Review: Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Fork

Aug 7, 2018
by Mike Kazimer  
Marzocchi Z1 Bomber 2019

The history of the Marzocchi Z1 dates all the way back to 1997, when the very first version of this fork hit the market with 4” of travel, a bright orange paint job, and performance that put the noodly XC-oriented forks that were considered high-tech at the time to shame. Sure, it was heavy, thanks to an overbuilt chassis and an open-bath, dual coil spring design, but it also worked, and helped the early freeride pioneers push the sport in a new direction, thanks to its ability to withstand most of the abuse that was being dished out during that era.

Fast forward a couple decades and the Z1 is back, a fork that was designed with many of the same principles behind the original in mind, although the only coil spring to be found is the tiny one in the GRIP damper – otherwise the new Bomber is a fully air-sprung affair.
Bomber Z1 Details
• Intended use: all-mountain / enduro
• Air sprung, GRIP Sweep damper
• 36mm stanchions
• Travel: 130-170mm (29"), 150-180 (27.5")
• 15 X 110mm spacing
• External adjustments: rebound, low-speed compression
• Weight (170mm, 29"): 2210 grams
• Colors: gloss red, matte black
• MSRP: $699 USD

Of course, there have been some significant changes at Marzocchi over the last few years, namely the fact that they were acquired by Fox in late 2015. That's the reason you'll find a number of features typically found in a Fox 36 inside the new Z1 – the new fork takes advantage of Fox's manufacturing and technological know-how, but it's aimed at the Marzocchi crowd, the riders who would rather have a tough, reliable, and relatively affordable fork that's easy to set and forget instead of an expensive option with a mind-melting number of adjustments.

The Z1 is available for either 27.5” or 29” wheels, with travel options that range from 150-180mm for the 27.5” version, and 130-170mm of travel for the 29” version, in 10mm increments. Not a fan of the bright red lowers? No problem - there's also a more subdued matte black version. The 29" fork is available with either 51mm or 44mm of offset, while the 27.5" model is available with 44mm of offset. No matter the wheel size or travel amount, the price remains the same: $699 USD.

Marzocchi Z1 Bomber 2019
Low-speed compression is adjusted via a large dial on the right side...
Marzocchi Z1 Bomber 2019
...And as you'd expect, air pressure is adjusted via a Shrader valve located under this silver cap.


The Z1 uses 36mm stanchions constructed from 6000-series aluminum (compared to the 7000 series aluminum used in a Fox 36). The use of a different alloy helps keep the cost down, although it comes with a bit of a weight penalty, to the tune of approximately 150 grams over a 2019 Fox 36 GRIP 2 fork.

As far as adjustments go, the Z1 is fairly simple. Air pressure is adjusted on the left side, and the amount of end-stroke ramp up can be adjusted by removing the air spring side top cap (after letting all the air out, of course) and adding or subtracting plastic volume spacers. The right side of the fork contains the GRIP Sweep cartridge damper, which uses a spring-backed internal floating piston to compensate for the oil as the fork is compressed. Low-speed compression is adjusted by turning the big gold dial on the top of the right leg, while rebound is adjusted via the red knob that's hidden under a black cap at the bottom of the right leg.

For now, the Z1 is only available with a quick-release style thru-axle, but riders looking for a bolt-on thru-axle can purchase a Fox Kabolt as an aftermarket accessory.

Marzocchi 2019 Z1
The Z1 has 15x110mm spacing and uses a quick-release style thru-axle.
Marzocchi 2019 Z1
There's plenty of room for wide tires, like this 2.5" Maxxis Minion DHF WT.


Getting my 170mm, 29" test fork dialed in and performing to my liking was about as easy as it gets – I was able to find settings that worked for my weight and riding style after only a couple of laps, and I never had to deviate too far from those starting numbers over the course of the last four months. For reference, I weigh around 160 pounds, and ran 73 psi with one volume spacer, with the low-speed compression dial positioned approximately 1/8 of the way through its range of adjustment.

