Novatec hubs.
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 @mmfood: Like Swiss cheese & box wine!
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 I mean at $3.8k for the frame I'm really not surprised nobody has SB150's
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 Hmm... big proportional drop in Fox 40s and Santa Cruz V10s on this rainy opening day. Could there be a correlation with the kind of people who value bling being the same kind of people who only ride when it's sunny out?
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 How are demos not bling
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 26" FOR LIFE!!!!
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 Or 2021 unless you die sooner
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 Stupid survey, how many Tacoma's were in the parking lot. What was the shorts to flannel ratio. How much beer was consumed, and I'm talking IPA...keep your Molsen Ice Canada.
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 There is a reason we ship it south.
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 @bowness8: Haha in reality...beers are great no matter what Smile I'll kindly have a cold one of anything offered.
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 @Biocoug1: the best kind of beer is a free one
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 Man, using Molson ice to represent Canadian beer is like using fosters to rep for aussies. The rest of the world knows it, but no one where it comes from actually drinks the swill...
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 @Biocoug1: You've clearly never sampled a Nowegian beer....
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 @VwHarman: Well America has Budweiser, so we all have our crap beer. Smile
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 @Biocoug1: Ha! Fair enough!
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 These stats are a bit suspect... nothing on the methodology? Number of riders / bikes surveyed?
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 “There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

Kind of empty stats if you don't know the other details.
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 My bad math makes it looks like 114 bikes surveyed.
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 @fabwizard: Not bad math, all of those 0.88% numbers, and a bunch of 1.77% numbers suggest that 1 bike = 0.88%, and 2 bikes = 1.77%. 1/0.0088 = 114.
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 @fabwizard: I'm lost, for bikes the lowest % is 0.88%, but then all the other categories jump to 0.9~. . . my guess is they got the names of more bikes than they did all the componentry.
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 @unrooted: 0.9% = 0.88%, rounded to one significant figure.
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 @unrooted: That sort of makes sense. Was thinking about how hard it would be to get a full bike spec in the rain/mud in the time it took someone to hop on a lift (other riders in line to get data for too) . Manufacturer and frame would be the easiest and the rest is sort of up in the air. Maybe you get the brakes and wheels and miss something else, or whatever other combination. You could stop each person for some proper data collection, but no one wants to be that guy on opening day.
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 This "survey" has absolutely no value beside being entertaining, it doesn't mean anything. And btw the 29ers jumped 20% from last year so does 27.5 but we,re not going to mention it, don't we?
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 For the front tires, y'all have "Maxxis Minion DHF" at 38.61% and "Maxxis DHF" at 3.96%.

I think those should be combined.
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 That was just Stacy Kohut.
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 I wonder if the second one is supposed to be DHR2? It's not in that list anywhere...
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 How the f*ck do people stop in whistler?
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 I had a remote job, boom!
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 "Brakes Opening Day 2019:

SRAM Code 42.06%
SRAM Guide 32.71%"

Warranty department must be working overtime!
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 3 out of 4 pilots chose SRAM for their brakes! I highly doubt that. That OEM market...
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 No Magura? No formula?
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 @sino428: I've had SRAM brakes for 5+ years now and never had a problem. The guides f*cking suck but no one I know ever has durability issues.
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 @ihatetomatoes: not sure why your reply has me tagged in it, but I agree. I have sram brakes on two of my bikes (codes and elixirs) and both work just fine.
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 @sino428: haha love the random tag
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 Transition Patrol comes from nowhere to be 6th most common and 1st non DH frame
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 You literally cant swing a stick without hitting someone on a Transition Patrol in the PNW. I was on a group ride the other day and there were 6 of them there.
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 @Thustlewhumber: The Capra of NA
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 What a mess....

what's the difference between:
Fox DH X2 Coil 9.32%
Fox DH X2 Coil 9.32%
Fox X2 Coil 1.69%
Fox DH X2 0.85%
Fox DHX Coil 0.85%
Fox DHX X2 Coil 0.85%

