Santa Cruz Bicycles Announces Recall on Some 2020 Aluminum Nomad, Bronson, 5010, & Furtado Models

Nov 25, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
Bronson 3a Aluminum in Olive

Santa Cruz Bicycles and Juliana Bicycles have issued a recall on the following Santa Cruz Bicycles and Juliana 2020 model and color combinations:

• Nomad 4a Aluminum in Black or Eggplant
• Bronson 3a Aluminum in Red Tide or Olive
• Roubion 3a Aluminum in Maritime Grey
• 5010 3a Aluminum in Dark Grey, or Robins Egg
• Furtado 3a Aluminum in Fog

They say that some aluminum frames were thermally damaged during a non-standard paint stripping operation and may bend or buckle, which could pose a fall hazard.

Affected riders should go to or call 1-833-944-8335 to arrange for frame inspection. Santa Cruz says that unaffected bikes will be returned while consumers with affected frames can choose either a replacement aluminum frame or a refund voucher for the value of the recalled frame.


Thank you for visiting the Santa Cruz Bicycles and Juliana aluminum bicycle frame recall registration page.

Santa Cruz Bicycles, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, is conducting a recall of the following Santa Cruz Bicycles and Juliana model-year 2020 aluminum frame model and color combinations:

- Nomad 4a Aluminum in Black or Eggplant;

- Bronson 3a Aluminum in Red Tide or Olive;

- Roubion 3a Aluminum in Maritime Grey;

- 5010 3a Aluminum in Dark Grey, or Robins Egg

- Furtado 3a Aluminum in Fog.

This recall does not affect any other Santa Cruz Bicycles or Juliana models or colors.

Some aluminum frames were thermally damaged during a non-standard paint stripping operation and may bend or buckle, which could pose a fall hazard.

If you have one of the affected model and color combinations listed above, you can take the bike back to your local dealer, who can register the bike for you and arrange for shipment free of charge. Taking the bike to your dealer is the most efficient way to arrange for inspection and recall processing. If you prefer, or do not have a convenient local dealer, you can also register the bike by filling out the form below.

If your bike is subject to the recall, we will send you a pre-paid shipping box with instructions on how to package your bike for shipping.

Once we receive the bike, we will inspect the aluminum frame. If we determine that your frame is not affected, we will return the bike to your dealer or to you. If your frame is affected, we will notify you so you can decide whether you would like a replacement frame or a voucher for the value of the frame. The voucher can be used towards the purchase of another Santa Cruz or Juliana product.

Thank you again for visiting the recall registration page. Our riders’ safety is our top priority, and we apologize for any inconvenience and will work hard to get you back out on the trail as soon as possible.

We've reached out to Santa Cruz for a statement, and will update this story when we get more information.

Update: Santa Cruz has updated the statement to clarify that the frames were thermally damaged in the paint stripping operation. We've updated the story accordingly.

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 So would they need paint stripping because they are taking a previous year's old stock and repainting to newer year color scheme?
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 People said they wanted aluminum frames
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flag monkeybizz (Nov 25, 2020 at 12:39) (Below Threshold)
 @ceecee: I would rather have "Bend and buckle" in the article than "explode and splinter" like carbon bikes would...

FYI I do own a carbon bike as well just cause it was 60% off. Would've rather an alu, but my pocketbook wins out in the end lol
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 Grain of salt. That previous years old stock is the exact same bike. However this might explain why the paint on my frame rubbed off just from shuttling with a tailgate pad.
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 I wonder if they did that in Cali or in in China...
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 Hopefully the blindly SantaCruz devoted will see them a little clearer now.

Previously it was overpriced for the spec vs the competition ($9k CDN to get into Performance Elite / X2 + XT) and now sprinkle in a dash of recycled / repainted frames and marginally dated geo.

But ya, Yeti, Specialized, Kona, RM....all have their detractors and that's totally OK here in the PB forums but it's off limits to say anything negative about the "boutique" almighty SantaCruz. Bring on the downvotes.
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 @lastminutetech: This explains why every year's SC colorway looks like someone mixed a couple cans of old paint together.
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 @lastminutetech: I agree, SC are overpriced compared to the competition and their Geo is dated. Only SC I want is the V10
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 @lastminutetech: But on the flip side, they're willing to pay for the shipping there and back (and I live in NZ) for the frame to be inspected, and if it's found to be affected, it is replaced OR a refund given, and refunds are a massive rarity these days.
Sure, they made a balls up, but the customer service is still great.
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 @2d-cutout: Very true and good on 'em for this. It's rare I have a negative tone in my posts here....2020 does that enough on its own without me helping. That being said I see every other bike manufacturer having it's detractors but SC is untouchable ......Im not sure why that is but it kinda bugs me.
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 @lastminutetech: Maybe it's just you getting downvoted for posting antagonistic comments?
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 @friendlyfoe: Ya fair comment, pls do see what I wrote above. Not normally my gig to be negative.
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 @lastminutetech: I completely agree that the complete bikes from SC are overpriced. You get almost no discount on a full bike over buying frame only and paying full retail for the same parts which is pretty greedy on their part. On the other hand it means they can afford to give exceptional customer service when things go wrong.

When you accuse people of being "blindly santa cruz devoted" you're implying that people are too stupid to know what they're buying. I bought a frame only Bronson this year because the suspension design was appealing and I actually wanted a bike that wasn't super long. I would be the first to say that their bikes aren't better than anyone elses, but people on PB need to realize that not everyone is freaking broke and that for a lot of people $1000 price difference between two different bikes isn't a deciding factor.
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 @monkeybizz: such a comment dude.
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 @2pi: lol, pon holdings taiwan skybox plant im sure.
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 @lastminutetech: It's actually $8200 for the XT/ PE Fox suspension (Megatower). It's right in line with other brands. People forget that they don't spec ANY OEM parts except their own carbon handle bar (which is a great bar mind you). Specialized is asking $8800 for their "equivalent" build. The Enduro Expert has a PE 38/ X2, with Code RS brakes, an X01/ GX drive train mix. They spec their own handlebar, stem, grips, saddles (which are actually super good), wheels and tires. This isn't even factoring in the free bearings for life and the level of after-sales care they have.

The lower end models will always have compromises in certain areas, and all brands do this. The cost of the bikes between brands is usually with a few $100. I have noticed Santa Cruz tends to have some of the most well thought out and consistent (FULL drive train of equivalent level, no "GX derailleur with NX everything else, proper tire spec etc) build kits.

