Sam Pilgrim on Haibike?

Dec 25, 2017 at 12:01
by Pinkbike Staff  

The teamrumours were flying in the comments when Sam announced he was off his long-time frame sponsor NS Bikes. After seeing Sam on a Haibike in his Christmas video (above) and a recent Ryan Taylor video, it looks like Sam might have gotten himself an eMTB sponsorship.

No word on whether he'll bring on an "acoustic" frame sponsor for his dirt and slope riding, or if we're going to see him attacking the 2018 Joyride course in reverse on his eMTB.

He's confirmed to be riding both Fox and Marzocchi suspension.
On Haibike

He also ruled out several brands, like Dartmoor, Specialized, YT Industries, Canyon, and others, while leaving the door open on Haibike, Trek, and Orbea. Trek would be able to provide both the eMTBs he's interested in as well as his bread-and-butter dirt/slope bikes.

Given these videos, our money is on Haibike.

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 For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?
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 And then the Lord said: don’t judge so thy not be judged by me to be sent to the depths of hell for eternal fisting
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flag Caiokv (Dec 26, 2017 at 3:16) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: Best quote ever Waki!
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 @WAKIdesigns: I'm not a Christian, I don't believe I'm gonna burn in eternal hell fire for not obeying biblical script. So FK it
Sam Pilgrim is a sellout
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flag imkick (Dec 26, 2017 at 3:39) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: you idiot
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 @WAKIdesigns: eternal. I see what you did there.
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 Theoretical case: a man wants to work for a living and he loves bikes. Non e-bike companies don't offer him money he needs. He can be a plumber, a programmer or e-bike rider. We assume he has some sense of humour. What would he choose?
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 @but you do care for the fate of his soul? Or you are condemning him for the unholy halls of Lucipherus Fistus ?
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 @WAKIdesigns: soul what? Never heard of this thing.

P.S. How do you know what he's into, maybe he's doing this on purpose?
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flag wda1wustl (Dec 26, 2017 at 6:52) (Below Threshold)
 @nojzilla: Sadly, it doesn’t matter what YOU believe, 2+2=4. And the Lord in heaven will judge your soul and mine, even if we don’t believe it to be true. But it’s much more convenient to play God than to confess with your mouth, repent, and believe with your heart. If you disagree, then ask yourself why you are so upset right now at my comment. Best of luck with eternity.
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 @wda1wustl: I'm only upset with an approach such as yours when it affects how my taxes are spent and how political decisions are made. Otherwise everyone should believe in what makes them happy. But unfortunately in many cases the 2+2=4 (or pure reason) rule is not compatible with the belief rule when it comes to making decisions that impact the society.
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 Holy Mother of Bejezus, I used condemnation and trip to anal hell as a much exaggerated analogy to a thought process occuring in human species when they are assuming stuff, block out will for understanding and throw crap at others, having nothing to show up with themselves... a form of Dunning Kruger effect. I’m not religious and I don’t give a flying crap about what Sam does and have no idea why one unrelated to him could honestly care unless they want to perform an act of online heroism. By no means I intended to go into literal comprehension of some religion. Chill out people Wink
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 @WAKIdesigns: I think someone might have not read or understood 2 last words from your first post.
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Thing is....
I actually agreed with your initial comment
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flag brooce (Dec 26, 2017 at 8:42) (Below Threshold)
 Maybe Sam simply liked the idea of having a lift where no lifts are available and thought a well developed e-bike is truly the future? Just a guess...
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 I must say though, Sam is surely reading this and quite probably going “what the F are you people on about?!!!”. And like that thought...
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 This is what comments section is for.
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 @wda1wustl: minus one that's three quick maths

You didn't finish the equation
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 "Maths" - do MOAR Math!!
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 I love the comments section! Keep it up!
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 @sampilgrim: Now I feel under pressure to write something interesting... (have a good 2018 by the way Smile )
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 @WAKIdesigns: One of my favorite versus, Amen
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 @WAKIdesigns: I think some people need to watch more porn. Big Grin
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 Season of goodwill yet bros still so salty!
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 @MTB-Colada: -1 thats 3 quick maths
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 @sampilgrim: all the best of luck. I bet the battery body has enough room to host a bottle of fine Polish vodka. Gdzie jest impreza?
@ugez: God bless James Deen for he has shown us how to love deeper.
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 @nojzilla: Just FYI. You dont burn in hell for disobeying scripture. Just fyi. Wink Ride on!
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 @ridesmoothbro: That's right, as Waki explained, in hell you don't burn but suffer a completely different fate.

Geez, what am I writing. But I really couldn't help myself. Thankfully tomorrow is back to work so that will improve my thinking faculties.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Dec 26, 2017 at 15:11) (Below Threshold)
 Hey everyone concerned about dying, I just found out about the Vacuum Decay. Hearing about it blows your mind, makes you feel like an idiot, but the ultimate message is: spectacular death at the speed of light. You just cease to exist. Much more fun that the heat desth of the Universe. If youbwant to be w good atheist you should look into it. After all you believe in Science don’t you...
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 @WAKIdesigns: Wow, that's super awesome! First quantum physics Wikipedia article I know with a subchapter called "Existential threat".
I have one problem with this though. It's very cool but you would get no kudoz for dying in this way because everyone else would be dead too.
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 @WAKIdesigns: or your local catholic all boys school
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 @wda1wustl: keep your imaginary friends out of our real world. This is bike site not a bible banger join our religion site.
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 @WAKIdesigns: meh, the probability is kinda low. Gamma bursts and other Fermi paradox great filters seem to be of more concern.
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 @brooce: Dont even think that e-bike is future, whats wrong with you
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 We could profit from an ebike that jumps better. Sam wants to be the first eslope champ. Some of his street/trials riding would be cool to watch with power like halfway between an etrials bike and what he does now.
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 @choppertank3e: better jumping e-bikes are called Motorcycles, they have gasoline motors and they are a LOT of fun, but also they are another sport.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Dec 27, 2017 at 3:17) (Below Threshold)
 @Caiokv - Unlike with Motorcycles, riding E-bikes is much safer, consequences of a crash are much smaller and that is one of the main reasons for their popularity. This factor cannot be ignored. I don't ride motos because they scare the crap out of me. I get enough excitement and fear of the unknown from going to a skatepark or a dirt jump site. Also I've been next to a MX track a few times since one of riding spots was built next to it and i saw plenty of fat dudes jumping 50cm above the ground, falling in corners or ruts, yet feeling like they are bad asses. No matter what you do, the real fun comes from the skill and in order to get some real skill on a motorbike you have to put your health and sometimes life on the line. I went through 15 years of MTB without doing anything more to myself than dislocating fingers and collar bone, maybe a few torn ligaments. 15 years on a moto, having a job, family and going at it? Heh good luck mate...

@Konyp: nah, one just can't be concerned about something that kills them instantly without them having a tiniest chance of seeing it coming. These things are an ultimate unconscious death. You'd feel more if someone dropped a 16ton block on you or attached a pack of dynamite to your head and detonated it. Unless soul does exist, we move to another dimension and it's hard to say "definitely" not if you had a psychodelic experience of something of the likes of it. That having nothing to do with religious beliefes off course, which BTW are founded on such experiences. I wish people like Duncan Trussel or Lawrence Krauss got into Mountain Biking and created Pinkbike accounts...
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 @wda1wustl: 2+2 is 4 minus 1 thats 3 quick maffs
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 @ErnestFrigelj: A herniated disc, what made me put the training aside and feel really weak. I also moved to the place where there are no ski-lifts and the only way to get a DH run is to climb 40min-1hr up the hill. I'd call anyone who comes with a shuttle the same cheater as an e-bike rider - and much more of a pest (get out of the mountains with your car!)...
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 @brooce: I feel for you mate. I also struggle with a slight spinal injury after the last riding season, which has positive impact on my presence on Pinkbike but otherwise is frustrating as hell.

@WAKIdesigns: Thank gods you stand in for both of them. I would only argue about the out of body experiences, which are rather caused by insufficient oxygen supply to the brain and also not necessarily are the main foundation of religions.

Also, MX stinks (literally).

