[UPDATED] Elite Finals Results & Overall Standings from the Les Gets DH World Cup 2023

Sep 9, 2023 at 3:50
by Ed Spratt  
The finals results are in from Les Gets after the semi-finals in the morning.

Marine Cabirou takes her first win since the 2020 World Cup season as she is dominant on home soil. With the race favorite Vali Höll crashing out on the first turn Marine Cabirou secures a huge win as she bested Monika Hrastnik by 3.979 seconds. Nina Hoffmann overcomes illness to leave Les Gets with a third-place finish.

Les Gets delivers another French win as Benoit Coulanges finally wins his first elite World Cup and makes it a perfect weekend. It's been a long time coming but finally, Benoit reaches the top of the podium as he beats Andreas Kolb by 0.16 seconds and continues the 2023 trend of a different elite men's winner at every round. Loris Vergier made sure there was another French rider in the top three as he went 0.363 seconds back.

Check out the results below.


Elite Women

1st. Marine Cabirou: 3:47.390
2nd. Monika Hrastnik: 3:51.369
3rd. Nina Hoffmann: 3:51.807
4th. Mille Johnset: 3:56.171
5th. Gloria Scarsi: 3:57.194

Elite Men

1st. Benoit Coulanges: 3:19.573
2nd. Andreas Kolb: 3:19.733
3rd. Loris Vergier: 3:19.936
4th. Jackson Goldstone: 3:19.983
5th. Loic Bruni: 3:20.228

The Elite Women's Race as it Happened:

4:00 PDT: Mille Johnset Starts the Elite Women's Finals
Mille Johnset is the first rider on course in finals as she will be hunting for the race line in the thick dust.

4:04 PDT: Mille Johnset Sets a Time of 3:56.171
Mille Johnset goes around five seconds up on her semi-finals run as she sets today's finals benchmark time.

4:07 PDT: Anna Newkirk Goes 1 Second Back
Anna Newkirk falls just short of a place on the hot seat crossing the line 1.042 off the pace of Mille johnset.

4:10 PDT: Gloria Scarsi Slots into 2nd Place
Italian enduro racer Gloria Scarsi flies through the thick dust ending her run with a time good enough for 2nd place behind Mille Johnset.

4:14 PDT: Tahnee Seagrave Loses a Second in the Final Split
Mille Johnset looks to have had an incredible final split as Tahnee Seagrave drops almost a second in the last sector to go into fourth place, 1.132 back.

4:18 PDT: Lisa Baumann Goes 5th After Issues in Split 2
We haven't seen what happened but Lisa Baumann lost around 11 seconds in the second split as she currently sits in 5th.

4:19 PDT: Nina Hoffmann Takes the Lead
After being ill for qualifying Nina Hoffmann is back and looking strong again as she takes the hot seat with a gap of 4.364 to Mille Johnset.

4:21 PDT: Eleonora Farina Slides Out
The dust takes out another rider as the European champ goes down.

4:22 PDT: Eleonora Farina Crosses the Line 6th
After a crash in the third split Eleonora Farina goes 11.266 back.

4:26 PDT: Monika Hrastnik Pushes Nina Hoffmann Off the Hot Seat
Monika Hrastnik flies into the lead position with two riders left. Monika managed to find 0.438 seconds to lead against Nina Hoffmann.

4:30 PDT: Marine Cabirou Sets the Fastest Time of the Week
Marine Cabirou really puts the pressure on Vali Höll as she goes nearly four seconds up. Vali Höll is going to have to push hard to best this run.

4:31 PDT: Vali Höll Goes Down
Vali Höll washes out in one of the first turns.

4:32 PDT: Marine Cabirou Wins in Les Gets
As Vali Höll sits 21 seconds back at split two Marine Cabirou has won on home soil by a huge margin.

The Elite Men's Race as it Happened:

5:12 PDT: Top 5 After 5 Riders
1st. Kye A'Hern: 3:25.834
2nd. Davide Palazzari: 3:25.987
3rd. Rémi Thirion: 3:26.565
4th. Danny Hart: 3:26.768
5th. Joe Breeden: 3:27.276

5:13 PDT: Mark Wallace Leads
Mark Wallace takes the hot seat as he goes 0.413 up on Kye A'Hern.

5:16 PDT: Baptiste Pierron Goes 0.14 Back in 2nd
The racing is very close so far as just 0.14 seconds put Baptiste Pierron into 2nd place.

5:22 PDT: Luca Shaw Leads Through Every Split to go Fastest
Luca Shaw flies into the hot seat by 2.536 seconds.