I would be shocked if most bike brands were not repainting last year's frames as current colours. It just makes sense. If the bike is remaining unchanged for a number of years (normally 2-4 year cycles), why would a company sell those models at a discount when they could "freshen" up to the new colour and make full margin.
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 @2d-cutout: Not refund, voucher. I bought a frame only and will have to strip it/build up a new. Building a completely new bike is fun, this is not. Why would i want to own a santa cruz again after this mess?
How you can call that good customer service is baffling.
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 @2d-cutout: it’s only good service if you have one of the effected frames. For everyone else it’s a gigantic pain in the ass. How do they get compensated?
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 I may be mistaken, but, I think that every time Santa Cruz uses a chemical stripper to peel paint...a baby dolphin drowns.....
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 @2d-cutout: just to be clear, it’s a voucher not a refund. So you absolutely have to buy another SC bike or it’s worth nothing. That and the fact that for all the trouble it represents, there’s no way to know what you’ll get back. You’re old frame that went half way around the world, an alu frame as a warranty or a carbon replacement because « sorry we f*cked up ».
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 @Perra: Not sure if you bought from a local dealer but I was just told that only the wheels and derailleur need to come off for the shop to send it for NDT. Contact your dealer or SC directly if you have concerns.
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 @alexridesbikes-13: "That and the fact that for all the trouble it represents, there’s no way to know what you’ll get back"

Umm you're either going to get back your perfectly fine bike that has been tested or a brand new frame. Not sure what your deal is.
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 @ceecee: It's better than plastic
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 @friendlyfoe: Read my initial comment again, and I'll agree with you, I was being too negative and not very clear, except for the voucher part. Sorry about that.

What I meant is that I personnaly find the "get your frame back, a new one (which from what I understand, is going to be alloy) or a voucher for another (carbon) frame" options come a little short considering people will lose their bikes for extended periods of time. Whether said person is still riding or not, I can easily see this playing out on 4-5 weeks to a few months, depending on each situation. Lot's of factors come into play here, which are out of SC's control, but the fact remains that the problem starts with them. I just hope that people will be compensated accordingly, and that even if you get the exact same frame back, there's some extra in there for all the trouble.

That being said, I personnaly own a Santa Cruz, and have but good things to say about the quality of my bike or the service from their warranty department (just ordered replacement bearings). And I also saw Scott Turner's comment a little lower, and props to them for reacting so quickly. Guess I'm just curious to see how this plays out in the end.
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 @alexridesbikes-13: Yup it is an inconvenience but in BC it sounds like frames are going to third party vendors for testing so I would be surprised if it takes more than a week or two to get your bike back here at least.

As a customer personally I'm satisfied that they found a potential problem and are spending the money to make sure their frames are safe. If this happened frequently it would be another story.
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flag lastminutetech (Nov 25, 2020 at 17:44) (Below Threshold)
 @alexridesbikes-13: In no way Im saying SC makes a poor bike. Check out the pricing vs spec for this alloy Bronson

Just under $5k CDN - Yari, NX, Guide T brakes......gross. Other than value what has always grinded my gears (pun intended) is it's off limits to make comments on PB that go against SC.

There nothing better than passing a bunch of guys on their $10k SantaCruz bike scoping out a 4foot drop.
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flag JustAnotherRiderHere (Nov 25, 2020 at 17:54) (Below Threshold)
 @lastminutetech: See, sir, this is much akin to asking a Catholic their stance with young boys................I mean, wide feet, normal stance...are they at a urinal......
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 @melonhead1145: I'm not even interested in ond of those now the largest size is 29 only.
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 @lastminutetech: "There nothing better than passing a bunch of guys on their $10k SantaCruz bike scoping out a 4foot drop."

Seriously get over it. People with lots of money have nice things.
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flag lastminutetech (Nov 25, 2020 at 18:38) (Below Threshold)
 @friendlyfoe:Hmmm these are my comments. Make your own. My first comment said "bring on the down votes". Looks like some of the PB faithful see things the same way I do. SC is the BMW of bikes. High price, average product but man do you look good sitting at a red light.
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 @lastminutetech: I know someone who has never owned an M3....
Certainly not over priced
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 @JustAnotherRiderHere: Exactly, that’s how it works.
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 @lastminutetech: And you have a problem with passing a bunch of guys on their $10k SantaCruz bike scoping out a 4foot drop?

Get over yourself.
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 @leon-forfar: I have to agree with you, but actually, I can't believe what I'm saying, Specy is pricing far better. If I look at stumpjumper comp carbon you get a real good package for 3999 € here in Italy (and it could be much less money if you sell to the retailer your old bike) and you have the money to swap the fork with for example an aftermarket pike ultimate. I wasn't expecting this from Specialized I think in the long time Santa should go in the same way.
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 @friendlyfoe: Not the point. I will be out of a bike for weeks if not months plus all the messing about with shipping the bike. This is on top of the fact that my frame came with an incorrectly machined upper yoke and I had to wait a month for a replacement in the middle of peak riding season. First and last SC for me.
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 @lastminutetech: me too. Especially now they are just another brand within the mega bike company that is pon
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 @Perra: They should probably fly in Steve Peat to personally inspect your frame, that would be the reasonable thing to do here...
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 @lastminutetech: SC makes very cool bikes, but they were much cooler when they were the affordable boutique brand, now they're like the rest. Money goes much further elsewhere.
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 @2d-cutout: they are definitely handling this situation extremely well, that certainly says something about a company.
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 @Perra: many if not most other mfr would not do this, they'd wait until frame failed, then address warranty. Most riders would likely never have an issue with affected frames, but they're fixing it anyway. Ya there's a downside, but you can't fault them for stepping up and owning they're mistake. I've got a specialized that was known for cracking in a certain spot on the swing arm. Unfortunately I didn't notice mine until after warranty period. Specialized did make upgraded swing arm, but didn't openly offer them up unless there was a complaint during warranty period. They were out when I asked for mine and sent me a swing arm for a different frame and said "best I can do"...having said that,, 1st gen demo 8 swing cheap if anyone needs one.
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Don’t be that guy...

If passing people is important to you, do it on a race course...

Don’t be belittle other riders who are trying out new features they’ve never done before.
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 @czumino: In the world of motorcycles I've been given a loaner during the time my bike's in the shop when stuff like this happens.
In the world of mountainbikes you're supposed to be happy about a voucher for the same amount that you paid.
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 @Alexh1983: I will agree that 2021 Specialized bikes have really turned a new leaf with their spec to price. Some models are still a bit out to lunch, but I imagine those models will follow suit. The Stumpy Evos really nailed the pricing to spec. The Expert build with X01 drive train and Fox PE suspension for $7300 CAD is an insane value. I do think the lower end Santa Cruz bikes can be hit and miss, but for the carbon S-kit and higher, they are in line with other brands give or take. Specialized may leave room to upgrade the fork, but you will also have to swap the tires and wheels if you live anywhere with serious terrain (One area where SC out specs the big S for price). As I mentioned in my last comment, the Enduro Expert is more expensive than Megatower XT, with equal or worse components, and certainly does not have the after sales support like Santa Cruz has (at least Specialized Canada doesn't, have heard good things about Specialized USA).

All in all, most brands all have similar prices for similar spec give or take a few hundred bucks, and are pretty much all made well (of course things like this recall can happen). Each brand has their own thing going for them, and their own ride personality. You can't go wrong with almost any bike, and unless you're getting the top of the line model, EVERY brand will have areas of compromise. It's up to the customer to decide which spec compromises are ok to live, and which aren't.
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 @czumino: Peaty would take that job if we payed him...haha!
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 @2d-cutout: no this isn’t great customer service, this is the bare minimum for a RECALL. They will either replace your frame or give you a coupon with the value of your old frame to be used on a different Santa Cruz.