I wonder if Sam is still reading this.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Well, in terms of perfect unconscious death, anything that can beat our sluggish nerve conduction speed (approx 100m/s at the most) will be indistinguishable at the receiving end. False vacuum decay would have the same effect as an ordinary grenade going off close enough.
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 I don't think souls are a real thing. On topic, as much as I love NS and love Sam, the dude has to make a living. Many people change jobs to get a raise. It seems hypocritical to expect something different from Sam.
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 @WAKIdesigns: cheers my head hurts now , good luck Sam if we’re still here !
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 @wda1wustl: Amen! Despite the negative comments brother, that was tastefully said. Jesus was mocked for speaking truth and anyone who stand with him (especially today) will be mocked too. Just as 2+2=4 another truth remains, Jesus came in an effort to work his way towards each one of those negative votes.
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 @Slabrung: The scary thing with your approach is that there are people who are happy raping women, beating children and stealing what does not belong to them. Should these people be allowed to carry out their beliefs too?
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 @Mtirado17: Yeah that was an obvious thing I omitted - do what you want as long as you don't harm anyone else. Problem is that people rarely think how their actions will impact other beings or even themselves.
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 @ugez: LOL!
Just making love or ride the bike also.
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 You are the man cant wait to see a new video about all of your sponsors @sampilgrim:
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 @Slabrung: agree, I think this world would be a much better place to live if people carried themselves with more intensionality. Have a great day.
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 @Mtirado17: don’t you mean intentionality ?
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 @Matt115lamb: yes, thank you.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Handdown Sam. Hai-bike is purgatory. I 3 months a new Sam will reemerge - humble - saved by Spec, god of department store bicyclettes.
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 I've scoured the internet far and wide and decided that this comment section is the best place to convince others to take up my religious beliefs or disbelief. After this topic...let's explore politics!
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flag WAKIdesigns (Dec 29, 2017 at 13:18) (Below Threshold)
 @Warburrito: I know it will make Americans stick a finger up their arse and put heads into the sand while getting offended, all at the same time but let’s just bring up Hitler already because I want to clap to president Trump for going to the Moon. If he really gets hunans there soon I will call him the greatest US president since Kennedy
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 Just wait until net neutrality goes away--in the U.S. we'll suddenly see daily articles about how all the world cup DH racers have switched over to competitive computer gaming.
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 @sampilgrim: Jees man, hope you don't care for all these narrow minded people with comments full of hate for either e bikes or you riding for company that sells also e-bikes. after reading through some of those comments I only can shake my is just plainly stupid. everyone can have their opinion about certain bikes. but why hating on s pro riders choice. First you gotta pay your bills at the end of the day and second why not trying something new or even develop new models with a company that is not that big in gravity mtb?! just keep on doing your thing mate! best wishes for your future!
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 @Caiokv: Actually, did you see how well an electric motorbike did on Redbull's straight rhythm? I think it came 2nd. That's amazing given how new the technology is.
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 @Mtirado17: And that's why you need an external moral law. There are issues such as the reformer's dilemma and many other which plague the moral relativist.
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 @DarrellW: moral relativism is a luxury of times of peace, however you must admit that it takes intellect in order to become one, it requires you to understand duality, which is not easy. Once you get it though it becomes an extremely comfortable position to be in, however it rarely leads to action. When it does it creates either genuinely decent people who are able to distillate singularity out of duality or it can turn you into a dangerous son of a btch because you can manage the duality and use it to manipulate those who do not understand it and are stuck in team playing. Which is majority of human population. If it were not so, we would not have people like Trump getting elected, such events proove that Intellect has limitations. Intellect in a sense of ability to receive, gather information, manage it and use it to benefit of largest possible group of people. It is hard to call Trump an idiot in overall sense since it takes a lot to get to where he is. Moral relativism is therefore a good way to actual morality. It is hard to call someone’s action moral if he acts in a rather uneducated way. True moral behavior is the one where one acts to benefit of largest group of people aka does the right thing inspite of realizing consequences while being aware of possible ways around the problem.
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 To make the story short, I’d rather shake a hand of a moral relativist than a bloke who blindly submits himself to universal moral codes. That is because they aren’t specificied directly, then they evolve and are not common among many cultures of humans on Planet Earth
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 @imkick: amen these w@nkers have no idea half of them can't even ride a bike
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 @Caiokv: Barspins, tail whips and 360s are better done on a moto huh?
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 Fair play to him! A career as a pro rider can be short lived and high risk. Haibike clearly have the right bikes (maybe including some non e-MTB models for him too) and the £££.

See nothing wrong with Sam making the move if it's true. A man's got to put food on the table! It's his job, so if a better offer comes along for this point in his career, he'd be mad not to take it.
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 Cheers mate!!
  • 17 8
 @sampilgrim: I'd do the same thing, go wherever the money is best. Earn as much as you can clown biking whilst you're still young and marketable.
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 I guess the sponsorship is already working, as i just went to the haibike website for the first time in my life.
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 I think I learned about Haibike in 2006 or so. I thought it was a brand similar to Cube, good spec for a lower price. And of course later on Cube developed more unique stuff. I just checked the Haibike website for the first time in years and noticed there aren't any non-electric models anymore. If that works for them, great. Remember Haibike (just like Lapiere) is part of the Accell group which has been working on different forms of pedal assist for decades. So if a consortium like that releases more bikes like that it is more than obvious that they'll also attract pro riders to highlight them.

I'm impressed he has the strength and skill to ride a heavy bike the way he does. But if he can make it work, kudos to him!
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 @vinay: They actually do have non e-bikes and also a jump frame is on the way! Smile
  • 10 2
 @sampilgrim: I guess that's a confirmation: Haibike it is!

  • 3 3
 I read £££ as "EEE!!!"

I guess it makes sense the other way too
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 Among shit bike brands in Germany, Haibike rules supreme.
  • 28 3
 it's the Opel of the bike world...
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flag zer0c00l44 (Dec 26, 2017 at 6:30) (Below Threshold)
 He needs to get a contract where a stipulation of it is that they supply him with a new fucking tooth so he stops looking like a crazy red neck riding a bike.
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 @zer0c00l44: he said in many interviews that he will never fix
  • 7 7
 @SillyTorque: I'd rather push a haibike then drive an Opel.
  • 24 1
 I'm mad that a ebike company gave him the biggest paycheck.
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 an ebike makes your butt look bigger
  • 4 3
 @SillyTorque: I would agree to disagree. Opel suck at marketing and promoting, while their products are actually pretty much awesome. Haibike...well, they have interesting colors? Then again, Sam may pretty much save the company. Haibike have no dirt/slope/fr bike, so signing Sam is one of the best things they could ever do!
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 Thats why they need sam, he knows how to make a brand or a bike cool!! Look at ns.. Merry christmas
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 Wtf are you talking about?
  • 75 27
 This is how they will try to make eBikes cool. Will you blindly follow your favorite rider or will you stay true?

It's a low budget version of what Specialized did with the Coastal Crew and making your favorite supercross bros do social media posts of them on a Levo.

Our collective hate is the only thing keeping mountain biking alive right now. Once Santa Cruz comes out with their eBike and all the pathetic followers out there decided it's cool, it's a wrap.

And when the companies have cashed the checks form this short lived boom, the losers who think eBikes are cool will be moved on to riding a Nordic Track and yelling at their kids at lacrosse practice.

Mountain bikers are the worst and we deserve all the bad things that are coming our way.
  • 36 6
 I shouldn't support a decent human being who is dedicated to his craft and works hard to promote it? But I should stay true to an ideology based on disingenuous image and collective hate? This all sounds very familiar...
  • 13 32
flag otto99 (Dec 26, 2017 at 8:11) (Below Threshold)
 Sounds like you're going out of your way to avoid ebikes. Lmao you sad haters who shit on them because you're poor and can't buy one.. And you've never ridden one.. Envy is an ugly trait...
  • 108 39
 Why is this word 'COOL' always being used? Biking ain't about how 'cool' we look but how much fun we are having and i'm sure i'll be having way more fun than you when i'm doing triple the laps of you whilst your over there trying to look 'COOL' #ebikesrock #dealwithit
  • 18 8
 @otto99: is this the new way of astroturfing eBikes? Instead of talking about your disabled 78 year old friend you call me poor? That will be successful...

For what it's worth I've spent more on parts for my dirtbikes this year than you made. I wish you nothing but success in your venture selling Chinese made eBikes on eBay. May you move out of your parents garage yet.
  • 10 23
flag mjc1973 (Dec 26, 2017 at 10:09) (Below Threshold)

THIS - ALL DAY THIS. Keep trying to look "cool" e-haters. I'm sure you all check that your jeans sag at exactly the right height before you leave the house too.
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 @sampilgrim: isn't the whole reason Haibike is paying you is to show eBikes in a positive light and to change people's perception of them? To in effect, make them look cool?

If they were looking to pay someone to just have fun on an eBike there are plenty of people that would do it for way less than they are paying you.

Talk about fun all you want, but we all know the story about it. Good on you for taking the plunge and being the first "star" to take the eBike money. Might as well get paid before the whole industry implodes
  • 11 14
 @wibblywobbly: you've obviously never looked at any sports magazines?

They only pay professionals, because they're so good, they do look cool.

Some people enjoy things others don't, like I enjoy running up hills, a lot of people don't. I've learnt to deal with that. I also enjoy old cars, most people don't.

People can & will choose, your gash flaps opinion won't change a thing, as they DON'T care if you think they're cool or not! As a matter of fact, anyone who doesn't care about being cool, is actually cool anyway!

Plus, it's a living? Would you rather earn £30,000 in a cool company or £70,000 in a normal one? I know what I'd do.

You go Sam! Fack em all!
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 I've been mountain biking since 1987 and never realized it was 'cool'. We look like a massive bunch of dorks to most people.
  • 12 2
 As the saying goes, everyone has a price.
  • 20 23
 @sampilgrim: I agree with you, e bikes are super fun. Congrats on the new sponsor.
  • 31 39
flag m33pm33p (Dec 26, 2017 at 13:48) (Below Threshold)

Wow that was possibly the gayest plug for an e-bike yet.

Whatever makes you feel better for cashing that paycheck.
  • 38 17
 @m33pm33p: don't cry
  • 13 8
 @d-man: cheers man!
  • 16 3
 @sampilgrim: over here eniked threaten our access to trails. Most of us are fine with them but they have already kicked us of some single track. I get it's your job but it's a bit bigger than what's cool.
  • 4 0
  • 8 19
flag johnnyactionsports (Dec 26, 2017 at 19:02) (Below Threshold)
 @m33pm33p: @sampilgrim: gets a paycheck for riding a bike??? Lucky bastard. If Haibike contacted me to ride their bikes and get paid to do it I would say no way. I much rather continue working my boring day job and pay for my own non motorized bikes and bike parts. Btw... I really like that one pic you have of the bike leaning against the truck, and that other one pick you have of your bike leaning against a wall and that one bike pic you have of a bike leaning against an unfinished wall which I am assuming is your dad's garage. Any way, yeah that Sam is super gay...
  • 3 2
 Go ride your damn bike.
  • 8 1
 @JacobKmtb: we're trying ebikes threaten our access to trails.
  • 29 16
 @Gregorysmithj1: oh Jesus this again. I’m really getting tired of your trail access moaning. Just because your legal system is fkdup doesn’t mean the whole world must be put in belief that e-bikes are evil. YES WE KNOW ABOUT YOUR TRAIL ACCESS AND YOUR SELF PROCLAIMED MARTYRDOM. If they ban you from trails and you do love nature then walk them for fks sake or ride a horse!!! Just shut the fk up already.
  • 13 13
 @otto99: the ability to pedal a bicycle under one's own power
is priceless. Even if I have to hike a bike some of the sections, I would rather that than have an e-moped
  • 12 33
flag weebleswobbles (Dec 26, 2017 at 22:32) (Below Threshold)
 @sampilgrim: look a professional mtb turned douchebag maybe you'll be leader of e mtb douche
  • 9 34
flag weebleswobbles (Dec 26, 2017 at 22:38) (Below Threshold)
 @sampilgrim: Ill jam a stick in your front spokes I see you on my trails, brah
  • 24 3
 @weebleswobbles: If he was to become the leader of some "douchebag" gang then maybe you can give him some tips? It sounds like you're already a master at being a douchebag!
  • 18 4
 @weebleswobbles: you really are a bellend.
  • 8 8
 @cunning-linguist: I am not judging him, he just needs to take magic mushrooms and he'll feel that Sam is a part of him just like every atom in the entire universe and hating people is like cutting off a part of your body. a part like a bellend... We need to spread the message of love.
  • 1 2
 @WAKIdesigns: spot on, or just not be a total bellend. That'd have the same effect! Lol

Lurrrrrrve in the 60's sense of it....
  • 1 4
 @sampilgrim: Don't worry about 'cool'. Just ride your bike like we know you can, be as caring about the trails and skills as you've been in your last few videos and just have a good time doing so. That's what matters.