The Z1 felt super smooth right out of the box, and that smoothness has persisted even after plenty of mud, dust, and long runs in the bike park. It may be positioned as a more affordable option, but I'd place the Z1's overall feel right up there with the best of the best – I have zero complaints in regards to stiction or overall trail feel. There's minimal breakaway force required to get things moving, and small bumps were dispatched without any issues. All of the Z1's adjustments are effective, and while there's no high-speed compression or high-speed rebound adjustment, I never found myself missing those features either.

Where the Z1 really shines is its ability to deal with repeated large impacts – there's a portion of the Joyride trail in the Whistler Bike Park that's the perfect spot to experience that type of situation. It's a section that's full of boa constrictor sized roots, followed by a series of awkward drop-offs where the dirt has eroded away – challenging conditions for any fork. The Z1 never felt like it was packing up, and it handled every hard impact without showing any signs of faltering. There was also enough support to keep it from diving too deep into its travel - a trait that's even more important when you're talking about a fork with 170mm of travel. I also never experienced any arm pump, which was a testament to just how effective the Z1 is at taking care of the rough stuff.

Really, it's how little I had to think about the Z1 that impressed me the most. It saw action mounted to a Nukeproof Mega 290, a YT Capra, and a Commencal Meta 29, and no matter what bike it was on it just worked – there were no unwanted creaks, and no strange squelching noises, nothing that would take away from my riding experience. I'm sure there will be some riders who bemoan the lack of a coil sprung option, pining for the old days when an oil change required a full quart of oil, but I don't miss those days at all, and the new Z1 is just as plush as those vintage options, with more effective adjustments and an overall better feel to boot.

Marzocchi Z1 Bomber 2019


The Z1's performance on the trail was excellent, but there are a couple little design features that I wouldn't mind seeing altered. The first is the low-speed compression dial – I wish there were detents between each position. It's a minor detail, but detents would make it easier to ensure that the dial was in the exact same spot every time you descend, especially if you're the type of rider who turns the lever to the firmest position while climbing or when spinning on pavement on the way to the trailhead.

I also wish there was a bolt-on thru-axle option as the stock configuration. The Marzocchi quick-release style thru-axle's action isn't as smooth, and it feels a little cheaper than what you'd find on a Fox fork; personally I'd rather go with a Kabolt and not need to deal with any unnecessary moving parts

Pinkbike's Take
bigquotesThe Z1 is an excellent performer, and that's not just compared to other forks in this price range – it can also hold its own against the top-of-the-line forks currently on the market. It's not the lightest, and constant tinkerers may find themselves wishing for more dials to turn, but for hard chargers looking for a sturdy, smooth operating fork with a more reasonable price tag, the Z1 is a highly recommended option. Mike Kazimer

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 If you're like me, you miss the days you rode a Marz fork more than riding the fork itself. Sure i didn't have to adjust anything, but i had lazy afternoons to ride around on my dirt jumper and eat pizza while learning how to manual.

Now it is mortgages, weekend projects and high/low speed compression.
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 nailed it.
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 I'm gonna hold out for RST to re release the Mozo pro's
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 @dirtbeard: haha you win today's internet.
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 Yeah, I used to ride straight low end bicycles, and have a great time. It wasn't the bicycle.
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 That being said, bicycling is a, "man/machine" sport. You know, if Robo-cop armor just sprayed silly string everywhere, and danced silly, he wouldn't be the same character.
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 @Kramz: If only.
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 Ain’t that the truth
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 @dirtbeard: Rest forks were crap.
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 @drjonnywonderboy: shush your mouth I saved my ass off to upgrade from some Quadra 5 to Mozo could go for 3.5 to 4.5 inch travel f*cking massive!fond memories but probably was shit.still have them in a box somewhere
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 MAKE MARZOCCHI GREAT AGAIN, with open oil baths, coil springs, hookers and blackjack!
  • 8 1
 I had two of those 08 ish model forks. Open bath 66rc and 888 rc3 ti. They were so good.
  • 9 1
 Don't forget the chrome. Definitely needs more chrome.
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 Meh, we've all grown... DVO makes more sense these days.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Aug 7, 2018 at 14:23) (Below Threshold)
 When was Marzocchi great?
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 Yeah what I miss is the booth from 2005 at Interbike where they had two Italian models in a clear bathtub on a platform filled with oil as their advertisement for an oil bath system. We will just say that with Interbike being 98% guys...the Marzocchi booth was busy that year.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Aug 7, 2018 at 14:50) (Below Threshold)
 @vjunior21: yes, let’s lure the practicioners and evangelists of highest moral standards in this part of the galaxy to come and shout: misogyny! Patriarchy!
  • 61 2
 @WAKIdesigns: when was WAKI great?
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 @miguelcurto: now a days this would have such an absurd backslash...
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 All that is called DVO Now.
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Make Earth Fun Again.