They are not the first to offer replacement or brand credit and given the bike shortage the credit might be the easiest way to a resolution as frames may be scare depending on how many are affected by the recall.

Some companies will actually upgrade you if they don’t have a replacement in stock although that is happening less and less these days.
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 @Saidrick: ya it was a dumb comment and Im dumb for it. I went back to delete it but I guess the window had passed
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 @santacruzbicycles: hahah, lets just pretend I have a SC frame and Peaty and I can hang, crush a few beers, etc.
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 @crohnsy: Ah, if it was only that simple...
Even thought this is a voluntary recall, in the US (And in association with Health Canada) we still have to work with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and follow all their recall guidelines for what we are allowed to offer as a solution that applies to everyone.
Typically this is 'Repair or Replace', but repairing individual frame components (Front triangle and/or swingarm) does not feel like a quick or good solution for the customer, so we all agreed to the replace the full frame or offer a frame voucher in equal value of the replacement to use if they want a different Santa Cruz product. Everyone agreed that this was a better solution.
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 @crohnsy: They're sending a pre-made box, with a shipping label to you, crediting bike shops to strip and rebuild the bike so you don't have to, and then replacing the affected part, or offering credit towards a newer model, and then sending it back to you. What else do you want or expect them to do? Is this an inconvenience? Sure, but it's less of an inconvenience than crashing and getting injured by not having it fixed or announced.

Did you see Rockys last recall? They didn't even paint match the replacement front triangles.
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 All good.
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 @leon-forfar: GOOD REMINDER, It's in the recall registration instructions, if you have one of these specific models - DO NOT TAKE YOUR BIKE APART before sending in for testing. Just take it to your dealer ready to ride. They will send it in and only if it fails testing will it need to be stripped and replaced. And if that is needed they will do all the work. The consumer only has to drop a complete, running bike off, and will receive a complete, running inspected/replaced bike back..
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 @leon-forfar: RM owner here. Indeed, RM is not matching the original color of my bike (2018 Instinct A50). They are *covering* the rest though (although, rumours are that compensation from RM isn't always what it should be).

I'm taking advantage of this to repaint the rear triangle (flat black), changing the bearings (half rolled rough on the fingers) and getting a new dropper lever (PNW Loam in orange).
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 @tekiusfanatikus: Yeah. I work at Rocky dealer. The compensation could definitely be more fitting, but hey, at least they are doing what the can, and it's not nothing for sure. I think the lack of paint matching is a bigger deal, and frankly, I'm surprised they find that to be suitable. I would be pretty pissed if I spent thousands on a bike, to have it look like a frankenbike inside of a year.
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 @leon-forfar: LoL yup and every one of those bikes when someone asks at the local trailhead why the persons bike is two different colours they will be told by the owner that RM is a terrible company who doesn't look after its customers. Short term thinking for sure.
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 @Perra: i feel you buddy . The least they can do is offer a lil bonus for our trouble , like a upgraded shock or wtv...
I regret buying their brand.
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 @Duderz7: the delays and process will dictate how they will keep their clients happy ... so far not so good
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 Hey PB folks, Scott Turner from Santa Cruz here to answer some of these questions and clear up some misinformation we are seeing in the comments. This is our first recall in our 26 years of existence, so it's been a bit of a learning experience every step of the way.
First off, the recall press releases you see and wording you see on our website are all run through the United States CPSC. We realize it's not always in the most conversationally clear tone, so sorry if there is some confusion there.
I'd blame the lawyers, but our SCB lawyer is both bigger in the brain department, and goes bigger on a bike than me, so I have nothing but love for him.

The Aluminum frames in question are listed above, and the number of bikes we are looking for in this recall are less than 300 frame components (front triangles and/or swingarms). The frames in question were sent to a paint vendor for repaint and they apparently used heat to help strip the frames and some were exposed to a temperature in excess of what is required to keep the frames correctly heat treated. This will leave those specific frame components weakened and unsafe to ride.
Unfortunately we need to test ALL the frames from that Aluminum production batch to find these specific frame components, so everyone with one of the frames listed will need to take their bike to their dealer (Or contact us direct, but dealer will be way quicker) and sent in for a non-destructive test. More than 90% of those frames are expected to pass testing and be returned ready to ride.

It goes without saying, but still important to state that our riders safety is our top priority, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

I also apologize for the wall of text here in the comments.
I'll try and stick around for a bit and answer any specific questions here in this post thread.

Scott Turner
Santa Cruz Bicycles
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 Great response Scott! Curious from an internal quality perspective — do the frames not have travelers/routers that would indicate what work was done and by who, that could be traced back to the serial number/lot id for more precise recall? I’ve managed a few field corrections (recalls) from a med device industry and just assumed this level of tracking existed across all industries with high liability. Best of luck and hope nobody gets hurt! PS: unemployed CO-based engineer here happy to receive work! Wink
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 @borisimobike: Good question.
Usually yes, all the frames are tracked through each production process so you catch things out of the norm before they get any further. That's where the "non-standard" wording comes in, as a repaint is never part of our standard manufacturing process.
Since it's something we not usually do, these specific frames were already in the 100% completed stage which requires no more production tracking. Just shipping. The frames were grabbed out of finished product warehouse and sent out for repaint just for the color change. Definitely that should have also been tracked in hindsight, but there was no standard operating procedure for that process.
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 Good on SC for standing by their product and proactively doing the right thing by their customers. I'm scratching my head at all the negativity.

Oh, and when's the V4 Bronson coming? Keep it 27.5 all round pleeeeease! Got to get my monies worth out of my Reserves! ha ha
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 Scott, Thanks for the transparency. You're a premium brand that charges premium prices. If the follow-through is as reasonable and rapid as this initial step, you've gone a long way toward backing it up with premium customer service.
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 @santacruzbicycles: Thank you for this thorough explanation! What does this "non-destructive" test look like? How can we you identify whether a frame is good or not?
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 @HeyBaumeister: It's a eddy current conductivity test that can check for thermal damage in heat treated aluminum structures. More commonly used in the aerospace industry and in accordance with ASTM standards.
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flag onemind123 (Nov 25, 2020 at 16:37) (Below Threshold)
 @HeyBaumeister: my guess is they will remove a small patch of paint and do a hardness test if the material. May even be possible to do a hardness test on areas of the frame that currently have no paint (bearing races, inside head tube etc.) It is a pretty quick test with the proper equipment.
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 @onemind123: No paint removal necessary. Doesn't do anything to the frame or finish itself. All good!
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 @santacruzbicycles: Thanks for the explanation! I'm assuming my RideWrap would have to be removed from the frame then?
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flag Alias530 (Nov 25, 2020 at 17:58) (Below Threshold)
 Am I the only one who sees this as “we want to sell you last years bike at current year prices”?