Fox X2 Float 6.78%
Fox Float X2 Air 1.69%
Fox DH X2 Air 0.85%
Fox DHX 0.85%
Fox DHX2 Air 0.85%
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 Sorry if I missed it in the article but what was the sample size of the survey?
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 I think it depends on the question. Bike frames had 0.88% for the least common. Assuming that's one person, that's 113 or 114. Other questions had different %. In the article it says "over a hundred."
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 @underhawk: Yeah, was thinking about that too but then I also saw the 0.85% number somewhere so that would relate to something like 117. And there is also .93%. My guess is that at least three different researches went bike spotting and one had someting like 113 or 114 bikes, the other had 117 bikes and someone else had 108 bikes. They may or may not have had overlap in their samples.
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 Sample sizes for all years would be helpful too. Along with pricing at the park, weather, open trails, basic rider info, etc. As a data guy, this just a damn tease.
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 Maybe the bike park can give us a data set to fill in some gaps.
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 So not a single MRP piece of suspension, and not a single Guerrilla Gravity bike?! Frown
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 CO bike survey be like: Yeti, GG, other
  • 4 0
 Sample size probably wasn't huge
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 I would have been there repping both If my rear wheel had been back from warranty work.
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 The 'guns and heavy metal' GG brand image might not resonate with British Columbians?
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 And not a single Canyon Sender!
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 There was a GG this weekend. Dude was a shredder too.
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 @skylerd: guns and metal do just fine on the coast, likely more to do with small brand with little to no shop representation.
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 There's a strong and clear message for the bike industry there to get off their backside and start developing more flat shoes instead of clips, and have more advanced technology in them instead of just skate style shoes (BOA etc.).
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 Let me help you: not applicable here.

The bikes counted are integers and so their measurement is exact (You aren't stopping at 1 for convenience. There are 0 bikes, 1 bikes, 2 bikes, not 1.13x bikes). A ratio of exact integers is good to an infinite number of significant figures.
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 @MarcusBrody: Depends what you want to show. If this is a breakdown of what the bikes that were counted had on them, yes. But if you want it to show what all the people were riding you need to extrapolate to the total nr of riders. That comes with big error margins for all those rare sightings. Let alone if you want to extrapolate to the entire mtb community.
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 @ak-77: I don't disagree with anything you said, but when we start talking about extrapolation, inference, and error margins, we're talking about statistical significance, not significant figures which were linked to.
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 @ak-77: Why extrapolate to the entire mtb community? Whistler opening day may attract different people, people will be riding different stuff in other parts of the world and mountainbikers outside the bike parks also ride different bikes. Whistler opening day is best viewed as an isolated case.
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 @MarcusBrody: Sorry, but a table should always have consistency in the significant figures. You're not wrong, in this example we could theoretically have N significant figures where N is the number of bikes in the sampled universe - but I'm talking table presentation, not statistical calculation.

If one column shows 16.33% and the next column shows 25%, and we can accurately report four significant figures, 25 should read 25.00%. They were consistent in their columns (ie forks 2016) but not between years (forks 2016 vs 201Cool .
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 Dang I barely made any of the categories. I ride a 26" Knolly Podium with a dorado fork, X-fusion rear and I9 wheels. My Saint's and Magic Mary's keep me relevant.
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 I was interested in reading this, but started scrolling through to see unformated lists of products with percentages slammed next to them and... scrolled all the way down here to comment on it. If you made all this data available as a Google Sheet, I bet someone will create some nicer data visualizations for ya...
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 Seconded. Make the data set available and I’ll do it. Not sure how I could make it slick without access to the backend codebase or some serious website reformatting, though. Probably just want me to post PNG screen shots of some charts.
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 People were complaining about the Scribd on the Fort Bill WC thread too which has proper tables
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 No LightBicycle/Chinese carbon rims? I call BS.
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 I'm sure this is a sample and not a comprehensive list of every user. Certainly there were more than 114 people at the bike park on opening day, despite the rain.
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 Is this from rental bikes as well?
  • 14 0
 That was my question. If a huge chunk of those are rentals then it might heavily skew the numbers to that spec of bike... See Specialized with RS suspension.
  • 5 0
 Has to be, Demo 8 x million. They wouldn't be able to differentiate rent/owned otherwise.
  • 1 0
 Pretty sure in previous years they specified that rentals were excluded... They probably just forgot to type it this year.
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 there were not any gt's in the survey, so it looks like just actual peoples bikes
  • 1 0
 Ah-ha. Keen observation.
  • 1 0
 @vtracer: No GT ? see ''GT Fury 6.19%'' top 3 bike
  • 1 0
 @vtracer: if you rent a bike you are not an actual person, and must forfeit your MTB GnarCard
  • 7 1
 That's a depressing amount of SRAM. Not enough Rockies or Banshee's either Frown .
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 I know right? I can’t even imagine how any ones forx and breaks werked at all? I’m still blown away how that French dh guy Amery or somthung like that can be so fast on junk parts.
  • 2 0
 There was an article about Neck Braces on Pinkbike back in 2017. Neck Braces - Should You Be Wearing One?