I come to the comment section of PB to in essence...take a look in the gutter, to get a laugh, or go down the rabbit hole. I can read about how awful everyone feels the world is on every other website on the net.

Where else can you go make a comment about a sport you love and it is essentially an open invitation roast that person? As an end result both people get a laugh out of it.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Aug 8, 2018 at 11:14) (Below Threshold)
 @vjunior21: you see, I am a full time fun of MEFA but that doesn’t exclude ragging on fun police and Marzocchi die hard fans are exactly that. They come and whine how awful pogo sticks modern forks are, with super short service intervals, blowing bladders, leaking air springs, and then they mention open bath coil Zocchis that were the best and didn’t need service at all. They live in a bubble not understanding the context of pre 2006 MZ and forgetting that at thise times they sucked as riders just like all other companies sucked at making forks. So they had no idea what Low speed compression is and what it does and even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to utilize it. So sorry, but I just entertain myself by ragging ungrateful whiny bitches who have little if any clue about suspension, presenting themselves as students of ancient knowledge. Mountain bikes are fantastic today and we do not need to bring anything back, definitely not heavy, divey relicts of dark ages of mtb which only virtue was reliability. Nostalgia gets in the way of appreciating the beauty of this day and all the benefits technology has brought to us. Marzocchi fans are like people who believe that 1980 VW Golf was a better car than a modern one, or that Aztecs had awesome space shuttles or Egyptians knew more about Astronomy that we know today. More or less same mindset. They want to believe in the extraordinary lost world. The complex of Atlantis
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My hat is off to you sir. I agree on all points...with the exception of one. I think there is one item from the past we should bring back...the Tioga Multi Control DH Saddle. I loved sitting on a sofa while I rode. The width of the saddle made me feel like I was riding an actual horse. LOL

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 @WAKIdesigns: when they made the best performing forks I could afford that didnt need constant services and fettling... so late 90s early 2000s I guess Smile

It's a fox fork now tho Smile
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 Flashback time. That fork just takes me down memory lane. The Z1 changed the way we thought about forks (and rode them) back in the days. I'm very happy to see the iconic M arch back, too. Guess I need to get one for my '05 Bottlerocket;-)
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 Agree but at the same time its almost insulting to see that Zoke is new Suntour. Great for budget minded riders but still an insult to the Zoke legacy. And which fork today has a "mind melting number of adjustments" ? We are lucky to get a HSC adjustment today, forget about HSC, LSC, HSR and LSR along with a user freindly shim stack. Now THAT is "mind melting number of adjustments. But at least its a still a good fork even though it is the ginger step child of Fox now. But hey, we still have DVO.
  • 12 4
 I'm zoked that the Z1 is back in different sizes to suit all sorts of different endurobag's.
  • 21 0
 @Boardlife69: and Manitou if you're talking about adjustability: e.g. Mattoc with HSC, LSC, LSR, HBO and spring rate and IRT.
  • 27 1
 @fecalmaster: at first we all thought they had gone then BAM, they are back
  • 5 3
 @sewer-rat: I'll ride that fork in the front and back.
  • 13 2
 Cant beat marz forks from the mid 2000s, blacked out with the slender M arch and same on the fork crown, all done in shiny black ano, stunning !
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flag notthatfast (Aug 7, 2018 at 3:32) (Below Threshold)
 @Boardlife69: If by "LSR" and "HSR" you mean "low speed rebound" and "high speed rebound", they're not even a thing. That's probably why most forks don't have them - because people don't actually understand what they are.
  • 10 9
 @sam264: You can rebound to the Moon on that greasy ass fork.
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 @zyoungson: Yup. I had an 888, and a 66RC, and I LOVED those forks. They were so easy to set up and just leave alone.
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 Yes! The Z1 was my first "real" AM fork - matched up with a Heckler. After hucking rigid and XC rigs for years, that move up made me feel like superman. I can still remember calling Zoke and talking to Ronnie on the phone about set up. Next came the Super T.
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 This is the fox OEMs from 2017 with the M-arch. The original grip damper and air spring. This isn't the openbath goodness from the bomber damper
  • 2 0
 @SnowshoeRider4Life: if that’s the case they are 5 months late with the release
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 @sewer-rat: I have a 2017 fox 36 performance series
-36 Performance Series: Available with the FIT4 LSC, Grip 3pos, or Grip Remote damper.