5:25 PDT: Top 5 After 10 Riders
1st. Luca Shaw: 3:22.885
2nd. Mark Wallace: 3:25.421
3rd. Baptiste Pierron: 3:25.561
4th. Kye A'Hern: 3:25.834
5th. Davide Palazzari: 3:25.987

5:28 PDT: Juan Munoz Takes 2nd
Juan Munoz has a wild run as he crosses the line 0.98 seconds back from Luca Shaw.

5:41 PDT: Top 5 After 15 Riders
1st. Luca Shaw: 3:22.885
2nd. Juan Munoz: 3:23.865
3rd. Max Hartenstern: 3:24.233
4th. Mark Wallace: 3:25.421
5th. Baptiste Pierron: 3:25.561

5:51 PDT: Laurie Greenland Skips Finals
Laurie Greenland is still struggling with the illness going around the pits in Les Gets and is not starting finals today.

5:54 PDT: Loic Bruni Goes Fastest by 2.6 Seconds
What a run from Loic Bruni as he is powered on by an incredible home crown to take the hot seat.

5:57 PDT: Finn Iles Takes 3rd
Finn Iles can't match his teammate and rival in the overall title race as he crosses the line 3.087 back.

5:58 PDT: Top 5 with 10 Riders Remaining
1st. Loic Bruni: 3:20.228
2nd. Luca Shaw: 3:22.885
3rd. Finn Iles: 3:23.315
4th. Juan Munoz: 3:23.865
5th. Max Hartenstern: 3:24.233

6:05 PDT: Bernard Kerr Slots into 4th
Bernard Kerr has a few wobbles through the dust as he ends his finals run 3.505 off the pace of Loic Bruni.

6:08 PDT: Greg Minnaar Goes 2nd-Fastest So Far
Greg Minnaar has a great run as he falls back from Loic Bruni by 2.5 seconds.

6:18 PDT: Andreas Kolb Takes the Lead by 0.495 Seconds
Andreas Kolb is looking to deny a French win on home soil as he best Loic Bruni by just 0.495 seconds.

6:19 PDT: Top 5 with 5 Riders Remaining
1st. Andreas Kolb: 3:19.733
2nd. Loic Bruni: 3:20.228
3rd. Greg Minnaar: 3:22.811
4th. Luca Shaw: 3:22.885
5th. Finn Iles: 3:23.315

6:22 PDT: Jackson Goldstone Crosses the Line 0.25 Back
Jackson Goldstone pulled back a lot of time in the steeps but it wasn't enough as he ended his run 0.25 back from Andreas Kolb.

6:27 PDT: Troy Brosnan Falls 0.9 Seconds Back
Troy Brosnan can't quite match the winning pace as he loses time at the bottom to sit in fourth.

6:29 PDT: Dakotah Norton Slides Out
Dakotah Norton loses grip in the dust just before the road gap and misses a chance at another top result in France.

6:35 PDT: Loris Vergier Goes 2nd by 0.2 Seconds
Loris Vergier comes close but isn't quite fast enough to dethrone Andreas Kolb. Only Benoit Coulanges can stop Andreas from taking his second World Cup win.

6:38 PDT: Benoit Coulanges Wins in Les Gets
Les Gets delivers another French win as Benoit Coulanges finally wins a World Cup.

Full Results:

Elite Women


Elite Men


Overall Standings:

Elite Women


Elite Men


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 I can't say enough about this sport. As a lifelong F1 fan I've never been able to afford to go to a race or talk to a driver. In just over a month I've been a volunteer in Fort William and Loudenvile and talked to dozens of riders and team members. I've got a Continental Atherton Enduro team jacket, two Pivot tops signed by Waxer and Eddie, met Lada Man, met the whole Pivot team, got a hat signed by the whole team and it cost me less than one weekend in Silverstone. I've spoken German to Vali, got Jackson Goldstone to record a message for my Mum, bought chocolates for Pete from Fox and got him to say what day it was! So....... If you don't like the coverage, go to the race. It's miles better anyway!
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 Ya, not as many chances for us west coast NA folk but no excuses, I need to go to some races. MSA is gonna be wild.
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 Don't like the coverage, go to France. Got it.
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 Seems like so many people in this sport are just genuinely happy with what they're doing, and love to share it with others.

We rode in Windrock earlier this year and Aaron Gwinn happened to be there. We shared shuttle laps up where we spontaneously sang Miley Cyrus's "The Climb", with Gwinn rocking a high falsetto. Good times, great dude to chat with.
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 I’ll be at snow shoe & I can’t wait!! So much fun.
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 Would love to....nice that it's essentially in your backyard and I'm glad you have been able to experience it. For anyone not in Europe it's thousands of dollars just to get there, let alone staying, eating etc. You have it easy.