It would have been interesting to know about the technology on helmets, for example: does your helmet have any multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS for example)? so we would be able to compare year by year.
  • 4 0
 There was a study done recently on something like 80,000 mx accidents where they compared casualties and fatalities between neck brace users and non users and it was quite definitively favourable towards neck braces.
  • 5 1
 Ooofff. Mavic's wheel market share has plummeted from 18% to 4% in 5 years.

Guess that's what you get for holding out on wider = better.
  • 3 0
 Yep RIP Mavic and Cane Creek shocks too
  • 5 0
 If wider is better why are DT ex471s so good/popular?

Marketing is better = more sales.
  • 3 0
 @m1dg3t: True dat. My widest rims are EX471s at 25mm.
  • 2 0
 @freestyIAM: Blasphemy! That's impossible. How ever do you manage to keep the tires from folding over? We all know you need at least 27mm just to keep the tire on.
  • 2 0
 It's good to see Cane Creek dropping off of the map. That stuff is garbage.
  • 1 0
 @Altron5000: not sure if there was a typo, because for 2019 Fox DH X2 Coil was listed twice.
  • 2 0
 I'm curious about the transition patrol sneaking in among the DH bikes at the top. Is there a new transition dealer in the area or are Transition rentals now available from whistler? Did transition begin a marketing push in the area? Fanatik Bike of WA sells a lot of Transition, I wonder if Fanatik's big increase in its online presence made a difference. Anyways, lots of really interesting data to read. And apparently DH bikes aren't dead at all.
  • 5 1
 Transition is pretty popular here in Northwest Arkansas now too. I have a Patrol myself. For me I chose Transition because of the fact they don't produce Ebikes, the good geometry for my long arms, and the threaded bottom bracket.
  • 1 0
 SBG makes the Patrol an incredibly capable bike.. she’ll ride the park as well as climb 3,000 feet of vert. Highly suggest demoing one.
  • 1 0
 i ride three 26er MTBs (rigid, XC, & Enduro/DH), but when i $uccumb to that N+1 bike demon I might taste that top-end brand new 29er feel, but that would be long after I've fully tricked out my existing, well spec'd, stable AND my racing performances are in "danger" of getting on a podium, of which I am ambivalent about since I'd race for the intrinsic enjoyment rather than pining for prizes.
  • 5 0
 I think a suspension travel category would’ve been interesting to see
  • 9 8
 My purchase of a new 29" wheel DH bike has given me extra speed without having to do any extra practice or exercise!

The damn bike takes off and I hold on the brakes begging for mercy! I'm going so fast in a straight line that it's impossible to corner slower than my 27.5" DH bike.

That's all the science I need.