Grip Damper (3pos) without remote is the cheapest option.
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 @sam264: according to my shock (vivid r2c) they are a thing and interestingly enough my shock feels differentent when I fiddle with them.
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 Definitely NO, Z1 means open bath, and and this has the same lubrication sponges as fox.
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 @pyrmud19: it's beginning stroke and end stroke rebound...
  • 8 2
 @sam264: Well you are the master of stroking.
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flag notthatfast (Aug 8, 2018 at 3:34) (Below Threshold)
 @fecalmaster: Have you been talking to your mother? Wink
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 @sam264: You'll get laid one of these days little guy.
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 @Boardlife69: you nailed it there. It is sad to see marzocchi as the poor relation rather than a main player. They should have made them a step up from fox and really pushed the boat out. Missed opportunity. would love am open bath ti spring boost fork in some funky colours
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Exactly. Brilliant little forks at a good price plus the recent updates are backwards compatible.
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 @MikerJ: oh yeah! Z1 on my Heckler and a Shiver on my Super 8! Awesome days!
  • 46 3
 In this comments section, people bitch about getting a fork with the performance of the Fox 36 for half the price.
  • 32 10
 Fox 36 retails for over 1.000eur. This wants 700usd what will be some 800eur(?).
Why bother? For that same price you can have new Lyrik. For that same weight you can have Canecreek coil fork. Double that price, and you can support standalone inventor and engineer from Intend to buy upside-down fork lighter than this one.
  • 13 1
 @fluider: Wow , this guy ^^^
  • 9 1
 Nobody ever heard about - protect your ears - SR Suntour Auron RC2??? I know: Suntour sucks..... hum... well: try an Auron, customized it at your preferences for almost nothing, and you`ll get a fork, almost at the third of the price of a Fox.
  • 21 1
 @Franzzz, we've reviewed the Auron before, and its performance doesn't match that of the Z1, despite having the same retail price.
  • 1 0
 @fluider: not the same price in my country... cost difference is a 6 month winter lift pass.
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 It should have been Coil spring fork!
  • 5 0
 oh man. you are so right., at least one offer should have been. Look at the weight of this thing (what most people think of when you tell them " coil fork"), some coil fork options today are even lighter (ACS3 pike/fox36, ribbon)...
  • 52 2
 Fox wouldn't do it because then it would perform better than a fox air fork
  • 6 2
 Just install the PUSH coil/air conversion. Its a fox 36, so it should just go right in.
  • 20 0
 @SnowshoeRider4Life, I’m not sure that’s the case - the inner stanchion diameter on the Z1 isn’t the same as the 36.

I’d also recommend riding this fork in its stock form first before going and dropping almost $400 of aftermarket parts into it....
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 @mikekazimer: interesting. thanks for the info!
  • 1 0
 @ibishreddin: +1 on this!

And I have 3 sets of 36s Smile
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 I'll always have a soft soft for Marzocchi. They led the freeride charge and what really made me fall in love with mountain bikes. I mean I always had bikes growing up and loved to ride. But the add campaigns and Bomber forks is what set the hook.
  • 7 0
 which is why i have a 02 super t and a 02 monster t on my garage wall! i can't believe i sold my shiver
  • 14 0
 Seems like FOX just created a budget-scapegout lineup to justify prices of their own products, while at the same time aiming at some mid-level-price-point large series bicycle manufacturers.
  • 12 0
 I remember leaving a bike shop with a brand new Orange Z1 in my hand around '97, racing home and bolting it to my Pro Flex, at that point it felt like i was finally on a bike that felt right, looking back it makes me laugh but up until then most forks were about as useful as a chocolate blow torch, the ' zocchi Z1 was the turning point, no doubt about it. This new one actually has some competition but lets hope it holds it's own.
  • 2 0
 Same. I built up my dream ride in 98/99 with a Rockshox SID. Never quite dug the SID, which was noodly as all get out. Threw a chrome Atom Bomb on it and never looked back - Stiffness was night and day, and the coils were 65mm of plush, baby!