I'm on the East Coast of the US. The one and only US race is also East Coast and is still a 12 hr drive from me. West coast people would be 40+ hrs driving or a 6+ hr flight. Whereas it's 10 hrs drive from London to Les Gets. Or a $60 easy jet flight. ‍♂️ food for thought.
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 @swansong: AG would be tops to hang with!!!
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 @wilsonians: Don't fly, drive! Speaking as an ex Dispatcher during the good old days in the 2000s. Flying sucks now. I've just done that $60 flight on Easyjet flight (that's one way BTW without bags or any of the basics you would consider compose a flight ticket) and it sucked! Ferry to Bilbao and drive is the way to go
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 Had Eddie race my local Enduro in the spring. Climbed with him for a half hour late in the race, we just chatted ews and bikes - couldn’t have been nicer.

Effing love this sport.
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 @Widgets: I don't think you're getting what people are saying...
It's awesome that you are going and getting to experience it. Other folks are just saying that you stating "go to the races" isn't really feasible.
You live in Europe. Most races are easy driving distance for you. Everyone other than Europeans it's either incredibly difficult or incredibly expensive to get to 1 race let alone 80% of the calendar....
  • 5 2
 @wilsonians: This. Even as a European - living definitely not a driving distance away from the race sites - I see his comment of just going to see the action on location rather privileged. I absolutely agree with and appreciate the (theoretical) accessibility and "close to the people" aspect and from the riders, teams etc. compared to many other sports. However, comparing paying what ~40 euros a year to watch the maybe less than perfect coverage to just going to see even a couple of races (or just one) to enjoy it more really doesn't work.
  • 3 1
 We're going to MSA again after an insane time last year. Its unreal and every racer is so open to chat. It reminds me a lot of Rampage, its friggen wild.
  • 4 3
 @wilsonians: "Would love to..." but you have an excuse. 12 hours isn't bad for an incredible weekend, I've done plenty of drives that long or longer for races and to ride cool areas, its worth it if you can afford the time and money of course. Also there's a ton of awesome stuff to explore in the area. Do it.
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 Upvoted so that you become the first commenter to hit 200 upvotes and also be neg propped to shit a few posts later.
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 Gotta love a guy who's been trying so hard to win and get it on home soil. Got just as excited as when Finn won last year. Awesome race. Love this sport.
  • 12 0
 Won quali and semi 2 weeks running. Now the big W. How does the overall look now??
  • 2 0
 @snomaster: It looks pretty tight at the top. It will be interesting to see if the last two events being in NA will give the Canadians and Americans a boost. Certainly the finish at MSA will be exciting with two canucks in the chase for the overall this time, and Finn having won there last year.
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 FUCK YES BENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 52 0
 5th rider this year to win their first mens world cup. No one has won 2 yet. So competitive at the top! Makes for unreal racing. so pumped for Benny and Marine. That town is going to be a mess tonight!
  • 11 2
 Benny Blueballs is gonna open the taps tonight
  • 23 0
 @Planetx888: So hyped for Marine also. Benoit and Marine are my favourite frenchies. Just need BK to win a wc then i couldn't care less who wins after that.
  • 25 0
 B-B-B BENNY AND LES GETS Congrats to Melton Johnset as well!
  • 4 3
 @suspended-flesh: Melton? Autocorrect doesn't seem up to speed with the top athletes apparently. Either way, Mille has always been a force and I think the Atherton team is great at spotting talented riders.
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 @vinay: Bruh.....
  • 71 11
 Have to admit, still a while to go for this race but to give credit to Discovery for the overall improvements so far with the coverage that I can see.

Cameras and editing getting better, longer runs for later riders, some of the drone footage (when it can keep up) is excellent and perhaps it's due to having the extra voice with Myriam/Charlie being current riders but both Rick and Cedric seek to have improved.

It is getting better.
  • 2 0
 Seem, no seek. You get the drift
  • 13 1
 I must say I agree with your assessment and I do hope they will improve further wherever still lacking. About Cedric I kinda annoyed by his yelling and repetitive phrases but I did notice as well he had given insightful commentary during some of the runs. Maybe his experience being with Gwin and Charlie in the booth has helped him with improving his commentary.
  • 4 5
 I think Ric is great doing enduro. The direction seems almost absent. Josh comments about Vali were tabloid muck racking. . CG is CG . @dustyvoid:
  • 21 11
 I'm loving the racing and happy with the coverage. It's a choice to be bothered by Cedric.
  • 21 24
 @Adamrideshisbike: I’m with you. Rob Warner was great but 75% of what he said was “look at the time”, “in the green” “whistling now”
  • 6 0
 I've seen it in video game commentary as well and it makes sense...but whenever when they bring a pro into the booth the depth of analysis and overall quality goes up exponentially.
  • 23 8
 I have to disagree.
1) the drone footage looks horrible and grainy. It's just not ready yet.
2) half the time the operator can't keep up. Great regular footage is better than Marginal drone footage anyday.
3) aerial/overhead video is a yawnfest.. it's a great Idea but the riders are smoking 50km+ but the aerial footage looks like they are crawling due to use of a wide fov lens. Same as I sad in point number 2. I want to see their speed captured... not shoot a mediocre aerial shot for the sake of getting an aerial shot.