Enjoy your bikes people (unless they have more than 1 front chain ring)!!
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 what about riders with gloves vs people who don’t wear gloves?
  • 2 0
 I am sitting here thinking about neck braces going from 23 to 10 percent over the years. For me this is the only concerning number. What do you guys think?
  • 2 0
 I never really noticed it but its def a trend. Now that I think about it I hardly see anyone wearing them the last couple years.
  • 4 0
 I don’t believe those frame percentages add up to exactly 100 ! Big Grin
  • 5 0
 RIP 888. Frown
  • 3 0
 only 3% session , seems like A conspiracy
  • 56 0
 yea but 80% LOOKED like a Session!
  • 1 0
 @Dudeclimbsrocks: Which looks like handfulls of bikes from the '90s/'00s.
  • 67 67
 Almost 50% of riders on 26in last year. 5% this year. Please tell me 26 is finally dead and the comments will stop? There is no situation 26 is better than 27.5 or 29 unless you are on a dirt jump bike.
  • 401 10
 26" inch are better when you own a perfectly good bike with 26" wheels and don't feel like spending thousands of dollars on a new one.
  • 53 38
 Sick Bicycles made a few 26" DH frames and nobody bought them. This says a lot about a lot of different things
  • 53 3
 What about the situation when you have a 26 inch bike and can't afford a new bike? Better to not ride?
  • 32 6
 There's almost no difference between the two either.
  • 74 0
 Never road anything but 26", one day I will get a new bike, but as long as I have wheels spinning underneath me all is good. I don't need to beat anybody down the hill, just out havin' fun!
  • 8 0
 @WAKIdesigns: Resale value and parts availability play a major role in this kind of decisions, especially when you shell thousands of your hard-earned cash on a bike.
  • 15 5
 26" isn't dead for trail bikes. Cotic and BTR make them. Other brands are irrelevant. Wink
  • 2 2
 @sino428: and there are actually more 26ers than V 10's, that says a lot!! LOL
  • 1 1
 Maybe are those people also considering spare tires availability
  • 7 2
 @bok-CZ: At least the big brands like Continental and Schwalbe continue to make their tires in 26'. Newcomers like Goodyear etc may not.
  • 3 2
 @vinay: very true, people who know 26 buy from long time builders of 26" frames.
  • 8 11
 @cool3: resale value of a Sick frame... Big Grin
  • 12 33
flag m33pm33p (May 29, 2019 at 12:20) (Below Threshold)
 I can tell you one thing 26 does better. Not believe the hype like all the other wankers. 27.5 or 29 does nothing for the average rider, just like boost, 157mm hubs, 13 speed drivetrains etc etc. Wanna be legit fast at Whistler. Take your chain off girls.
  • 42 7
 @m33pm33p: Yes, if your chain is routed around a girl that will certainly slow you down. Because you wouldn't be bashing an entire gender for the sake of a 26 vs 27.5 argument, right?
  • 19 1
 I have new/modern 27.5 bikes(don't want a 29), and I'd still rather have 26. I've had no personal evidence a bigger wheel has made my riding any better(I've even done lap times in my local trail comparing, (if speed is the main factor), in fact I think the opposite for how I like to ride a trail...plenty of "situations" 26 is better than bigger wheels
  • 25 2
 26 is still prefered by some big name (not Randy) freeriders, because freeriders dont race. Flickability was a keyword a few years ago, some of us still appreciate having a flickable bike. #Steeznutz
  • 16 30
flag m33pm33p (May 29, 2019 at 12:29) (Below Threshold)
 @bentplate: Only a mountain bike nerd would turn it into a feminism arguement. Jesus grow some ovaries and go ride your bike sheela.
  • 14 1
 Did the trails change or something that My 26" V10 can't get through since 2014? Pick a size and be a douche about it!
  • 1 0
 @tetonlarry: Says another Larry.
  • 23 1
 My 26" Trek Session Park is more fun on DH jump trails than my 27.5" Santa Cruz Nomad. Sorry, 26 isn't going anywhere.
  • 17 1
 @cool3: resale doesn't exist if you have anything more than 6 months old...market is way too saturated and moves too fast!. I've lost way too much money on carbon frames that weren't even scratched yet, or bikes I realized I wasn't very into. I've got an '18 Fox 36 for sale and getting peanut offers! Best to ride what you have til it's dead!
  • 4 1
 @Kitejumping: your comparing a park bike with an enduro / trail / race bike and your conclusion is the park bike is better on DH jump (park?) Trails?
  • 14 0
 Nothing wrong with runnin what you brung. If it's 26", run it!
  • 3 0
 @WAKIdesigns: or was it that they never shipped them? cause lets be real...
  • 8 0
 I have an 27,5 enduro bike and a 013 26” giant glory. I only use the glory for the bikeparks, the geometry and the feel is as god or even better than a lot newer 27,5 bikes, plus parts are dirt cheap( I just bought a pair of second hand Mavic deemax wheels+ tyres for 150€). Why I would like to spend 3k € on a new bike that rides like mine when I can spend that money in other things?
  • 19 7
 26 for life bitch!!!!! By far the most fun tire size...just ask Zink he still rides 26. The most flickable and better cornering size period. That and I'm 5'3" lol. I haven't bought a new bike since 2013...think of all the money I have saved and I guarantee you that I'm having just as much fun or more than any of the 27.5 or 29er riders. Easily the best tire size for jumping and style. I also podium on my 26 DH bike consistently. Keep drinking the koolaide and paying for those big profit margins.
  • 6 0
 @GlassGuy: I tried 29 inch but went back to 27.5. Sometimes wonder if 26 may be better for the tighter sections and jumps on my local trails. Been so long since I had them I've forgotten what they are like.
  • 15 5
 @HighMountainDrifter: People who don't understand how good 26 have either never ridden one, or just suck at biking in general and rely on bigger wheels to get them by. Ripping the smaller wheels feels so fn good.
  • 6 1
 IMO I think I will wind up on 26" rear and 27.5" front!
  • 3 0
 @WAKIdesigns: or nobody actually received them after payment.
  • 2 0
 @HighMountainDrifter: I'd like to come out to your DH races.
  • 3 1
 Red Bull Rampage winners over the last few years seem to say you're mistaken....
  • 4 0
 When Santa Cruz was developing the first Bronson, they did it with 26" wheels. The 650b hype then caught, and they tried them out and literally couldn't tell the difference, both in time and rider feedback. They tweaked the BB height to play nice with 650b and released it with them just to be able to sell bikes.