I recently had a 350 NCR Ti and was impressed to find it felt every bit as Zokes as my Atom, but with almost 100mm more travel!

Glad to hear this is new fork is an awesome performer for the dollar, but count me in the "Wish it was coil" club just on principal and posterity.
  • 2 0
 I remember my best mate getting z1s and them being so much better than my forks that I felt sick (cos I couldn't afford them for another 6 months)
  • 12 0
 While everyone talks about the old Marzocchi, most people forget that while falling apart, they still managed to put out the mighty 350 NCR Ti in 2014. A fork years ahead of it's competitors, but completely overlooked because of all the chaos at the time.

I had hoped that Fox would have used the purchase of Marzocchi to gain technology/knowledge to release a new high end ti coil driven series with combined Marz/Fox technology under the Fox name.

Can't win every time... ;-(
  • 4 0
 350 ti was an amazingly good fork, being able to play with the oil height in the coil side and set the exact progressiveness along with a little air preload was awesome for tinkerer's.
  • 15 1
 How about a new "Dirt Jumper" Marzocchi?
2kg; Fox internals; straight steerer option(steel)
  • 7 0
 Yeah and a super monster T too #200isnotenough
  • 16 1
 So basically it's a Fox 36 Rythm
  • 11 0
 For those hating on it or calling it a "glorified 36" as I've heard really need to dig into your memory banks. If it wasn't for Fox stepping up and buying the bankrupt company, Marzocchi would cease to exist completely.
  • 18 4
 Shut up and take my money.......DVO
  • 8 1
 Dvo makes good forks - but it is missing the essence of what made Marzocchi great. Simple, durable and very high quality. Marzocchi ended when the original family sold the mtb division to Asia.
  • 4 0
 @RedRedRe: my do diamond feels like the old open bath marzzochis- buttery smooth off the top, with that gush in the middle.

Honestly though, the OEM 36 performance GRIP that it replaced was probably a better fork. This DVO sits way too low in its travel ( like the old marzocchi) no matter what I do. I'm already 15 psi over the reccomended for my weight.
  • 4 0
 @RedRedRe: DVO is pretty much the Marzocchi of yesteryear. Bryson Martin and his crew at Marzocchi USA are the ones responsible for all the Marzocchi products people are getting nostalgia boners for.
  • 12 1
 should come with a proper axle straight out of the box , that type of quick release nonsense has no place on a hard charging fork
  • 16 4
 Remember when Z1 was twice the fork and used to cost half as much?
  • 5 1
 The z1 was never a cheap option.
Iirc $800 in 1997!
  • 1 0
Yep sure I remember paying £250 + BETD brace + BETD long travel conversion. That made it a £350 fork being equal seeing how loads of people still modify forks. That makes the new Pike I recently bought for £380 look a complete bargain factoring inflation.
  • 8 1
 I struggle to see how this fits in with the Fox range? I would have liked to have seen more differentiation personally - perhaps use Marzocchi as their coil range and keep Fox air? (Yes, you may put me down as a coil fanboy for the suggestion, but not all of us have the time for regular short services...) Anyway, to me this seems to cross over with the Fox range too much...
  • 8 7
 Fox doesn't know WTF they are doing... outside of marketing. Just look at recent history.
  • 12 2
 @Eatsdirt: like the 40’s ? Or the new 36’s ? . . . . . . Which are both the standard for racing at the highest level! Not a fox fan boy but you can’t argue that they make the best forks at this time.
  • 3 0

You can absolutely argue that. If other manufacturers spent the money on getting the best riders to use their products, they would be the standard for the highest level.