That said... there are some things I agree on. Moving fast through the bottom riders is great.
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 Some of the super slow-mo footage was incredible, more of that please. That drone pilot was talented but it was pitching around way too much for TV, should have followed down the finishing area to get a better idea of the speed and the crowds
  • 6 0
 @moslow: Drone coverage is probably as good as it gets. This isn't recorded and downloaded from a drone - it's live over the air. That means they have serious bandwidth restrictions. Consider that the terrain with trees isn't the best. Then if you want to follow for any distance you're quickly going to move away from any base station. So they have to decide between more track coverage or higher definition. They can't have both.
  • 16 1
 @Fill-Freakin: I fly drones. I know this and that's EXACTLY why I said it isn't ready for braodcast. As I stated, I'd rather have "really good basic coverage over mediocre drone coverage. A Cable cam with two operators would offer a way better follow cam if you really want a follow shot. Personally.. i could care less about a follow shot. Especially when the video quality is garbage. We might as well just start watching Minecraft DH racing.

  • 7 14
flag Joe89 (Sep 9, 2023 at 16:15) (Below Threshold)
 It was the best coverage we’ve ever had! RB have not been close to what we saw last night! DH at its best right there!
  • 7 19
flag eckljkr (Sep 9, 2023 at 17:49) (Below Threshold)
 I have no issues with the commentary and think it's distasteful for Americans in particular (since most never bother to learn a second language) to criticize Cedric's accent or phrasing. Rob Warner was awesome, no doubt about it, but Ric and Cedric are doing a pretty damn decent job. Whenever Cedric says "that looked fast," the split turns from red to green.
  • 7 6
 @eckljkr: I agree. RB commentary was actually only slightly better cos of Warner. You get so much more coverage of the track and not just the stupid pedal section that red bull showed. RB refused to show the road gap in les gets. Refused to show the grassy gnarly section in lenzerheide. RB drone footage was shit. People just like to whinge and it’s bringing down the sport.
  • 3 1
 @eckljkr: Nothing personal, but his English isn't where it needs to be to be a professional talker. That being said, the overall broadcast is fine and they are bringing in current racers to lessen his air time. The whinging is excessive.
  • 10 4
 @moslow: the drone footage is off the hook! Love it.

Maybe it’s grainy and imperfect, but the way they are doing it here is really giving a sense of scale, showing how crazy these runs are.

No other camera angle gives that perspective - worth the fidelity tradeoff
  • 6 5
 @Joe89: 100% - the only thing better about Red Bull was it was free. Their coverage of Crankworx DH isn’t worth watching
  • 7 2
 Let‘s be honest, the coverage has improved loads since the start of the season and it is actually super nice to see almost 100% of the runs. I also like the drone shots and think that they‘re providing a much better understanding for the speeds these riders are going. Commentary also improved a lot and I am very happy with the direction it‘s heading right now. Surely the organizers have still a lot of work to do but DH ist well alive!
  • 1 0
 @gcrider: what was said about vali?
  • 2 0
 @ATXZJ: I believe he used the words "too big for her boots" needs to be brought down a" peg/ notch "or 2" and implied she was arrogant. (can't be 100% he said arrogant) (can't be arrssed watching it again). I dont know about his interactions with her, but from my view in internet land, wearing my own biased glasses, she does not seem arrogant. The way she answers interviewer questions open and honestly about how her runs went and her emotions is not being arrogant. (She was accused of that before in the comments section esp when she moved to elites, but she was just answering the questions honestly without dissing her competitors). I applaud her honesty and realness. Rather than PR speak that is common in other sports.
  • 5 0
 @Dillonmennie: Yes, Warner was getting a little stale near the end there. Still love the guy but he started to become almost predictable and a bit to processed. Like he had a set amount of preplanned puns and weird British sayings to blurt out when the opportunity came about. The new crew and commentators are going to school right now, let them learn and adjust.
  • 1 0
 @gcrider: I find her arrogant at times same with Jordan Williams.
  • 43 1
 Awesome race!