That being said I've owned nothing but 29ers since 2014, so what do I know.
  • 6 2
 Its the global dumb everything down generation. Just take a look at the hottest espresso machine, the DE Pro, which is a tablet/app machine that any moron who is not a pro barista can opperate. But, but, ohhhh, it shows a flow and pressure diagram. Wow.
  • 2 1
 @leggatt: true. A couple weeks ago I put a hole in the sidewall. A friend lend me a 27.5'' tube and to our surprise it fitted the 26'' tire perfectly. We were expecting it to become a bit tight or even folded but fit in just like it was a 26'' tube
  • 13 0
 Its better for me when I have a 26er and not a 27.5 and see no reason to get rid of a perfectly good bike just because the bike industry says I should.
  • 5 12
flag Abacall (May 29, 2019 at 13:51) (Below Threshold)
 @Kitejumping: Except 26" did go somewhere. In a lonely hole to die slowly. 50%-5% is a clear sign. Keep riding those 26" till they die. Then, even you, will go to a bigger wheel.
  • 11 0
 @Abacall: I'll move away from 26 when my mates are faster than me Wink
  • 1 0
 @vinay: they do, but when you cut one on a trip in Alps you're done and can only wait for online delivery
  • 9 0
 @bentplate: What if you can afford a new bike, several even, but refuse to be a part of the current trend/s in the cycling industry? When I can modify my car for less than what it would cost to modify my bike there definitely is something not right. Heck even my firearm hobby is getting cheaper than cycling!

I'm no pro. I don't get paid to ride, and I aint gonna chase the Joneses to the bottom of the KoolAid pitcher
  • 2 1
 @hamncheez: I had Banshee Spitfire firstly on 26" and then swapped for 27.5 with different drop outs, the speed on smooth steep was maybe the same but definitely faster in rough and mostly not pushing me over the bars in situations 26" did. Same frame, very similar geometry, same rider, same trails. Then after like 3 seasons on it I spent a summer on old 26" SX trail which I felt like I would change a bit of travel for a bit rubber and I would be way more comfy and faster
  • 7 15
flag WAKIdesigns (May 29, 2019 at 14:50) (Below Threshold)
 @Boardlife69: No. it is you who is wrong. Just like 26” or long travel HT mob, espresso is an overintellactualized, pretentious bullshit. Espresso is awful, no matter the machine. It is a bitter, oily beverage with a scent of burned plants. It’s only function, as the name suggests, has always been to deliver caffeine to the mouth rather fast, at low price. A worker of Fiat factory in Torino had little time before getting to work on early shift, so espresso just worked. Now just like a lot of things, white people decided to make it into a form of art in order to feel better than others. Just like old 26” bikes or long travel hardtails.
  • 3 0
 Somehow I see in like 5 or so years some boutique company called “Sixer” is going to come around with super steep, 26 inch titanium frames and completely shake up the market.
  • 1 0
 @WAKIdesigns: yeah, it says "people aren't stupid enough to buy Sick Bicycles"
  • 8 14
flag WAKIdesigns (May 29, 2019 at 15:04) (Below Threshold)
 Anyways! At this point, 26” bikes are like toddlers of antivaccers, you wonder which will die first
  • 10 1
 @WAKIdesigns: I don't see how you have any say in the matter when you literally live on pb. I find it hard to believe you even ride.
  • 5 0
 @WAKIdesigns: Dude, I like the taste of coffee, and a well made espresso. Toss the fru-fru coffee's out the window, y'know the maramel machiattoo foam over decaf latte frapawappa's. But if you don't like black coffee, then you don't like coffee so just leave it alone.