Just wondering, I think I saw you enter the ferry in Amsterdam (towards Central Station) when I just rolled off after work. Must have been a couple of months ago now. It was rush hour so it was too busy to chat but I'm curious, did you do some riding and filming in Amsterdam? You (and the other rider next to you) had cameras on your helmets so I'm really looking forwards to a fun video of whatever you did there.
  • 20 4
 you americans need to stop f*cking whining and build your own mountain bike specific trails. In New Zealand bikes are band from 99% of conservation department trails and other existinh existing walking walking trail networks so community groups volunteered hundreds of thousands of hours doing conservation work and fundraising to build bike specific trails outside of the national parks. If you Americans had spent less time winging about access to existing trails and more time on the shovel and organizing commumity clubs and working groups you wouldn't be having these problems.
  • 6 5
 @sampilgrim: Good luck with the new venture haters gonna hate
  • 5 3
 @applepie: potatoes gonna potate!!
  • 12 8
 @Gregorysmithj1: That sucks mate and I hope it gets sorted. But over here in Europe its fine and that is where i'm from so i'm personally very happy with my choice!
  • 55 15
 @weebleswobbles: and i'll stick my fist in your face #dealwithit
  • 4 7
 @cunning-linguist: I must say, I hear it rarely but bellend is a very nice term. It would work wonders on exchange students, as i am sure few have heard it. You are such a bellend Julio! It's a catchy French word, it means you are ahead of the times. Oh Marika, you must have tripped and fallen on a bellend, it means you are inspiring. but kind of Tosseur...
  • 7 9
 @sampilgrim: slap him with a tailwhip and land a flare to his bollocks.
  • 7 19
flag weebleswobbles (Dec 27, 2017 at 5:59) (Below Threshold)
 @cunning-linguist: am I? At least I ride trails under my own power
  • 11 22
flag weebleswobbles (Dec 27, 2017 at 6:01) (Below Threshold)
 @sampilgrim: what a chump
  • 7 9
 @weebleswobbles: and that makes you what? I know plenty of morons riding up a hill using only the power of their legs. There are no medals for that if you catch my drill.
  • 8 5
 @weebleswobbles: so do I. I don't own an ebike. But I also don't hate people who decide to use them irrationally. They are keeping the industry alive n well, they are making our cool sport accessible to more people.

I'm with Sam, I'd give you a knuckle sandwich and a Glasgow kiss for being a bellend. (That's for you Waki) Wink
  • 6 4
 @WAKIdesigns: no you shut up!
  • 6 28
flag weebleswobbles (Dec 27, 2017 at 6:30) (Below Threshold)
 @sampilgrim: Ill knock your other front tooth if out I see you on my trails on an e-mtb. Now I'm done with this useless debate, gonna go ride my bike. Peace
  • 23 5
 @weebleswobbles: mate, if I'd have wanted a cum-back I'd have scraped it off your mums teeth...
  • 4 22
flag weebleswobbles (Dec 27, 2017 at 6:48) (Below Threshold)
 @cunning-linguist: now you've gone too far. F@ck off and die
  • 8 4
 @weebleswobbles: someone can't take a joke! Thought you were out riding? Maybe someone is purely a keyboard warrior?
  • 13 0
 Damn, I should have been prepared. This is an article loosely related to bicycles with pedal assist and I completely forgot my popcorn!
  • 4 2
 @vinay: it appears that my ace sarcastic retort may have stumped our narrow minded bretherin, so you may not see any more here. But thanks for watching! :-)
  • 4 3
 @vinay: someone has thrown a weeblywobbly! Wink
  • 5 21
flag weebleswobbles (Dec 27, 2017 at 7:10) (Below Threshold)
 @cunning-linguist: I guess you British think being disrepectful to another's mom is a joke, but not so much. Cheers
  • 15 3
 @weebleswobbles: what a wee cry baby!! I guess you (whatever you are behind your faceless profile) think it's funny to threaten people by putting sticks through their spokes and to make fun of their appearances. If you can't take it don't give it!
  • 6 3
 @cunning-linguist: And there was me thinking "weebles wobble but they don't fall down"
  • 6 2
 @weebleswobbles: yes, indeed we do. In fact we don't "think" that it's a joke, we know it is. This is standard banter, one day the mighty World Police will catch up with sarcasm. But for now, you keep being upset. It'll get you somewhere I'm sure of it.
  • 10 5
 This is the best sht since protour and demo chainstays
  • 3 2
 @WAKIdesigns: they're so dangerous, I can't believe they don't come with warning labels on them, or that everyone that's so much as car park tested one, hasn't been thrown to the ground causing life changing injuries...
  • 5 6
 this thread makes me want to jump on a wrecking ball and be like Miley Cyrus... my arse is like a waaaterfaaaaaal! When diarrhea hiiits me haaaard! All I wanted was to eat those shrooms! All they ever did was, wreeeck me... yeah, they... wreeeecked meee.
  • 1 0
 False dichotomy. I will follow my favorite rider and hate eBikes.
  • 6 21
flag weebleswobbles (Dec 27, 2017 at 11:14) (Below Threshold)
 @cunning-linguist: well then when your skank minger of a mum shows up on the corner to make her paycheck, I'll swat her on the rump and send her back to the barn with all the other rotten sows
  • 5 1
 Wow what kind of a total twat would say that!@weebleswobbles:
  • 5 17
flag weebleswobbles (Dec 27, 2017 at 15:05) (Below Threshold)
 @stanone: according to cunnilinquist its all fun and games to go on about someones when it's about his mom then all of the sudden not okay? Just testing out this double standard here
  • 5 16
flag weebleswobbles (Dec 27, 2017 at 15:08) (Below Threshold)
 @stanone: just "standard banter" right @cunninlinquist?
  • 26 3
 @weebleswobbles: Your the type of person no one wants in this community.
  • 4 1
 @sampilgrim: Right on, Sam...only a matter of time and CG is on one and then its suddenly ok. Big Grin
  • 3 1
 @weebleswobbles: that made me chuckle! So yeah, sorry I took a while to respond, have a family to look after. Merry Xmas all! :-)
  • 4 4
 @cunning-linguist: glad we were able to find the humour! Merry chrimakwanzaakuh and a happy new year. Enjoy the rides into the new year..cheers
  • 2 0
 @weebleswobbles: @cunning-linguist : Alright then, let's keep it at that. This argument got way too nasty to bother with on the public forum. I don't care who started. You've both made yourself clear enough. Don't have any popcorn left either.
  • 11 16
flag warmerdamj (Dec 28, 2017 at 19:23) (Below Threshold)

"@weebleswobbles: and i'll stick my fist in your face #dealwithit"

You sound like an absolute moron making comments like this on a mountain biking website. Way to make Haibikes proud!
  • 5 2
 @warmerdamj: he isn't, he's a good lad actually.
  • 3 3
A moron comments without understanding the context and it’s timing.
  • 8 5
 @warmerdamj: well this comment actually made Haibikes more attractive to me. I prefer that than some fkless fake kindness
  • 3 2
 @weebleswobbles: This actually makes me want an ebike in the hope that some dumb f**k like would try that.
  • 4 4
 @reverend27: I wouldn't really stick a stick in anyone's spokes. My standard banter got a little out of hand. I respect the trail and it's other users and continually strive to be a better member of my community.
  • 3 0
 @weebleswobbles: enough of the hissy fits people!
  • 4 2
 @reverend27: ebikes are great now can this hissy fit end?
  • 1 1
 Too much sarcasm?
  • 1 0
 @johnnyactionsports: yup, the chasm is a gaping one
  • 2 0
 @BenPea: stop talking about my mum!
  • 4 3
 @cunning-linguist: anybody with a hot sister here?
  • 2 1
 @WAKIdesigns: Haha! This guy!
  • 1 0
 @WAKIdesigns: I'm afraid I can't help you! @berrysbattle may be able to though Wink
  • 2 2
 @cunning-linguist: “this user has no photos”
  • 2 0
 @cunning-linguist: it's not just me, she's on everyone's lips.
  • 1 0
 I was actually referring to the bit you wrote about “I’ll jam a stick in your front spokes” to @sampilgrim no idea about the “Mum” conversation @weebleswobbles:
  • 54 14
 Standard, "world is crazy now, looks like a session, axle standards are gay, extra boost standards are gayer, pressfit BB's can go eat a tube steak" comment.

But good on you Sam, whatever you do, so long as you enjoy it who cares, even better if you're making more money, as this is work for you & I'm not gonna judge you!
  • 100 11
 Yeah I think its awesome, and I have no interest if anyone likes it or not! Cheers for not judging! Smile
  • 7 16
flag RedBurn (Dec 26, 2017 at 4:00) (Below Threshold)
 @sampilgrim: even on an e-bike, I still like you!
  • 8 5
 @sampilgrim: good lad! I used to ride loads of DJ when I was younger (took Daryl Brown to his first KOD) years back, but life moves on and you find other things interesting. It just happens. All the best lad and I'll always enjoy seeing any happy rider promoting people getting muddy n having fun! All the best and a happy new year! \m/
  • 3 1
 @sampilgrim: yeah most of these guys are switching sponsors as well, leaving mommy’s money cuz daddy will buy them the new trek slash 29’er. Get money Sam!
  • 1 0
 @Monstertruckermotherfuker: yeah it's a simple equation. Money = roof. No money = homeless. I know which I'd choose! Live the dream!
  • 41 9
 Dont know Sam Pilgrim personally, and he can ride whatever he damn pleases, cause I dont care!