Even if nothing else changed (geometry, design, parts spec, etc) that still strikes me as dishonest and the handful of people I shared this with all agreed and were shocked and appalled. Is this industry standard??
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 @HeyBaumeister: Looking into this. Will let you know!
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Last years bike is this years bike. Your looking for a discount on color and are angry because they don’t want to waste unsold stock
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 Absolutely, class act response. This is why folks are loyal to Santa Cruz....not my brand, certainly they are part of the soul of Mountain bikes worldwide
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 @Alias530: These were frame components (Front triangle and swingarms) that never left the fabrication factory, other than for the paint process in question. It's only the color that was changed.
Not sure what part of this seems dishonest. Painted one color, wanted another color and changed it.
It's not a standard process for us, but seemed like a simple solution.
Obviously we were very wrong about the "simple" part in the process.
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flag Alias530 (Nov 25, 2020 at 19:28) (Below Threshold)
 @Solorider13: well the frame is obviously more “fiddled with” or they wouldn’t be recalling it for safety reasons. Even if the heat was unplanned it just seems sketchy to me. You don’t have to agree.
  • 20 3

You appear to feel entitled to a discount on a previous year's bike. If there are no changes - none at all - between frames from one year to the next, there is no justification for a discount because they are not different bikes.

The situation is simple:

Based on available information, it's not a matter of frames being "fiddled with" or shady practices. It was a financial decision that repainting frames was cheaper and easier than trying to sell the same frames with last year's colours; unfortunately, the decision went awry when the wrong process was used, which subsequently exposed insufficient tracking practices.

To expand further:

Santa Cruz wants all frames being shipped to have current-year colours. This required repainting the frames that had been painted in last year's colours to this year's colours.

The method chosen for paint removal was incorrect and damaged the aluminum. This error was not caught and damaged frames were sold. Additional complication has resulted from insufficient tracking procedures to identify the affected frames from the serial numbers, so physical testing is required.

As such, a large number of frames are being recalled for testing. Most will be fine, as they were not repainted or were repainted via safe methods. Some will not be fine and, presumably, will be replaced.
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flag Alias530 (Nov 25, 2020 at 20:24) (Below Threshold)
 @R-M-R: It's the fact this wasn't disclosed that makes it feel shady. Even an asterisk with "this frame has been repainted to match current year color scheme" or something for transparency would have been nice.

Just think for a second if you were someone who bought one of these repainted bikes, it failed, and you ended up with a broken bone or worse paralyzed or dead over it. It's the fact they decided "it's cheaper for us to repaint these frames than offer a discount", insufficient QC ensued, and hundreds of people ended up riding unsafe bikes. Good on SC for making it right but everyone outside of the bike industry I have told this to has been outright appalled.

And it's not just me who thinks last year's model should be discounted. SC wouldn't have spent the money to have them repainted if they thought the bikes could be sold as-is. They were repainted because the demand for last year's model without a discount would not have been sufficient.
  • 20 3
 @Alias530: Based on available information, Santa Cruz never willfully or knowingly sold sub-standard frames. That's why there's a recall. I believe this is the crux of your misunderstanding and if you've thusly misrepresented the situation to your peers, it's no wonder they're "outright appalled".

If information comes to light that Santa Cruz did willfully or knowingly sell sub-standard frames, then I will share your opinion. Doing so would expose Santa Cruz to potentially millions of dollars in lawsuits on top of a probable recall, just to save several thousand dollars. It is unlikely they would take such a risk.

If repainting caused no damage - as would've been the case if they'd used the proper technique - then go ahead and repaint it a hundred times. If nothing changes, then ... well, nothing changes.

The problem is that something did change, and now Santa Cruz is fixing it.

Santa Cruz chose to repaint them because some people share your perception that a discount is warranted due to an unfounded perception of last year's colour being sub-standard, despite being mechanically identical.

As you said, the decision was made for reasons of demand, not for any reason of performance. Once properly repainted, you - and everyone like you - could've had a frame with current-year paint over top of metal tubes that neither know nor care when they were extruded, hydroformed, and welded. Unfortunately, the repainting was not done correctly, damage was incurred, and the frames were not identical. Santa Cruz will replace these frames, thereby restoring the status of mechanical identity between "last year's" frames and "this year's" frames.

If done properly, nothing would've ever been different, let alone unsafe.
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 Really nice to see such transparency and dedication to supporting your customers. And this is why I would happily pay more for a SC than any direct sales brand.
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 @R-M-R: there is strict liability for releasing defective products into the stream of commerce in the states. So whatever law you rely upon it has no bearing IF some of these bikes ended up being sold in the US.
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Many, many companies will repaint unused stock (frames) to the next year's colors if the frame itself is a carryover. One company had complicated paint jobs on a particular model, and the paint would have a high rejection rate. The ones with "bad" paint jobs would be repainted to a simpler stock color. (Not sure how many years they bothered with that.)
What if they washed the frame, and for some reason it was still dirty? Would you expect them to tell you that this particular frame was washed twice instead of just once, being "fiddled with" one extra time?
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 Well done Scott for coming on here and clearing the matter up, again going to shown Sc s customer focused stance on the industry.
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 @Alias530: If it's not a new generation of frame, it literally makes no difference if an UNRIDDEN part, that is sitting in a warehouse, gets repainted. It is a brand new part that hasn't been used.
It's not like they've given you last years fork, derailleur ect ect, it's a piece of metal.
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 Scott Turner Working at Santa Cruz
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 @Alias530: it’s the same bloody bike just a different colour. They shouldn’t have to discount them is they don’t want to. It’s a business, that’s how business works. It’s all driven by profit. They would make more money selling bikes with this years colourway than selling the same bike with the old colourway at a discounted price????
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 Can I just say that it's funny how the name of Santa Cruz Boss Scott Turner consists of two other bike brands.
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 @Clarkeh: Would you think the same if you bought a car that was paint stripped and then sold to you. Would you feel that's a new would probably leave a sour taste.
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 @DarrylDuggan: That isn’t exactly a fair comparison but I’ll bite .
If a vehicle is damaged in transportation from the manufacturer , they absolutely repair them and sell them as new. That means body and paint work on a brand new car and they don’t have to disclose that information to you. It happens all the time.
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 @colincolin: funnier than the manufacturer voiding its own warranty terms by repainting? The way it's going, other 275 framepieces may also need repainting.

@R-M-R: SC is known for owning its own factories, and it sounds like this job was farmed out. It's a hit to their reputation regardless of how well situation is handled
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 Great transparency. Its probably worth pulling a manufacturing engineer (ideally from from aerospace or medical for reasons obvious to anyone in these fields) to help you develop your process control as your growth is probably outpacing your current abilities.
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 @santacruzbicycles: for future you should have learned from this case. One paint could be good for more than only 1 year and don't change it after frame is painted and QC passed.
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 @DarrylDuggan: Why would that be a problem? It's not like they give it back to you with no paint. It's just repainted metal.
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 @Clarkeh: because the method of unpainting affects the repainting, and color matching is a profession. Skin too is ego. Not that I personally care much
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 "Scott Turner Working at Santa Cruz"

@vemegen: Funny story, I once had an email conversation with a guy who wanted to start a bike brand, but we (Santa Cruz) make a bike model that uses his last name and he thought we should give him the rights to that bike name because it's his actual name. I just pointed out my own name and asked him if he thought I could claim the bike industry use rights to either of Scott or Turner??
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 @santacruzbicycles: "Scott" and "Turner" are common names. He may have a case if his name is "VP Free". lol
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 @santacruzbicycles: It was Mr Bronson from Grange Hill, right? (British 80s kid show).
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 @Clarkeh: tell that to owners of effected SC frames, and owners of effected-adjacent SC frames
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 Can't give enough plus votes. A respectable company handling a situation in a respectable way. Had a Bullit way back in 2002ish. A lot of great memories with that bike. My brother still rides it.
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 @ceecee: That's what I'm telling them.