Fair enough you don't like the taste, but some of us like the taste as well as a well delivered buzz! Look believe it or not there are people out there that don't like bikes, can't just drop them into the deepest trench, y'know whuddimean?
  • 4 0
 @WAKIdesigns: you just gave kingdom props and now back to hating lt hardtails... hypocrite
  • 3 0
 @sino428: Exactly that. I still ride a perfectly good 26" bike, I'm not gonna get rid of it just because 26" wheels aren't cool anymore. I'm not a 26" preacher by any means but as long as I can still buy tyres and my bike aint broke I will still be riding a 26.
Next bike will be a 29, just won't be getting it until my current steed has died.
  • 1 0
 @WAKIdesigns: you got to factor in socks and t shirts into that statement to make it more comprehensibler donch ya know
  • 3 0
 @HankBizzle: same, I have no problem with the bigger wheels (I have a 29” trail bike). But I have two perfectly good 26” inch bikes for park and DH. I’m not a serious rider. I just hit the local bike parks a few times a month so for me getting rid of perfectly good bikes makes no sense when the bigger wheels offer someone like me almost no real advantages.
  • 1 0
 @WAKIdesigns: nobody bought them, or nobody got them?
  • 2 0
 If the bike that gets a person onto a trail has 26” wheels, they are perfect. Hardly any of us on here are actually good enough to truly get the benefits out of such minuscule differences so just make sure your bike makes you smile more than frown. All else is irrelevant.
  • 2 0
 @RafaGamas: you can pretty much use any tube in any wheelsize because they stretch haha.
  • 2 0
 @VwHarman: yea an average rider can gain 10x more speed by simply letting go of the brakes.
  • 2 1
 @tremeer023: I looked at some videos I made when I was still on 26 and there were rock sections with tight little turns and other really subtle areas I'd maneuver through that I gave up on once I got onto 27.5. Even though I love how the Scout rides I can't help but think it would be even more fun if I could make it a 26 without the BB dropping too low. I definitely think 26 is best if you're wanting maneuverability, flickable bike...not just race times(which aren't that much better)
  • 2 1
 @chriskneeland: bigger wheels equals less work, and the bike industry is trying to make bikes more controlled, stable, user friendly for the masses. . I may have to get another 26 for optimal ripping Smile
  • 3 0
 @GlassGuy: Almost no one would pass a double blind test on 26" vs 650B wheels, including you.
  • 2 1
 @GlassGuy: Less work how? It has a larger circumference so you need to do more work compared to a smaller wheel to make a full rotation. Larger wheel has more inertia/gyroscopic forces too so it affects the bike more when compared to smaller wheel.

The only benefits I see to larger wheels is for taller people. Manufacturers can finally make better fitting bikes for that segment.

I would like to see modern geometry with 26" wheels being tested more. Problem with that is it prolly wont sell much because marketing.
  • 2 0
 @hamncheez: Majority of people wouldn't pass a double blind test for anything. Let alone a 26 vs 27.5 "shootout"
  • 3 4
 @m1dg3t: I passed a double blind test on ur mum last night
  • 1 7
flag m1dg3t (May 30, 2019 at 9:51) (Below Threshold)
 @hamncheez: LoL.