Me on the other hand... I will never purchase an ebike, dont approve of them on trails. If people are using them to commute, awesome. I unfollow any brand that posts about ebikes in the instagrams, and and consider them mopeds.

Will this stop them from being adverstised and sold, unfortunately, no.

Eventually I hope they (ebike riders) grow large enough to develop their own subcuclture, separate themselves from cyclists and bicycles, form their own trail advocacy groups, develop their own trail networks, and maybe, just maybe, start their own websites so we do not have to see these abomonations here on pinkbike.

I am sure there are many who disagree with me, and some that agree, its all good as long as you are riding!
  • 19 7
 "Eventually I hope they (ebike riders) grow large enough to develop their own subcuclture, separate themselves from cyclists and bicycles, form their own trail advocacy groups, develop their own trail networks, and maybe, just maybe, start their own websites so we do not have to see these abomonations here on pinkbike. "

Exactly, eventually they will implode with all the MTB industry, taken over by the motorcycle brands and be just the poor parent of MX, "for those who cant but sure dream about it". If you put a motor in it, you destroy the core, if you destroy the core, there's no more sport, at least this one.
It's sad.
And every time someone says it's cool and I should try it first, I always remember all the sad examples of friends who said the same thing about a lot of stuff, legal, ilegal, good, bad, anyways, a terrible way to argue. "you should totally do it dud" yeah sure.

And I do the exact thing, unfollow, unlike. They don't deserve my attention.
  • 63 64
 Whats wrong with them on trails, its just a normal bike with a bit of boost for up hill, literally does no extra damage to trails. Its not got a throttle or anything.
  • 43 13
 @sampilgrim: IMHO, first they are motorcycles - I don't care if the engine goes with a grip, a whistle, power of your mind or in this case a pedal, whatever you like, it has a motor. Deal with it. Ah and it's clearly hackable. So you only see the first incarnation of what "its fun cause because it's fast", but it will be a lot more. Next thing will be ditching the pedals "with a press of a button". Second, it opens all the possibilities of going up everything that usual only has one way, because you know, they're heavy AF and people want new challenges. Of course if theres more people on the trails, that don't get tired, pushing 20kg+ heavier bikes, skiding like you do on your video, what do you expect?
And worse of all It kills the spirit of the sport, it kills the simple basic notion that got us here, human power, train, endurance, and reward. Now? Want more fun? BIG ENGINE, MORE WATTS, EXTRA BATTERY, man, just buy a ffs MX bike! Stop motorizing all the sports! The message that is sent to the new generations is shameful to say the least.
And please spare me the lift thing, 98% (or more) of people who ride bikes never haver been near a lift. It's disgusting and it makes me really sad on what this great sport turned out.
  • 30 11
 @sampilgrim: you need to get more educated on the Access issue in the states. From your comments it's clear you don't understand what threat they are to mtb in the US.
  • 29 6
 @sampilgrim: respectfully, even if the bike itself does no more damage than a pedal bike your earlier comment about doing 3 times as many laps may be a big problem for trail sustainability. As is the problem of riders who may not have the legs to make a climb to sensitive sub-alpine or alpine trails now having access too.
Not sure we can say these bikes do "no more damage" just yet.
  • 16 2
 @skenny1: not to mention we just barely get access to non motorized trails here mopeds threaten it. It's fine to be sponsored everyone needs to make a living but he should be a bit more sensitive to the issues ebikes have here.
  • 11 1
 I totally agree although I don't ultimately care if they are on trails. I consider this a separate sport within biking, that I will likely never have any interest in. I've already found some sponsored riders pushing the their companies ebikes. I have simply stopped following these riders and their brands. Unfortunately cash is king and these riders will go where the money is.
  • 3 7
flag skenny1 (Dec 26, 2017 at 17:38) (Below Threshold)
 @Gregorysmithj1: my only comment is about what we know or don't know about the impact of the machines at this point.
I'll never be accused of asking a badass to be more sensitive. And Sam is definitely a bad ass regardless of the bike.
  • 10 1
 @skenny1: Not sensitive like my feelings... like sensitive that ebikes aren't just a bike with assist but that by calling them a bike risks losing any bike access to thousands of trails here.
  • 15 8
 So I hate to be this guy, but it sounds like a very specific area and a very specific group of people who routinely have problems sharing trail access will be the only ones potentially affected by eBikes. I have heard that in California (which figures) and Colorado (again, figures) there have been trails (like one or two?) that were closed to anyone other than hikers because of ebikes. But I would contend that those are in places where hikers never wanted bikes of any kind in the first place. I don’t know what it’s like everywhere. I get that some of you have legitimate concerns about loosing trail access in your local riding area because it has always been a struggle for others to be nice and share, but that does not mean it will be the death of mountain binging everywhere. Maybe a few isolated areas will have some access lost, but I don’t see that being a major issue because most people in the public seem to be able to separate Mtn bikes from eBikes. They aren’t as dumb as most pinkbikers think. Either way the excuse that they will ruin everyone’s good time is totally bunk. It’s not the case for everyone in America (which is what seems to be claimed by people who live in areas of America that have a history of having to fight for land access) and it’s definitely not that way in Europe or Asia. In fact I would bet that most places in America are not even up to speed on this whole issue and people are riding eBikes on trails and others aren’t any wiser. People had been riding eBikes around where I live well before the local park rangers and higher ups came to know about them. In fact it only became something they were aware of because one of he rangers is an avid mtber and found out that one of the local shops was considering picking up some eBikes. But in the meantime they didn’t have any reason to suspect some nefarious group of rouge ebike trail users were destroying trails because there was no evidence of it. eBikes have not caused my local riding community any harm what so ever. The trails are still open, they aren’t any more blown out, and people actually ride eBikes on them regularly. The local shop even got all the local park rangers to demo them after they decided it was an issue they needed to address. They tried to get out front of it before the different groups started fighting about it and did their own research and held meetings and heard people’s voices, went over the facts, etc. eBikes aren’t allowed on every trail, but they aren’t outright banned. In my area the culture is much more about finding a way for everyone to be able to enjoy the outdoors and sometimes that means sharing trails with groups you don’t like, which is why dedicated trails exist. I can’t ride on hiker only trails, sometimes eBikes can’t ride on bike trails. I get that many of us feel that it’s not really something they’re into personally, but I don’t really see anything outright wrong with them. Because guess what?! They aren’t f*cking e-motos (which are sweet by the way) and they aren’t mopeds either. Have any of you ever ridden a moped? It’s not at all like an ebike. eBikes are their own thing, but it’s within cycling for now, but I don’t think it will stay that way. And all of that is ok. 100 years ago Schwinn was making bikes and motorcycles that were basically bikes with motors strapped to them. They weren’t that different, they raced on the same tracks. Now motorcycles and bikes share almost no similarities and definitely don’t get raced on the same tracks. Until eBikes develop to that point, they are a lot like those old motorCYCLES. They are some kind of inbetween. Until, it grows into its own sport and then the only similarities will be that they have two wheels and a handlebar. And then no one will be riding them in the same places. But I don’t think that gives you any right to be a dick about it in the meantime (to the haters who just wanna hate without even a legit claim to land access issues). And I don’t think your claims of destroyed trails and lost access are universally valid. I will grant you that yes, in some places, where the culture is different and land access is always a major issue for every group trying to access the land, then it might be deemed a threat because equestrians who are already ignorant and afraid of bikes will just jump the gun and assume ebike=thing that will kill me and my horse, and bring that to the next park meeting and somehow that will mean mountain bikers loose access. Although when you actually talk that out it makes more sense that the end conclusion is just to ban eBikes in some places. Just learn to f*cking share you guys. Jebus. *im f*cking drunk, rant over, sorry not sorry*
  • 20 16
 @sampilgrim: they don't belong on mtb trails
  • 9 6
 @weebleswobbles: you don’t belong on hiker trails. Horses don’t belong at bike parks. Not every trail in the forest is a mtb only trail (in fact that doesn’t exist anywhere where I live- other than bike parks in summer). MULTIUSE trails are for EVERYONE. You don’t like that? Why? Just because? Well then get your local leaders involved if you don’t like them and figure out how to get them banned by showing irrefutable evidence (which truly doesn’t seem to be there). They (eBikes) are already at the party, the burden is on you to get them to leave. Good luck convincing them that they are the problem and getting them to stay off trails on their own. Otherwise, why don’t you just let them eat cake? We’re eating cake, I’m sure they want some of our cake. I doubt it’s going to ruin the party. If you really really can’t handle sharing a trail with eBikes, build mountain bike only trails and ban anyone else from using them. I don’t even like riding eBikes. I’m not interested at all. I’ve ridden them plenty and it just doesn’t do it for me (maybe I’m a Luddite?). But treating them like some sort of social pariah is just stupid. People didn’t want bikes on public streets when they first rolled around. Then people didn’t want motorized carriages (cars) on roads built for bikes (did you know paved roads were developed for bikes?). New group, same issues- sharing space. Just figure out how to share and deal with it, or go exclude yourself from everyone else if you can’t handle different groups accessing public land.
  • 7 2
 @JarrodB That's bang on my view eBikes too...