If the paint of the repainted part didn't match, a. They probably wouldn't send it out in the first place and b. You'd just do a warranty for the non matching paint part.

This really is a non issue, the only problem is the time off the bike having to faff about getting it tested.
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 @Clarkeh: it's still not just repainted metal. It's stripped repainted metal which now has structural weaknesses resulting from the stripping process. The automotive comparison is less serious because its body is not also its frame. Tell us about the nonissue from hospital, please.
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 @ceecee: and this is why there is a recall. Not sure what the big deal is.

Ski season is here. Just had the kids on the hill for the first day of the year. The bike is already disassembled to be sent away.

Or should I be demanding a brand new bike as well as a new e-bike for compensation?
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 @onemind123: ski season is here in northern North America. Demand what you like--the law only entitles you to a replacement frame. Recalls are potentially a big deal. That's why they're recalls.
  • 2 2
 @onemind123: suppose it was my kid that discovered the propensity for these framepieces to 'bend or buckle' whilst descending Machu Picchu last 'summer' and that's how the error initially came to light. The props for apologists up in here are appalling. I'm working mine off--only negative thirty-seven to go
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 @onemind123: thanks! if only there were something true or false enough that I could say to get all thirty-four negprops at once. Looks like consumer protection in Peru is pretty sketchy. Good place to do business, if they had any money
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 @ceecee: so your child "bent" one of the frames in question? Was he/she ok? Did you take pics of the failed frame or did it get returned to sc?
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 @onemind123: suppose what I'm suggesting is true. Would you be more sympathetic or less, since s/he should have been skiing?
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 @ceecee: well skiing with a thermally effected frame would just be silly so not sure how I would feel on the subject. I was curious about your actual situation with a failed frame.

Looks like my bad at feeding the troll?
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 @onemind123: hmmm, there still seems to be some confusion about how recalls are potentially--or already actually--a big deal. How did Health Canada even find out about this? I mean, so some kids were using their 5010s as sleds. Of course the paint got rubbed off. Not a warranty situation.
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 Lawyers....with big brains and big heart!
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 I’m a Santa Cruz owner & it looks like my bike will be affected by this recall. I’ve Have had multiple SC bikes and other bits of kit & always been extremely pleased with the design and quality to date.

I recognise both sides of the argument (apart from I have no problem with the act of respraying unsold frames). So far, I think the steps SC are taking err on the side of good form. I’m strongly reserving judgment though. If I end up without a frame for months, or difficulty sourcing a replacement and I end up with a voucher to buy frames that aren’t in stock I will be apoplectic. We’re in lockdown here in the UK and mountain biking is pretty much the only release.

The old adage “actions speak louder than words” is truer than ever here. The words so far are okay, how you deal with this over the coming weeks will define the company’s reputation in the mountain bike community for the next 20years.
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 @expat-taff: Absolutely agree with you on that one! Considering it's only a small amount of frames that's affected one can only hope they will have enough spare parts in stock. I paid extra $ for my first SC because of the better craftmanship and QA and now this is obviously quite ironic. Nonetheless let's hope they will sort it out quickly and get everybody back on the trails ASAP.
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 Changing of frame colours or repaints before shipments are more common than I think people appreciate, there will be thousands of bikes out there that have gone through that without issue. Unlucky it bit SC on the backside, I had not heard of removal by heat damaging the frame before, good to know!
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 @ceecee: Paint stripping alloy does not damage it - if done correctly. This is why Santa Cruz have said that they've done this batch incorrectly and are recalling them. This isn't hard.
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 Looking forward "NOT" to getting my brand new Bronson shipped tested and hopefully replaced because this is not very confident inspiring... Other than that nothing bad to say other than the paint on my red tide Alu Bronson is horribly cheap quality .. abit dissapointing. I guess thats what you get for dealing with China.
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 @ceecee: Health Canada found out because we told them. Same for the CPSC.
This is considered a Voluntary Recall because we found the issue ourselves, then contacted the CPSC/Health Canada, our dealers and customers to notify them all of the issue.
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 @santacruzbicycles: please stop feeding the troll. We are trying to relocate it but attractants keep being left out.

Thanks for making it crystal clear what is happening though!
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 Just to follow up, storm in a teacup, as most online dramas are. Took the bike in to my local dealer while my fork was going for a service. Went for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich, came back, all good. Lads in the shop said they hadn't found a bad one so far.
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 @expat-taff: "Lads in the shop said they hadn't found a bad one so far."

Are they absolutely certain their testing equipment is fit for purpose and set up properly? This situation would go from bad to a whole lot worse if the test produces false negatives. A known bad sample - just a segment of tubing would be fine - should be sent to the service centres performing these tests to verify the process.

I'm not saying anything about the likelihood of false negatives - it's entirely possible the test is foolproof and perfect - just something to consider!
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 @expat-taff: your LBS did the testing? I heard they were using a third party for the testing and were using the eddy current testing method, does your shop have that testing device? Mine still hasn’t been shipped out from LBS due to an issue with third party testing....
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 Perfect illustration of the value gained from buying SC. Years ago I had a Giant Reign X that kept breaking lower links. Each year Giant made a small revision to the link which made it a little stronger but the problem was never solved. I've had two Nomads since and never had a problem. I trust SC to 1. make a good bike and 2. stand by it. Giant just didn't want to know me.
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 @haydenwood2: Just got confirmation from SC support themselves. Their recall partner is having issues with getting the boxes sent out to shops. Mine's been setting for over 3 weeks. Any day now...
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 @santacruzbicycles: so if my frame was affected, would I be able to get a different color frame if multiple colors were available? Or would it have to be the same color?
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 Breaking news
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 Underrated pun
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 Can’t recall a better pun
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 Cracked me up!
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 SC: Now available in "Refinish Red", "Overstock Orange", or "Last-year Lime".
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 Don't forget the Juliana lines with: "Previous Purple", "Post-Year Pink", and "Dated Dandelion"
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 Interesting. What kind of paint stripping process can make a frame buckle later down the road? Must be quite a paint stripper they're using.
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 Strippers making things buckle is usually the opposite of the intended effect.
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 Sodium Hydroxide left on (the frame in a vat) too long?