Was that before or after your dad and all his friends took turns bending you over?

hamncheez must be American for Daddies little cum dumpster Smile
  • 2 1
 @m1dg3t: you do realise minors read this website, right?
  • 2 0
 The whole wheel size argument is very much biased depending on what/where you ride (horses for courses), and a bit depending on rider size. I think bigger wheels do equal less work (and more comfort) if you ride fast rough trails. If your trails are smooth, tight and twisty (mine are), then they can be harder work and smaller wheels are way more fun.
I've nothing against big wheels personally, just not fortunate enough to live in the Alps or Fort William.
  • 1 2
 @carlitouk: Coal miners are pretty burly men. They can take a Rated R joke don't worry
  • 1 0
 @m1dg3t: In the sense they roll over stuff easier..more stable
  • 1 0
 @hamncheez: I agree, speed wise...no difference. I have noticed I'm not getting through some really tight rock sections I used to clear with ease on 26....I stopped going through the sections after trying on 27.5.
So, I agree and disagree
  • 1 0
 @GlassGuy: Or we are just getting old.....
  • 3 1
 26” bikes stopped developing in 2013 in terms of geometry and most components, suspension forks in particular. If you got a Demo with 26” wheels with the latest geo of Demo 27,5 (just with bb at the correct height) with same damping, same tyres, it would be just as fast. Wheelsize itself is overrated. That is why I said that romanticizing 26” is not that smart since a lot of things have changed, not only the diameter. It is as smart as saying that old Marzocchis were best. Yes, at the time, in 2003 they were the best. They stand no chance against modern forks
  • 1 2
 @carlitouk: those minors hear and say much worse on a daily basis.
  • 1 0
 @WAKIdesigns: I definitely concur that the geo on my current bike is really comfortable and definitely stands out from all my bikes of the past that were either more XC oriented or bigger travel, hence not as agile...the blending has really come together for trail bikes, but with that said, I would like to see how this current 27.5 would ride with 26...I'd do it except I'd have to make even more adjustments to deal with the dropped BB height, and I no longer have any 26 wheels!(Wait, I think I have a 20mm hub front wheel somewhere upstairs!)
  • 1 0
 @hamncheez: Nah...if that's how you think then that's how it is Wink ...I'm riding as good as ever, if not better. I will admit I take less chances now than I used to though. Having a tweaked hand, wrists, ripped open face, whatever, that comes from a little mishap on the trail has much bigger consequences now, especially when you're self employed like I am!
  • 2 0
 @WAKIdesigns: If people need to compare wheelsizes in frames designed around those specifically, they need to get both BTR Pinner in 26" and 27.5". Or go bonkers and get the BTR Ranger in 26", 27.5", 29" and the plus size model too. I've got the BTR Ranger 26" model and it feels great.

Not sure whether it is also fair to compare the Cotic BFe in 26" and 27.5" as I feel there are other differences too. But either way, these are all modern frames designed around their wheelsizes. Comparing a modern frame to something from before 2013 doesn't make sense.

Obviously people riding Cotic and BTR aren't stupid enough to waste their time queuing up in Whistler at opening day.
  • 2 0
 @mikelevy You have some duplicate data in a few fields, rear tires and shocks for example.
  • 2 0
 "Some". I counted like 11 different Fox X2 variations. Smile
  • 2 0
 What was the fork that makes up the missing 12.3%? Has to be the Shiver .... say it was !!
  • 3 0
 No Magura brakes? Seems a little off!!
  • 2 0
 Unless your name is Nash or Neo, these numbers presented are meaningless. Put them in plots.
  • 4 1
 Coming a head of all the 0.88% bikes was “Your Mom” at 0.9642%
  • 1 0
 .69% surely...
  • 3 0
 Transition Patrol out of no where jumps to a top spot
  • 4 1
 Why are the 2 shittiest brakes the most popular?
  • 2 0
 Because marketing. OEM spec is king on this list.
  • 1 0
 What actually needed to be on here was what model year is the bike your riding then maybe we would see almost everyone riding last years leftovers. Haha
  • 2 0
 I don’t believe that not one person wasn’t wearing a 100% helmet on opening day.
  • 1 0
 On Day 2 there was 33 - 50% people with 100% helmets
  • 2 0
 So Specialized rental bikes? and it looks like Norco are no longer on the rental circuit?
  • 3 1
 0.00% 100% helmets this year? Not possible. All us Barneys wear them.
  • 1 0
 Did someone really sit at the bottom counting all of these as they went by?!
  • 7 0
 I saw a dude from PB sitting at chairlift with laptop, filling in columns and rows for everyone that walked by in line-not sure how they deal with repeats.
  • 1 0
 I rode saturday on a rental, GT fury, was I counted?