In reality, pretty much every manufacturer makes products that the worlds best riders would win races on.
  • 2 1
 @mullen119: not talkin Factory guys, just national level guys that buy their own stuff and post great results!
  • 4 0
 @MX298: Fox makes some good products and many people like them, however they've put out some real stinkers in the last half dozen years. On the contrary as noted all companies make top notch world-class products that serve all racers well. FWIW, no company is perfect.

Moving on, I applaud what Fox (and I have never been a Fox fan) did with Marzocchi. Could they do more? Of course, but out of the gate they presented a solid no nonsense product at a reasonable price that will likely serve the average hard-hitting rider well. In Marzocchi's heyday this approach placed them far ahead of their competitors products. I don't know if they'll repeat history, but it seems like a good start.
  • 1 0
 @mullen119: other manufacturers do.
  • 1 0
 @MX298: I would change that into 'one of the best forks'. Not everyone prefers a 36 over a Lyric or Mezzer or...
And the 34 doesn't come close to a properly tuned Mattoc (I know: I have both).
It's wrong to say they know nothing about making forks, because obviously they do. But it's also a gross overstatement to say they simply name the best forks.
  • 10 1
 I don't get this and I don't get the commenters who don't get it why we aren't getting it.
Someone who had a Bomber Z1.
  • 15 9
 So no ti coil or open bath?
Then no thanks- this should come with a ti coil option atleast.
I dont want to Service the fork 2x or more a season because the seals get dry.

Sadly Marzocchi can only do what Fox wants... Sucks.
  • 2 2
 Would rather service a simple part like fork lowers than wait years til everything is full of muck and flogged out
  • 13 2
 Get a cheap used metric hlr with traditional twin tube damper(no bladder easy serviceable, much oil, good dust wipers) and at from x fusion the coil kit, 100 dollars incl. Spring. There you go. Sub 500 cool fork, reliable, adjustable, smooth, not too heavy, 36mm stanchions 160 or 170mm travel, 20mm Axle, ports for pressure release valves, carbon guards. Great fork. Easy service, easy tunable
  • 3 0
 @bansaiman: That's actually a great advice!
Thanks for the tip.
  • 3 0
 It should have been so simple - just bring back the RC3 ti series in 29 & 27in, but it looks like Fox / Marz is run by accountants rather than riders.
  • 1 1
 @bansaiman: Just blew my Ohlins RXF36, so in serious need of a stiff and reliable alternative.
When I look at X-Fusions website, it seems that the new Metric comes with Roughcut HLR damper with a bladder system. Is it the older version that comes with a non-bladder damper? Just curious?
  • 11 5
 It's a hollow mockery of a Z1. Simply Fox trying to get the more budget inclined crowd on board by using the old name. There's nothing that shouts as loud as the Z1 did way back when.

So the QR axle isn't a revamp of the god awful QR20 system is it? I can't quite tell from the photos of the dropouts but ANOTHER £60 for a bolt through axle? Really.

Also the dials look cheap and nasty. They could have done something great but I suppose if it looked too cool it would challenge the aesthetics of the 36s.
  • 13 5
 Once again, Fox trying to make RS looks cheap by painting their lower range fork same colorway with RS top of the range.
  • 8 2
 Id say good job fox marketing guy.

The red isnt a good look (or orange or green or any other color that screams look at me).

If your factory and getting paid that makes sense, orherwise manufacturers can F-off.

Or, offer your branding color schemes at a discount. I dont want to advertise for the mfg’s for free.
  • 2 2
 The red had nothing to do with RS. Have you not noticed that red is marzs color? RS just had poor timing. Lol.

Grosey... just buy the black one then. Until you're showing up in ads and videos I really don't think the suspension companies care about your color choice or your free advertising.
  • 9 2
 It's literally a poor mans Fox 36. They just downgraded parts to make it cheaper and put different stickers on it.
  • 8 3
 Is that a bad thing? I'm all for more cheaper options.
  • 6 5
 @tgent: Exactly. A more realistic price point for most people and so far every single review by people that LITERALLY ride it has been more than good.