The better question would be - would customers be comfortable knowing their frame was previously another color and had been stripped then repainted?
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 Maybe mechanical paint stripping? The apprentice got a little excited with the grinder and took a little too much off the top and now the frame's not thick enough.
  • 7 2
 You mean, someone went a little crazy with their Mora?
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 @sjma: I would suspect bead blast with the wrong media
  • 3 2
 @Alvey72: too much work maybe. To drip a bunch of frames in chemical stripper is more efficient. Leave them there for too long and...
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flag vinay FL (Nov 25, 2020 at 11:17) (Below Threshold)
 People, chill. Only worry when your new Heckler or Bullit is being recalled because of a non standard bb and downtube ripping procedure. Other possible reasons to lose your shit, non-standard - head tube slackening procedure - reach extending procedure - seat tube steepening procedure - suspension travel extending procedure - putting the rear shock lower in the front triangle procedure - ... Basically any reason you upgraded to the latest model.
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 The phrasing "bend or buckle", instead of "break", makes me think a thermal process was used.

My understanding of thermal paint stripping is that it's usually done at temperatures up to 450°C, which is a bit lower than the typical solution treatment temperature for T6 aluminum and well above the precipitation hardening temperature. Likely hot enough to alter the material properties.
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 @R-M-R: Yup sounds like they annealed the frames.
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 Sounds to me they used media blast instead of chemical strip. One time a buddy of mine blasted the paint off of his aluminum hardtail and repainted it. First ride the thing just folded underneath him while climbing lol
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Boo f*cking hoo
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I used to work at Bike Friday (making folding bikes) and when we had a blem post-paint we’d burn the paint off with oxycetaline torch...
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 So, what they are saying is that there are some super light alu frames out there, with extra thin walled tubing.
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 @bengtleon: It's good to see Santa Cruz finally addressing the weight of their aluminum frames, but there has to be a better way!
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 Probably sandblasting, bad for the aluminium
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 Heat was used. Its right in their explanation. They are worried they basically annealed the material from its T6 (ideally I think) condition
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 So its confirmed. Santa Cruz bikes are born in fluro colors like we all suspected, then stripped back down. #cantstopwontstop
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 Had no idea Nelly Furtado rode bikes.
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 @youknowitsus: just julianas
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 @kokofosho: Now I know what acid feels like.
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 Waaaay too much negativity here. After 28 years in the sport, I owned /broke /damaged many frames. SC was by far the most helpful. (looking at you CANYON and EVIL...)
In fact, was there a SC recall before? I don't think so. 2020 was hard enough for SC. I believe they will sort this out. I do have trust in the company.
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 And I thought SC was going to announce a new Nomad...not the exact opposite...
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 "A non standard paint stripping operation". What the hell is that?
  • 8 2
 I'm guessing bead blast with the wrong media or a chemical strip that damaged the metal
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 @Alvey72: Blimey. Bet the person who did that is currently on the naughty step!
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 @MattP76: we know at least one person who is getting a SRAM GX groupset for Christmas.
  • 8 5
 @unrooted: Haha, nothing wrong with a bit of GX!
  • 8 3
 @MattP76: Having bought and ridden the 2021 GX lunar, I beg to differ!! Already replacing it with XT
  • 4 0
 @ilovedust: Fair enough. Had GX for 5 years and never had a days problem. May have been unlucky.
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 Thermally affected. I made a post to describe the issue in the comments here. Check it out.
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 You've got to be kidding me. Guess no riding for me for some time...
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 Yeah that's kinda bullshit. You have to go without a bike for who knows how long because they messed up? That ain't right.
  • 19 4
 @SkullsRoad: what would you like them to do exactly?
  • 15 16
 @Solorider13: I'd like them to not deliver faulty frames... pretty unreasonable.
  • 22 3
 @deez-nucks: Says the man who'd never ever made a mistake at work.
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Wait till I tell you about the automotive industry!
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 @Solorider13: hahahaha so true
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 @Solorider13: can confirm, work in auto industry. Funds dentist type bikes.
  • 3 4
 @deez-nucks: if I had one, I'd want them to ship me a new frame, I swap my parts onto it, then send them my old frame on their dime. The only down time is the time it takes to swap parts.
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 @SkullsRoad: More than 90% of these specific frame versions needing to go in for inspection will be unaffected and returned. Doesn't even need to be disassembled other than for the packaging. We cover the costs for shipping, packaging, and any dealer charges. No cost to the bike owner.
  • 3 4
 @SkullsRoad: idk why you’re being downvoted. They bring up the automotive industry but at a car dealer you’d get a loaner car. So I’d expect the same like you say, a new frame sent immediately
  • 5 1
 @mariomtblt: So you and Skulls are willing to pay 20k for a bike?
Comparing this to the automotive industry is one of the stupidest things I've read on PB.

That said, don't see why they can't instruct the dealers on what to look for and then there's no down time unless you need a frame.
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 @TheOriginalTwoTone: my guess would be because it’s a specific tool that is likely isn’t common at a bike shop
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 @mariomtblt: But this is the bike industry, not the car industry. people rely on their vehicle to get to and from work, and it overall has a more important impact on peoples day to day life. Mountain bikes like this are a luxury item (not saying some cars aren't).
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 @mariomtblt: I believe I’m at a full bakers dozen major recall/warranty repairs on my Tacoma, I have gotten a loaner car precisely zero times. These are for issues in which I had no option, truck was dead in the water and had to go straight to the dealer. This SC recall can be done at the leisure of the owner, whenever is convenient for you. Hell, you could roll the dice and not even send your frame in. Sounds like it would catastrophiclly fail, and SC is legendary for their warranty coverage, so they’d probably just send you a new frame if and when yours fails. Sometimes you get a little bit screwed when a company makes a mistake, it sucks, but it happens. Just be glad you didn’t buy a Pole, at least SC will actually try to get you riding again ASAP.
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 @santacruzbicycles: I registered for the recall as an owner, can it still be drop off at LBS for disassemble/assemble process since I lack the necessary skills to perform the task?
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 It would be nice to see a Q&A from sant cruzes on this one
  • 13 0
 Just made a post.
Not sure how much time I'll have for Q&A but I am around for a bit!
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 @santacruzbicycles: I saw that thanks Scott!
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 @santacruzbicycles: why was the original pair stripped off the frames?
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 @santacruzbicycles: Hi Scott, Which part of the frame exactly may fail?
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 Saw a recall, came for the comments
  • 7 0
 there's a lot of people jumping on the 'old stock repainted' angle, but the frames could have needed to be stripped due to a manufacturing fault with the paint, i.e bad batch of clear coat or incorrect finishing temp for that batch.
  • 3 1
 Would have been nice if the fellow from Santacruz would have addressed that.
  • 11 1
 Help , Santa is taking stuff back for Christmas
  • 13 9
 Santa Cruz was one of those brands I always wanted own. My local shop has a couple carbon Hightower’s and a couple aluminum ones as well as several tallboys in carbon and aluminium, for the build they are way overpriced. I can’t see what I’m paying for, low end forks, wheels and brakes and an ugly burgtec cockpit and it’s over $6000. No thanks.
  • 5 6
 100% completely agree. Add on marginally dated geo too - mainly HTA / STA. You need to spend almost $9k CDN to get a bike with Fox Performance Elite / X2 and XT. Errrr no thx.
  • 12 1
 Always surprised that people even buy full bikes. I’m a frame only guy, then build to my on spec. Their CC frames are no more expensive than other high end brands.
  • 2 5
 100% agree as an OG HT owner. No way I'm upgrading to a v2 HT. I look at the spec of their builds and can't help but feel like I'm getting ripped off. Even if you go frame only, there are better/cheaper choices that come with a nicer shock.
  • 7 0
 @GregorFuk: Bike radar Carbon Chameleon review (which loved the bike) pointed out that you could build the bike up from a frame with the same spec at MSRP for less than the MSRP of a complete bike.
  • 7 3
 I've got some more info. My shop spoke to the SC rep and the affected area are the seat and chainstays. Basically when tightening the rear-axle to spec torque the metal "crimps". According to the rep this usually becomes visible/notice-able after the first week of riding. Personally I'll be stopping by my shop before my next ride and have them re-tighten the rear axle to inspect it.
  • 3 0
 @heybaumeister @santacruzbicycles this is good to know and would explain why I have had non-stop issues with my rear axle continuously coming loose since I purchased my AL Bronson, I had thought it was just the cheap DT swiss skewer. I'll be taking mine to my dealer asap as I'm guessing mine is one of the recalled units based on this info.
  • 3 0
 It is definitely the axle. Those dt axles with the lever always come loose on any bike. Try to grease the threads and really torque it down as much as you can by hand or Try a burgtec axle, you’ll have no problem anymore. Still have the frame checked out though! @pmoakley:
  • 2 0
 @alpha-bio: I actually already switched to a burgtec axle, it doesn't come loose as often but it still happens, and it doesn't seem to sit quite right.
  • 2 0
 @pmoakley: same here on my Nomad AL. my rear axle comes off loose regularly. Just thought i'm riding it hard haha. on second thoughts isn't it normal to have the rear axle come off loose on other bikes? I do remember tightening rear axles on my other non SC bike
  • 2 0
 @kawkaw: Eventually everything will come loose due to vibration, that is why you do a bolt check ideally before every ride, reality is most people never check bolts. I bet if you check you caliper and rotor bolts right now you'll be able to turn the allen key at least half a turn or more. That being said that dt axle is not great Smile
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 Negprops=fanatics. I presume you mean seat tube cluster at toptube.