Trouble is now that all these middle aged, slightly rotund, BMW driving, fanny pack wearing Dentists are buying eBikes where are we going to find cheap 2nd hand spotless dream bikes they have barely been ridden???
  • 8 1
 @bicimane: I don't have time to read you but I upvoted for sheer dedication.
  • 2 1
 @weebleswobbles: nor do spoke pokers ! Lol
  • 3 8
flag Matt115lamb (Dec 27, 2017 at 16:43) (Below Threshold)
 When an ebike ( from my fav firm ) that gives a 20% power gain and only weighs an extra kg , I’ll be on it !
  • 9 5
 @Matt115lamb: Hmm some comments on here make me feel like I shouldn't even waste my time on here. I think there is a huge culture difference between mtb here and over there. I don't even understand how going faster not under my own power would be a positive. It sours the whole experience why wouldn't I just go jeeping? If you read all these comments every european is pro moped and assumes there just a "improvement". Most over here in Canada and US hate them or are just indifferent... I don't see us ever coming around to you guys and I have no idea why you'll change your mind maybe we should just stop talking about it.
  • 4 8
flag Matt115lamb (Dec 27, 2017 at 17:10) (Below Threshold)
 @Gregorysmithj1: I don’t want to go faster just it’d make going up easier , we’re s ALL getting older mate and 20% gains ain’t gunna destroy any trails !
  • 7 1
 @Matt115lamb: I started to bike for fitness my favorite part of the ride is the hard stuff going uphill the idea of it being easier makes me confused... I'd rather go jeeping or ride a motorcycle if I wanted thrills. The ebike hate here is two things 1 we don't get it or understand why mtb publications and riders are signing over, only 17% of ebikes in the US are sold by traditional bike shops most ebikes sold are sold though e bike only shops it is really a different sport here. 2 We had to fight hard to get on non-motorized trails and ebikes are motorized which is a risk. 3 Is the dumb argument of "i earned it you didn't get off MY trail, that self righteous attitude is annoying but most of us dont really care about that.
  • 1 3
 @Gregorysmithj1: 10% gains 1/2 kg weight do you ?
Over hear the trails get more abuse when mtb clubs do a 20/30 people group Ride then an old codger on an ebike ! Make me smile (for a sec) when they go past me with there feet up reading a map while my lungs are trying to escape !
  • 5 1
 @Matt115lamb: I get the same feeling as watching a motorcycle pass it's a different sport... I don't understand..
  • 2 11
flag Matt115lamb (Dec 27, 2017 at 18:16) (Below Threshold)
 @Gregorysmithj1: if it looks like a bike , rides like a bike , it’s a bike ! Plus the old godger would be dead sooner through lack of fresh air , exercise and fun !
  • 3 2
 @Matt115lamb: you threaten to poke spokes of one e-mtb, and suddenly your the a*shole
  • 5 8
 @Gregorysmithj1: Please dont speak for "most in Canada". I ride with a lot of great guys up here and no one I know or ride with has ever said a bad word about a pedal assist MTB. So your line of 'most over here in Canada" is a pretty broad stoke. Just sayin'.
  • 9 3
 @Matt115lamb: it has a motor it's a motorcycle...
  • 3 2
 @mjc1973: just going buy the comments on here and the flags next to them...
  • 8 3
 @sampilgrim: There's a purpose for bicycles and a purpose for electric motorcycles. E moped better not be on mountain bike trails and it's going to suck compared to a proper dirt bike on their trails so really who do you think you are? f*ck off.
  • 2 3
 @weebleswobbles: your an angry American, there’s abit of arsehole in all of you !!
  • 5 1
 @Matt115lamb: There is a bit of "arsehole" in everyone!!
  • 6 2
 @Gregorysmithj1: complaining on a Canadian website that a Brit doesn't know enough about American issues just makes you sounds like a giant twat. Gain a little perspective, would ya?
  • 6 2
 @yzedf: Name calling someone you don't know calling them a twat online. Gain a little perspective, would ya?
  • 6 1
 @Gregorysmithj1: shall we all calm down a tad , all that’s happened is a guy has got a new job !
  • 5 6
 @sampilgrim: I honestly don't think half these people even realise who your are dude. You're a legend no matter what you do and I think it's sick that you're doing something so different! If I had the money I would for sure buy an ebike, the benefits are insane...
  • 46 17
 What a bunch of crybabies here.
If he had signed for YT, SC, Yeti or some other "cool company he'd be a cool dude but god forbid he wants to do something else than ride same stuff for 50 years.
It's not like he owns any of you anything or that he should do what you want.

Maybe all of you who whine and complain should send Sam money every month and he'll ride what you want?
  • 29 6
 hahah yeah they could do that!!
  • 33 10
 Who cares who he signs for? As long as he is riding bikes and having fun.

If it aint relevant to me I just don't look at it
  • 43 16
 Exactly, I think most people just wanna try to appear ''cool' to often, its all about the fun so Cheers dude!
  • 21 16
 Bikes or pedal assisted motorcycles?
  • 24 5
 I agree, Sam can ride for whoever he wants. As a pro, he has to make a living. However, Ebikes are not bicycles by the very virtue of them having a motor and power supply, while in Europe there may not be a huge issue with ebikes, there does happen to be a problem in North America. We already have access issues in some places that restrict the use of mtbs, we don't need help from ebike users to be kicked out of riding spots. Most non-bike trail users already think that we destroy the trails, letting ebikes on will only accelerate the damage in their eyes. The way I look at it is, if you want something with a motor, buy a dirtbike and ride in the appropriately designated areas, mtb trails are for non-motorized bikes. I have test ridden an ebike at a private trail center, and while I agree they could be fun, they also chew up the trail pretty fast as well, therefore they are not suitable for shared trails. Damaged trails around my area equal closed trails, so not an idea that I like. With the industry pushing ebikes as a way to include a larger demographic in trail riding, I can't help but think that as a whole, the industry doesn't care about anything but profits. This way of thinking will get us shut out of all public trails eventually. Just my opinion.
  • 7 11
flag mjc1973 (Dec 26, 2017 at 12:39) (Below Threshold)
 @canuckcrawler - while I respect your thoughts (and dont want to get into an e-bike debate here at all), I will say this - Here in Kananaskis area of AB, some of the trail supervisors are on pedal assist e-bikes as a way to test new trails and the Provence of AB has purchased a fleet of e-MTBs (through a public RFP Tender process) to test e-bikes and any trail damage they produce. They have now reported NO more trail damage on eMTB than any other MTB and Alberta Land now accepts class 1 pedal assist eMTB on many trail systems.
Its a falsity that eMTB produce any more damage to trails than regular MTB. Yes - some will not approve of an eMTB concept in fear of loosing trail access - but more and more actual testing is being done at provincial levels in Canada and access for eMTB will be growing as a result. Canada is NOT the US (where trail access is WAYYYYYYY more litigious) in this regard. Oh Canada!!! Anyways - didn't want to get into this topic but saw your post and wanted to reply with some info that I have been hearing from the west.
  • 15 5
 @mjc1973: e bikes can do more laps which means more traffic which causes damage. They are also heavier which again causes more damage especially in the wet. Disagree all you want I choose logic.
  • 4 15
flag Leoms1 (Dec 26, 2017 at 19:01) (Below Threshold)
 @islandereh: ridiculous.
  • 11 11
 @islandereh: So by your "logic", a rider who is more than 20lbs heavier than me but on a regular MTB cannot ride on tails due to trail damage. Gotcha. Sorry but I'll stick to the actual research instead of your flawed "logic".
  • 10 4
 @mjc1973: I'm not saying he can't, if he's riding a pedal bike of course I don't mind. But I believe he will go deeper in the soft muddy area and a soft berm he will leave a deeper rut. Like I said a pedal bike I don't mind, 3 laps instead of one on an e bike I do a bit. Go dig a good size berm and see how long it can take, dedicated builders who have to build by hand work hard enough. Flawed logic eh? I suppose you believe in santa and the tooth fairy too. Go ahead trust everything you read instead of using your brain cell.
  • 8 11
 @islandereh: naysayers like you continue to make up false reasons to justify your argument. A regular bicycle will do as much damage by skidding around a been and we continually see this in every video.
  • 3 6
 @islandereh: Well my brain cell tells me your are wrong and probably have never even tried a pedal assist MTB and thus have no say on the matter quite frankly. I have been riding and racing long before the days of Mag21's and have a good amount of time on a new pedal assist my brain cell tells me there is simply no difference in trail wear and tear. So ya - your logic is flawed.
Anyways - I'm out. Oh and I've been one of those "dedicated builders" that you speak of so save your breath there.
  • 5 3
 @mjc1973: You can argue based on your anecdotal evidence and insult islandereh by implying his logic is not really logic but the rules of physics state that he is correct and you are blatantly wrong.

There are only 3 meaningful ways that a bike causes damage to the trail:
1. Changing direction - The amount of erosion will be determined by how fast you change direction and how much momentum the bike & rider have. Momentum is determined by speed and weight and an e-bike is heavier and goes faster on average.
2. Braking - Again determined by how fast you brake the amount of momentum for the bike & rider.
3. Accelerating - Determined by the amount of power being applied to the rear wheel and the combined weight of the bike & rider being accelerated. With e-bikes having between 250W and 750W extra power and weighing more than a standard bike they will be worse.

As you can see an e-bike will cause more erosion to the trail in all 3 scenarios (according to the laws of physics not some half baked anecdote).

Obviously the longer you ride the more of each of those 3 things you will be doing. So if we are to believe the words of Sam Pilgrim on the subject saying he will be doing 'triple the laps' he will be doing well in excess of 3 times the trail damage he would have done on a normal bike. Even if we discard that probably optimistic estimate it's obvious to anyone that understands basic physics that an e-bike will do measurably more damage to trails than a normal mtb.
  • 5 6
 @Tim2: Ok - I'll play...

1. The "speed and weight / e-bikes are heavier and go faster" point you raise. What if a 200 lbs rider is on a non assist bike (say about 30 lbs of bike weight) and is fearless so he is a super fast downhiller? Compare that to a guy on an e-bike who weighs only 150lbs and is a bit of a timid rider on the DH sections so is slower? Who does more damage? While I respect all your points, there just seems to be too many variables for your points to register with me. Heavy guy vs light guy, aggressive rider vs a more timid rider etc....
I disagree 100% that an e-bike goes faster on average. The ONLY part that an e-bike (class 1 pedalec) is faster is climbing. Granted. But on the flats and the DH sections, I am faster on my old trail bike than on my new e-bike (I ride both). Unlike the e-naysayers on this site, I actually ride both kinds of bikes and have enough years into this hobby to understand the differences. Please dont ask me how many years because I will feel very old and very bad about myself very quickly.....