That woman commentator on GCN+ has to go! She messes up the names and is so rude to the riders with her on camera chastising and critiquing of their language. No wonder some of the riders look like they don't want to be there. Please go away. You don't care about our sport. Climb the media ladder somewhere else
  • 8 0
 She does a great job with knowing nothing about mtb. But unfortunately that means she doesn’t do a great job.
  • 7 0
 @gcrider: That might have been an excuse if she was assigned to the job shortly before the first race. At this point, being so ill prepared is not acceptable.
  • 5 0
 Yeah got to agree, if that's your job spend some time in the pits and get to know everyone, give us some stories. I wandered through the Les Gets pits last year and got talking to so many characters, there are so many opportunities to get interesting information to the public
  • 11 0
 @Ttimer: I think Ric would actually be ok in that role, a better fit for him than the commentary booth. She definitely needs to go. I can't see how she is making the sport more accessible to the masses - and there's certainly no connection to long-term DH fans
  • 4 0
 Most random fans would do a better job, those interviews (even in American football) are always a little awkward, but gotta have at least a few good questions and be anle to pronounce names
  • 40 0
 so cool to see Marine win again! And Gloria on a DH podium, amazing!
  • 39 6
 Some people might like it, but I’m not a fan of the dizzying drone footage in the woods. I find it hard to follow the lines the riders are taking when the camera angle shifts constantly.
  • 9 0
 it'd be better if they just held back like an extra 5 feet or something, they get too close and get the rider out the frame majority of the time. Probably hard as balls flying one of them things in dark woods through a headset though + added preasure of not crashing into the rider and ruining their race run.
  • 12 4
 I love the drone footage. I find myself leaning left & right with it
  • 5 1
 As a drone racer I find it really hard to watch.I do wonder if the streaming guys are cropping down the video feed to remove the OSD (battery voltage, signal strength etc), which is making it look a lot more zoomed in and lower quality than the pilot see's. They are fairly difficult to fly, but there's plenty of better pilots out there. The guy who does the Enduro footage for one.
  • 3 7
flag suspended-flesh (Sep 9, 2023 at 11:07) (Below Threshold)
 I like it. Keep up, it's 2023
  • 8 0
 It sucks you can't see the detail of the track.
  • 3 1
 It’d be cool if there was an app (1 true app to watch this on, sound familiar?) where you could set your camera preferences. Since they’re making us pay now it’d be nice if we got actual features like that instead of inaccurate heart rates.
  • 2 0
 I deep dived into redbull drone coverage of rampage , and drone use in films and general mtb when disco drone use was announced, seemed small 1person drones just cant have pictures resolution as. Larger drones used at rampage ( there wireless transfer rate was state of the art. ) where they are flown not very close to the public watching . @k-p-v:
Flim drones with a separate camera operator or two get great images ,well framed and in sharp focus. . But at the time wasn’t transmitted to the ground at full res. But only low re to operators and full res was downloaded later. The dh drone shots seem far further away than enduro, maybe safety?? And through the trees in dh have much less light available than some of the enduro we have seen. What do you think??
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 Benoit! Congrats dude
  • 29 0
 That quick yet gentle maneuver by Andreas Kolb going down that steep section so that his right shoulder won't hit a pad by just few mm is sick af
  • 9 0
 The slight rear wheel drift before the stump jump was sublime
  • 30 2
 MARINE!!!! Yes baby. Whoo hoooo!!!
  • 26 3
 I’ve turned on the commentary as Miriam is on but jeeeeeez it’s hard work with the shouting/screaming Gracia.
  • 22 3
 I know, they keep replacing Ric? With people who are better than Cedric but they keep Cedric every time. They should just put Ric with the special guests.
  • 2 0
 I realize ric was still there at the elite womens race, I just remember the junior commentary was Cedric and Josh.
  • 9 3
 I'm not paying for this garbage but during the semis I heard this epic line:
"Boy he's on the hurry for lunch!"
  • 1 0
 Ryan for president @Ryan2949:
  • 5 0
 The pieces to camera with josh are a complete waste of time @DoubleCrownAddict:
  • 15 1
 In French we're lucky to have full attack's Flo letondeur commenting the 2 last races, he knows every rider and has plenty of information to give
  • 2 0
 @DoubleCrownAddict: it was said again In finals lol
  • 7 2
 @Ryan2949: nah Ric is just as bad if not worse than Cedric. If the color grey were a commentator. At least Cedric tries not to be lackluster.