@alpha-bio: no problems with DT on my 2017C or 2019CC so long as it's tight to start. Though now I call it a kick-tight rather than through-axle. No need to dismount to check. Threads are greased everywhere there's a threaded surface except maybe linkage bolts--shop did that. Not certain I want to know how the sausage is made. Bummer for Santa but they earned it
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 Expensive, heavy, fragile - pick three.
  • 1 4
 When you're right, you're right....
  • 6 1
 This is impressive customer service from SC. I'd definitely consider SC in future because things can go wrong even with the best companies. It is how they stand over their product that matters. Great to see from SC.
  • 3 0
 @santacruzbicycles What if a frame which has been recalled has invisiframe or some form of protection fitted ? Will that have to be removed prior to sending it off for testing ?
If so, it's an expensive job & who will fund it being re fitted ?

Will replacement frames be V3 alloy or V4 carbon ?

Due to low stock (or the frame getting repainted?!) We had to wait months for our frame to arrive, I finally get it built up for my partner & now it has to be returned, poor lass just wants her dream bike to ride.
  • 3 0
 Seems to be a lot of people upset about this that don’t even own a Santa Cruz. Why all the negativity on something that does not affect you. I don’t own one of the mentioned bikes but if I did on one hand I’d be happy they came clean and offered me a new frame if mine was defective, I’d be a little pissy about the fact I’d be riding my wife’s bike for a few weeks but better that than them keeping quiet and letting me ride a defective product.
  • 6 2
 not a great deal to get a voucher in exchange of your frame - but they don't make alu frames now so you can buy 1/2 a carbon one instead...
  • 2 0
As I have one of the affected frames, and my bike has literally been taken off of me, I ask why I have not been given a replacement/demo bike while mine is being looked at?
I fully understand that you had to recall them and I'm pleased you are concerned for your customers safety but this is out of order really... I have bike trips arranged and bike parks booked which i have paid for. Not only that, but I'm missing my bike which I paid you for, if you buy a new car they give you a replacement while yours is being seen to? So where's my bike? Even if its not a nomad, just something i can ride, and I speak for everyone who has had a frame recalled
Also i would like conformation that if my frame is affected i will get another Nomad, as my shop seems to believe you have stopped making them now..
I'm not hating, my bike rode amazingly when i had it, just concerned
Cheers, Dylan
  • 1 0
 I think a loner is probably out of the question but how did you get your frame submitted so quickly, I’m still waiting on the email reply. Please allow us to upgrade to the carbon frame to help speed up the process @santacruzbicycles
  • 1 0
 @outlawtaco: The people at my bike shop ride for Santacruz, so they have first contact with them, and loner aha not even i just want to ride my bike as much as anyone else does
  • 1 0
 @Dylanfraser: I know the feeling, I think you’ll find out sooner than everyone else stuck in this limbo mode. Let us know the outcome, supposedly only 10% will need to be replaced out of the 2900+ frames
  • 1 0
 @outlawtaco: yeah for sure ill let you knowSmile
  • 1 0
 @Dylanfraser: I dropped my Bronson off at LBS on Saturday and it’s still waiting to be shipped to Santa Cruz. The LBS is waiting for a call tag before sending bike probably 2 week min wait. Of course it is primo ridding weather right now too!
  • 1 0
 @haydenwood2: cheers for letting me know, just want my bike before Christmas really!
  • 8 2
 so much for "we don't do model years"
  • 3 0
 @sarahmoore: was just told my frame would be sent for non destructive testing to determine if it would be warrantied. Any chance you can get more info out of SC in terms of exactly what they're going to do to my frame?
  • 4 0
 Might be worth adding the response in the comments from Santa Cruz in the article now. Clears up a lot of questions.
  • 1 0
 The six most frequently used NDT methods are eddy-current, magnetic-particle, liquid penetrant, radiographic, ultrasonic, and visual testing. So probably one of those. We had a company in to my work today to mag-particle test some bowthrusters. I can attest it is non-destructive. Stinks though.
  • 2 0
 So I've got a question for anyone who may have inside info.. It sounds like they're stripping the paint to sell as new year stock, is that standard across brands or is this frowned upon? Maybe that's not even the situation and they just wanted a different color? Seems like I've seen many bikes where next years model isn't any different besides color but they still sell last year's model at a discount, is that standard or is that just appears to be the situation? Obviously a year isn't much but I always hear about aluminum only having a certain life span. Basically is this just a simple mistake or more sketchy? Not trying to hate on anyone, I love and accept all bikes lol, but I'd love to hear from someone maybe inside the industry. Thanks!
  • 3 0
 Aluminum’s life span is when you use it. It doesn’t really degrade while just sitting there.
  • 1 0
 The “old stock” you see getting sold is a what a retailer has already purchased , not what Santa Cruz has in inventory.
  • 2 0
 Frames get repainted all the time. If there's a flaw in the paint or graphics they don't melt them down for scrap.... Yes it's unusual to do a whole batch but these things are sent over on spreadsheets, 100 this way, 200 that. Would be easy to send the wrong numbers and end up with your colour mix going south. Next time I expect they'll just live with it though!
  • 2 0
 @madmax245: The reason a discount is warranted is that whenever these bikes are to be sold used, potential buyers are going to say "oh that's X color, it must be the 2019 model instead of the 2020 model" and will not be willing to pay as much. Why would I buy something at full price if it means it's going to be worth less when I go to sell it?