Was so happy when airlines brought my v10 for sunday!
  • 2 0
 Are most of the people with tunes on rentals or a new bike?
  • 2 0
 Yeah I was waiting for that, thanks Pinkbike!
  • 1 0
 Anyone ridden Aarons Onza Aquilla? Is it a good all-weather tire? Their Ibex were underwhelming
  • 1 0
 Looking to get a 26” Jedi, anyone spend time on one? How are they in the steep and rough? Pedal efficiency?
  • 2 0
 Would be great to get some of this data into graphs!
  • 1 0
 Specialized Demo swept all four years as #1. I thought everyone hated Specialized. lol.
  • 1 0
 The amount of riders with inner tubes, and withOUT a neck brace is mind-blowing.
  • 1 0
 There is conflicting evidence on neck braces. Theres at least one study out there that found that neck braces put extra strain on the neck during crashes, increasing the chance of vertebral injury. The AMA pinkbike did with a doctor had the doctor saying the opposite. I personally don't think there is enough evidence that they work to be sold on one.
  • 1 0
 that FOX shock data is a mess... the same shock is listed 6 times with slightly different spelling or spaces in the name.
  • 1 0
 This is pretty awesome, well done Pinkbike and I hope to see more of these!
  • 1 0
 Honestly, I wanna see this bike with its TOP concepts.
  • 1 1
 No one on Canyon bike ???
hahahaha, so so your style of working has verified You
  • 1 0
 what do you mean by that bro?
  • 1 0
 Parlez vous anglais?
  • 3 3
 Specialized losing marketshare!

Vivid coil is that popular??

Only 1% Hope brakes?!
  • 8 1
 I think what you have to keep in mind is that alot of people buy off the shelf bikes and just ride them. So alot of these #'s are likely influenced by what parts manufactures are stocking on their complete bikes, not what are realistically the most popular. Alot of people might prefer a Fox or DVO shock or fork, but when the bikes comes with a Boxxer and Vivid they just ride it.
  • 7 1
 @sino428: 100% Came to post the same comment. Not sure if this survey tells more about rider choice or OEM spec choices.

I've been shopping lately and it seems SRAM is dominating the OEM game lately.
  • 8 9
 Hope brakes are best in the world! Most reliable, never looked back, bought them to replace my (long story)

Yeah, cool story! See you later Paps!
  • 1 0
 @robwhynot: was wondering the same thing, would be interesting to see the breakdown between OEM and aftermarket for various components.
  • 1 0
 @WAKIdesigns: wereone rims
  • 2 1
 Not a single mullet bike?
  • 4 2
 Too many numbers
  • 2 4
 Pretty funny all those YT Tues frames, bet over half of their owners bought them before Gwin switched to Intense. 2020 Whistler opening day most common frame....Intense surprise surprise!
  • 1 3
 There was a guy on the red white and blue model with matching kit opening weekend at the park I ride at... It was pretty funny!
  • 2 1
 How many participants answered the survey?
  • 1 0
 Of course, "Minion DHF" front tire, "Minion DHR" rear tire. Lol plugs.
  • 1 0
 Not a single NUKEPROOF bicycle?
  • 1 0
 First year I dont see an Ironhorse Sunday... TOO BAD
  • 1 0
 AMAZED that more folk aren't running Yaris.
  • 2 1
 how many ebikes?
  • 4 4
 Bold of you to assume genders... it is 2019
  • 1 0
 Aluminum rims!
  • 1 1
 ain't nobody got time fo dis!!!
  • 1 0
 Everyone wearing pads?
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 Chainless 1% lol
  • 1 1
 looks like a session
  • 1 3
 I love how the photo for men 2019 is a guy manspreading ????
  • 6 8
  • 7 2
 Go to the bin? Sure!
  • 1 0
 Yeah SRAM seems to be the one. Always liked Shimano since I was a child, their fishing reels were like DAYUM; SO NICE.
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