  • 2 1
 Ric wasn’t intelligible when commenting fast and excited due to his charming accent. Now it is only TH is a problem. But is consistent and understandable. I commend him for his improvement which has been substantial. In His non live enduro commentating , his clarity, cadence and inflection has become almost perfect . He also doesn’t repeat his catchphrase during a race anymore, which is actually very difficult to do when recording live.
Having an excited co commentator would balance this nicely. Unfortunately when CG gets excited, he struggles to say anything useful or anything at all in his second language. Not a dig at these guys they do a better job than I could. As I swear every third word when I am excited.
  • 1 4
 @succulentsausage: I like Ric! He’s funny. Dry sense of humor.
  • 24 1
 Credit where due: The announcers really conveyed the excitement of the Coulanges run, especially in the final sector.
  • 22 0
 So stoked for Benoit, that was a long time coming! 6 races with 6 different winners so far, the racing this season has been some of the best we’ve seen in years.
  • 2 0
 Best Ive seen in 20. Its sooo good
  • 21 0
 Nice BC
  • 20 1
 Hands down the best crowd of any bike race, it must be insane being there in person!
  • 18 0
 Its so nice to watch a sport where all the athletes support each other. Together we are one.Stay cool racers.
  • 19 0
  • 15 0
 LOL at the on-field commentary that Finn Iles has a slightly worn out rear tire and Loic Bruni has a brand new tire and that this perhaps made the difference. Big Grin
  • 10 0
 Lol at the comments immediately after troys run - “maybe it’s the weight? Yeah the weight I think”
  • 2 1
 I think it’s epic trolling
  • 13 0
 We need to start a fundraiser immediately to get poor Finn some decent tyres
  • 2 0
 Finn will get the new tires and Loic the used ones for the race at MSA.
  • 1 0
 @rideronthestorm1: And get Troy some donuts.
  • 14 0
 Amaury’s commentary is great. Every time he apologizes for dropping the f-bomb I’m doing a shot. Never been this drunk at 8 in the morning.
  • 17 5
 My wife knows nothing beyond racing apart from my races, or what I tell her. She has heard the commentators over the years though, from another room. Hearing the race today, she says "who the hell are those guys and what happened to Rob Warner. He's the best".
Enough said
  • 12 0
 I love Andreas Kolb, but there's nothing better than watching a first-time winner take the gold on home track, last run down. That's what Andi had, that's what Finn had, and nothing is better to watch. Marine Cabirou was amazing as well - I love to see a comeback from serious injury, not only because it means she's ok but because another insane talent is back in action. Also, props to Hrastnik for an absolutely wild second place run. She was on a tear!
  • 12 0
 This was a tight one , congrats to Benoit Coulanges for his F1rst at home soil... but man , the Goat GREG MINNAAR killing in the top10 at his 41st is beyond amazing
  • 1 0
 He really is amazing
  • 14 0
 Has there ever been a closer race? .655s between 1st and 5th! Bonkers
  • 5 0
 Would be cool to see all the runs (or at least top 5) overlayed in a single video.
  • 8 0
 @Will-narayan: let's go Cathro!
  • 9 1
 First time I've seen such police presence trying to keep people off the winner. Not sure if I want to say I get it, or F$%k them.
Either way, so stoked for BC and his first win. What an incredible day for him
  • 6 10
flag JamieCarruthers (Sep 9, 2023 at 6:51) (Below Threshold)
 Definitely fuck em, fans make the sport what it is.
  • 6 9
 The police follows the (stupid) orders, but they definitely have nothing to do here. This is pathetic.
They should be dancing and having a beer with the crowd!!!
  • 12 0
 I saw Benoit duck under the fuzz's arms at one point and back into the crowd. What a legend! Enjoy your fairytale weekend, big guy.
  • 12 4
 They’re there because 60,000 people were reported as having attended the world champs last year, and crowds that large need risk assessment and management for worst case scenarios (fire, evac etc). They’re only dicks if you’re a dick…
  • 5 2
 @coney: well said these people saying this stuff have clearly never raced
  • 3 9
flag oldedge (Sep 9, 2023 at 16:56) (Below Threshold)
 @coney: thanks for the mansplaining. I didn't say I don't understand why they're there. Context clues, get into them
  • 1 0
 @oldedge: less at you, more at the others.
  • 2 0
 @coney: gotcha. So sorry.
  • 3 0
 They weren't trying to keep people off the winner. What I saw is they were trying to keep the winner off the people which is even more annoying.
  • 11 0
 What a Season so far! So good to see Benny get a win
  • 9 0
 Massive crowd going mental and swarming the place, flares and smoke going off, gendarmes getting heavy handed.