I also think that the naysayers are assuming the worst. E-bikers doing 3 times the laps, riding heavy bikes on trails in the rain, knocking over old ladies out hiking, skidding out of berms while kicking a puppy etc....its simply not the case in MY EXPERIENCE. The guys and gals that I know of that are on e-bikes are all guys like me. Ridden or raced for a hundred years, know trail etiquette, mid aged, lucky enough to have some disposable income and encountering ailments that make it tougher the hang in the group. No one in this demographic I out to piss anybody off.

Listen - I get it.....the e-bike thing is not for everyone. But I value the research done by my local and provincial trail builders, supervisors and volunteers. I'll go with that. Your points were well written though and for sure point out that if you ride like a douche bag (no matter what bike you ride), trails are at risk.
  • 7 2
 @mjc1973: You're trying to justfy your point of view by compensating with uncontrolled variables. Yes the super fast downhiller that weighs 200lbs could cause more trail damage than an 150lb timid rider but that is absolutely a red herring.

The 200lb super fast downhiller would do EVEN more trail damage if you put him on an e-bike because you made him and his bike heavier and faster.

That's the whole point. There is variation between riders on how much trail damage they will cause but if you take any given rider and put them on an e-bike and maintain their existing riding style they WILL do more damage.

PS: Regarding your point about e-bikes not being faster on flats and downhill neither of us have statistical evidence to prove for our point of view but until e-bikes are declared legal in enduro racing I will believe the common consensus that e-bikes are indeed faster.
  • 7 4
 @Tim2: Can I ask you a question? I'm not trying to be a d*ck here at all - just curious. Have you ridden a class 1 e-MTB before? I own a few bikes and my newest is a Scott E-Genius. I got in a couple of quick trail rides before the snow came up here and noticed several things that speak to your points.

1. The grip from the low centre of gravity and the plus size tires was unreal. Places where I would spin out on climbs normally on a trail bike were cleaned easily without any rear wheel spin on the e-bike. The grip and traction coming out of corners was also like glue. Less spin outs = less trail damage any way you slice it.

2. My 250W Bosch equipped e-bike tops out at 25km/h and its heavier than my trail bike This means that I know for 100% certainty that I am slower on certain flats sections on my e-bike. I also noticed, due to the weight of the e-bike the DH sections are actually harder to ride aggressively. Its not easy to man handle the e-bike on the DH sections so PERSONALLY I am slower picking my way down.

3. I was faster on climbs (obviously) but as mentioned above, the amount of spinning out was zero. The bike climbs very smooth - and I leave it in the eco / trail mode. I'm not a "turbo" setting kind of guy.

Before I bought the E-Genius I made sure to contact my local trail network associations to make sure use of the bike was ok. I was told by the associations that pedal assist e-bikes were allowed on trails with no issue as "they cause no more damage to trails than any other MTB" - that was a quote right form the trail association. So yes - there will always be naysayers but at the end of the day, its just another form of pedalling in my mind now that facts are coming to light.
  • 15 0
 Szymon Godziek announced that he's leaving Dartmoor.
opt1. : Haibike is building a gravity based team
opt2. : He is moving to replace pilgs?
what do you think
  • 6 0
 90% he is moving to NS. Local rumour says that they've been talking about sponsorship details for about a month or two now.
  • 4 1
 @hytrus93: Interesting stuff. Whatever he chooses I hope it will not break when/if he goes to Rampage.
  • 2 1
 I hope szymon goes to ns!! But at the same time i would love to see haibike make some good priced slope bikes. ;-)
So we will see whats going to happen
  • 26 15
 And we have our first? street e-bike video. Sigh. This. This is a thing that is happening. Whether ANYone wants it or not...Thanks? Haibike. I've never ever heard of you. Something tells me you won't win over any fans on this site though.
  • 26 3
 Jeezus christ ! Slow mo climbing stairs? Bike industry is going the way of ...shitty trends
  • 28 24
 Well, after watching that I've just lost a huge amount of respect for Sam, what was he thinking? That sucked balls.
  • 34 32
 @squagles: Your just jealous your bike cant do it hahha
  • 33 22
 @metaam: sorry you think that dude, was just a normal bike ride and things escalated. But you could also have just stopped watching it if you didn't like it.
  • 8 3
 @sampilgrim: funny fat santa.good luck for next year
  • 17 26
flag metaam (Dec 26, 2017 at 4:39) (Below Threshold)
 @sampilgrim: Sorry, but I've spent my life in construction and I've seen how easily accidents can happen. Choosing to ride your bike around a building site where Guys are working can never be a good decision, then to post footage possibly giving others the idea to copy you?
  • 13 7
 @metaam: stop over thinking things and ride your f@#$ing bike!
  • 16 4
 Not surprising if you consider he's been moving away from competitive slopestyle and focusing on online video blogs. It doesn't matter what bike he rides, like all the pro's he makes it look too easy.
  • 17 7
 Cheers matey!
  • 17 7
 Just noticed this story is tagged EMTB, now I'm trying to figure out how to turn that tag off... I think a lot of us could do without hearing about EMTB again. Not trying to troll, just trying to use my scroll buttons a little less, and enjoy the site a little more.
  • 4 20
flag Michael2Barnes (Dec 26, 2017 at 11:59) (Below Threshold)
 Why all the hate against E-Bikes. Have you tried one before? You feel like frickin sam hill rocketing down the trail.
  • 7 0
 @Michael2Barnes: I think you misread my comment. I don't hate, they're just not my bag.

I only posted because I noticed the tags. If Pinkbike has a tag filter, that would be great if I knew how to use it, so the page would focus on what I do care about.

I just posted it in a way that if PinkBike didn't, it might sell the idea to add the feature. Which, judging from the comments, might help a few members out.
  • 5 9
flag Michael2Barnes (Dec 26, 2017 at 16:48) (Below Threshold)
 @focofox37: Then dont click the article and move on
  • 3 1
 I like the trigger warning.
  • 26 17
 Almost every American hates this news, other countries seem to not care. Since we're the og mountain bike country we aren't ever going to adapt a pro ebike stance. This is a career change ebikes are mopeds. I'm sad the industry couldn't pay as much as a ebike maker.
  • 29 44
flag sampilgrim (Dec 26, 2017 at 16:31) (Below Threshold)
 how is it a moped hahah, Maybe learn about it first then comment Wink
  • 32 7
 Definition of moped
: a lightweight low-powered motorbike that can be pedaled
  • 10 18
flag derestricted (Dec 26, 2017 at 18:10) (Below Threshold)
 @Gregorysmithj1: it’s not a low powered motorbike, it’s a pedelec, technically:
A pedelec (from pedal electric cycle) is a bicycle where the rider's pedalling is assisted by a small electric motor;
  • 7 9
 @derestricted: I guess in USA people don't go faster than 25km/h on a street, so motor of any kind on a a frame with wheels= motorbike. Maybe a rc Lego technic set would be a mtb destroyer in that country.
  • 19 8
 Damn mountain biking is losing it's identity. Have fun on your E-motos you geriatric lame-o's. MTB has jumped the electric shark. thanks @sampilgrim
  • 20 8
 I do not want to see e-cycle edits on pink bike.
  • 13 13
 So don't click the link. Easy Peasy.
  • 10 3
 @WAKIdesigns Trail access is already an issue in Europe ... E-Bike "Tourists" are being flushed on the trails in the Alps, it's all big business! It's only a matter of time before trails are getting closed! In a lot of resorts, the "MTB - HIKING" balance is very delicate, and I fear that e-bikes are going to smash that balance! Just my 2 cents!
  • 9 11
 Thank you Nostradamus, what data do you have to support your theory?
  • 11 1
 I did not really like NS Bikes, but Haibike?!
  • 5 10
flag RedBurn (Dec 26, 2017 at 4:01) (Below Threshold)
 Man it's the first brand who created an electric DH bike!!
  • 3 6
 Calm it people. The man himself has confirmed a jump bike in the works.
  • 8 1
 A don't know why everyone has a go cause he has a tooth missing, he's had it missimissing for years now if he was that bothered he would get a fake one end of story
  • 8 3
 I love it!
  • 20 0
 He should totally get an eTooth.
  • 5 0
 EMountain bikes have there place no doubt,....but I grew up on bmx, then mountain bike..a bike to me should be pedaled its part of the skill, the positioning etc, its that important and I've ridden for opinion hasn't changed, two wheels your own energy, freedom you put a motor on one, electric or combustion and there still cool...but its now a different thing and in my opinion has its place..its a scooter or a motorbike , its not a bike anymore....have great respect for pilgrim..good rider, he's decided to ride a scooter and that's fine.but its not a mountain bike..and fair play he,ll get paid well for it and that's him looking after number one with is fine! Me? I won't be watching his escooter videos but will continue to watch him ride bikes as that is where in my opinion you can see the skill in its correct form!!
  • 1 1
 Thats the whole point. A proper eMTB needs to feel like a regular MTB. If it doesn't then its not designed well or you are using too much power. We all want ebikes to feel like regular bikes and my turbo levo does if you always use the minimum amount of power. Using too much power just doesn't feel right and so I don't use it. I conserve the power to get up the steepest pitches and to extend the ride. If you can ride everything you want with a regular bike then fine, but where i live there are places that we dream of riding but we don't because its just not fun, too rough and steep. With the ebike, its more fun than you can imagine.
  • 2 0
 @DDoc: Well I live in the canary islands, one of the islands has the largest difference between sea level and its peak in relation to its size in the home island slightly less..still my only bike is a giant glory 2014... I ride this animal everywhere...and when I can't get up a hill or mountain I pack it in a bus and get to the peaks then hammer it to sea level...gets me to work too...nothing is easy but all is a buzz..that's my point...the reward in riding your bike whatever it is to where you want to ride for me is important ..just ride...if it had a battery it'd be a scooter.. Not the same at all..Eat Pasta Ride her bike !
  • 12 8
 @sampilgrim Man you gotta be laughing your tits off at all the comments. Anyway, I just wanna say it matters not who you ride for as long as you keep making those fkn awesome videos.
One thing tho - If Blake Samson can backflip a fat bike (and we know how much love they get here) then surely you can cork 7 an e-bike Wink
  • 8 2
  • 16 15
 Oh I'm loving it haha!
  • 7 1
 When we make fun of others, it’s because we are not happy with ourselves.
  • 7 5
 I still believe that Sam will actually make an entire new name for Haibike, as well as a new market niche. They might have E-bikes, but they lack the fun bikes, such as dirt/ slope/ FR bikes, true ones! Good on you Sam! Merry Christmas and keep on keepin' on!
  • 6 6
 Cheers dude!
  • 5 2
 ebike! ebike! rabble rabble! Santa is overweight and prolly has knee problems...perfect demographic for the ebike.