@atestisthis: If this process is so standard then why did it go wrong? See above regarding the discount.
  • 1 0
 Just for the effort they should ship a 2021 frame back instantly. I had a Bronson Alloy with a brake calliper mount issue. They replaced the frame. New frame has a BSA thread which is not 100% on one side, having issues replacing the bottom bracket. Feels like the quality control on their cheaper alloy frames is not good.
  • 1 0
 Two questions regarding my 2020 Bronson
1) I have the actual receipt from my friend 'Pedro' who bought it for me -will that be honored in this recall?
2) My local shop says I need to pay for the shipping............

Ok last questions, turn around time?
  • 1 0
 Not sure about question #1, but #2 isn’t right. I purchased my Bronson out of town and tried to get my LBS to deal with recall and they wanted to charge $80 to box it up. I called the bike shop where I purchased the bike and they said they would do it for free because it is a safety recall not a warranty. If you call 1(833)944-8335, it is the Santa Cruz recall help line and they specifically say the customer doesn’t pay anything. Hope that helps
  • 1 0
 @haydenwood2: yes and thanks!!
  • 4 0
 Robins Egg, stripper, feeling uncomfortable Smile

"Aluminum in Fog"
How about coal during the night or milk in the snow ?
  • 1 0
 Has anyone initiated the recall return yet? What's the feedback been? Hesitant to take mine in until they have replacement frames ready...which does not appear to be the case
  • 4 0
 I dropped mine off on the 28th hoping for a fast response but not the case. As of yesterday they were still waiting to get a shipping label and box from Santa Cruz to send back. Once they receive it in Santa Cruz, it sounds like 2-3weeks until they can get it back to you...hopefully sooner they say. I did call Santa Cruz directly and spoke with Miguel who said effected frames have a higher priority than building up bikes to sell. Miguel from Santa Cruz was super helpful but just a bad situation for all involved.
  • 1 0
 @haydenwood2: I haven't heard back yet after filing the recall form online almost a week back. I think I'll call them too
  • 3 0
 Miguel has been super helpful to me also, mine is also at the local LBS retailer waiting.
  • 2 0
 @CKeo: yes I just got a reply from Miguel as well.
  • 1 0
 @kawkaw: did he say anything different from the 2-3 weeks once they receive the bike?
  • 1 0
 @haydenwood2: actually i'm in a different country, so for us they are arranging the bikes to be sent first.
  • 1 0
Are all countries affected? Are you pertaining to built bikes only? Any other means of narrowing it down?
  • 2 0
 Anyone else thinking if its just the rear triangle, ride it til/if it breaks?
  • 1 0
 Has anyone had paint peeling issues with a 2020 carbon C Bronson frame? There’s hardly any topcoat left on my bike. Looks horrible
  • 3 0
 I'll take a faulty bronson or 5010 thanks!
  • 1 0
 Damn that definitely sucks. Hopefully they can get people taken care of quickly. Nothing like waiting around for months without a bike.
  • 6 5
 Please stop riding your Aluminum bike immediately and take them to your Santa Cruz dealer.... we will have your replacement delivered to you by Q2 2021.
  • 1 2
 I wonder how hot the chemical stripper gets to normalize the temper of the aluminum. Say those frame are tempered to T6 normally. T0 is annealed state, but will naturally convert to T4 when it hits ambient temperatures, especially in CA.

Ultimately, their manufacturing team f*cked up, didn’t even bother to inspection the batch of chemically stripped frames. You don’t even have to inspect them all. Like when you make custom washers. Inspection 1:1000.

But let’s be real, will this hurt their image, probably not. Like Yeti, there are some hardcore Santa Cruz fanboys. One bump in the road does nothing.
  • 1 1
 Hey SC, maybe it's time to do the black Friday closeouts of overstock like othe brands and just make some new frames for next year. Can't really be saving all that much anyway.
  • 1 0
 What country was the stripping process performed?

Assuming this would be cost prohibitive under US regulation for dip operations, emissions permits, and disposal cost.
  • 2 2
 So far everything is Delayed , this is going to be a nightmare to deal with, not happy at ALL AND I REGRET BUYING MY FIRST SANTA CRUZ , WILL SELL ONCE I GET IT BACK SOMEDAY FROM RECALL. WHAT A SHAME!
  • 2 0
 You do know there is a pandemic going on right? I too am sick of the wait but this is the first recall in 26 years of existence, I think I will cut them some slack. This is also my first Santa Cruz bike purchase but the little bit I did ride it I loved it! Good thing when you go to sell it you will get a good price for it...since it is a Santa Cruz after all....good luck.
  • 1 0
 @haydenwood2: Dont get me wrong, I love my Bronson, I just have a hard time accepting that they sold us previous years bike , stripped it, then resold it full retail to us, all while putting us at risk for injury. First and last time . Thanks
  • 3 2

Somehow I don’t think you will be missed with that attitude.

  • 2 1
 @Solorider13: put yourself in our position you douche
  • 2 2
 I don't ever recall once in over 30 yrs of BMX that a frame/bike manufacturer had a recall. This is one reason I like the big bike scene.
  • 1 3
 Those aluminum BMX bikes from 30 years ago just keep going and going...
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 The headtube on my Beringer was so croocked you could see it by eye,S and M said there was not going to be any warranty. I fixed the frame but it was a pain in the ass.
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 f*ck my new Alu Bronson ????
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 Something about dentists, new teeth required, the circle is complete
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 it's because of the virus
  • 2 0
 Bunch of strippers
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 yeah right, like Santa Cruz had a money printer @CarlMega .
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 Hummmm, I probably should have an opinion about this topic.
  • 2 4
 Sounds like either media blasting done incorrectly, or a chemical stripper that was left on too long/frame left in the vat too long.
  • 6 7
 I don't know how i would feel knowing i ride a year older frame than i thought...
  • 22 3
 Why would that bother you? The only difference is paint color. Would it bother you to know the hunk of aluminum that your stem was machined out of sat on a shelf for 5 years before becoming a stem?
  • 13 0
 @hardtailparty: dang don’t be dropping those truth bombs. I thought my 6061 stem was from the future
  • 1 1
 So thats why they are going back to carbon only ..
  • 1 3
 How can they announce this without explaining why the f the frames were being stripped of paint in the first place?
  • 3 5
 Stripping paint with mercury?
  • 1 3
 SC .pay twice at the beginning just in case....
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  • 1 4
 How many other Co. pull this BS ?
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