Side note... I love when people use the world literally when they're literally wrong.
  • 6 1
 Marz, bring back the 66 RC3 Ti--180mm travel in your choice of 27.5 (works for 26) or 29, both fit up to 2.8 tires, titanium coil, 38mm stanchions, 15 or 20mm axle, and up to 220mm disc clearance.
  • 4 1
 Pretty much just like that it's a, "Bomber Z1"; but it's not the glory days brought to 2018 in my opinion. The original Bomber Z1 was unquestionably the best fork on the market. Fox need to differentiate the brands with technology in my opinion (even if Bombers were coil instead of air, or something).
  • 8 2
 At last, a good looking, affordable, well working product which does what it should. Where do I sign?
  • 4 1
 It's a shame this thing has a 44 % price increase here... that's nothing you can explain with tariffs anymore.
Kind of renders it useless as you can get non budget forks cheaper...
  • 2 0
 900€ is too much.
  • 4 0
 @mikekazimer so does this fork have the same internals as the latest Fox 36 Performance fork?
  • 1 1
 No, different compression and rebound dampers. Air spring is similar.
  • 2 0
 Wondering that too: will it take Push ACS 3?
  • 4 0
 @Demoguy: do you know how they are different? They both use a GRIP damper as far as I know? The fox performance has a 7000 series aluminium chassis.
  • 1 0
 @miguelcurto: that is a question for @PUSH
  • 4 0
 If there is the return of marzocchi, will be there a return of marzocchi commercials too? ????????????
  • 2 0
 We can only hope!
  • 3 0
 Does it require the same service intervals as a fox. Sure it performs great but I like the Manitou /DVO end user friendliness.
  • 1 0
 The original Z1 was a game changer. Yup. Absolutely. Now the name is back is all, and Fox is using it to sell cheap forks. I have to give the original props. In the day the Z1 was solid! 1998??? There was no Fox. Rockshox had nothing like it. It was a game changer at the time is all. It worked! BAM.
  • 1 0
 They look interesting as the are claimed to be durable.

Got 3 questions:

1. Are they going to be better than a pair of Lyrik RC2, or are they comparable to a Yari?

2. Is there anything about these better than a Fox 36 other than price?

3. Why should I buy them?
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 I had been riding on Marzocchi for years, but after my last 2011 66evo (which I bought brand new in 2013) I don't want any Marzocchi products ever again.
After few weeks of riding the cracking noise from a steering tube and crown junction began. The warranty was a joke. At first they said it's normal and it doesn't effect riding or safety. After the noise got worse I send them the fork and they tried to glue the streering tube and crown with Locktite but (unsurprisingly) it didn't helped, so they replaced the whole crown with upper legs and steerer. After a month the cracking noise was even worse. And just after the warranty expired I found an actual crack on a crown and I ended up selling the fork as spares because after the Fox took over Marzocchi the retail prices of spare parts had doubled or tripled and it was just too expensive to repair my 66s.

So yeah, it had the legendary Marzocchi "plushness" and looked good, but after all it was unrideable peace of junk.
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 Still have a 2004 Bomber on my Kona Explosif 29er of the same year. Italian Dedacciai steel and Italian fork make for a classic bike.
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 Slightly heavier materials Fox internals 36 inch Stantions Adjustable rebound and compression. 180 mils travel. Good price. Good stuff.
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 Nice review @mikekazimer. More affordable options are always welcome! Even if the're porky. I've been going back and forth with myself (;-) over a new bike or a new fork for the old ride????
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 If you put two googly eyes at the highest points of the arch that would be awesome. If only I had realized this when I owned my last Marzocchi - a Z3 that was truly a sick fork!
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 Id love to be into this, but just need the coil reliability. Sounds like a great option tho for alot of people! Nice to see some nostalgia, lots of us still around from those days.
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 This is not a true Marzocchi Fork. If you've ever ridden a 888 RC, or a 66 RC, then you will very quickly learn that this is just a cheapened Fox fork with a Marzocchi sticker on it. Not real Zochi' . Buy DVO if you want a REAL fork. Been riding since I was 13 years old. Dont let the marketing bullshit get you.
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 Glad my 2014 marizocchi fork is durable and has high and low speed adjustment and still runs a reliable coil spring to bad every single suspension company is making flimsy crappy forks
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 So this one performs better or worse than a budget fox?
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 i can make this review alot shorter, all it needed to say was "See Fox 36 Review"
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 Z1 is not back. This is just a fox with stickers. I found it insulting to people intelligence.
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 I feel like a Roman saying, "Bring back them open baths!"
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 No one is going to buy this fork. It'll be an OEM option.