Are we not going to discuss the blatant littering at the beginning of the video?!?
  • 6 3
 Doesn't matter where you go Sam, just keep those awesome edits coming. I don't watch your vids for your sponsors, but for what you do on a bike and your attitude while doing it!
  • 16 13
 There's another rider that's lost my fan support. Hopefully this will trickle down to him earning less and eventually getting bumped from the sport all together. Go ride your fat person bike somewhere else Sam.
  • 6 0
 Hold up, the real story here is PB officially now has a eMTB news category
  • 3 0
 Yeah thats what I thought, first article in the E-MTB category :-( sick sad little world
  • 2 0
 came on here just to say that I once saw Matt Macduff ride most of an urban slope course backwards. It was about four years ago at Riverrock in Richmond, VA, and I guess the jumps were a bit too small for his liking because he aired a quarter pipe and then came hauling back up the course, jumped up a stepdown boner log, up a dirt landing into a wooden takeoff, and went the wrong way up a weird hip/quarter thing. One of the more impressive feats of bike handling I've ever seen, esp given that he was brakeless and the course was on a bit of a slope
  • 11 10
 Mtb e-bikes is a small slice of the e-bike industry. If this planet is going to survive we need to get people out of their cars & into more efficient transport. I see Sam as helping that overall mission with this change of sponsorship so good on him!
  • 10 2
 Animal agriculture is producing more green house gas emissions than the whole transportation sector. Ride bikes, eat black bean burgers and we can enjoy this planet a little longer.
  • 3 2
 @colincolin: insects. Methane is far worse of a greenhouse gas than CO2 and with black beans I'm going to produce a lot of that Smile
  • 4 0
 @SleepingAwake: just think how much methane is produced by cattle. Yes, a lot.
"When livestock and manure emissions are combined, the Agriculture sector is the primary source of CH4 emissions."
  • 6 0
 @Slabrung: yes I'm actually very aware of that. I had a vegan and a vegetarian roommate
who didn't eat meat for ecological reasons. My comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously Wink
  • 3 0
 @SleepingAwake: heh Big Grin Well I was guessing that from the tone of your message but still thought the subject interesting enough to post this info. Have a good evening Smile
  • 8 7
 Amazing the amount of hate for ebikes. I have couple of mates who for health reasons couldn't ride anymore without them. Anything that gets people riding and enjoying themselves in my mind is awesome.

As for Sam riding for an ebike company: imagine if people came to your work place and knocked the sailers cocks out of your mouth, youd be p!ssed
  • 8 6
 I've been a follower of Pilgrim for years, many years. I truly believe that 2018 is going to be a super big year for Sam. We are going to see a lot more of him. Keep up the hard work Sam, I'll be watching to learn!
  • 10 4
 Yo! See ya in 2018!
  • 11 8
 How could a company I've never heard of pay him more than any other real company's? What the hell is a haibike, the answer must be it was the only offer haha
  • 27 14
 So because YOU haven't heard of them then they are not real? Are you not real then because i ain't heard of you.....
  • 4 6
 @sampilgrim: heh Big Grin Sam that response made my day (or night, should I say at this hour) Smile
  • 4 5
 @sampilgrim: hilarious!!!
  • 9 5
 It's all about the money!!!!!!
  • 38 7
 Yes they kind of help you provide for your family.
  • 7 18
flag wibblywobbly (Dec 26, 2017 at 4:39) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: cash that check now because in five years, nobody will be making a living riding a dirt jumper. He's selling out the future of mountain biking for half the price of a BMW 3 series.
  • 5 4
 ”selling out the future of mountain biking”
Bold statement there
Didn’t cam zink ride for hyper? Was he a sellout?
Perhaps Sam just hit a point in his life where he felt a change was good for him.
Who he chooses to work with is his choice and I wish him well. Interested to see what comes next.
  • 8 2
 @wibblywobbly: selling out the the future of mountain biking? Are you sure? Truth told, I don't think that is strong enough. How do we know Sam isn't selling secrets to the North Koreans or something?

Let the man live. Don't like it? Ignore it!
  • 5 5
 It's his career and his choice. A bike is a bike at the end of the day. If the team give the guy great support and it helps build on a career in MTB, where's the issue? Maybe he'll even have a hand in design at some point and we'll see some better bikes come out of them? Hope it all goes well bud...
  • 6 2
 I am interested in seeing how many subs he won/lost with this move
  • 7 5
 Sam could ride anything and I'd watch excluding my Doris of course ! Just like how he comes across and he seems a top bloke just doing his thing . Good luck dude
  • 8 5
 Thanks matey, I'll be sure to stay away from ya doris haha!
  • 9 17
flag weebleswobbles (Dec 26, 2017 at 22:44) (Below Threshold)
 @sampilgrim: stay away from mtb trails
  • 7 7
 Good for Sam! As long is Sam is happy on a bike, the more of his infectious energy and positive attitude are shared through his fun videos. The brand of bike he's on doesn't really matter to me as a viewer, but if Haibike or whomever can provide him with the living he needs/wants, then cheers to them!
  • 12 9 many haters over a bike. Just ride the damn bike and have fun!!
  • 7 8
 haha true!!
  • 4 4
 if it is true, it's a brilliant move since sam is top all around mtb rider who doesn't need to prove any thing but having fun and getting a big pay check, probably some other top rider would do the same....for sure hailbike would increase sales next year due to sam riding on it....but there is no way in the dirtjump/slopestyle world that he will compete on e-bike, i'm sure and i hope that part of the deal was DJ frame as well, if not he is doomed for crankworks and FMB
  • 11 2
 Jump frame is coming!! Smile
  • 1 2
 @sampilgrim: I knew it!! Keep shredding Sam!
  • 3 4
 @sampilgrim: f*cking awesome. Can't wait to see the new awesome collaboration with a new company. Started watching your vids a few months ago and I'm hooked!
  • 11 13
 Let's destroy all trail access so some bloke can make a paycheck . Sounds very sustainable to me
  • 5 1
 @weebleswobbles: give it a rest already...
  • 2 1
 Considering all the advertising he has already been doing for them and even chiming in on the comments telling us that a "jump frame is on it's way" is a dead giveaway. It would be a Christmas miracle if it isn't Haibike.
  • 3 3
 Its a normal business practice. Companies that want to break into other markets (DJ/slope for example) to raise awareness for their flagship models. They make a grab for a great rider/personality to get into a more visible platform. Whoever inked the deal for Sam at Haibike should be given a new company car...or Ebike. This doesn't mean Sam will not continue to conduct business as usual. They will probably manufacture a few non e powered bikes including a DJ for Sam. He will also promote the other products in their lineup. As long as trail access is not bothered, nobody has anything to complain about. Have fun Sam...and keep making rad videos!
  • 2 0
 Looking at their non-ebikes (only available in EU?), I am a bit disappointed. An xl Nduro only has a 421 reach... That's a bit........short?
  • 3 3
 There is a time and place for all different types of bikes. I'm in Pennsylvania where ebikes are welcome in many areas. Ill have to say I did the best riding this past fall that i have ever done on a bike. 5 hrs, 30miles and 4000 vertical, deep in the wilderness on the roughest terrain was our average eRide. the bikes are magic, the turbo levo is almost silent and its capabilities are awesome. With a 36 160 and 2.8 minions its unstoppable up and down. Insane fun. We get a huge workout an awesome little adventure and are absolutely whipped at the end of the ride but not so bad that we can't do it again the next day. Sure, for a 2-3 hr group ride at the local smoother flatter trails, we ride our regular bikes. We save the ebikes for long rides on the hardest trails. Also lapping a MTB jump run on a ebike is way more fun than having to walk up to the top everytime and the bike feels great in the air. Sam is awesome and this is business, so all you eHaters should give him a break.
  • 6 2
 All very depressing for the future.
  • 1 1
 Mark my words, I had a chat with sam on the day his ‘Goodbye NS bikes’ video was being filmed and I asked him about new sponsor. He confirmed on haibike and also said he was designing a new DJ frame with them. I have photo proof I was with him on the day of filming.
  • 2 1
 I can't believe how many people on this site give a flying f..k what Sam Pilgrim does or doesn't ride. Its his life, his choice. You should all try getting a life and living a little!!
  • 4 1
 fat suits on bikes is always funny.
  • 18 1
 Fitting with an ebike though
  • 4 3
 I ask him
Tom B. : Is that a haibike ???? I hope it was a joke .
Sam Pilgrim :No joke, deal with it .
see on his facebook page under the video
  • 7 8
 Who gives a flying f*ck what he rides your gunna get haters no matter what but end of the day he’s gunna be shredding an having fun isn’t he..? And that’s what it’s all about yeh.?
An so what it might not be a well known bike company I’m sure he knows what he wants tho..!!