The French know how to riot/celebrate a MTB win
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 Here's something I don't get - the top 5 were split than less than a second. When it's that close every possible tenth of a second counts... so why aren't full face helmets more aero, and in particular why do they still have massive airbrake visors? I guess there's a UCI rule that mandates it, but even so, they look like they could be way more aero than they are.

Just cycling down the hill outside my house it's properly noticeable if I look up and the visor catches the wind, so there must surely be time-savings there.
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 Could go the f1 route and design the visors to break off at speed but sturdy enough to pass the “test” and then become more aero on race day.
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 Some 10 or 15 years ago racers and the UCI agreed on rules concerning the "style" of the sport,banning skinsuits and peakless helmets.
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 We have Ben Cathro himsef wearing a leather-looking skinsuit to thank for the banning of the "aero clothing", and i for one am extremely thankful for the styling in this sport not following the route of lycra and aero helmets of road cycling
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 I don’t think it would make a difference
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 @BadIdeasGreatExecution: You might find his wearing of that attire was a requirement by his team and not a personal choice.
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 @Dillonmennie: Kolb missed the win by literally less than the time it takes to blink. On those margin’s everything makes a difference, it’s why all the rider’s gear is as close to being a skin suit as it can be.
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1. It is a safety device. You never hit a branch with your helmet?
2. it limits the visibility issues when entering and leaving wood sections.

The riders may gain a few tenth of a seconds in the last part, but they may lose some when entering the woods. Even with a visor it takes a small amount of time to adapt, without it we are counting literally seconds of blindness.
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 @Dillonmennie: Cathro used skinsuit in Ft William years ago and that is still his best career result. IIRC they estimated wearing one on high speed course like Ft Wiliam results in 1-2s gain which is big and everyone started using them after that untill they were banned. But the modern gear worn these days is about as skinny as it can get while still looking good, just check Brunis pants for example...
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 @winko: Just googled it and was surprised to find Cathro reckoned it was 1 second per minute of track www.pinkbike.com/news/stop-the-skinsuit-rule.html.

Quotes in that article also suggest that the visor thing was purely a fashion stipulation.
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 @opignonlibre: I don't think a modern flexible visor is going to add a lot of safety value at the speed a WC DH rider is going is it? How would that work?

I take the point re reducing glare when exiting the woods, but if that's the goal you'd achieve the same thing by moving the visor to right above the goggles, or even the top of the goggles themselves, where you could then have a much smaller visor to get the same amount of light blocking. That could also be stepped rather than a solid piece to allow air to flow through it
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 @Woody25: With that logic if they all had aero helmets the time gaps would be the same.
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 Finally all stars were aligned and the hard work paid off for Coulanges...
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 COULANGES!!!! finally!!!! Total respect Man. You makes me cry of pure happiness. BRAVO ET MERCI!!!!!!!!
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 Thank you Benoit always amazing having a frenchy win in les gets and thank you Marine having too is heaven !
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 Fourth consecutive race at Les Gets where a French man won. (One of the races was a World Champs.)
The fans have been getting their money's worth, for sure.
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 The French fans never disappoint.
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 F*ck yes, Coulanger !!!
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 Did we ever get an explanation why they no longer run the fastasy league? always made the season more exciting but regardless a mega race today
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 OH MY BENOIT WINS! Spoke to him in Loudenville and a nicer guy you could not meet! So happy for him! And crazy scenes! Next year I'm going to Les Get!
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 This was one of the best races I ever saw. Many of the upcoming really good riders finally getting great results. Super exciting. Great looking track, probably sketchy to rise as everybody was sliding around kicking dust, long time not seeing Bruni looking that aggressive. And then Coulanges how great was that win. And then the coverage was great as well, Myriam with the women's and Charlie on the men, I like the three commentators, with different personalities, Cedric didn't annoy me but brought needed emotion, Ric and the pros gave more technical insights, camera work was great mostly (I found the drone to be too skittish in the woods, prefer normal cameras there, the following on the top part was nice). Love this sport
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 This was definitely the best race of the season in terms of coverage and excitement.
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 Elite men top 5 all within .7 seconds ?! What?!
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 Those scenes at the end when Benoit won, WOW! You love to see it!
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 No seen any reporting on PB about the shit UCI organisation. Saw on Polefactoryracing’s IG that Onni Rainios mechanic was not allowed up on the lift to the start, but that spectators were.
Turned out Onni’s elbow pads were with the mech, so he wasn’t allowed his semi run by the UCI commisar.
Pole protested but UCI upheld their decision.
What utter shite!

You wouldn’t stop a tyre change mech from entering the pitlane in F1, just so spectators could bimble around there!