Euros say it costs too much. Exchange rate alone says it's $900+ CDN

FOX is quickly becoming a joke.
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 Unfortunately the new UK distributor for Fox and Marz are known for setting prices at an "aspirational" level, so this is likely to come in at the same price as the Lyrik over here - and thus not sell very well.
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 @chakaping: Yep, you just have to look at servicing prices compared to when Windwave were the distributors. Greedy Silverfish.
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 @chakaping: Lyrik RC2 was my initial thought. Plus Öhlins RXF 36 and Formula Selva are likely solid options in Euro-land.

Cheaper/better options from Suntour and X-Fusion
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 @gonecoastal, I'd disagree on Suntour and X-Fusion having better options at this price point, and I'm not sure how you'd think this fork is a joke. It's easy to set up, works great, and costs a significant amount less than the highest end 36 or Lyrik. What is there to complain about?
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 that goes for USA prices only. Check prices in Europe and you will find that z1 is in the same price level with lyrik
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 @mikekazimer: Considering the issues premium FOX products are having...
I can't say I'd have much faith in their more budget conscience models.

And a few other sites have good things to say about the Suntou and X-Fusion forks.
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 I rocked a 1996 BAM Z1 up until 2013. Could rebuild it in pitch darkness.
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 should have been the reincarnation of the Vanilla. this would have been true marzocchi fashion.. Coil all day long
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 Now make it 20mm and Bomber Orange! Oh wait, FOX appropriated that color for themselves...
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 When I was 10 I carried around a marzocchi catalogue with me to school etc dreaming about having either the z.1 or the z.2 atom. They were wayy cooler than my rst's
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 I need this in 120mm with a 20mm axle
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 Still got my '98 Z3 and '03 Monster T. Sold my Z1 Duals as they were worth too much to have sitting around.
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 I always thought riding marz was as much about bring anti fox as it was about bring pro marz. This feels like when Payless shoes bought airwalk.
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 Would this be a good set it and forget it fork for a ehavier rider? I want the 36 mm stanchions but not all of the rediculous adjustments like a Fox 36.
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 Have the new 58 on my DH bike, sweet fork at a solid price.
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 Are those Bombers.?
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 Will forever miss my open bath Bombers, the smoothness..
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 What's the axle-to-crown measurement for the 29er?
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 I had a 1998 Z1. It was a game changer. I'm glad the classic is back, although sad that it's 110mm Boost only.
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 Should do it in orange just saying
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 Marzocchi without M bridge...
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 Bring the 66 back
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 As long as it isnt better than a Fox. I guess we won't see the Marzocchi 55 RC3 replica anytime soon.
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 Anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the Z1 from the standard grip damper to Foxs new grip2 damper?
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 Complete with zero after care support, sticky bushings, noisy dampers and clunky top out, also, no available information on servicing or spare parts....Will pass on Marzocchi, stop flogging a dead horse already and support better companies doing the right thing like DVO, MRP, Formula etc
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 Right after Fox acquired them, I got my 380 serviced by them no problem.
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 Well DVO is marzocchi in some extend Big Grin but agree, marzocchies from the old school days are gone period
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 too bad there`s no strait steerer, 9mm qr old school option
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 That would be awsome
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 Basically a Fox fork with the charm and beef of Marzocchi Smile
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 No, its just a fox fork. End of story.
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 This is just a fox with a Marzocchi label. FOX has been in charge of eliminating the quality forks, so you can program the duration of these.
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 Way way back, my Burner had a Bomber it was blazing.
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 I memeber dem. pluuuuussshhhhhhh
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 Never going to buy another Marzo fork. Not after what I went through with my last 350 and 380
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 Needs a coil in it,when will we wake up and admit air springs just aren’t as good.
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 You had me at "Bomber"
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 What's old is new again!
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 No love for 15x100...
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 150mm, 44 offset, red, 29er please
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 nice fox 36!
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 Why no 26" option?
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