“Peace out”
  • 3 2
 Good for him! I just love watching the stuff he makes! Great rider, and has always come across as a quality fella. He needs to make the best choice for him career wise!
  • 16 16
 That was painful to watch. Especially after looking at the bikes for $10k. Go buy a dirt bike if you wanna be a lazy cuck. Wtf is the point of an eye downhill bike too? That's why I have a truck...
  • 23 21
 cool story
  • 8 8
 If it is true, good for him, mtbing is about having fun and progressing. Not much he hasn't done on a bike so will be interesting to see how he can push the ebike. Looking forward to the 2018 YouTube videos
  • 11 11
 I'm excited to see what I can do too!
  • 6 6
 @sampilgrim: thats exactly what i was thinking, not about "oh god e-bike this or that " more like, " well this is gonna be interesting to see what he can do on a sparky "
And btw im 52 in 2 weeks time,with f*cked knees,back,wrists and ankles so im looking forward to the day i buy an ebike Smile
  • 5 2
 @sampilgrim: Well no one else is. Have fun making videos for your niche market that nobody cares about.
  • 3 2
 @sampilgrim: Rip it up Sam! and show everyone how much fun you can have on an ebike...without getting arrested Smile
  • 1 0
 aside from the whole e-bike thing, I have never seen a more strange looking backflip, something about that santa suit just made all his riding look real....strange
  • 4 2
 Yeaaaaa sambo shred it and have fun that’s what it’s all about. (Had a go on one and it was fun as)
  • 10 8
 @sampilgrim: you're a kook this whole website is one big kook circlejerk. whats next, stationary bike sponsorships??
  • 13 11
 I have just cancelled following Sam in all Social Media and YouTube. Congrats on the move ...
  • 10 10
 No problem that I have compensated. I have subscribed to Sams YouTube from now. Rock on Sam!
  • 1 2
 Loving the comments on here, man's gotta make money and while I'm not saying he isn't into the eMTB thing (have no reason to think he isn't), we all have aspects of our jobs we dislike & I know for certain that some pro's actively promote products they either dislike or think are poor quality, so long as he's having happy I'm not sure why he would care what we all think
  • 2 0
 Sam Pilgrim with Specialized;
  • 5 3
 Sleeves are bullsh*t. Bikes are rad. Keep shreddin Pilgrim lad!
  • 3 0
 "A man's gotta, Julian."
  • 3 0
 haibike, then u baibike
  • 3 0
 Fake news!
  • 2 1
 Good job I read the comments.... I thought sam was show casing a new body armour system !!!
  • 4 3
 hahah imagine it was!
  • 2 0
 it is like a big company sells their bikes via wallmart, right?
  • 6 8
 @sampilgrim Shouldn't we be talking about kids riding mopeds/motorized, pedal bikes (e-bikes) to school that are unlicensed, and unsafe in bike lanes. While some are governed at 20mph, all are easy to hack and do 45mph+. How many child/adult injuries and deaths on roads? High speeds on bike lanes, and most places have 0 helmet laws for bikes (e-bikes). I would think they will need to be licensed once over a certain KV motor or maybe battery? People are so focused on their local trail, they are not considering the bigger impact overall that e bikes are going to have on society. Just my thought. I hope very few kids and trails die before this craze all pans out.
This is a great chance for sponsored riders to help, I hope great riders use their voice and sponsorship to help.
E-bikes company's are about to dump big $ into riders and advertising and land use.
E-bikes are a blast to ride, but we need laws in place for anything with a motor.
  • 2 2
 Don’t know if this has been pointed out but Hai Bike has some non-motorized gravity models- maybe he is still a human powered racer ????????????
  • 1 0
 Halibike are making him a slopestyle frame for sure he replied to my utube comment
  • 3 4
 Has anyone been on the Hailbike site? They sell bicycles, not just ebikes. Why is this guy a sellout? I've seen lots of pro's in videos ride ebikes. All you naysayers are idiots. Enough said.
  • 2 2
 Good on you Sam, we know you don't like to pedal, so give him an e bike to piss around, I couldn't give a monkeys. Hope they pay you well!!
  • 2 2
 @sampilgrim Congrats, hope it works out. You always make very entertaining content, looking forward to the new stuff! And that flair was sick.
  • 1 0
 Szymon Godziek also leaves Dartmoor..saw the news on Dartmoor instagram account
  • 1 2
You could try to convince them to make lighter bikes with less pedal-assist instead of making them more powerful and bigger.

I hope you can bring sth. positive to E-Biking and respect nature.

Good luck!
  • 1 3
 @sampilgrim Congrats, a smart move - eMTBs are way more accepted here in Germany and rampage veteran Guido Tschugg did a good job as an ambassador! Have fun, e-MTBS are very versatile!

P.S.: We talked in nuremberg (interview in the riders lounge before the 2nd Qualifying) at district ride, cool to see you on a german brand now, because hopefully you will visit some of our festivals (dirtmasters Winterberg and BIKE festival Willingen are weekend after weekend in may and we have a lots of spots in this area for filming, I live here)!

See you, cheers, Marc
  • 2 1
 Haha accepted and hated too. Who belives a slopestlye pro and freerider would ride a bike with a shit geo like Haibike because he likes to. Pilgrim is not in the spot to decide what sposor he likes, his good times are over like Tschugg and others who now ride with batterys!
  • 2 0
 Electric Dirt Biking... Cool.
  • 3 5
 Sam has been killing the uk scene for at least 15 years and worldwide for 10! If he wants to ride a fucking pink kids bike with tassles and sparkles let him be!!! Its a bike at the end of the day! He will ride it better than most of us on our fancy bikes!! Fair play to him! No one would give 2 fucks if semunuk did it
  • 1 0
 Well been told to check this out didn't realise it was the Jerry Springer show ????
  • 1 0
 He was spotted ridding a Haibike ebike at Chicksands today, and confirmed in person that they are his new sponsor
  • 5 5
 Seems a bit odd for a rider like Sam to go to a company that only does e-bikes. Well, we'll see what happens i suppose.
  • 11 2
 They don't just do ebikes my good man, granted their other bikes are tosh but they make them nonetheless
  • 15 8
 They do everything mate, jump frame coming soon!
  • 5 4
 @sampilgrim: When you say they do everything, do you mean they don't make only e-bikes? Because I don't see any regular bikes on their website.

Anyways, good on you, I'm looking forward to seeing some e-bike shredits.
  • 4 0
 I like the world we live in. A pro can give you a heads up on a product and is immediately disbelieved . This seems strange
  • 1 0
 @Pedro404: you aren’t looking very hard because the web page has everything from full dh to carbon roadbikes with or without motors
  • 1 0
 @sampilgrim: Refreshing to hear, was worried you would mov eto pure full suspension bikes. Keep hardtails rad Sam!
  • 2 1
 @randybadger: Are we talking about the site If I open the "Bikes" tab, there's Sduro and Xduro ranges, both electric, and nothing else. The header of the website even says "We are ePerformance".
  • 1 0
 @Pedro404: click on bikes tab. The third option down is performance. When you click on that there is a full range.
  • 6 0
 @randybadger: Ah, I see the problem now, for me the website loads with USA country setting, in which there aren't any non-electric bikes.
  • 2 0
 @randybadger: they only sell ebikes in the Americas. That might of been the cause for all the negative comments from us over here. Plenty of brands sell ebikes giant spec ... whatever. I think we were assuming he would just only ride ebikes which kinda bummed me out.
  • 8 9
 First, do you guys even realize how heavy e-bikes are?? Add to the fact that he can flair one? C'mon!!! Let the haters hate Sam! Cheers to YOU my friend!!!!
  • 5 4
 Great video, who cares what he’s riding.
  • 1 0
 Hope it’s dartmoor or YT Industries
  • 1 1
 Pinkbike news stolen from the guy who noticed Ryan Taylor's video and left a comment in the last article. Nice one
  • 1 0
 Imagine if Sam Hill signs-up for an e-Bike company.
  • 3 3
 I can't wait to be the first person in my city to buy an E-bike.......I also like to fight sometimes. Seems like a win-win
  • 5 7
 hahah do it!!
  • 1 0
 I just hope all the bloody ebikes will bring us cheaper bikes
  • 1 1
 Marzocchi suspensions is still a thing ?
  • 2 1
  • 5 0
 Fox owns Mazocchi
  • 1 0
  • 19 18
  • 3 3
 Sam is a madman, but please don't tell me you drive a Prius too!
  • 5 7
 Balls to the haters! Sam is the dogs b@!!@cks! If he wants to try something different or go where the money is then it's all good.
  • 5 8
 as long as sam keeps making some of the best mtb videos on the web then its all good. be interesting seeing what he does. cant believe the silly kids putting so much hate on.
  • 2 2
 Looks like good fun mate, would of like to seen it in action at Danbury!
  • 5 5
 I’d watch Sam ride a fu@&ing Segway!
  • 8 9
 This will be perfect for him to pedal into a corner just to immediately brake like he did in the NS video.
  • 16 17
 Yeah I'll be able to do that again but with bigger tires and going faster before I brake!! Any other things you'd like to point out?
  • 5 6
 @sampilgrim: Sam you're such a savage
  • 7 6
 @Michael2Barnes: Wait I'm supposed to feel burned? I must have missed the memo.
  • 3 2
 Thanks brexit.
  • 2 1
 What a can of worms!
  • 3 3
 Please... hope it's trek
  • 2 3
 Give the man an E-dirt Lol
  • 1 1
 What's a Haibike?
  • 1 3
 Sam Pligrim, Very happy for you. I wish you all the best. Ebike or not, you will be able nurse your teeth lol
  • 3 4
  • 10 12
 Sam's Wicked, fuck y'all for dissing him, wankers
  • 10 5
  • 1 4
 I would like to formally apologize to the global EBike community for being compared to the orange man baby.
  • 2 4
 Love Sam the Man! Go ebikes
  • 1 3
 @sampilgrim Nice one dude rock on on the ebike fun train!
  • 8 11
 Sam could make any brand cool.Dont get the hate on this site .
  • 11 8
 There's hate because we all love reading it Wink
  • 2 5
 It’s happening ya’ll. One by one the ebike revolution is real
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