Sort yourselves out UCI!
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 Not to mention the rerun fiasco for Frida Ronning and Mikayla Parton. The UCI have pretty much handed the reins to ESO for running these races. These fuck ups seem far more prevalent this year.
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 Good race. Bad commentary.
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 Greg in the top ten, seems like he has found his gropve finally!
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 These builders need to pay someone to come in and build them some decent jumps at the end.
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 some north shore skinnies at the end of a steep shute would be sweet too
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 @curtiscycles: and maybe a teeter totter
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 @xy9ine: haha that would be rad, amaury hauling ass slams the breaks to hit a skinny, over the teeter totter straight into mount saint anne rock drop
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 what s happening with laurie greenland?
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 Did they not show the run at all? They showed him in first on one of the graphics
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 He's ill with a virus I think. Same with Nina.
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 Goldstone too. @CantClimb:
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 Pros seem to get sick so often. Must be worn thin from training, travel and stress
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 Even pre pandemic I would carry handsantiser to use after I touch anything that wasn’t mine and before eating. Aeroplane toilet doors you need to touch after washing hands are a germfest. Probably overhead lockers. Tray tables, belt buckles too. One time I choose a vegetarian roll to eat from airport with very little choice. It Had chicken in it and I had the screaming jets ( also the name of a aussie? Band)for the rest of my work trip. Funny now. Not then. (Yes I know that non of the Santa team probably flew there. )
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 First rider to win qualis, semi-final and final, I reckon
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 Didn't Vali do that last week?
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 @Oolex: She's actually done it twice this year.
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 @Oolex: I meant male rider
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 Is Benoit's bike already on LeBonCoin??
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 Ha ha!!! Why? Somebody stole it?
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 Ric has to go! Painful to listen to his waffle. Won't be renewing my sub. Well done BC!
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 Benoit is a F#%king rockstar today!
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 downhill good, discovery bad
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 Coverage was great this round. What can you say was bad about it? You can turn ambient sound on the commentary if you don’t like it
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 @Dillonmennie: If you have to turn the comentators off, that means they are bad. Especially if you you have payed for watching.
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 What a sport. So sick.
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 Ten last races, three last year, 7 this year (including WC) 10 different winners.
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 Yeah the sport has opened up and anyone can win it.
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 You just know that Benoit is going to back it up too, he's been so consistent he will do it again. The guy has a great attitude and riding style.
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 The female racing is awesome can't wait for pom pom and cami to return ...and mens racing has never been so close man these top 20 racers at any point in time could win...but racing downhill isn't the sm without Amuery and Aaron Gwin racing
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 We've had a different winner for each race this year ! And 3 new world cup winners !
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 4! Jordan, Jackson, Andi and now Beno.
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 @malca: And Charlie Hatton if you count worlds
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 It would be nice to see the Womens times tighten up. Almost 10 second spread for the top five Women and Men's was just 6 tenths of a second for the top five.
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 Look how few of them there are. Need a bigger field
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 @Dogl0rd: The women's final should be at least top 15. There have been races this year where a rider who podiumed one weekend made a mistake in semis and didn't make the final the next. Also, three top riders (Balanche, Atherton, and Nicole) are out due to injury.
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 Well deserved win.. great race... love the crowd at the end, wtf were the police gonna do? the crowd surf topped it off..
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 Be rad to see eggs Benny or tracky Daks on the top step.
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 Do Americans have tracky dacs
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 @gcrider: I think they call them sweat pants?
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 @fektor-b: NZ has the best slang
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 @stinkie: sweet as
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 Was that the most insane finish line crowd? Sooo good!
Well in Joe Breeden, let's go!
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 Anyone got a link to the goods?
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 Tiz cycling
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 @gcrider: Much appreciated!
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 @gcrider: yeah tiz cycling, but I'm not lucky with that stuff: it works when it wants, cutting all the time (ad blocker off). So fvckin frustrating actually :-(
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 @danstonQ: I had that issue last week trying to watch on my phone. I'm casting it from my phone to TV and it's running smooth now!
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 @danstonQ: if you're on the phone try changing the browser to desktop version and/or lowering resolution
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 @danstonQ: Yeah I know what you mean. It seems to be working well right now though!
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 @danstonQ: I just wait for the replay, so far it's been good, no need to keep refreshing all the time.
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 @t-rick Looks like ya boi shampooed his buffalo after all
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 Oh shit yeah he did,
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 Ohh there must have been some frenchie freeride lines on that hill...
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 it looks like antoine rogge from team lapierre had a v10 for the dh no?
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 Antoine seems to be struggling this year. After 6 races last year he was 33rd in points; this year he's 43rd. Also last year, he went on to finish 28th in the standings and was the highest ranked privateer.
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 What happen to greenland?
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 They reported him on the broadcast to be feeling unwell. He tried the semi's but didn't feel right.
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 Man the syndicate Laurie and Nina bolth sick it's like someone tried posing them by not cooking food right
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 .4s splits the top 4, goddam!!
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 BK is so good at being 12th unfortunately
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 Congrats to Marine, great to see her back at the pointy end. Classy demeanour from Vali when she crossed the line.
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 Very interesting season
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 SVEN- Theo beat his qualifying time so what’s his prize?!
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 DH is DEAD ☠️
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 One lame broadcast after another. The whole format is stupid now. The Semi Final format is the stupidest thing the UCI has done in a while. So glad I'm not paying for this shit!
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 Scoring is silly.
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 Get amuary off the screen. He’s so depressed and angry lol
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 No, he wouldn't be there if he didn't want to be, but clearly you can see he wishes he was racing and winning.
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